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  1. Queen Gloria of Genoa City is my supplier!
  2. __ I fixed it. Oh, admit that you miss the days when I was a regular. Especially back in 13'. I bet your just jealous that you can't have my dong.
  3. First, I'll answer your question to @Vee. Vee is basically our version of Shirley McClains character from 'Steal Magnolias'. Anyway, as much as I lean towards realism, to the point that DG's body didn't bother me, I must say that 'sex sells'. TV is in the business of money and hod bods are the best and cheapest way of doing it. Not to mention that it DOES provide a bit of escape, which, I feel is healthy. Hell, If Im bored of the porn I have I always find pics of Josh Morrow shirtless. He's like a decadent candy bar that can only be found in an upper class store of country in a continent not of ones own. He is to be used sparingly. At the risk of sounding like LindaTno1 he is Gods gift to the world. Him and JT. I think if Joshy-poo and Jason Thompson appeared shirtless and sweaty in a scene together I'd have a seizure. At any-rate, and to shorten my answer, don't be a stuck up prude. Nobody likes that ESPECIALLY on a soap board.
  4. Yup. I watch Y&R and B&B only but I got hooked on B&B when NuSally was introduced. I find the show silly but in a 'fun' way. It's like a 'Y&R' releif, to me. Or, it could work as a warm-up. I'm not as cynical as the others. I really feel the sense of energy and the new blood is gonig to last a while.
  5. For making me laugh you redeemed yourself.
  6. She was! Even before Colin returned she complained about her jaw and acid reflex.
  7. First, there kinda was build up. They were mentioning him within the last 2 weeks or so. Lauren couldn't get a hold of him. Secondly, incidents like this do happen out of nowhere in the real world so don't act like this is phony. Its not. If there were 'build up' to Scott's perdiciment the impact, which there is, wouldn't be as great. I'm finally understanding what most of you posters here mean by 'build up'. 'Build up' to you guys really 'Being coddled.' On a side note I finding that many of you guys aren't even watching the show regularly or you guys are fast-forwarding. Does it ever occur to you guys that you gotta actually watch all it? The scenes you guys call 'boring' are the ones that tend to be the most important because they offer support for the framework of the story. Too clarify, when I talk about build-up I'm talking about the supporting scenes before the action starts. Not, however, the situation specifically affecting the character Scott. So, yes, there needs to be build up in the sense that the audience needs to be reminded of what he is doing, which did happen.
  8. Yeah. I thought bestiality was illegal.
  9. I certainly don't have issues with him or Cane. I feel Cane and before the writing takeover I had no feelings for him. I can see why Jill responds to him, as well. She 'gets' what it's like to be poor/low-class and the feeling of restlessness when one wants something they can't have. Restlessness. Wait. I just said 'Restlessness'. I think I see a pattern here
  10. I actually feel AH being terrible is the one thing we all can agree on LOL. I say that because I have dreams about me and her having a three way with Josh Morrow. I think she is DIVINE. A Goddess. I truly feel that RS and EF should be on as her sisters and I wish CONSTANCE FORD were alive because she was just as divine as the others.
  11. n the paper today, I read that the actress who plays Liza will be leaving AMC to be on a brand new soap on NBC. Boy, first Jenny, now Liza. My suspicion that Tony and Liza might hit it off is shot. My NEW theory is that Tony will kill Liza, thinking it was Jenny, and that Jenny will still go to N.Y. In addition, we`re going to get a new Nina. The actress who plays her (sorry I`m bad on real names) is leaving the show. Rather than kill HER off, she will be replaced. Lastly, according to the paper, we`ll find out Friday what really is in the West Wing of the Chandler mansion. Tom O`Connor
  12. I agree with you. I always felt that 'Reboot' was a revival but on a mass scale (and highly stragetized) such as, as you said, the superheros. Though, the tech-geek will always make me think 'restart' when I hear the that is what your doing when you reboot a computer. Not to get off-topic but ever since I read 1984 a year ago I loath the word. It feels like 'Newspeak'. Reboot is the catch all for: Continuing (Some called the game 'Resident Evil 7' a reboot...); remaking; reviving. Going back on track, I remember sitting on the city bus when PP was reving AMC and these people were saying things like 'I can't beleive they are rebooting All my Children. Nobody can play Erica but La Lucci! I hope they could atleast bring in older cast members to make cameos, at least.' These people really and truly thought they were remaking the show.
  13. I'm loving the new Spectras. The first few days liltle-Sally was a bit 'forced' but she's coming into her own. I do miss Big-Sally though. I really think the show is interesting now. It's campy as [!@#$%^&*] but GREAT for what it is.
  14. Now I'm getting nostalgic over LindaTno1 I'd pick her over JOHNNYSBRO (or whatever it is) anyday.
  15. This is the first full, so far only, Malone-Era episode I've watched in recent memory (As in, the last time I watched was when they first aired when I was "<5" WOW! This is incredible. Tottaly diffrent from Ron's crap. I no this isn't the right place to say this but I do wonder why DOOL didnt have MM with Griffith? I think the show has a strong enough staff team. It would need a strong EP though.....