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  1. Kings crossing seemed more sunny and bright (based on promos)..yet from what I looked like some good old fashion Peyton Place activities were going on.
  2. Can we get in writing that Rinna will never speak of Kim again?
  3. I believe Carolyn Colliton was his co headwriter during the 1st year or so of his stint...which might by why the 1st year wasn't too bad of his stint.
  4. The Dobsons in their second round side create Angela Raymond...but I didn't like that they made Mason/CC tread water in their relationship or that Mason suddenly didn't like Sophia again. Katrina was written a bit better under Pam Long..but by then..the character was beyond saving.
  5. Fire Brad bell...ban him from the show. What he's done to his parents creation is almost as bad as what Corday did to his parents creation of Days (after his mother fought tooth and nail to keep it going after her husband died suddenly). If we must keep it in the Bell family...try Laura lee Bell...she actually has the gene for creating..imho
  6. Personally...if they truly strike...they're idiots. Episode counts for most shows outside of soaps are reality shows took over during hiatus. If anything..soaps benefit because they still churn out content..and keeps them a float. The best solution is to not pay actors so much and give that money to the writers and people behind the scenes.
  7. AT&T aND GL had the executive producers leading the writing.. AMC had front till their head writers went Fi-core 2 weeks into the strike.
  8. Morgan her start in daytime in the 70s..came back for a decent year long stint in the mid 90s...and has appeared on Bold and the beautiful a few years ago. I think she did ago hallmark in 2014 or 2015 playing the boss of Lindsey Harley (AMC, days and passion fame). I'd be fine with Morgan Fairchild or Donna Mills on a soap. Both can shade like the best of them..and can be over the top. And let's face it....Kate needs someone to keep her on her Vivian did in the 90s
  9. Heck Cohen has wanted Eddie to be gay...and you can bet Cohen spotted it right away...and just let it go in order to build to when it is revealed their a bearded couple lol Season 11 hinted at it. Maybe season 12 will out Tamra with vicki responsible...then maybe the two will go away. Time to clean house on that show
  10. I liked the episode where Jenna went to visit vanessa, alex, Holly, Harley and finally Buzz. It was a great good bye episode. I did love in that episode where India said she wished she'd known Jenna better...with Alex saying they'd have a lot to talk about... And I do agree once Jenna married Buzz...she lost what made her unique and memorable. She was the 90s version of India/Helena...yet was her own person so she wasn't a carbon copy.
  11. I liked how frank and outspoken JC was about her departure. Based on the summaries I read in late 1975/6...Willis was pursuing Alice and she kind of fell for it...but within a year...the story shifted..and she then started interacting with Ray and his mother due to Sally...with Rachel thinking that Sally should go back to the grandmother. I imagine how JC would have played the mid to late 70s material...I think she and Rachel would have remained hostile though civil with one another..but I think Alice wouldn't have lost her importance to the show had JC remained. And JC obviously won because she ended up on OLTL for about 8 years..and did quite well playing a character not quite like Alice.
  12. And the last few years weren't as good as his first few years. He should have left after 1989/1990
  13. I would think Sharon trying to mend her fractured relationship with her trying to keep up with the pretense of being a widow...while trying to repair relations between herself and the Newman's would be enough to carry her through summer.
  14. Why is Sharon dating already? If better can't be written for Sharon then just write her off...or have her be background
  15. I was surprised it took Julia/Mason so long before they became a couple. I always wondered if when julia asked Mason to be the father of her baby...that the writers intended for them to become a couple...or, like eden/Cruz, they had such chemistry that the story shifted to them as end game.