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  1. I was reading some comments on Facebook about this show and was dying at all the comments saying the whole season took place in one night ????????? People were mad! I had to come to this thread and read. @Cheap21 I love your commentary ???LMAO makes me want to check it out LMAO...someone in the comments said "They must be going thru that six months of darkness because the sun still don't come up. Them kids must be in a coma cuz they still sleep. This has been thee longest night ever in history ?"
  2. That really took the internet by storm last week lol OBSESSED!!
  3. Damn, she shaded all the soaps & their writers, even AMC! LOL.
  4. OMG, y'all, I am **LOVING** this season. There is something so refreshing and addicting about it. The interactions between everyone have been ON POINT & dialogue has been pretty brilliant & genuinely funny. The only thing I'm extremely sad about is Fi/V no longer being friends. Need that fixed ASAP Someone had to of stepped up behind the scenes or gotten a clue bc the show is feeling really really positively refurbished Yasssss love that you're watching, keep at it!
  5. Wow. Thanks for all insight and hope provided here throughout the devastating night.
  6. F!ck me up.
  7. Thank you!
  8. I can't read these maps straight y'all to me it's looking like the majority of them favor Trump. Please assure me there's no way! Going back to drinking in between work right now.
  9. This season is really good so far overall. The latest episode was one of the best in a while. Did y'all see Emmy Rossum directed? Go girl! It was a great Fiona episode. LOVED that scene with her & Lip in the kitchen. Very thought-provoking and needed. The only thing I don't like is how Fiona & V's relationship has fizzled out & how they've made Svetlana V's new BFF. Disgusting and I still can't stand Svetlana's rank ass! Also I need them to STOP hinting at Kev liking Sve more than V. I changed my mind on this V/Kev/Sve story, it was kinda cute & fun at first but now it's too much. I don't like how V & Kev are so alienated from the Gallaghers these days. Also why did they go and turn Carl's lil GF into a thot? They were cute! This story w/him and her dad bonding? I's OK, but I'll pass overall. Boring. ETA: How could I forget Ian encountering a trans man? Did not see that coming and it was mostly well done, but pretty forced when they brought all of his friends into it too. I don't see this lasting too long, what with what's to come towards the end of the season...
  10. Excellent!! Hopefully not from jail.
  11. I actually binge watched these last 3 episodes early this morning! Gotta gather my thoughts but overall I'm really LOVING where the show is at & going, surprisingly. LOVED Fiona's family meeting at the end. Really excited to see where things go. Just have to say...WTF was the point of making Ian's boring guy suddenly bisexual/trifling behind his back like that? And he has HIV too. Does the girl even know? Damn. It was also really unnecessary to have Ian force himself to sleep with a woman. He should've stuck to his heart there
  12. bless Nick Bateman.
  13. This had me LMAO!
  14. Thank you so much for sharing. I'm sobbing.
  15. Complications with Parkinson's disease and pneumonia caused her death. She had just finished penning her memoir, "My Life to Live"