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  1. For me, he isn't dull. Ever. But, he is a bit of a cluster-[!@#$%^&*]. I mean, it's great that he uses the vets but he can't, for the life, create newer stories but he knows how to bring the ratings up. You won't expect, or shouldn't expect, a 'Karen on the Stand' or 'Margo Pulls Casey's Plug' but you will be entertained. He is more of an 'Independence day' than a '2001: A Space Odyssey'. Pure sappy entertainment. Nothing thought provoking but lots of shirtless guys. Now, his problem is that he gets over his head. If he, by chance, tells a story that is even Thom Racina good he'll start to try to tell human-condition stories but they will fail. That is why it's good that he has Sherry Anderson by his side.
  2. God, Because of his cold CLB sounds like damn grandpa, albiet one I'd like to f&ck, but still. The flashbacks of when he was smoking didn't help. A new viewer might thing he's 70 and aged well physcially but poorly otherwise.
  3. Oh, MY GOD the first time I watched that a while back I cried. I hated it. So many fallacies as well. I"m writing a book on daytime and all my points I mention debunk all of his. He needs to be tied to a chair and watch Michael Malone's OLTL, Douglas Marland's ATWT, Henry Selsars EON, and CL/PM's Ryans hope. Good CHRIST is he wrong. I hate it when people say, "They were created to sell soap!" No, before the 50s they were hear to sell things most people made, including soap, Variety coined the term. You see, the term came to be because, as said, they were created to sell household products, yet, when done right they were considered the best of radio drama. Opra was consedered the best of entertainment, hence, the terms 'Soap Opera'. Soap being something everyone in the home uses. Further, ALL TELEVISION AND RADIO IS USED TO SELL. You could even say, "Primtime Proceduals are created to sell cars" Same damnable thing. Ugg, I could go on. PS. Message me for more info and sorry about the typos.
  4. Overall, pretty good Mo! On second thought, today has been rather rough for you. That said, why do you think Sharon/Scott's love making was phony? I think they are rather good for each other.
  5. For the record, I am not being forced so there is really no need for you to even type this. Of course, you possibly don't know why I say that so let me clarify. You stated "... so you don't have to see what I'm writing about."
  6. I really like Billy being a vinyl loving hoarder! He reminds me of me, in a sense. In fact, I wonder if they will address the Vinyl comeback? Fixed.
  7. I really feel that they should tough out a tangible and balanced structure for, maybe, 9 week. Rotate each week and then see how they stick.
  8. The pacing was odd last week IMO. The week before when it went a/b/a/b/a was good. Last week it was like a/a/a/b/b
  9. +1
  10. I love you!
  11. Firstly, I was saying that if during the golden period for this show there was a platform as accessible like we have today, meaning message boards we all can get onto at the blink of an eye, people will be nit picking the show. Further, deciding to counter my statement of the internet not being around in 1987 vs my statement regarding idiot nit-picky fans always being around completely, without any doubt, proved my point. For the record, I know good and well the internet, then called the intranet, not the 'world wide web' as it wasn't world wide---as you said in your post, which created a contradiction---was around. Further, intranet was basically the same thing as closed-circuit TV--it was within a campuses/compounds.
  12. I basically agree with everything you said. Chelsea is definitely take or leave but in a sense I do feel they should cut her out but save her for later. MCE has talent but it's wasted here. Getting rid of her will help the show recover.
  13. And your [!@#$%^&*] point is....... I will never believe Adam did that Feutus thing until someone shows me. Who is willing?
  14. I'm sure if the internet was around in 1987 the same crap on the boards would be going on. I've watched plenty of old Y&R stuff from the 80s and the camerawork was often shotty----out of focus or would wobble. I've heard diolgoue for the younger actors that was just as bad and poorly structured scenes and episodes as well. On that note, I swear a few years ago someone said, 'When Y&R became an hour the structure became less clean and never recovered'. I'm sure one could justify all of SSM stuff by glimpsing at the older 'Old Articles' posts.
  15. Like most, I feel Hillary Vs Lilly is better but I do love the bitchiness between Hillary and Mariah. I wonder if they could have a banter-type relationship? Has that even happened on soaps between friends?