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  1. Aw they look like they're having great fun! Thanks Huntress! Janina is stunning.
  2. Ah ok, brilliant, thanks Huntress!
  3. I find Jai Waetford equally as hot
  4. @Huntress what is the state of play with soaps in Germany at the moment? Does GZSZ rate well and is it likely to continue for many more years? As I don't want to heavily invest in watching the show if it is taken off air suddenly but I'm thinking of watching it more regularly. Thanks in advance
  5. Jesse Spencer played his uncle Billy but I agree he is cast well, he looks like a mixture of his father Drew, his mother Libby and his uncles Mal and Billy.
  6. What my dreams are made of @Soapsuds
  7. This is Ben @Soapsuds !
  8. I wasn't a fan of Chris If it were upto me Ben would have a gay storyline...
  9. David is so hot. Especially in that video. Jeez. He looks amazing in that blue shirt.
  10. @Soapsuds Mariah is awesome, I prefer her later stuff, I really like her rnb stuff too. Memoirs and E=MC2 were good eras. Migrate is cool, and Side Effects.
  11. Which eras did you think were good? I hate the Kim/Paul retcon. I can't take Leo and David as Paul's sons. I love Sonya right now. What did you think of the teen era 2008-2010?
  12. I can't disagree with you there, they are bland. They need work. Sonya, Steph and Susan are great characters I think David is layered though. Did you watch in the past?
  13. It would be this one @Soapsuds I really like this Mariah song:
  14. I can't lie, I love the Australian promos. I just wish we got them in the UK, I think they're hilarious. ETA: What is it about the show that isn't to your taste @DRW50?
  15. We're lucky with Home and Away, as that's been repeated from the beginning since 2009.
  16. 32 years! I highly recommend the current episodes though, it's easy to follow and addictive!
  17. Those episodes are no longer available anymore due to copyright It started in 1985 so quite a few seasons. There are over 7,800 episodes. What would you like to know about it? It's a lighthearted show with a dramatic side to it, I'd say it's a family show, focused mainly on older people interacting with younger people. It's the best show!
  18. Haha there's quite a few
  19. I'll check out your channel Here are some Jai videos I've taken
  20. Thanks man, yeah I'll deffo post the Shawn videos on here, I have a few videos I've taken at gigs on my YouTube channel, my username on there is the same as it is here. There are more Justin videos, 'Children' and 'As long as you love me' live. Playtime for some reason doesn't seem to be on iTunes which annoys me, I can only seem to find the video version. I'm not sure if it was officially released. It's one of my favourites. My ultimate favourite Justin song is 'Take You' and my favourite single is As long as you love Me. Soapsuds, you might like Jai Waetford. Have you heard of him? If anyone likes Jamaican dancehall music, I've been listening to loads of a rapper called Alkaline. The lyrics are difficult to understand but he's awesome!!
  21. Thanks @Soapsuds! I'm proud of the video, I paid £500 for my Justin ticket but I thought what the heck, he's one of my favourite artists so you only live once! Why be miles away if they're your favourite. I'm seeing Shawn Mendes in Vienna on 4th May, my ticket for that is pretty decent so I'll take some videos there. I'm such a huge Justin fan, glad you are too! Do you like this song?
  22. Thanks, I'm a big Justin fan. Here's a video I took when I saw him perform live. Here's another song I've been listening to
  23. Don't know if you guys know but Neighbours was renewed for a 4 year deal
  24. I struggled to care about Meg and Blake, mainly because she had Guest Character written all over her. That story consumed the show for months. I definitely prefer the 1993-1996 seasons over 1991-1992. 1991-1992 is still better than modern H&A though.
  25. Yeah Shirley's grown on me a bit recently, Linda is good. I'm not bothered about complaining, I'm usually in the minority with my opinions or complaining about something myself