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  1. How are the actors keeping a straight face in these Chad/Abby/Gabi scenes? This is SO bad.
  2. Hope he takes Jade with him.
  3. What the hell is Carrrrlos nominated for? LMAO Sorry but all 4 soaps being nominated for every category just looks sad.
  4. Does anyone care about this Finn drug story? I feel like it's been the same thing for months now, and it's been boring from the beginning. Nelle and Nina... shoot me.
  5. You know it's bad when I'm looking forward to Ron's material to start airing. WTF is this?
  6. WTF is this Chad/Gabi baseball stuff? Awful.
  7. WTF is this stuff with Jade's dad? It's awful. Who cares? I like Marci Miller as Abby too. I don't really feel like I'm watching a recast.
  8. I got to watch live for the first time in forever today. WTF is this crap with Olivia wanting to bring Duke back from only a strand of his hair and some old ass machines? The hell? Loved seeing Nora but did they really bring her on for Valentin? Gross. Franco the parking garage attendant... why is he still on this show again?
  9. Monday, I think.
  10. I completely forgot about that long lost kid, and I was okay with that.
  11. She's my fave so I'll miss her, but even I can hardly be sad about this. This show does nothing but torture Nicole, it's not fun to watch. Just give her Holly and let her ride off into the sunset.
  12. Sorry, Rafe and Hope taking a bubble bath was more important. I'll take Valerie and her story any day over most of the stuff on the show. She's actually been a bright spot for me.
  13. Why is the show doing this to Nicole? This is not a good story. It is not entertaining to watch her be tortured over and over again. Poor Ari having to go in and do nothing but sob every day. Jade and her dad... who cares? Rafe and Hope - bleh!
  14. No thank you. I was hoping Ron would annihilate them.
  15. Will this show ever stop throwing Nicole's porn past in her face? Good grief.