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  1. Wouldnt seeing thomas trying to juggle being a co parent while dating be something relatable and modern? Same with Caroline? Only reason the Myron story was semi decent was due to the acting...but even seemed to have been dropped.
  2. In regards to Kyle and LVP's eyes darting back and was comical. That reminds me of the season 8 reunion for RHOA where sheree and kandi were like the two theatre patrons making fun of the muppets. And honorable mention goes to vicki and tamra doing their own back and forth eye dqrt movements during Alexis and Peggy's back and forth at the season 6 reunion.
  3. From rewatching the first episodes of Eden's debut...there were hints left that make her split personality story and eventually disappearance later on make sense. She comes in the esrly episodes as overly confident and fearless...yet by 1985, we see hints that is a facade. Ironically the fight between original Gina and eden by the ladder illustrates that. Gina correctly states eden is a sheltered princess and its time she grow up and be on her own...with Eden stating she has done that..didnt like it and feels more safe at the capwell mansion. Another scene is between Cruz and eden where they first reveal their previous fling years earlier and how she just took off all of a sudden and wondered if she wouldnt do that again...which she did in 1991. I dont recall, but was it mentioned if she was around when Channing was killed? I know that event caused Kelly and joe to break up..but was Eden around for the engagement party and affected by it?
  4. I always thought season 1 of Knots Landing reminded me of Family...but with four marriages/families instead of one family. I think David jacobs wrote some episodes..if Im not mistaken.
  5. Seeing the dinner meltdown makes me misd more then ever the trainwreck that was Allidon dubois. A hot mess yet entertaining when drunk and being a bitch...with Camille giggling in the background. #memories
  6. Much like the Gloria/Mariah interview coming back up again...I have a feeling that Jill buying Fenmore's might ne revisited when she returns....fingers crossing.
  7. We have our new Claudia...good choice.
  8. I think the attackers identity didnt cheapen shows that no one can be trusted. A lot of times, sexual assualts are done by someone the victim knows...and making it who they made it makes one have to be on their guard.
  9. I prefer her as Althea...much more subtle in her acting...even in the 1982 clips...she's elegant and subtle with a bit of joy of life thrown in. I did like her and Nick together in the 1967 to 1969 episodes... Im glad they never reunited...sometimes some people arent meant to be together. Nowadayd, they would have remarried 4 times within a few years. In the later years as Lucinda, she was chewing the sets and scenes. She was still good, but sometimes Lucinda was more a cariacture then character.
  10. Then star might have a chance..
  11. What is the story with anne howard bailey? Was she ad bad as the dobson's thought?
  12. I recall after Eden was raped, that Gina came to see her and was chased off by CC. While i understood CC doing so, scenes like that added layers to the character of Gina.
  13. Didnt she end up getting a co-headwriter on generations in the last months? I know SOD ranked it modt inproved show in 1990. It seems thst all soaps have this double standard writing that women should forgive men thst cheat and abuse them...but that men should wash their hands of women thst cheat and abuse them. If Devon deceived or cheated on hilary...the writing woulf slant it where everyone tells hilary to forgive him...she is lucky to have love. However, since hilary did the deceiving/cheating...the writing is slanted toward him making a clean break from her. It's telling on Monday's episode where hilary said it was a relief that now she could be herself and not pretend. The actress did so well with that scene thst i wonder if it wad truly acting..or the actress relieved. Of course nikki wpuld encourage jill to forgive Colin....she forgives her abuser time and time again. Katherine used to encourage nikki to stay with it makes sense shed encourage Jill from beyond the grave to stay with colinm
  14. If we base the timeline on when Sussman will get things adjusted...itll be a good year or so..based on Generstions where the firdt months of the show was more talking then showing.
  15. Even a writer like Pam Long (that was a bad fit for the show) did do a few positive things in the final months of writing the show. When she wrote off Santana, she didnt kill her off..but had her leave town to start a new life in a successful attempt to break free of the past. She also created Lisa, who had an axe ro grind against Lily...using actual history of the show. She actually fit on the show. While Gina was all over the place, she did have the bright idea to pair her with Lionel. Everything else seemed a mess...but the show lost a lot of anchors and what she was doing to replace those anchors didnt quite work.