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  1. In early April, GZSZ had its best ratings since 2013: A market share of 22%. GZSZ's average yearly ratings were: 2011: 3,75m / 22,6% 2012: 3,36m / 20,2% 2013: 3,25m / 20,3% 2014: 2,90m / 17,8% 2015: 2,66m / 16,9% 2016: 2,84m / 18,1% So it's pretty much guaranteed that it will continue for many years to come. TPTB are also actively trying to keep fans invested in the show and its characters. UU is also pretty stable since it has a very loyal fanbase. AWZ on the other hand can go either way. They just don't have the same fanbase like GZSZ and UU do. While GZSZ and UU have survived the loss of many fan favorites over the years and have re-invented themselves several times, AWZ seems to rely on the same old characters in the same storylines. The Steinkamps have become caricatures of themselves, Ingo, Diana, Marian, Lena and Deniz are a huge bore, and most of the fresh faces get the axe before they have the chance to unfold their potential.
  2. Russia will not compete in the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 due to the ongoing Russia-Ukraine-conflict. Russia's singer Julia Samoylova has been blacklisted by Ukraine's government because she had illegally travelled to Crimea in 2015. Thus, she is not allowed to enter the country. The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) made the offer to include Russia's live performance via satellite link, but Channel One Russia declined. Russia debuted in 1994 and have so far achieved one win, four 2nd places and three 3rd places. They will probably return to the Contest next year. --- Currently, Italy is the hot favorite to win the 2017 Contest. The Top 10 in the betting odds also includes Bulgaria, Sweden, Portugal, Belgium, Armenia, Australia, Azerbaijan, France and Romania. The rehearsals in Kiev begin on April 30th, 2017. --- Speaking of Romania: They have recently released a promotional video for their entry.
  3. The motto of GZSZ's anniversary is "25 Years at Your Side". Besides plenty of promotional pictures, RTL has also created a promotional video. According to reports, the show will also receive a new opening sequence. Order of appearance in the video: Berlin – Ulrike Frank (Katrin) – Wolfgang Bahro (Jo) – Thaddäus Meilinger (Felix) – Valentina Pahde (Sunny) – Eric Stehfest (Chris) – Iris Mareike Steen (Lilly) – Jörn Schlönvoigt (Philip) – Lea Marlen Woitack (Sophie) – Daniel Fehlow (Leon) – Felix van Deventer (Jonas) & Niklas Osterloh (Paul) – Janina Uhse (Jasmin) – Jörn Schlönvoigt (Philip) & Felix von Jascheroff (John) – Mustafa Alin (Mesut) – Anne Menden (Emily) – Linda Marlen Runge (Anni), Thomas Drechsel (Tuner), Luise von Finckh (Jule) & Iris Mareike Steen (Lilly) – Clemens Löhr (Alexander) – Eva Mona Rodekirchen (Maren) – Group scene including new cast member Cryssanthi Kazavi (Laura)
  4. It's the other way around Chris (played by Eric Stehfest) works as a DJ. When he was first introduced, he was an extreme environmental activist and did a lot of illegal things, posing under the name "WHY". After the death of his grandfather (who had to leave his property so that new apartments could be built on that piece of land), Chris had cut all ties to his family because they were only interested in money and wealth. Chris hates capitalism. Chris's backstory was explored last year when his mother Rosa (played by Joana Schümer) and his brother Felix (played by Thaddäus Meilinger) appeared in town. They both worked for the "Lehmann Bank", the family business. Felix had always been jealous of Chris because Rosa liked Chris better than him, even though Felix did everything for Rosa and helped her rescueing the bank. Rosa reached out for Chris, but he was still bitter. The two brothers got in a lot of fights. Didn't help that both of them fell in love with the same girl, Sunny (played by Valentina Pahde), Jo Gerner's granddaughter. Felix turned out to be quite a meanie: He betrayed Rosa and also did some illegal trading behind her back. Now Felix tries to frame Chris for a fire that Felix himself had started. At the same time, Sunny trusts Felix and wants to marry him. Also involved in that story is Lilly (played by Iris Mareike Steen) who seems to be the only sane person in that scenario. She tries to proof Chris's innocence and warns Sunny of Felix's true intentions.
  5. I love her. No, seriously, Janina's a great actress and she's portrayed Jasmin with perfection, considering she's such a flawed character. Just remember what Jasmin's been through in roughly 10 years: In January 2008, she was introduced as a budding fashion designer, then was thought to be Katrin Flemming's half-sister Melanie who was given up for adoption as a young child. Later in 2008 it was revealed that she was Katrin's daughter. Since she was sexually abused by her adoptive father Dieter, Jasmin suffered from several traumas. After Katrin had shot Dieter to protect Jasmin in early 2009, Jasmin and Katrin eventually connected. Jasmin had a rocky relationship with Dominik Gundlach, the son of Katrin's husband Jo Gerner between 2008 and 2010. The two almost married, but Jasmin felt it was too rushed and she broke up with Dominik in early 2010. She also had a brief fling with Dominik's evil half brother Patrick in 2010. When Dominik was abducted in 2011 and suffered a trauma himself, Jasmin was there for him still. A bit later, Jasmin wanted to become famous and married rock star Kurt LeRoy in late 2012. The two even had their own reality soap. When their fame waned, Jasmin released a porn tape to get attention again and claimed that someone stole it from her laptop. Her plan backfired, however, when it was revealed that Jasmin herself had released the tape. All of her friends couldn't believe how low Jasmin had sank and turned their backs on her. Jasmin and Kurt broke up at the end of 2013, and Jasmin found comfort in her roommate Anni. The two women embarked on a relationship which was ruined by Anni's mood changes and her being clingy. In the meantime, Jasmin had also become a famous designer and founded her own business "Tussi Attack" with her frenemy Emily and good friend Sophie. In late 2015, Jasmin met the man of her dreams: Dr. Frederic Riefflin, a renowned surgeon. Unbeknownst to her, Frederic was Jasmin's biological father Rico! Father and daughter fell in love and even wanted to get married. After a while, Katrin found out the horrifying truth. She confronted Frederic, told him to leave and never return again. Frederic tried to kill Katrin, but he was killed by Katrin's best friend Maren in self-defense. Katrin, Maren and Anni buried Frederic's body while Jasmin was heartbroken about Frederic's disappearance. The storyline culminated in the 6000th episode (May 2016). After the incest storyline had finished, Jasmin was more or less placed on the backburner and she has only been involved in storylines surrounding her business. You probably mean Rosa Lehmann, played by Joana Schümer. The character is still on recurring status and pops up here and there. However, she's not involved with Anni anymore as they broke up in December 2016. One of the main stories right now is Sunny being torn between brothers Chris and Felix (good vs. evil), Rosa's sons. Rosa will also appear in the anniversary episodes since Felix and Sunny will get married.
  6. RTL has released a lot of glamorous promotional images for the 25th anniversary of their flagship GZSZ. From left to right, clockwise: Anne Menden (Emily Badak), Niklas Osterloh (Paul Wiedmann), Wolfgang Bahro (Dr. Jo Gerner), Ulrike Frank (Katrin Flemming), Felix von Jascheroff (John Bachmann), Janina Uhse (Jasmin Flemming), Jörn Schlönvoigt (Dr. Philip Höfer), Valentina Pahde (Sunny Richter), Eric Stehfest (Chris Lehmann), Thaddäus Meilinger (Felix Lehmann), Linda Marlen Runge (Anni Brehme) Anne Menden (Emily Badak) & Lea Marlen Woitack (Sophie Lindh) Valentina Pahde (Sunny Richter) Felix van Deventer (Jonas Seefeld), Eva Mona Rodekirchen (Maren Seefeld), Iris Mareike Steen (Lilly Seefeld) & Clemens Löhr (Alexander Cöster) Janina Uhse (Jasmin Flemming) Luise von Finckh (Jule Vogt) & Thomas Drechsel (Max Krüger) Ulrike Frank (Katrin Flemming) Linda Marlen Runge (Anni Brehme) & Janina Uhse (Jasmin Flemming) Thaddäus Meilinger (Felix Lehmann) Niklas Osterloh (Paul Wiedmann) & Anne Menden (Emily Badak) The primetime special on May 17th, 2017, consists of episodes #6255, #6256 and #6257. The following actors are currently part of the contract cast: Wolfgang Bahro as Dr. Jo Gerner (first airdate: #185 / February 1993) Daniel Fehlow as Leon Moreno (first airdate: #961 / April 1996) Felix von Jascheroff as John Bachmann (first airdate: #2277 / July 2001) Ulrike Frank as Katrin Flemming (first airdate: #2631 / December 2002) Anne Menden as Emily