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  1. Yep. He is beyond annoying.
  2. I love how the group on the island got rescued and there was no followup the next day. Just a couple people talking about how they're on their way home. Rory <3 Can we keep him please? Get him back in JJ's orbit? Make JJ great again? Anything Steve/Kayla/Tripp is usually my favorite part of the show these days. But Jade needs to go.
  3. So glad we're getting all this riveting history about Amy's brother. Alexis is f-cking pathetic.
  4. Are we actually supposed to believe that Spinelli is doing anything when he types on the keyboard like a crazy person?
  5. Incredible.
  6. Boy I sure missed Spencer and Cam fighting over Emma.
  7. I thought of you as soon as I read the news
  8. Woohoo! I miss the days of him/JJ/Bev.
  9. What the hell is this Nathan/Amy stuff? So stupid.
  10. For real. I wish we could at least take a day off from Deimos/Nicole/Brady stuff and get back to Tripp or something. I don't even know why but I like him and that's the one story I seem to care about right now, even if Jade drives me bonkers.
  11. Yay! I'm glad she's doing well enough to return.
  12. Valerie's hair
  13. What an awful Nurses Ball. Acts were all stupid, so many people were MIA, and we didn't even get Magic Milo. And endless Chimera.
  14. I care more about Freddie's terrible slicked back hair. F-cking ghost Daniel.
  15. The other day they gave Xander a line about how "Dr. Dan was so dull" and it made me so happy. I'm SO tired of people constantly singing his praises almost a year and a half after his death.