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  1. I'm so over Kat and Alfie, not massively into spin-offs either. Diederick Santer was probably the best producer of the last 10 years though I'm not sure I'd want him to come back. DTC can do one, I hate his OTT style.
  2. I really really really hope Bryan Kirkwood doesn't come back. I mean, he did some good things like re-casting Ben and Lauren, though he did miscast Lucy (at least I think it was him) and wasn't he responsible for Vanessa and Jodie Gold, and Michael Moon? I had to stop watching the show entirely because I hated Michael Moon so much. I know people slag off SOC but the show couldn't carry on the way the previous producer was taking it. He was all about 'big' episodes and it was months of filler in-between every single time. I've liked SOC's style even if there are issues. I'm gonna be so p***** if Michelle gets axed, bet she will be.
  3. I understand if they don't want him to be full-on gay as it hampers storyline opportunities plus they've gone so far with this Lauren relationship now but I wish they'd acknowledge him as at least bisexual. Perhaps we should write to SOC It would be good if maybe an ex-boyfriend of his from New Zealand turned up. Then Stacey could be all like 'oh yeah I forgot that Steven was gay/bi'
  4. I feel like they're being cautious about it because it would be 'gay incest', or at least that's what people would call it even though they're not blood-related and the show has done blood relations anyway with Lauren and Joey. Or is it because they're ignoring Steven's history? Does SOC even know Steven used to be gay? The whole thing is bizarre.
  5. I think the fact they're related (though not by blood) is more interesting. they'd make a hot couple, and I'd love them to have a fiery, dysfunctional relationship but to stay together. ETA Maybe they can make Keegan bisexual and have a 3 way relationship
  6. I wish this would happen so much.
  7. Do you think they will though? Agreed about Whitney.
  8. I like Lauren's friendship with Whitney (if they insist on keeping the characters) plus I kind of like the sibling relationship between Lauren and Abi. I do get bored of them at times though. My fear is that getting rid of existing characters will just lead to them being replaced by other morally ambiguous characters who we're told to root for. EE does have a weird moral compass. I'm now wondering what their plan is for Mads and Alex. My fear is they'll be added to the canvas more permanently down the line. Unlike Keegan who is played by a decent actor with some poor characterization, those 2 I don't think could work long term. I'd be happy with Tiana returning as Chelsea but I'd be happy for them to re-cast if the actress doesn't want to come back. I can't stand Libby so I never want to see her again.
  9. Personally Michelle is one of my favourites and I like the bond she has with Ian and Sharon (my love of Michelle being another minority opinion). I don't feel like the Preston thing was out of character but most do think that. I agree Phil needs to go. UK soaps love flogging a dead horse with long term characters. Ian and Jane are beyond repair too but they won't go anywhere. I like the direction he's taking Lauren in. It doesn't feel boring or obvious, and I like that. I'm still not happy about Steven's homosexuality/bisexuality being ignored/buried. I still don't understand why Chelsea hasn't been re-cast and why Denise's step son Jordan was used in that stupid story when he could have come in as a permanent character too. I want them to do something about Lisa allowing Louise to just set up home with Phil. ETA: I find it almost unbelievable a boy as good looking as Keegan comes from the Taylor family.
  10. An increased teen presence (although the execution has been bad), bringing back Michelle, re-building Ian and Jane, reducing Phil's screen-time, making things less OTT, not sure what else off the top of my head. Many of those are minority opinions though, most people would probably say they were bad things.
  11. IMO SOC has brought some good things to the show. What I find perplexing is the Taylors seem to be the exact thing he was trying to take the show away from. Maybe he's realized the masses don't like the direction and he's reverted?
  12. I wonder if they'll be looking for a new producer soon then.
  13. Not much has been said about her. The Carters are in a mess at the moment and I'm really shocked they went there with Mick/Whitney, I don't understand the decision behind that. I hope Ben gets more to do soon. I hate seeing him floating around doing nothing. ETA: I notice they've given Michelle a bit of a make-over, I wonder if they're trying to make the audience warm to her more.
  14. So what's the verdict now? Who thinks the Taylors will end up the same way as the Millers? (i.e. all axed?) I'm surprised Sean O'Connor didn't want to axe the Carters...! I hope Keegan survives if they can redeem him. It's sad that not many young characters stick around on this show. Well, no guys anyway, a lot of the girls do; Abi, Whitney, Lauren etc.
  15. They have done a bad job with Keegan so far. He's just been so one-dimensional. I really like the actor though so I'm hoping they can redeem him, he's too hot to waste Not that any redeeming could erase some of the things he's done thus far though.
  16. Yeah, I really hope we have some Stacey/Karen fights coming our way! Just realised I'd guessed this a while ago!
  17. I'm surprised how much I like them. I'm finding them really entertaining. I guess their redeeming qualities will come out soon. Loved my poor Sharon getting socked one And Stacey getting involved
  18. Yeah, I hated them until it was revealed Keegan is a member of the family. Always thought Keegan was hot so I'm quite happy he's been promoted
  19. Thanks for the Marienhof youtube links, I thought that soap should never have ended. It was like a German version of Neighbours to me.
  20. Diane Parish is doing great with her material but I don't like the story much. I did like how Cora was tied into it though. Was nice to see Pam. Weird how there are so many minor guest characters like Michelle's work colleagues, staff at the food bank, an old age GCSE student, the woman running Slimming club and the people who go there and the welfare office people.
  21. I have started a petition as the Home and Away: The Early Years repeat run has been taken off the air after 8 years. I thought I'd share this petition on here as you guys love soaps. Please sign if you can, I'd really appreciate the support. It's unlikely to work but at least us H&A fans will have tried! Many thanks in advance. https://www.change.org/p/seven-network-make-channel-7two-bring-back-home-and-away-the-early-years/c/644056199
  22. Hopefully, people need to pay more attention to the subject as it's something which is really spiralling out of control.
  23. Thanks for this. Sounds interesting.
  24. Poverty storylines are literally the most boring storylines in soap so I don't understand why one is running with Denise straight after the Carter one. I am enjoying the show but I wish the bullies would either disappear or somehow get their comeuppance/be redeemed. I am 5 eps behind though.