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  1. I'm tired of people complaining one moment that it should be like the old days where the writers are consistent all year and not amp up the stories during sweeps then one moment complain there sweeps stories are boring. Also, the show is still in repair mode.
  2. Thank you. It seems like everyone forgot what the style was like. HOnestly, it just needs the music.
  3. I do think that video tape would help the aesthetic. I think it's a combo of both studio audience and laugh-track. I think they could have been a bit wary at first but now they may drop it. I did like that episode 11 (?) had a 'silent closing'.
  4. Let. It. Go. Do you really trust them with AMC/OLTL characters, John?
  5. Why aren't we friends?
  6. First, let me make myself clear. I'm not feeding into your trolling as you can never have me beat from my early years here. You are just another imitation of me. I should sue. I'm just using your post a crutch to state my opinion encase my opinion is disagreeable. I could say that Victor should dig up Phillips corpse and [!@#$%^&*] it and people would take me more seriously than you. I'm using you as cannon fodder. Anyway, what I'd like to say to those who find the show boring is this: You have Independence Day then you have 2001: A Space Odyssey. One is made to entertain and one is made to exercise one's critical thinking skills. Y&R at its best was the latter. TY&R, to me, is that time doesn't age but life experiences do; Youth is relative while Restlessness is absolute. Actually, I'm going to feed a bit into your trolling. Here are a few questions. In what ways are Jean and Shelly's stories academic in nature? How did they ever change the way you view your life? Did they ever tell a story that challenged or changed your perspective? Answer in complete sentences and give specific examples.
  7. What have they been saying?
  8. With the super couples comment I think she meant a couple in terms of 'Snapper and Chris'. A couple who tries to stick against all odds that the audience actually cares about. That said, I think the term is widely misused.
  9. How odd and why Phyllis?
  10. Oh, Happy day **Sarcasm**. My father is 61 and he is out voting for the first time. For Trump. Mom is with him as well. Voting...For Trump......

    Yeah Me...Sigh..

  11. God Bless You!
  12. Thanks. Can you elaborate in a private message?
  13. Thanks. You just gave me the 'OK' to skip everything from 'January 1972- last week'. I hate playing 'catch up'. I mean, if you've been keeping up so far, I say keep watching. I get what you mean, though, because always being "slightly behind" is annoying. In addition to Mona first appearing, Mike and Toni have just gotten married in the same episode, so it is a good time to jump in. Has it aired yet?