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  1. Hopefully, people need to pay more attention to the subject as it's something which is really spiralling out of control.
  2. Thanks for this. Sounds interesting.
  3. Poverty storylines are literally the most boring storylines in soap so I don't understand why one is running with Denise straight after the Carter one. I am enjoying the show but I wish the bullies would either disappear or somehow get their comeuppance/be redeemed. I am 5 eps behind though.
  4. Is there anywhere I can watch GZSZ online more easily?
  5. Brilliant!
  6. Of course I was, he's gorgeous
  7. Yeah, he's ok. Zayn's my favourite as a solo artist.
  8. As much as I'd like to think that was the reason he's far out of my league so I highly doubt it even if he was gay/bi Having said that I wouldn't be surprised if he was gay or bi, not that it matters. I saw one other guy in the front row out of about 30 people on the front row there was only me and him, though he wasn't singing along as enthusiastically as me. I guess it's nice for artists like Shawn and Justin to see guys enjoying their music when it's quite rare, plus I gave him a huge smile many times which may have prompted his
  9. Because he kept looking directly at me, there were about 10 occasions where he did but mostly it was very quick and he looked somewhere else again, but he smiled at me in A Little Too Much and Stitches. The video makes it look further away than it is but it was literally about 2 metres away from him so you could catch eye contact easily. The front row were allowed to stand at the bar before the stage and all the other seated rows behind had to remain seated. (plus the fact nearly everyone else was a teenage girl so I guess a tall 20-something man would stand out ) No worries, I'm a bit disappointed with the sound quality on most of the videos I took, but it was just so loud. Apparently if you put your finger over the phone microphone, it records the sound much better as there's less pressure on the microphone. Didn't know that, will have to try next time. I agree about him, he comes across as very normal.
  10. No I've never met them! I wouldn't know what to say to them, Shawn smiled at me in one of the videos. It's at 2.03 on 'A Little Too Much' on my YouTube channel, he was so cute @Soapsuds! I really enjoyed seeing him as you could really feel the emotion in his voice when he was singing. I appreciate him so much more now! Here are a few more I took
  11. Here you go @Soapsuds, Shawn Mendes!
  12. Enjoying the show more than I have for many years. Sharon & Michelle pissed was hilarious!
  13. #JusticeForTracey
  14. I really liked the idea of Donna moving in with Ben and Jay but the Abi thing has totally perplexed me. I know the writers probably want to develop her character and moving out might be a good idea, but with both of her exes?? Particularly Ben who she was totally in love with and broke her heart? Bizarre. Having said that there were some nice scenes between Dot/Abi/Ben/Jay/Donna, I rarely enjoy Abi in any storylines.