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  1. Hungary 2017: Joci Pápai / "Origo" Another great song. Malta 2017: Claudia Faniello / "Breathlessly" Poland 2017: Kasia Mos / "Flashlight" Turkey hasn't competed in the Contest since 2012, but here are their best-placed entries:
  2. Italy 2017: Francesco Gabbani / "Occidentali's Karma" Love this. Spain 2017: Manel Navarro / "Do it For Your Lover"
  3. Some more entries: Finland 2017: Norma John / "Blackbird" France 2017: Alma / "Requiem" Germany 2017: Levina / "Perfect Life" Switzerland 2017: Timebelle / "Apollo" United Kingdom 2017: Lucie Jones / "Never Give Up on You" And another compilation:
  4. I don't know how viral this video has become in the US. A Dutch tv station made fun of Trump's mantra "America First" and his "alternative facts". Now several other European countries have created similar videos:
  5. Some background info: A few weeks ago, Till had been diagnosed with a terminal disease. Katrin and his friends tried to find some cure, but Till already had settled his affairs. During a trip to Sweden, he told Katrin that he wanted to end his life. She assured her lover that she would support him. Till broke down at the beach because he couldn't feel his legs anymore. Later, he told Katrin that he could walk again, but he didn't tell her that the pain hadn't gone away. Till called his best friend Chris in Berlin and told him that he would end his life soon. Chris visited Maren and informed her about Till's plan. Till also asked Maren to be there for Katrin after his death. Maren and Jasmin tried to reach Katrin, but to no avail. That night, Till quietly said goodbye to Katrin and left the cottage. The next morning, Katrin woke up only to find out that Bommel was gone. She ran to the beach, but only found his shoes and his jacket. In a flashback, we saw Till at the beach, taking off his shoes and his jacket and walking into the water. The episode ended with Katrin weeping over his clothes.
  6. R.I.P. Till. He committed suicide in yesterday's episode of GZSZ by walking into the open sea and left a heart-broken Katrin behind.
  7. Belarus 2017: NaviBand / "Historyja majho žyccia" For the first time since their debut at the Contest in 2004, Belarus will sing in their national language Belarusian (not to be confused with Russian or Ukrainian). Georgia 2017: Tako Gachechiladze / "Keep the Faith" And another compilation:
  8. More "Best of" compilations... Norway (1960-2016) Russia (1994-2016) Serbia (2007-2016) And this is the first entry for the 2017 contest: Albania 2017: Lindita Halimi / "Botë" The song will most likely be performed in English at Eurovision.
  9. I would get rid of the dead wood on all three soaps. There are quite a few characters that have long run their course but are kept on nevertheless. Some of them haven't had a decent storyline in over a year. On AWZ, nobody cares about Leo, Thomas, Iva, Carmen, Ben, Lena or Marian. Even Diana and Ingo are a bore. The only entertaining characters right now are Vanessa, Christoph, Jenny, Marie, Michelle and Vincent. Deniz has become unrecognizable due to his relationship with Jenny. He's now just as corrupt and scheming as her. And they still look like mother and son to me. (Kaja and Igor are only two years apart in real life, but Kaja looks so much older.) On GZSZ, half of the cast is dispensable. They are just "there" with no meaningful purpose. Newcomer Paul, who has been forced into an instalove storyline with Emily, is a huge bore and a weak actor. But apparently GZSZ ommitted a controversal storyline from the previews: Last fall, Till "Bommel" Kuhn as played by Merlin Leonhardt was brought back after an absence of two years. Katrin (Ulrike Frank) and Bommel reunited, but then a few weeks ago Bommel learned that he has a deadly disease which slowly paralyzes his nerves. The storyline culminates in early February when Bommel decides to kill himself. Katrin supports his decision. UU did the same when they ommitted the fact that Ute and Till's baby will be born with trisomy 21 (Down's syndrome). They completely cut that story from the daily synopses. --- These were results of the biggest annual online poll regarding German soaps: AWZ Favorite Male Character 2016 Deniz Öztürk 24.8 % Christoph Lukowski 18.8 % Tobi Märtz 11.5 % ** Ingo Zadek 10.2 % Ben Steinkamp 9.27 % Richard Steinkamp 8.27 % Ronny Bergmann 4.30 % * Thomas Brück 2.98 % Vincent Thalbach 2.64 % * Leo Brück 2.64 % Marian Öztürk 2.31 % Veit Hartmann 1.98 % ** Favorite Female Character 2016 Vanessa Steinkamp Lukowski 26.3 % Marie Schmidt 26.3 % (character received a recast in July 2016) Jenny Steinkamp 12.7 % Diana Sommer 9.00 % (character was brought back after an absence of 7 years) Simone Steinkamp 8.69 % Isabelle Reichenbach 5.27 % (has been on maternity leave since April 2016) Carmen Bauer 3.41 % * Michelle Bauer 3.10 % * Lena Öztürk 1.86 % Pia Koch 1.24 % ** Bea Meyer Zadek 1.24 % ** Sonja Brück 0.31 % ** Iva Lukowski 0.31 % Flo Brück 0 % ** Most hated male character: Veit Hartmann Most hated female character: Jenny Steinkamp Best actor: Lars Korten as Christoph Lukowski Best actress: Cheyenne Pahde as Marie Schmidt Best looking actor: Igor Dolgatschew as Deniz Öztürk Best looking actress: Cheyenne Pahde as Marie Schmidt Newcomer of the year: Cheyenne Pahde as Marie Schmidt Departure of the year: Michael Jassin as Tobi Märtz Best supporting character: Ingeborg Brings as Frau Renate Scholz Best couple: Marie & Tobi Worst couple: Jenny & Veit UU Favorite Male Character 2016 Robert Küpper 19.3 % Tobias Lassner 14.4 % Benno "Bambi" Hirschberger 12.7 % Ringo Beckmann 11.4 % Till Weigel 9.50 % Easy Winter 8.85 % Rufus Sturm 6.55 % Benedikt Huber 3.93 % * Rolf Jäger 3.60 % ** Valentin Huber 3.27 % * Malte Winter 3.27 % Paco Weigel 2.62 % Moritz Schönfeld 0.32 % ** Henning Fink 0 % ** Favorite Female Character 2016 Sina Hirschberger 34.6 % Britta Schönfeld 30.0 % Eva Wagner 24.9 % Fiona Jäger 3.94 % ** Irene Weigel 2.43 % Ute Fink 1.65 % Caro Winter 0.93 % Elli Schneider 0.77 % Andrea Huber 0.25 % * Jule Kasper 0.20 % ** Kay-C Schneider 0.10 % * Most hated male character: Malte Winter Most hated female character: Eva Wagner Best actor: Luca Maric as Robert Küpper Best actress: Tabea Heynig as Britta Schönfeld Best looking actor: Ben Ruedinger as Till Weigel Best looking actress: Valea Scalabrino as Sina Hirschberger Newcomer of the year: Jens Hajek as Benedikt Huber Departure of the year: Olivia Burkhart as Fiona Jäger Best supporting character: Lena Klöber as Sarah Fuchs Best couple: Irene & Robert Worst couple: Eva & Till GZSZ Favorite Male Character 2016 Jo Gerner 34.3 % Till "Bommel" Kuhn 21.0 % David Brenner 9.37 % ** Max "Tuner" Krüger 7.55 % Chris Lehmann 6.77 % Mesut Yildiz 5.20 % Philip Höfer 4.68 % John Bachmann 2.60 % Leon Moreno 2.34 % Felix Lehmann 1.82 % * Vince Köpke 1.04 % ** Tayfun Badak 1.04 % ** Jonas Seefeld 1.04 % Alexander Cöster 1.04 % Favorite Female Character 2016 Jasmin Nowak Flemming LeRoy 22.3 % Sunny Richter 19.5 % Anni Brehme 17.7 % Katrin Flemming 14.3 % Emily Höfer Badak 9.58 % Maren Seefeld 5.38 % Elena Castillo Gundlach 3.39 % Sophie Lindh Moreno 2.59 % Lilly Seefeld 2.39 % Selma Özgül 0.99 % ** Ayla Özgül