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  1. Almost every male casted on ATWT from 1984 onwards--Tom Hewes, Jack Snyder, Holden (2000-2010), Brad, Hal, Janet Y&R: Kevin, Daniel, Paul Williams
  2. ATWT ALWAYS had a bloated cast. As soon as there was a purge, new characters were quickly introduced and the show was soon bloated again. This went on right through Goutman until the budget cuts.
  3. The show is a mess! The show needs a new family, and I guess the one benefits to the Manning family is that they are ready made; however, without Blair, I don't see this even working. I do agree with the posters who say it is time for Sonny to go. Also, why not bring back Lucy or Scotty?
  4. Agreed, and they should have just let Guza finish sinking the ship. Guza ruined GH; at the same time, Guza was able to develop a steady and enjoyable story that felt General Hospital. It is true that Wolfe left the new regime little to work with but certainly they could have written something better than the [!@#$%^&*] we are currently seeing. GH has changed a lot over the past (almost) 50 years but, for sure, it has never been a hack OLTL rip off. Ideally, I would like to see the mobsters go legit; Bobby Spencer become a Madame after a round of hospital layoffs, and a discovery that Alan isn't really dead but, instead, being held hostage by Franco.
  5. RC and FV are just earning a few bucks till cancellation. They know that ABC does not want to save GH, so why bother? I'm convinced that ABC wants fans to be pissed off and that the network has had a hand in making the current daytime mess.
  6. I remember reading this but never understood the 1979 stint. My guess was that he was just filling in until a new writer could take over. At various points, PGP thought nothing of having numerous head writers within very short spans of time. I sort of wish the Jerome and Bridget had been able to stay with ATWT because I loved the Mr Big story. In certain ways, I think Marland may have been a better fit for GL long term as opposed to ATWT which, looking back, needed an all out gutting in the early 1980s.
  7. The writing for this show is generally bad so the Donna thing isn't such a shock. Also, Bell does not seem willing to use any of his African American characters outside of PSAs about homelessness. The show tends to be all over the place with no long term story plan. I'm sure Amber is pissed about being ripped from Y&R for little to no story on B&B. I remember Brad Bell saying that, eventually, he would have trouble putting more than one contract player in a scene at one time so I can't help but wonder if the Hope and Liam saga isn't more about economics than 'quality'. Luckly, this is paying off in the short term. I do not dislike the 'new' B&B but feel it might be better on a cable channel aimed at late teens. In a recent Logan interview, he said something about 'if the Spencer family works out' and it made me wonder if Bell isn't considering cutting Dollar Bill. It was odd phrasing considering that the Spencers have been on the show for a while.
  8. At one point, Kay was getting attention between roles on ATWT, the Y&R crossover, GH, and then B&B. I loved her character and wish she would replace Taylor on the payroll. Aunt Felicia could get the job done. GH is a mess! Guza may have ruined the show but he understood the mess he had created and was able to manage the story and characters far better than GW or RC. Also, with Heather it has become a camp fest! I even detest the 'new' opening. As for Days, I've actually been enjoying the show and can't understand the ratings downturn. I guess the regime change will fix things up...ha! Y&R sucks MORE than GL at the end! I hate GF, and how much air time she gets. Maura West was a better waste of time.
  9. I see Bill and Sally as similiar characters in that they are both over the top. Also, both Sally and Bill envy the Forresters and want to win at any cost. Neither Bill and Sally lack class and are both campy as well as immature.
  10. He is the male Stephanie--she did the same to Ridge about Brooke for 24 years. Had they had iPads then, it would have been Brooke's head on fire. He is just more over the top, and reminds me of a pre-drag Sally Spectra. I wonder of DD misses playing Brad Carlton? Isn't Donna married to Justin, or is that over? Why is she working at Forrester?
  11. I miss the old school B&B; however, from a ratings standpoint..Go Bell. The show has managed to increase total viewers as well as key demos while bleeding 200,000 male viewers. The finale of AMC helps B&B but this did nada for Y&R so the youth angle must be somewhat helping. Also, Bell must be saving money on real actors like Jack Wagner and Leslie Kay with this focus on the goof troup. I wish Bell would create a larger role for Oliver Jones. Because he was key to the formation of a new family that failed, Oliver has been marginalized. Personally, I find him to be a better actor than Liam and Thom. Also wishing for Amber to get a real storyline. I am shocked at how different B&B is from one year ago.
  12. I like that B&B is up in total viewers and key demos yet bleeding usless (for adverts) male viewers. Plus, Bell must be saving a fortune with the new goof troop of 20somethings. Actors like Leslie Kay and Jack Wagner must cost a lot to keep on contract as opposed to the current troup of newbies. I am impressed that B&B continues to grow while other soaps loose viewers. Y&R failed to again from the close of AMC; meanwhile, B&B managed to buy itself yet another renewal.
  13. Jill is window dressing for long term fans. The character of Jill Foster is one of the oldest on Y&R plus she is cheap due to the pay cut. MTS got the shaft!
  14. Chris basically bashed Obama a few weeks ago, as well as have a number of major DNC boosters. I still believe BAM will pull an LBJ and Hillary Clinton will be drafted. Obama is now polling lower than Carter and has not hit bottom yet. Only a strike on Iran can save Bam but this will piss off the anti-Israel left flank. People, today, want a centrist and Clinton can play that role long enough to win.
  15. Agreed, B&B and live as long as the international fan base tunes in. Because of the internet, this will soon be true of any television show. Currently, networks produce programming for 300,000,000 eyes; however, soon, CBS or any other network will be fighting for viewers anywhere in Anglosphere, and even the non-English speaking world. We will either have global networks or be able to download much like iTunes music.