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  1. ;;(((((((( LOL
  2. Omg <3 <3 <3
  3. Wow. Wow. Any thoughts on the latest season, anyone? I just watched the whole thing in an entire day and a half. Clearly, they rewrote some stuff about half way through. The storyline ended up reflecting what's going on in today's political world. I thought it was excellent, but a bit of a mess too, all the way through!! Thoughts?? I LOVE this show! So glad we have two more seasons to look forward to.
  4. LMAO! Agreed
  5. These are pathetic. LMAO.
  6. That's wonderful they went back to the classic opening style, but I wish they could've updated the music. LOL. That theme just sounds so cheesy and over the top to me. I love the more shimmering, modern take on the B&B theme ;-)
  7. I'm not kidding when I tell u she was my neighbor for the past like half year and looked miserable every single day. I hadn't recognized her.
  8. That moment when you just find out that Kirsten Storms has been your next door apartment neighbor....for MONTHS. LOL 😱

  9. LOL!!! Bye.
  10. Omg. I'm CACKLING! love you
  11. I loved seeing Eden & Susan together again but would've been even better if Alicia was there too. I mean come on ;'-( The "In Memory" tribute was everything! It was so sad watching Susan's face. Wow.
  12. Sounds incredible. Won't be!
  13. NO FCKING way dude.
  14. Love!!