Höfer 0.99 % Jule Vogt 0.59 % * Most hated male character: Felix Lehmann Most hated female character: Elena Castillo Gundlach Best actor: Wolfgang Bahro as Jo Gerner Best actress: Janina Uhse as Jasmin Flemming Best looking actor: Wolfgang Bahro as Jo Gerner Best looking actress: Janina Uhse as Jasmin Flemming Newcomer of the year: Luise von Finckh as Jule Vogt Departure of the year: Tayfun Baydar as Tayfun Badak Best supporting character: Joana Schümer as Rosa Lehmann Best couple: Katrin & Bommel Worst couple: Elena & John * Character debuted in 2016 ** Character departed in 2016
  10. At the moment, all three soaps seem to have run out of steam. Ratings are still solid, but there's not much going on except for weddings, engagements, divorces and random characters thrown together to create new friendships. Last week, GZSZ also updated their opening for the first time since February 2015. The old versions can be found in this topic: However, instead of adding new cast members, they just removed everybody who had left during the last two years, shuffled the others around and added some people to both versions. The new versions are: 2017.1/A Jasmin – Mesut – Elena – Chris – Sophie – Leon – Sunny – Gerner – Katrin – Tuner 2017.1/B Chris – Lilly – John – Anni – Alexander – Maren – Jonas – Sunny – Gerner – Katrin – Emily – Philip In version A, David has been removed and has been replaced by Chris who is now in both versions. Vince and Mieze have also been removed, but nobody has been inserted in their places. The other sequences are now slower. In version B, Pia, Ayla, Tayfun and Nele have been removed. Lilly moved to the second spot, while Emily was pushed to second last. Sunny, Gerner and Katrin were added and are now seen in both versions. Preview Pictures January/February 2017 Unter uns 01. Till (Ben Ruedinger) cannot cope with the fact that his and Ute's baby will be born with a disability 02. Andrea (Kristin Mayer) has lost her faith in Benedikt (Jens Hajek) 03. Eva (Claudelle Deckert) and Irene (Petra Blossey) are shocked that Irene's wedding dress is a few sizes too big 04. Irene celebrates her bachelorette party with Britta (Tabea Heynig), Andrea and Eva 05. Rufus (Kai Noll) comforts a devastated Kay-C (Pauline Angert) 06. Roswitha (Andrea Brix), Robert (Luca Maric) and Bambi (Benjamin Heinrich) celebrate the fact that Roswitha has gotten all the money of her deceased husband 07 It's Irene and Robert's wedding day. 08. Irene tries to intervene when Eva starts to fight with Ute (Isabell Hertel, left) 09. Caro (Ines Kurenbach) tells Malte (Stefan Bockelmann) that she wants a divorce 10. Sina (Valea Scalabrino) tries to hide from Lukas (Philipp Oliver Baumgarten) Alles was zählt 01. Maximiliam (former series regular Francisco Medina) is back – with an agenda... 02. Ben (Jörg Rohde) proposes to Carmen (Heike Warmuth) 03. Former enemies Marie (Cheyenne Pahde) and Michelle (Franziska Benz) have apparently become friends... 04. ...until Jenny (Kaja Schmidt-Tychsen) asks Michelle to join her newly founded figure skating squad 05. Diana (Tanja Szewczenko) finds the marriage proposal that Ingo has sprayed onto the skating rink 06. Meanwhile, Ingo (André Dietz) is scared that his cancer might have returned 07. Vanessa (Julia Augustin) knows that Maximilian is up to something 08. Simone (Tatjana Clasing) and Richard (Silvan-Pierre) are also afraid of Maximilian 09. Jenny, Iva (Christina Klein), Thomas (Daniel Brockhaus), Christoph (Lars Korten) and Vanessa celebrate Henry's baptism 10. Maximilian spies on Vincent (Daniel Buder) Gute Zeiten, Schlechte Zeiten 01. Paul (Niklas