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  1. Michelle and Preston should attempt a proper relationship at some point otherwise it seems like a cop out.
  2. I think the reveal of Michelle and Preston would have been better without adding Bex. It detracts from the story somehow. I also feel like the writing is devoid of a lot of emotion. I like the idea of the storyline and am still enjoying it but I think the writing could be a lot better for it. ETA: For goodness sake and they threw that car crash in right at the end! Totally unneeded!
  3. I'm really enjoying EE. Can't stand Louise though.
  4. I think it's a shame Preston is being written as a little twerp but on the other hand I think it's realistic, as a teenage boy he probably would throw his toys out of the pram when he didn't get his own way and not be able to have an adult relationship. It's like he doesn't understand Michelle's woes but Michelle doesn't help matters giving into temptation the way she does. Still fascinating though. Michelle is my favourite character now.
  5. I think he was playing it up Petition to save Neighbours has 20,000 signatures. Please sign if you haven't already. https://www.change.org/p/channel-5-keep-neighbours-on-uk-tv?recruiter=697638380&utm_campaign=signature_receipt&utm_medium=twitter&utm_source=share_petition
  6. I don't have a problem with Steven's bisexuality not being explored while he's in a relationship with a woman, but the strange thing is that no-one has questioned Steven being with a woman after he dated Stacey and that went pair-shaped because he came onto Christian. If this was real life the characters would at least mention it.
  7. I think Steven's main purpose is to give Ian some family and stability. That must be why he's watered down so much. He's one of my favourite characters though. I like the direction they're taking Lauren. I have a feeling Steven's bisexuality will be re-visited at some point but what I don't understand is why his gay past has practically been ignored by the characters, even if there have been references to it in Steven's behavior. Johnny and Steven would be a good contrast. I wouldn't mind a love triangle.
  8. Yeah. I still want Ben and Steven, don't care that they're related, it's not by blood so who cares I'll settle for Ben and Johnny though. I don't feel like the show marginalizes gay characters, I think they've just been resting Ben for a bit after the whole Paul thing.
  9. So happy Ben's had some screen time!
  10. It was awesome seeing Yolande again tonight!
  11. Superstar Adele recently showed her support for Neighbours when she visited its street recently, and the cast were very excited. http://www.digitalspy.com/soaps/neighbours/news/a823893/adele-neighbours-visit-pictures-australian-tour/
  12. Guys please sign this petition to show your support for Neighbours, many thanks in advance! https://www.change.org/p/channel-5-keep-neighbours-on-uk-tv
  13. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4328060/Neighbours-disappear-screens.html\
  14. Agreed, it's pretty terrible. I'll take it over the Michael Moon era though. Nice to see Star again.
  15. Yeah, Bex is great. I just wish the actresses who played the bullies were better, some of those scenes have been quite embarrassing, especially the one in the school toilet.