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  1. LMAO! Agreed
  2. These are pathetic. LMAO.
  3. That's wonderful they went back to the classic opening style, but I wish they could've updated the music. LOL. That theme just sounds so cheesy and over the top to me. I love the more shimmering, modern take on the B&B theme ;-)
  4. I'm not kidding when I tell u she was my neighbor for the past like half year and looked miserable every single day. I hadn't recognized her.
  5. That moment when you just find out that Kirsten Storms has been your next door apartment neighbor....for MONTHS. LOL 😱

  6. LOL!!! Bye.
  7. Omg. I'm CACKLING! love you
  8. I loved seeing Eden & Susan together again but would've been even better if Alicia was there too. I mean come on ;'-( The "In Memory" tribute was everything! It was so sad watching Susan's face. Wow.
  9. Sounds incredible. Won't be!
  10. NO FCKING way dude.
  11. Love!!
  12. ;-) Yesss get caught up. ❤️
  13. ?????????????? PLEASE
  14. Damn, so GH really isn't at the bottom? Well, it's still nice seeing it there for a bit. LMAO! ?
  15. Missing All My Children! 47 yrs old! 😪

    1. All My Shadows

      All My Shadows

      At precisely 12pm (central) today, as my students filed out to go to lunch, I played the classic AMC closing theme off of YT. I think I have a new tradition :)