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  1. I'd like it to be Leanna too. She could find out that Victor is having another book written about him and she comes snooping around but yeah, probably won't happen.
  2. I don't think having a "name" will necessarily pull in ratings right away either. However, I'd rather have a "name" that can legit act come aboard than have more newbies that are duller than the show's lighting.
  3. That quote doesn't necessarily mean that it is someone from the past that isn't currently on the canvas. It just says someone is coming back around into his life that he thought was gone. Could it be another Jack/Nikki pairing? Maybe he just thought that the show would never go there again. With Victor leaving town maybe Jack and Nikki will rekindle before he gets back.
  4. OH LORD. Is this just a way to go on and on about Daniel's heart because Brady gets shot. Bleh....
  5. Maybe Donna can be Ava's mother (Tripp's grandmother) and come to town as part of the Italian mob family. She'll be the new Helena Cassadine of Salem.
  6. with Donna's recent run on GH i think she'd be the best fit. Didn't Ron create her character? I could see him convincing her to come aboard at Days. I'd love to see her be a rival for Marlena somehow. As much as I would like to see Joan Collins, didn't she think the pace of GL was too much? I can't imagine she'd go back to daytime.
  7. It would have made A LOT more sense to pair up Rachel with Steve after Mac's death than to pair her with Carl whom terrorized them and tried to kill Mac. I could never buy into them as a couple.
  8. this "Epic" breakup is pretty darn boring since i don't care about them as a couple....just get on with it already. Nicole and Brady are still boring. At least Eric and Kate are on. One of the things that this show is greatly lacking (and there are so so many) is a strong female rivalry like Viki/Dorian, Erica/Brooke, Nikki/Ashley. Kate should definitely be one of those characters. It would suit her well. I'd love to see Ron bring on someone like Catherine Hickland to start that. I think the two could play great off of each other and the show could use a new spark.
  9. Scooter played Anna's boss on GH. I might like Scooter and Hilary if they were in salem and introduced as a new couple but i have no interest in Nicole and Brady. I wish they'd take Tate and Holly and run for real.
  10. watching this month with half an eye open? Is Ron's stuff EVER going to start?!
  11. I agree that the actor playing Tripp is good so far. Hopefully, the writing won't ruin him. Eli annoys me immensely because of the writing for him and making him come off as such an a$$ with his mom. I could understand the anger but tone it down some. Every time J.J. acts like some hot-shot detective I literally laugh. With his background there is no way in Hell that he would have made detective already in a "small town" like Salem. Just goes to show how bad the Salem P.D. truly is, I guess. Haha.
  12. I was so bored today watching. In fact, I turned the channel and checked out B&B a couple of times. My biggest issue with this show (and there are many) is that nothing ever MOVES with an episode. People talk and talk but there is nothing moving in a storyline. I enjoy seeing Marlena, Patch, and Kayla but most of their scenes are written so boringly that I cannot even enjoy watching them. Ron was many things at OLTL (I never really watched his GH run much) but I do at least remember his stories moving. Sometimes too quickly. Haha...but they MOVED.
  13. The thing with recasting is they should recast everyone and start over but i think that would be too much at once. I think Joey should be on with Patch and Kayla and Kyler as Theo is a decent actor but I can do without Ciara, Claire, and Jade. I'd rather the show move on from them and focus on others instead: Lucas, Jenn, Eric.
  14. I would be completely okay with this. The "teen set" on this show has failed miserably! I would be fine with Ron scrapping all of them.
  15. Brady's alias in Canada is "Freddie Smith"? Really? *facepalm*