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  1. I'm surprised know one mentioned Nick hitting Victor
  2. OMG! # # # # # # # # # # # April Fools.
  3. Oh, my GOD that has got to be the worst wedding ever. I'm so glad Dad wasn't here to see Steffy go on the [!@#$%^&*] zipline to the alter. All it neeed was sparklers on the back. I really thought of this when I saw that.
  4. I'm taking it that a good deal of the non-Bell/Alden/Smith people will be fired. Possivle the other MAB/Pratt people.
  5. Damn thats a short list. Who are all the contract writers?
  6. I was about to ask so many questions like 'How does she bring in more ratings than the show' Or, what does that actually mean? But then I went 'Nah.'
  7. I turned on my TV the moment some guy shot at Alexis and for whatever the case maybe I decided to watch the rest of the show. The first time since the shows 50th. This show is SH!T! For anyone who thinks Y&R is bad needs to see this show and if they still feel the production values and writing is bad they need to get there eyes and ears checked. Good GOD. The sound is atrocious. Late 20's talkies had better sound. The lighting is blinding. I'm surprised nobody is sweating bullets. The writing is insulting. Really, how the hell could that guy shoot the hand cuffs in the middle of the chain? Not to mention how much time passed between the moment he did fire and the moment they revisited. If anything, they should have had the follow up directly AFTER the commercial break. I've always said that I don't care about production values as long as the show is watchable. It isn't. It gives me a migraine. I'd rather watch 'Peaback Guiding Light'. In fact, and I never, ever, thought I'd say this but I do think JFP should return as a co-EP because the show's production values were watchable. Oh, and 'Jelly' makes McTavish seem superior than Doug Marland by comparison.
  8. ??? I think I'm confused with a few other situations. Can you clarify?
  9. Is the Y&R fanbase the only one who doesn't like too see older characters being relevant? I mean, even young people like older ones and vice-versa. Finally, you can't calculate art. You just can't say that a character would be a turnoff to 18-34 because the character isn't 18-34.. That is an idea made up, or at least popularized by, companies. It isn't true. Its a fail-safe. It is why daytime is dying/dead. When you alienate the older audience the younger people wouldn't know of there existence because daytime is rarely able to grab in new viewers via just promotional materials. Further, Dina, as it sounds, could create drama and tension. Isn't that something you and every other person here beleive the show is lacking?
  10. When does she return and what is her rleationships with the others?
  11. Excellent post.
  12. They did't use her 'ghost'. They made it clear Colin put it in the mailbox.
  13. How is Kay BFTD?