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  1. The other day they gave Xander a line about how "Dr. Dan was so dull" and it made me so happy. I'm SO tired of people constantly singing his praises almost a year and a half after his death.
  2. LOL
  3. Hernandez family lunch... kill me.
  4. Sadly the show isn't talking about the genetic kind of chimera. There's a Greek mythology creature called a chimera... and that's what this stupid storyline is about.
  5. Camila Banus leading the year? Tragic!
  6. Days ALWAYS spoils stuff like that in their promos, it's ridiculous.
  7. The show is going way overboard with the Gabi propping. Why is almost every scene someone talking about how wonderful and strong she is? Yeah they have Julie talking crap about her but that's just so Gabi can come out on top in the end. They're especially making me hate Kate.
  8. For real. It's ridiculous. And was the high school yearbook crap really the best the show could come up with?
  9. Any tips for gaining weight? I've lost 10 pounds in the last 2 weeks after having surgery to remove a 3-pound tumor from my uterus and being nauseous and not eating for a week after, and I was already underweight to begin with. I'm barely 100 pounds now. I look like a skeleton, I need to put on a good 20 pounds.

    1. DramatistDreamer


      Oh my goodness! Well, I'm glad you got it removed and I hope you recover your full health soon. The last time I was underweight was when I had gastroenteritis and...I'll spare you the details. 

      I think carbs put weight on you (bread, potatoes, pasta, etc) but I think you should try and pace yourself so you don't make yourself nauseous in a different way. 

      I don't eat dairy but maybe some full fat (or whole) milk, yogurt, cheese, etc if you do eat dairy.  Some nuts too.

      I'm trying to offer healthy choices but you definitely can splurge on a nice dessert with meals.

      Pace yourself, see what your system can tolerate.

  10. I hate this triangle so much.
  11. So I just caught up on the last week and a half of this show and all I can say is what the hell kind of a name is Scooter? And did he play that dude on GH who had a story with Anna?
  12. How are the actors keeping a straight face in these Chad/Abby/Gabi scenes? This is SO bad.
  13. Hope he takes Jade with him.