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  1. Elizabeth Hendrickson has been taken off contract. May stick around as recurring.
  2. Me too. People online are always quoting Doug Marland's rules, one of them was, don't fire anyone for six months. Maybe they are following that rule.
  3. Saul does come across as a geeky gay, but this Brad Bell. Not holding out hope. And this Katie/Eric/Quinn story is absolutely dreadful. Brad needs to drop it.
  4. I'm loving Y&R. It's far from perfect and I don't like everything going on, but this is the most I've enjoyed this show in years.
  5. Holy cow, I was not expecting that news at all. I loved the Spectra's and have long thought B&B needs a second rival fashion house after Jackie M's crew all went away.
  6. Agree. I also hope we get Chance back as well. I'm not a big fan of the nickname either.
  7. I'm excited for this as well. Not only should he be in town given Lauren's current story, but the show needs more children of legacy characters in town.
  8. Wow, great news. While Ron certainly was burning out near the end of his GH run and deserved the boot, overall I've enjoyed most of Ron's work and think his writing style is a perfect fit for DAYS. The worst his having to wait 6 months for his material to air. It'll be interesting to see how Ron is without Frank as his EP.
  9. Or it will be Alex Kiriakis but the writing will be bad enough, we'll wish they kept him off screen. LOL
  10. DAYS is seeking a strong actor between the ages of 30 and 39 to play the role of Alex, a dashing, confident man. The casting description reads, “Alex has spent the last ten years traveling the world and amassing a small fortune. His ambition grew and his success in the marketplace has given him an enough of a cocky confidence to come to Salem with an agenda to challenge his family for control of the business. When it comes to women, Alex can be a bit of a playboy like his dad used to be.”
  11. I'm glad they hired Sara Bibel. I liked her on the DC Podcast. She was very knowledgeable of Y&R and usually had good ideas and a distain for LML.
  12. The least plausible part was Reed PAYING for Porn. Um, hello it's 2017, there's a million "Youtube" like sites with free porn. Certainly a boy his age would know of them.
  13. No that's the Fourth Hour. The Third Hour was hosted by Billy Bush I believe.
  14. So there's some sources saying she's getting the third hour of TODAY, another say they are cancelling DAYS. Both probably have bits of truth to them. I doubt NBC has 100% decided what they are going to do. Giving her the third hour of Today or cancelling DAYS are the two likeliest outcomes. If you source is in the NBC News division, they might be telling one thing. If your source is in the NBC Entertainment division, they might be saying something else.
  15. Loved today's show. I'm loving all the interaction Jack and Ashley have been having. The brief Jill and Jack scenes were great too.