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  1. That moment when you just find out that Kirsten Storms has been your next door apartment neighbor....for MONTHS. LOL 😱

  2. LOL!!! Bye.
  3. Omg. I'm CACKLING! love you
  4. I loved seeing Eden & Susan together again but would've been even better if Alicia was there too. I mean come on ;'-( The "In Memory" tribute was everything! It was so sad watching Susan's face. Wow.
  5. Sounds incredible. Won't be!
  6. NO FCKING way dude.
  7. Love!!
  8. ;-) Yesss get caught up. ❤️
  9. ?????????????? PLEASE
  10. Damn, so GH really isn't at the bottom? Well, it's still nice seeing it there for a bit. LMAO! ?
  11. Missing All My Children! 47 yrs old! 😪

    1. All My Shadows

      All My Shadows

      At precisely 12pm (central) today, as my students filed out to go to lunch, I played the classic AMC closing theme off of YT. I think I have a new tradition :)

  12. A very nice preview of this upcoming season (Jan 15!), and pretty much confirmation that they are only going up to season 8. I'm very glad to read they plan to spend the next two abroad. This year, however, were in New York and it actually sounds amazing. I'm glad they're taking a "think outside the box" approach into how they're going to showcase the city & storylines. I'm pumped! PS...I rewatched the 1st two seasons over the holiday break. Perfection. Damn.
  13. Thanks @vetsoapfan and @YRBB. That's the reassurance I needed. ??