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  1. if the 2 jasons story is the first story we are seeingfrom solo shelly then woohee she threw off jean's training wheels! shelly and chris are goi g to be so healthy for the ahow. I cant believe hownmuch they ade upping the ante. steaks all over the place. i bet the long form story doc was fire and it clearly impressed sb enough for him to return.
  2. No we are not the same. it makes me sad tothink abpur jean leaving. im gonna have serious jean withdrawals lol
  3. gh has sustained the smallest losses since last year. thats incredible in this environment. jean is just roller coastering into retirement.
  4. I got it too! Yay! What do you all think? Jill is my fave character. and I ranked Billy and Phyllis the lowest of all couples. I cannot stand Phyllis with Billy. Giina T is our best option for Phyliss but Jason T is the worst. Please GH trade us
  5. But do you like the avatar? its a selfie from when me and my husbund vacationed on the moon and watched as the world turned.
  6. First not a guy (see my avatar). Second not movking anyone.
  7. my name is jerry. jean p has a fanbase with more than one fan. jean has won multiple emmys, trained with the best in the biz, and worked with some of the best talents of her generation like hogan sheffer. she finally hhitt her stride with Shelly Altman at Y&R. their fall 2014 at Y&R was the best it had been since MAB's first year 2008/early 09. Ratings started to stabilize and uptick. There was something for everybody-- gothic story with Adam's return and passion and intensity with Phyllis's return. I couldn't wait to watch everyday. Jely combined classic Bell tropes with new modern twisties.
  8. Highs: all of the stories she has written for Maura West. you might call Maura Jean'smuse.... for shows on both coasts. Maura has 2 emmys under Jean's writing along with several other AtWT noms. And Maura is the shoo in lead contender for lead actress next yaar's emmys for avas story on gh. Jean's writing brings out Maura's talents and vice versa. I can't wait dor both of these women to collect emmys netx spring.
  9. its cute that u think we are samezies
  10. also just phenom how Jean keeps giving maura her emmy noms mw is mext yera's shoe in and it will be her 3rd emmy from jean's writing and 4th overall. wowza
  11. How do you feel about Jean Passanante’s decision to leave GH as co-head writer, and retire from writing soaps? FRANK: I feel very, very sad. She sort of explained the circumstances of her life, and the timing for her was right. Her daughter is living in Europe, and she wants to be able to spend more time with her. Jean had worked hard for a really long time, and she wants to spend and have some time for herself. Being the head writer of a soap opera is an insanely demanding job. It’s never ending questions and headaches. ************************* OMG FrRank gets it, what a wonderful tribute to marvulus Jean P and her wondeerful decades long legacy! im almost in tears
  12. I agree witth you. At least Janice and Nat have training under Jean and Shely. It should serve them well when they pitches stories fo Mal and Angellica.
  13. I hear Jean P used to bring baked ziti to all the writers meetings she attended in CA. Bet that could have fueled Sally's brainpower and creativity.
  14. mishelle altman