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  1. Omg yessss I was hoping for Khal Drogo to get the part, but he'll do. !
  2. Wanted to start this thread! This is my favorite Disney movie of all time, as it also personally resonates to me & my culture. I grew up with this movie! Guy Ritchie is/has been slated to direct (a HUGE mistake, IMO), and just this past day I've been seeing all this news about how how him & his team have been struggling to find a lead for the role of an Aladdin who "is in their 20s and can act and sing". iMO, there are/could be so many candid peeps. Dev Patel is the obvious choice, but in doing research, there is an abundance of actors both in the US and Bollywood world who could knock it out. What are your thoughts?? I'm so worried about this! If Disney/Ritchie fcks this up, I'll need to go to therapy! They better not mess up Prince Ali & Jasmine!! Let's hope for the best! Thoughts?? ?
  3. This looks AWFUL! Just extremely cringeworthy. Really bad on the nose acting & most of all it looks cheap. I'm happy for her but this looks like an utter disaster. LOL. Sorry!
  4. is it just me or does this look dreadful & embarrassing 


  5. OMG I adore them both!! Congratulations!!!!! ;'''-))
  6. Do they still feature the McMahon's a lot at all these days? I love Stephanie so damn much!
  7. I would seriously love her back! Guza as well!
    1. Juliajms


      She's been rich and famous so long I think she's lost touch with reality.  The comment about her character should deflect the bullets like Wonder Woman was too funny.

  8. ;;(((((((( LOL
  9. AMC Marissa Tasker
  10. Omg <3 <3 <3
  11. Wow. Wow. Any thoughts on the latest season, anyone? I just watched the whole thing in an entire day and a half. Clearly, they rewrote some stuff about half way through. The storyline ended up reflecting what's going on in today's political world. I thought it was excellent, but a bit of a mess too, all the way through!! Thoughts?? I LOVE this show! So glad we have two more seasons to look forward to.
  12. LMAO! Agreed
  13. These are pathetic. LMAO.
  14. That's wonderful they went back to the classic opening style, but I wish they could've updated the music. LOL. That theme just sounds so cheesy and over the top to me. I love the more shimmering, modern take on the B&B theme ;-)