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  1. Of the two offers, I think Loving would have been a better fit. And I know she would habe done well with the college town with scandalous secrets well.
  2. Bridget/julie/kat. Good years with those three. I would like to also say (changing subject) that Guiding light had a great unlucky in love character back in the 70s that the dobsons created yet didn't make pathetic..Katie. that is until Marland took over and made her pathetic..only somewhat reversed by Pam Long.
  3. Samantha #1 had a good exit..and it was a shame she was let go. She found out Kirk was conning her and she conned him...stating 'never con a con' before she left. Samantha #2 wasn't accepted...and if I recall..she and Wiggins were the 90s versions of colleen ask and Mark pinter.
  4. Samantha #2...i agree. I liked him with Samantha #1
  5. I've liked a lot of the Pollack's stuff...but I do agree it isn't as character driven as it was under lakin/Edelstein. I will say that the Pollack' s could write a climax like no one else...and I think perhaps if lakin/Pollack's worked would have been dynamite. Who knew Gil Gerald was hot back then I'm most intrigued with how his wife will fit in. She doesn't seem keen on Hope Memorial.
  6. I actually thought seyfried got better once the show moved her character out of the JR/Jamie orbit..and interacted her with other people. Her character had a promising romeo/Juliet type of story with Reggie before both were written out.
  7. I think the iva factor was due to the actress being popular as Nola. My mom had a soft spot for Iva..the unlucky in love heroine. I liked Craig with Emily (Melanie Smith's version)..even with Samantha (the first one).
  8. I think S.A. coming back as consultant was a compromise between Corday and Sony..imho. Hopefully, she'll have enough power to keep Ron's excessas in check. She was the one to do telhe Mariana thrown in a pit story back in 1992 when she co headwrote with Reilly...and the fallout is still felt today from that stunt. Reilly did the stunts with little to no fallout..imho. I wonder if that will happen here..maybe Ron will come up with over the top stuff..and maybe she will advise on how to make the fallout long term and not just viewed as a stupid stunt.
  9. Lecy's Becky was kind of a Darlene bursting her bubble was always entertaining season 1 through 3 before Darlene went gothic. With Sarah's Becky...yoi felt kind of sorry for her because she seemed cheerful and Darlene looked bitter and mean spirited bursting her bubble.
  10. I actually think the show could have made it if it was less preachy and told a good story. It certainly seems like an intriguing concept.
  11. To be honest, while I loved the shpw...i don't see the point of it coming back.
  12. When higley/Griffith improved days after know you're a hack
  13. And all the barbara/Hal marriage angst and break up would have still worked...with Kim being involved since it was her nephew...causing angst for bob/kim as well...since bob and Rick didn't get along.
  14. I know the Iris/Donna angle shifted once Anna s came back.
  15. I recall 1st watching when philece was playing Donna...and she played Donna as a dingbat. I was thrown when Anna Stuart came back...and the character became less dingy and more snarky.