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  1. A plane goes down full of people and I couldn't care less if any survive. THAT sums up DAYS in a nutshell right now.
  2. It's sad that this is "May Sweeps" and we've come to discuss someone's weight. So much for the good ol' DAYS of exciting sweeps months.
  3. DAYS where I am can rarely get through an episode now without being partly preempted by some stupid Trump speech/conference. Some viewers may tune in with the intention to watch but as soon as it cuts out they move on to something else without bothering to come back for the last part that airs. (I'm one of those viewers.).
  4. That's right. I don't see it happening. I mean, too many people are related to each other in Salem as it is. We don't need it to all turn incestuous. haha.
  5. I don't see what the point would be now. I think that time has sailed. It would just become a convoluted mess and how would they explain Paul then? Would he just suddenly become a Brady? Would Sami still be the "real" Roman's daughter and Paul John/Roman's son making him Will's uncle, right? I'm confused already.
  6. I'm sure it will be close to 3 eps. LOL. Everyone always complains about wanting change no matter what. Sadly, his expectations are probably quite high so that won't help any. However, with the complete mess that this show is and has been for years I'm willing to give him a good six months. He's going to need it to clean up this sh*t!
  7. I haven't watched but the trailer looked pretty decent. I like a lot of the cast and hope it does well solely for the reason that it would possibly bring more projects like this to fruition.
  8. i agree with the opinion it has to be better. I watched him for his entire OLTL run and yes, some of his stories were terrible (Jess regressing to a teenager, for example) but overall I thought he wrote the show well. I guess I enjoy most of the campy stuff and DAYS should be a great fit for that. At this point IF the show has ANY chance of turning it around, Ron would be its best bet. Sami and Will are great starts and I'm sure he'll bring on more former characters. He was good about using history (for the most part) with OLTL. .
  9. Yeah, Bo WAS the love of Hope's life and people watched that relationship for decades not a year (or whatever for Nicole and Daniel). It would make sense for Hope to mention Bo often in conversation but we are supposed to think Hope and Rafe are all that. We're supposed to forget Bo ever existed so Rafe will be her soulmate now
  10. Did Adrienne really have a line today something to the effect that her family is together and drops by visiting all the time? Telling Tripp he needed to be ready for it. Wasn't Steve back in town for months before the two even had a scene together? Did they even know they were both in town? I wish Abby wasn't so damn depressing to watch! She needs to get some self-esteem.
  11. I wish i could watch Xander and Eric fighting...on a warm beach...shirtless.... but anyway...back to the show. The first day in a looooong time i was enjoying the episode today and the damn president's press conference comes on. