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  1. I have the full year 1982 of Capitol in 9 DVDs (avi format) . From the beginning! The language is in Italian (no openings or closings) and I also include in the DVDs the complete 1982 SOD synopses of Capitol in English. The quality is good and you can enjoy Carolyn Jones' complete run. The last episode that is included is the first with Marla Adams in January 1983. If anyone is interested, please send me a PM! Thank you!
  2. Thank you for the list!!!!! And does anyone know about the vintage OLTL episodes known to survive?? Thank you!!
  3. I love Gabrielle!!!!
  4. Thak you very much, EDDIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Simply WONDERFUL UNIQUE and RARE footage!!!
  5. A Wonderful 1977 AW audio episode!!!!
  6. Does anyone also think that Hayden Barnes is really Robin Drake Scorpio?? It must be the big surprise at GH for 2016.... It would be great for little Emma!!!
  7. I have discovered recently that a OLTL photo book with 300 pictures was made in Spain some time ago when they broadcast 130 episodes with the 1981 storilines!! Awesome!!
  8. Thank you very much Vee!!! It's the first time that I can see scenes from 1968....episode 76 from 28 October 1968....Victor Lord #1...Viki # 1( Gillian ) Larry #2, Jim Craig #1 and Dr Trainor #2.... WOW!!! The only OLTL surviving episode from 1968 at Paley Center!!! Thank you!!!!!!!
  9. I have just seen that in youtube there are two episodes with the same date: 15 june 1981 and they are completely different!!!....Does anyone know which one has the right date???? EON 1) EON 2) Thanks for your help!!
  10. Does anyone remember when Jennifer Harmon appeared in OLTL as Cathy Craig?? Was it when she came back to town without Kevin who previously she had kidnapped?
  11. Anyway ...I think everything is a joke!!!
  12. Thank you very much FrenchFan....and I can't wait for March 1975!!!! Thank you!!!!!!
  13. Wonderful!!!!! Where do they come from?? Are there summaries for other soaps??? It would be wonderful summaries for OLTL from 1968 to 1970!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Yes, some fan told us then...we don't know exactly how many episodes The Doctors has...... ...because if they were changing the episode numbers....maybe The Doctors doesn't have 5280 episodes........