Badak (first airdate: #3114 / December 2004) Jörn Schlönvoigt as Dr. Philip Höfer (first airdate: #3114 / December 2004) Janina Uhse as Jasmin Flemming (first airdate: #3902 / January 2008) Thomas Drechsel as Max "Tuner" Krüger (first airdate: #4227 / April 2009) Clemens Löhr as Alexander Cöster #2 (first airdate: #4266 / June 2009) Eva Mona Rodekirchen as Maren Seefeld (first airdate: #4616 / November 2010) Iris Mareike Steen as Lilly Seefeld (first airdate: #4629 / December 2010) Linda Marlen Runge as Anni Brehme (first airdate: #5295 / July 2013) Lea Marlen Woitack as Sophie Lindh (first airdate: #5464 / March 2014) Felix van Deventer as Jonas Seefeld (first airdate: #5544 / July 2014) Eric Stehfest as Chris Lehmann (first airdate: #5640 / December 2014) Valentina Pahde as Sunny Richter (first airdate: #5671 / January 2015) Thaddäus Meilinger as Felix Lehmann (first airdate: #6064 / August 2016) Luise von Finckh as Jule Vogt (first airdate: #6126 / November 2016) Niklas Osterloh as Paul Wiedmann (first airdate: #6142 / December 2016) Janina Uhse is reportedly taking a long break from the show (or leaving for good?). She will continue taping until the summer. Mustafa Alin's (Mesut Yildiz) current status with the show is unclear. The actor made his first appearance in May 2011. Originally a member of a criminal gang, Mesut was redeemed in 2013 and Alin was upgraded to contract status in January 2014. However, he has mostly been used as comic relief. Mesut has been MIA for some weeks now but according to RTL the actor is just on vacation.
  7. Ah yes, that was last year when Sophie had a miscarriage. Because she totally pulled away from him, Sophie and Leon almost got a divorce, but they have reconciled since. Here are some episode stills from the upcoming Ringo & Valentin storyline on UU. Timothy Boldt joined the cast as Ringo Beckmann in August 2012. Ringo originally arrived with his parents Paul and Sonja and his twin sister Kira. Other members of the Beckmann family include Sonja's younger sister Leonie Weidenfeld and Paul's illegitimate son Tobias Lassner. Paul and Sonja were killed off in early 2014, and Kira left town later that year. Leonie said goodbye in 2015. A scheming teenager and a bully, Ringo came out as bisexual in 2013. Aaron Koszuta joined the cast as Valentin Huber in April 2016. Valentin is the son of Benedikt and Andrea Huber and the grandson of Robert Küpper, who married original cast member Irene Weigel last year. Valentin also has a sister who hasn't been shown on-screen yet. Valentin (front) sees Ringo making out with another guy (in the background) and is shocked because he didn't know that Ringo is bisexual. Valentin's parents Benedikt and Andrea At a school dance, Valentin surprises Ringo with a kiss – to scare off a pushy girl who doesn't leave his side
  8. That's Daniel Fehlow. He's played Leon Moreno since April 1996 (with a short break between 1999 and 2001). Now he's of course 20 years older. Leon's character page on GZSZ's official website: Leon's a professional cook, owner of the "Mauerwerk" restaurant, and a former ladies' man. His ex-wives include Cora Hinze Moreno and the late Verena Koch Moreno. Currently he's married to Sophie Lindh Moreno. Leon has two children: An illegitimate son, Vince, and another son, Oskar, with Verena. He's definitely not the most exciting character, but he's not annoying, either. Some casting news: Elena Garcia Gerlach's final airdate on GZSZ is May 16th, 2017 – so she leaves one episode before the show celebrates its 25th anniversary. Her alter ego Elena Gundlach realizes that she must end her relationship with her dead husband's father Jo Gerner. Elena breaks up with Jo and moves back to her native Spain. Also on GZSZ, Clemens Löhr (Alexander Cöster) and Felix von Jascheroff (John Bachmann) have extended their contracts *yawn*. They join the list of actors who have long overstayed their welcome. Alexander and John haven't had a decent story in ages. On UU, there's going to be a recast as Kristin Meyer has departed the role of Andrea Huber after less than a year. She last aired on March 30th, 2017. On April 19th, Meyer's replacement Astrid Leberti makes her first appearance. Andrea is the daughter of Robert Küpper, wife of Benedikt Huber, and mother of Valentin Huber. Originally portrayed as a surpressed housewife, Andrea has slowly grown a backbone and has recently seen through Benedikt's schemes. According to Leberti, "something really terrible" will happen to Andrea soon. Will do that
  9. Actually, many fans were rooting for Ringo and Valentin's father Benedikt to hook up – that would've been quite a twist. Benedikt and Valentin have a lousy father-son relationship because Benedikt is a ruthless businessman and Valentin doesn't want to become like his father. Then Ringo came along, and he was the "perfect son" in Benedikt's eyes, so he took him under his wings while dismissing Valentin. So far there have been no signs that Valentin might be gay or bi, but since Valentin has always been written as someone who is looking for his true self, it kind of makes sense for him to turn experiment with men. --- Tomorrow, GZSZ will reveal the details about its upcoming 25th anniversary which is due in May 2017. Apparently there will be another 90-minutes primetime special. Back in 1996, GZSZ celebrated its 1000th episode... only two cast members are still on board. Shortly before the 1000th episode aired, half of the contract cast had been replaced by new faces. Back row: Julian Scheunemann as Karlheinz "Charlie" Fierek † (recurring 1993-1994, contract 1994-1998), Hans Christiani as Argamennon Rufus "A.R." Daniel (contract 1992-2009), Lisa Riecken as Elisabeth Meinhart Daniel Buhr Richter (contract 1992-2010, guest 2011), Daniel Enzweiler as Jörg Reuter (contract 1996-1998), Sandra Keller as Tina Ullrich Zimmermann #1 (contract 1992-1996), Raphael Schneider as Andreas "Andy" Lehmann † (contract 1995-2000), Claudia Weiske as Elke Opitz-Graf † (contract 1992-1997, guest 1999, killed off-screen 2012), Raphael Vogt as Nico A. Weimershaus (contract 1996-2005), Frank-Thomas Mende as Clemens Richter (contract 1992-2010, guest 2011) Middle row: Nicole Diercks as Carolin Carnet (recurring 1996), Wolfgang Bahro as Dr. Hans-Joachim "Jo" Gerner (contract 1993-present), Maren Thurm as Barbara Wiebe-Graf #2 (contract 1996-1999), Ralf Benson as Fabian Moreno (contract 1996-2000, recurring 2003-2004), Nadine Dehmel as Nataly Jäger (contract 1996-2000), Daniel Fehlow as Leon Moreno (contract 1996-1999, 2001-present), Angela Neumann as Vera Richter (contract 1992-1997) Front row: Rhea Harder as Princess Florentine "Flo" Spirandelli di Montalban (contract 1996-2002, guest 2002) Not pictured: Anne Brendler as Vanessa Moreno Richter (contract 1996-1998, recurring 2015-2016)
  10. I watched Pacific Palisades a few years ago. The show even has its own topic here: I still think that the show wasn't bad, but I can see why it failed. For a show that was supposed to be about the residents of a neighborhood, there was no feeling of community between the characters. Even though most of them knew each other, they were trapped in their own little storylines bubbles, much like Melrose Place became in its later seasons. There wasn't even a local bar or a restaurant where characters could have randomly met. They could have used that shopping mall as a popular location, but instead they let it collapse in one of the first episodes.
  11. Albania 2017: Lindita / "World" Armenia 2017: Artsvik / "Fly With Me" Bulgaria 2017: Kristian Kostov / "Beautiful Mess" Russia 2017: Julia Samoylova / "Flame is Burning" San Marino 2017: Valentina Monetta & Jimmie Wilson / "Spirit of the Night" Ths is the fourth time that Valentina Monetta will represent San Marino. She previously participated in the Contest in 2012, 2013 and 2014 and only reached the Grand Final once (in 2014). Now all 43 entries have been chosen. Who will be the lucky winner on May 13th?
  12. This year's line-up is now almost complete. Only the songs from Armenia, Bulgaria, San Marino and Russia (there are rumors that they might withdraw at the last minute) are still missing. Azerbaijan 2017: Dihaj / "Skeletons" FYR Macedonia 2017: Jana Burceska / "Dance Alone" Iceland 2017: Svala / "Paper" Ireland 2017: Brendan Murray / "Dying to Try" Israel 2017: Imri Zav / "I Feel Alive" Lithuania 2017: Fusedmarc / "Rain of Revolution" Montenegro 2017: Slavko Kalezic / "Space" Norway 2017: JOWST / "Grab the Moment" Portugal 2017: Salvador Sobral / "Amar pelos dois" Serbia 2017: Tijana Bogicevic / "In Too Deep" Sweden 2017: Robin Bengtsson / "I Can't Go On"
  13. Australia 2017: Isaiah / "Don't Come Easy" Belgium 2017: Blanche / "City Lights" Czech Republic 2017: Martina Bárta / "My Turn" Estonia 2017: Koit Toome & Laura / "Verona" Greece 2017: Demy / "This Is Love" Romania 2017: Ilinca feat. Alex Florea / "Yodel It!"
