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  1. ;-) Yesss get caught up. ❤️
  2. ?????????????? PLEASE
  3. Damn, so GH really isn't at the bottom? Well, it's still nice seeing it there for a bit. LMAO! ?
  4. Missing All My Children! 47 yrs old! 😪

    1. All My Shadows

      All My Shadows

      At precisely 12pm (central) today, as my students filed out to go to lunch, I played the classic AMC closing theme off of YT. I think I have a new tradition :)

  5. A very nice preview of this upcoming season (Jan 15!), and pretty much confirmation that they are only going up to season 8. I'm very glad to read they plan to spend the next two abroad. This year, however, were in New York and it actually sounds amazing. I'm glad they're taking a "think outside the box" approach into how they're going to showcase the city & storylines. I'm pumped! PS...I rewatched the 1st two seasons over the holiday break. Perfection. Damn.
  6. Thanks @vetsoapfan and @YRBB. That's the reassurance I needed. ??
  7. I trust you ? Ok!
  8. Damn I watched the pilot and really struggled to get thru it. I guess it gets better? I was sooo confused LOL
  9. Happy New Year to all my peeps
  10. Oh, my God. Who keeps asking Mariah Carey to do live events? What a disaster!

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    2. Soapsuds


      LOL ReddFoxx....I missed the mishap but have it DVR.....LOL

    3. slick jones

      slick jones

      She needs to stick to that reality show of hers....


    4. KMan101


      LOL it was a mess but she had a good attitude about it. [!@#$%^&*] happens. IDK why we live in this culture that we have to go after people. Not saying here, but in general.

  11. me attempting to tune into GH just now. A mess!
  12. OMG. I CAN'T with this nearly perfect ass season. The last episode had me IN TEARS the last few mins. Devastating!! I was especially moved by Fiona & Etta. NO!! June Squibb/Etta was just a delight to watch!! Damn and I also loved that new hot guy they had Fiona encounter. Wouldn't mind him sticking around! At first I was LMAO at them bringing Monica back again. But this ended up being a very fun run to watch (minus a few things, mainly any scene she had with Frank. Gross). I loved all her individual scenes with Fiona, Lip, & Debbie. Thank goodness Fiona & V made up; the actual scene of them making up was beautiful, but everything leading up to it and what caused it was handled pretty poorly and there was barely any meat in between. That just needed to not happen at all. Sick of Svetlana's trifling ass. Can't believe she stole ownership of the bar and still expected them to be cool w/her. Ready for her to go Ok but I LOVE Kev resorting to working and stripping all over a gay bar. LOL Amazing run this season has been overall! 2 more eps I cannot wait for. ? This made me so happy you said this, cus you weren't feeling it at first. This is so true!! Best in years! It's really refreshed!! I thought they have completely brought her character in a new direction this season and she's grown leaps and bounds! Same can't be said for Lip! He has been going on and off the wagon repeatedly for two seasons in a row, never fully learning his lessons. Thankfully the acting/performance has been top notch from him which has made it tolerable Well stated! This season (and the episode that Emmy directed) got them their first ever Writers Guild nomination! I hope you like it ?
  13. I was reading some comments on Facebook about this show and was dying at all the comments saying the whole season took place in one night ????????? People were mad! I had to come to this thread and read. @Cheap21 I love your commentary ???LMAO makes me want to check it out LMAO...someone in the comments said "They must be going thru that six months of darkness because the sun still don't come up. Them kids must be in a coma cuz they still sleep. This has been thee longest night ever in history ?"