Osterloh) tells Eva (Vera Hübner) that he has feelings for Emily 02. Anni (Linda Marlen Runge, right) tries to bond with her half-sister Jule (Luise von Finckh) 03. Leon (Daniel Fehlow) and Sophie (Lea Marlen Woitack) undergo marriage counseling 04. Tuner (Thomas Drechsel) confesses his feelings to Jule 05. Elena (Elena Garcia Gerlach) is happy when Sunny (Valentina Pahde) and Gerner (Wolfgang Bahro) offer her a job at KFI 06. Emily (Anne Menden) shows Paul the cold shoulder 07. Chris (Eric Stehfest), Philip (Jörn Schlönvoigt) and Lilly (Iris Mareike Steen) are proud that their project for homeless people has become successful 08. Jasmin (Janina Uhse) admires Sunny's engagement ring 09. Leon, Maren (Eva Mona Rodekirchen) and John (Felix von Jascheroff) have spent the night partying 10. In front of Sunny Elena tries to hide the fact that she has developed for Gerner – her deceased husband's father!
  11. Following Jamala's win with "1944" at the 2016 edition in Stockholm, Sweden, the 62nd Eurovision Song Contest will take place in Kiev, Ukraine, in May 2017. Again, there will be three live shows: Two semi-finals (May 9th and 11th) and the grand final (May 13th). This is the second time that Ukraine will host the contest. The first time was in 2005. 43 countries have confirmed their participation: Albania Armenia Australia Austria Azerbaijan Belarus Belgium Bulgaria Croatia Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark Estonia Finland France Georgia Germany Greece Hungary Iceland Ireland Italy Israel Latvia Lithuania Macedonia Malta Moldova Montenegro Netherlands Norway Poland Portugal (last participation was in 2014) Romania (last participation was in 2015) Russia San Marino Serbia Slovenia Spain Sweden Switzerland Ukraine United Kingdom 2016 participants that will not compete in 2017: Bosnia & Herzegovina Former participants that will not return: Andorra (last participation was in 2009) Luxembourg (last participation was in 1993) Monaco (last participation was in 2006) Slovakia (last participation was in 2012) Turkey (last participation was in 2012) Recap of the 2016 Contest The official youtube channel has released compilations of the 10 best-placed entries from recent winning countries. So far, they have done compilations for the winning countries from 2010 (Germany), 2011 (Azerbaijan), 2012 (Sweden), 2013 (Denmark), 2014 (Austria), 2015 (Sweden) and 2016 (Ukraine). Germany (1956-2016) Azerbaijan (2008-2016) Sweden (1968-2016) Denmark (1957-2016) Austria (1957-2016) Ukraine (2004-2016)
  12. At first I couldn't stand this song, but it's played on the radio all the time... And this song is the best example that trashy (yet funny) songs still sell in the year 2016. It reached #7 on the German Single Charts – the song tells us how to treat a piece of "wood" (translation of "Holz") properly. The same group also had a hit this year with "Holland", telling us that "Holland is the hottest city in the world". Despite making fun of the country, the song was well-received in the Netherlands
  13. I'm still in shock about the attack in Berlin. This is my capital, this is my country. Christmas markets are such a big tradition here in every city, and these places are always crowded. I was at a Christmas market myself yesterday – for the 8th time in 3 weeks –, and I always had so much fun meeting friends. On the subway home I read about the attack, I just couldn't believe it. I'll be going again on Friday, but it'll surely have a different vibe... And of course this attack will play into the hands of the right wing parties and their followers all across Europe...
