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  1. Just happened...and in slow motion
  2. Who would everyone say is Ravi's contempories?
  3. So I take it Traci hasn't been back to visit since SSM took over? I am surprised at the lack of Lauren...her brief stint in 2005 had a lot of Lauren.
  4. It wasn't a bad episode of RHONY..but I think if rather have had Ramona sit out the trip. Sonja vs Tinsley, Bethenny being her usual bitter self and Luann and Dorinda would have been enough. I think for season 10, they need to freshen up the cast a bit. Or perhaps they need to take a cue from OC and not all film together as a group all the time.
  5. A positive of Sussman and Alden has been freeing Hilary from the Devon vortex..and mixing her up with other well as bringing back Dina. I do agree the Dina arc had been extended...but I perhaps would habe resolved the arc they planned for Dina then bringing her back a tad bit later. I know that Dina had a very tense relationship with Dina and Jack to a lesser extent...but how did she and Traci interact? Is Traci coming back for another visit?
  6. Sounds like Ron is still a hack...
  7. This is eeriee that T amra is the calm one. Twilight zone territory.
  8. I think both celeb and angel come in 1988. You wonder about Angel for awhile...and you don't truly get the answers till 1990/1991.
  9. You'd think with the show being plotted months in advance...they would be able to cover all beats of a story and be able to better pace all the stories. I guess not.
  10. I could have seen no la set her sights on josh..given that they flirted back in the early 80s..and he was well off....and vanessa would have felt protective keeping Nola from Josh. For me, I think the most unsatisfactory return was Julia Santos on AMC. She was given next to nothimg to do except a fling or being a talk to for Annie. The only promising thing given to her was the fact she was a foster mom to tad/dixie daughter with no one realizing. All that build up to a possible custody case...and Julia is randomly shot and dies.
  11. Rhoc I love the balance between the old format and the drama/confrontation style. I was hesitant about having seven women as housewives...but if it means that Vicki or Kelly aren't featured so much during certain episodes..i might change my mind. Peggy is intriguing so far...and seeing that she is dealing with breast cancer and a double mastectomy..reminds me of the struggles my late mom had with breast cancer. Regarding Lydia vs. Shannon...both are in the wrong. I think Lydia was a little pot stirrer...but Shannon reacted too over the top. Had some flashbacks to season 9 when Lydia kept saying Shannon was yelling...but the footage the editors shown didn't really support Shannon yelling. In this case, it's all perception over what one defines as yelling. After the harshness of RHONY, the toxic elements of Potomac and Atlanta(I think season 3 could stand for some timeouts where none of the women film together and do separate narrarices)...RHOC is my fav
  12. B and b: Sheila's original exit in 1995 where she broke down in front of everyone and ingested poison to try to kill herself.
  13. Isn't it true when Bethenny returnes...a lot of heathers stuff wasn't shown and kristen didn't have a whole lot focused on her till the end of the season? I admit when season 7 of NY came..i was interested to see Ramona post divorce, and how heather/kristen/Carole would mesh eith Bethenny. Sadly...the show became all Bethenny...and we hardly got to see Ramona in her day to day life...and come on...Ramona on dates would have been comic/reality gold. So I get why Ramona is pissed at Bethenny.
  14. Based on a few spoilers I've read for the remaining summer/early fall...he is going to bring bac k the worst aspects of Days. And I don't like the spoiler about Anne Milbauer that I read for the next week or two either.
  15. I often wonder what the show would be like today if Sussman had been hired to replace altman/passanttr. I think she wouldn't have had as much to fix....cause they didn't hurt the show...just kept it basic and the foundation of the show was in tact. I