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  1. I'm loving Sharon and Scott. They are far better than Sharon and Dylan. It's something new and fresh for Sharon after years of being with the same type of men
  2. I love Erika but I can't defend her actions towards Eileen last night, that was just mean
  3. Where the hell has Sharon been? Wasn't she supposed to have a story that would bring "someone new" into her life?
  4. I've watched up to June 12th so far. I'm loving these episodes! Paul and Isabella had some hot chemistry. Way more interesting than boring Christine. How many women have Malcolm and Neil shared? It's got to be at least 3 lol. That's a bit ridiculous. I really like Alex though, I wonder what happened to her. Billy and Mac had the perfect recipe for a future supercouple. I can't believe the show didn't follow that romance more. Jill was so unlikable here. I really can't stand her. Why did Ashley have such an issue with Colleen coming to stay with her and Brad? I didn't really quite catch that. She was explaining it a bit to Jack but I still didn't really understand. Larry is creepy. I don't really understand why Nick and Nikki were so willing to help this guy. I guess I'll find out more as I watch though. Thanks again for these amazing episodes!
  5. Wow. The way Y&R used to set up these storylines and interactions was so clever. Tying Jills disdain for Mackenzie into her rivalry with Katherine, thats brilliant. It also brought in a whole new set of young characters, and a couple (Billy and Mac) that people wanted to root for. It's very Shakespearean. I wish we could get storylines like this now.
  6. I'm watching the 2001 episodes, the show used to be so good! I love crazy Tricia. Can someone explain to me why Jill hated Mackenzie so much? She was quite a bitch to her. I wonder what her problem was? I wasn't watching back then so if someone could explain that to me that would be great
  7. Philly was good but I think the show should revisit Chilly. I think there's way more potential there!
  8. Or Kay Alden should join her as co-head writer.
  9. I'm struggling with this show again. January was better. Where are characters like Hilary, Devon, Mariah, Sharon, Kevin, Chloe, Abby, Nick, Chelsea. Even though I complain about all of those people I'd rather see some balance then see the same 5 people for weeks. I'm sick to [!@#$%^&*] death of Billy and Victoria.
  10. That's so weird that Kevin didn't even appear once in the month of February. I didn't even notice. Lol. Victoria is on WAY too [!@#$%^&*] much. I've never hated a character SO much. I wish she'd just go away.
  11. I'm sick of seeing the same characters on every [!@#$%^&*] day. Im even getting sick of characters I like, like Jill, Billy and Lauren. I don't like when one story is featured SO heavily like this everyday. You get tired of it.
  12. I don't think there is a double standard. At least not on this board. Male and female actors are ripped to shreds equally on this board IMO. If you're on TV you open yourself up to that kind of criticism. I wasn't too bothered by DG's body as much as I am with AH and her hideous hair and just overall looking like a drowned rat when she comes to work. Tyler, but we all saw how that ended up.
  13. Jordan and Hilary have a lot of chemistry. I noticed that just from that one scene yesterday.
  14. There has been WAY too much Victoria, Cane, and Billy the past couple of weeks.
  15. Victoria is on AGAIN tomorrow. Ugh. We've gotten one day off in February from her. What do TPTB see in her?