  14. Yeah, why not Some minor casting news: Rumours about her departing the show already surfaced last fall, now RTL has confirmed that Elena Garcia Gerlach will indeed leave GZSZ in May 2017. The 31-year-old actress joined the cast in the recurring role of Elena Gundlach (née Castillo) in July 2013. Garcia Gerlach left in September 2013, returned for a few weeks in early 2014, and was then offered a contract in October 2014. Julian Bayer makes his last appearance on AWZ on March 29th, 2017. He joined the cast in the contract role of Leo Brück in November 2015. In an interview Bayer stated that the producers decided to drop Leo because the character was not important enough. The vacant slot among the contract cast has been filled with actor and stuntman Robert Maaser who has joined the soap in the role of extreme athlete Tim Hayer on March 8th, 2017. Preview Pictures March/April 2017 Unter uns 01. 02. 03. 04. 05. 06. 07. 08. 09. 10. Alles was zählt 01. Deniz (Igor Dolgatschew) and Jenny (Kaja Schmidt-Tychsen) are happier than never before 02. Leo (Julian Bayer) has to flee the country and says goodbye to his father Thomas (Daniel Brockhaus) and Marian (Sam Eisenstein) 03. Thomas finds consolidation in Isabelle's (Ania Niedieck) arms 04. Ronny (Bela Klentze), Tim (Robert Maaser), Marie (Cheyenne Pahde), Michelle (Franziska) and Iva (Christina Klein) spend a spa day together 05. Michelle and Ronny grow closer ... 06. ... as do Tim and Marie 07. Vincent (Daniel Buder, left) tricks Maximilian (Francisco Medina) during a confrontation with a cop 08. After having found out that Simone and Vincent spent a night together, Richard (Silvan-Pierre Leirich) is furious and has to be calmed down by Ben (Jörg Rohde) 09. Lena (Juliette Greco) watches as Maximilian says goodbye to their son Alexander 10. The gang has ruined Richard's portrait Gute Zeiten, Schlechte Zeiten 01. With Maren's (Eva Mona Rodekirchen, right) help, Katrin (Ulrike Frank) finds the strength to clear out Till's room 02. Even though they know it's wrong, Elena (Elena Garcia Gerlach) and Jo (Wolfgang Bahro) can't resist their feelings anymore 03. Anni (Linda Marlen Runge), who's still suffering from sudden deafness, doesn't listen to Jasmin's (Janine Uhse) and Sophie's (Lea Marlen Woitack) advice that she should spare herself 04. Paul (Niklas Osterloh) and Emily (Anne Menden) celebrate a romantic reunion 05. Felix (Thaddäus Meilinger) succeeds in antagonizing Sunny (Valentina Pahde) against Chris 06. Sunny tries to intervene when Chris (Eric Stehfest, left) and Felix have a fight 07. Sunny asks Lilly (Iris Mareike Steen) about Chris's whereabouts 08. Alexander (Clemens Löhr, right) tries to talk some sense into Jonas (Felix van Deventer) who's about to fail his A-Levels 09. Lilly, Elena, Sunny, Jasmin and Sophie are shocked that Sunny's engagement has been stolen during a subway ride 10. Rosa's (Joana Schümer) trust in Chris dwindles
  15. Austria 2017: Nathan Trent / "Running on Air" Croatia 2017: Jacques Houdek / "My Friend" Cyprus 2017: Hovig / "Gravity" Denmark 2017: Anja Nissen / "Where I am" Latvia 2017: Triana Park / "Line" Moldova 2017: Sunstroke Project / "Hey Mamma!" Sunstroke Project previously represented Moldova in 2010 with the song "Run Away", reaching #22 in the Grand Final. Netherlands 2017: OG3NE / "Lights and Shadows" Slovenia 2017: Omar Naber / "On My Way" Omar Naber previously represented Slovenia in 2005 with the song "Stop", but failed to qualify for the Grand Final. Ukraine 2017: O.Torvald / "Time"