  14. You're again referring to the Dutch soap GTST and not the German soap GZSZ Both shows were originally based on the Australian soap The Restless Years, but are produced and broadcast in different countries (Netherlands and Germany). According to this article the actor playing Lucas on GTST was let go in 2015 because of a cocaine addiction and returned as Lucas on GTST's first spin-off series Nieuwe Tijden this past summer. (Even though Dutch and German are closely related, I can only understand 70-80% of the words when reading Dutch. Most people in the Netherlands speak at least basic German, but hardly anyone in Germany speaks Dutch.)
  15. The soap year 2016 is almost over and previews have arrived covering the first week of January 2017, so it's time for a little retrospective. Gute Zeiten, Schlechte Zeiten (1992-present, RTL) Total episodes in 2016: 255 (#5905 to #6160 [#6000, #6001 and #6002 were shown as a 90 minute episode on the same day) Current cast: Contract arrivals: Merlin Leonhardt as Till "Bommel" Kuhn (January 2014-July 2014; August 2016-present; recurring previously) Thaddäus Meilinger as Felix Lehmann (August 2016-present) Luise von Finckh as Jule Vogt (November 2016-present) Niklas Osterloh as Paul Wiedmann (December 2016-present) Contract departures: Tayfun Baydar as Tayfun Badak (December 2008-July 2016) Vincent Krüger as Vince Köpke (February 2011-September 2016) Rona Özkan as Selma Özgül (November 2015-September 2016) Philipp Christopher as David Brenner (March 2014-December 2016) Nadine Menz as Ayla Özgül Höfer #2 (May 2014-December 2016) Unter uns (1994-present, RTL) Total episodes in 2016: 253 (#5260 to #5513) Current cast: Contract arrivals: Aaron Koszuta as Valentin Huber (April 2016-present) Kristin Meyer as Andrea Huber (May 2016-present) Jens Hajek as Benedikt Huber (June 2016-present) Pauline Angert as Katharina "Kay-C" Schneider (September 2016-present) Contract departures: Marvin Linke as Moritz Schönfeld (January 2010-March 2016) Benjamin Kiss as Henning Fink #2 (April 2010-April 2016) Stefan Franz as Rolf Jäger (June 2002-April 2013; September 2014-June 2016) Olivia Burkhart as Fiona Jäger (April 2015-October 2016) Amrei Haardt as Jule Kasper (January 2015-October 2016) Short-term return: Joy Lee Juana Abiola-Müller as Micki Fink Lassner (January 2009-May 2015; October 2016-December 2016 [listed as contract role]) Alles was zählt (2006-present, RTL) Total episodes in 2016: 253 (#2338 to #2591) Current cast: Contract arrivals: Franziska Benz as Michelle Bauer (February 2016-present) Heike Warmuth as Carmen Bauer (February 2016-present) Tanja Szewczenko as Diana Sommer (September 2006-January 2009; April 2016-present) Cheyenne Pahde as Marie Schmidt #2 (July 2016-present) Daniel Buder as Vincent Thalbach (September 2016-present) Bela Klentze as Ronny Bergmann (November 2016-present) Contract departures: Julia Albrecht as Flo Brück (January 2015-January 2016) Barbara Sotelsek as Sonja Brück (January 2015-January 2016) Caroline Frier as Beatrice Meyer Steinkamp Zadek (August 2012-February 2016) Isabell Horn as Pia Koch (February 2015-February 2016) Carsten Clemens as Veit Hartmann (May 2015-May 2016) Judith Neumann as Marie Schmidt #1 (October 2015-July 2016) Michael Jassin as Tobi Märtz (July 2015-October 2016; recurring previously) Rote Rosen (2006-present, ARD) Total episodes in 2016: 231 (#2112 to #2343) Current cast: Sturm der Liebe (2005-present, ARD) Total episodes in 2016: 233 (#2373 to #2606) Current cast: Lindenstraße (1985-present, ARD) Total episodes in 2016: 47 (#1562 to #1609) Current cast: