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  1. I don't know the kids of my moms co workers, many of whom are great friends with her, and her place of business is practically down the fuc#ing street....
  2. Jennifer Bassey!
  3. I liked the Olivia shout-out and I actually like the actors who play Lilly and Cains kids. Dina ruled today.
  4. I'm not saying Dynasty 2.0 is going to be an icon and I'm not saying it was the best promo/trailer but that none of you are being fair. Here is a premier promo for Dallas from 1978 and it doesn't show the heart of the show. You guys need to chill out and accept that you only saw a glimpse of what's to come. Here is what I got from the new trailer: They are going to let Stephan be gay and he is witty; Cristal is enigmatic (they seemed to make it clear she isn't a gold digger) and a bit sarcastic; Fallon is determined to be in control but her stepmother is punishing her for being a jerk; The woman aren't only out for a man--they are also career driven; Blake is more down-to-earth and understanding. Perhaps I'm wrong with these observation's as it was, as said, a glimps. What saddens me is that you all, at one time, were far more introspective and patient and intelligent than you guys are now. That is why I preferred SON. All of you have turned into prissy fools who look for conflict. On that note, I'm not sure why I even took time to post this tonight.
  5. Guys, this is just a trailer and stop acting like it's a misguided shot-by-shot remake. It's a reimagining. Also, lets be honest, Linda Evan's Krystal was written like she was misunderstood as a gold digger but she wasn't played like that by the actress. I think they are going for that again but this time forcing embossing the misunderstood persona.
  6. God, this was just the trailer. Give it a chance. I kinda like it LOL.
  7. I finally got around to 3+. I'm at the end of 4. My heart goes out to Ciji! She is so sweet and it kills me the way Chip treats her. Also, I hate that Richard's redemption seemed to have ended so quickly.
  8. So, what is the current writer count for Y&R? It seems like it has less and less writers...which I find promising.
  9. Was Kay Alden's name missing from the credits??
  10. Sorry to all. I was being petty because of that commercial.
  11. Uggg. I have such a love/hate with her. The new commercial she's in makes me cringe. So, I'm in 'hate mode' with her. I swear though that her popularity was completely manufactured, or at least 75% of it was, because she has the same appeal as Robin Strasser, Sharon Gabet, or Eileen Fulton.
  12. I really liked Scotty laying it on Abby.
  13. I'm surprised know one mentioned Nick hitting Victor
  14. OMG! # # # # # # # # # # # April Fools.