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  1. I'm totally here for Ava and Griffin. Finally something semi-interesting on this show.
  2. I literally had to turn it off after 1 second. Awful.
  3. NOOOOOOOOOOO! He stinks.
  4. Hope and Rafe are sooooo annoying. Leave Eli the f-ck alone.
  5. Steve/Kayla/Tripp is my favorite part of this show and I was really looking forward to the reveal that Joey killed Ava. Well that sucked. So lackluster. So anticlimactic. Very disappointing.
  6. I know it won't last but
  7. At least they have Bonnie and Hattie making fun of their clothes. I was cracking up when Hattie told Bonnie she'd have to dress like Adrienne and she was just like, oh HELLS no.
  8. Sonny mumbling to himself about his kids was painful. They can't honestly think this is what people want to see.
  9. Marlena and Adrienne: "Oh I wish there were two of me!" *cut to Bonnie and Hattie* Ugh I hate that kind of stuff. Fun scenes though. I'm going to start calling Maggie "Auburn haired zombie."
  10. I'm really glad we got a party for Finn, complete with toast from Griffin.
  11. Claire's music career was going nowhere and she was losing followers, so Jade told her to make a sex tape to get publicity. Claire refused, but crazy ass Jade thought she was being a good friend and helping Claire and planted a camera in Claire and Theo's hotel room without either of them knowing and uploaded the video to Theo's laptop (she thought it was Claire's). Theo gave his laptop to Abe so he could look at some family photos or something and he and Hope ended up finding the video. And yes they are
  12. Good! They should've been around for Claire's sex tape. They're probably all back for the Hope and Rafe wedding
  13. I'm guessing the truth about Ava is revealed and he goes to prison. I hope we at least get a good showdown between him and Tripp before he leaves.
  14. I'd rather have Rafe or Gabi gone but I'll still take it.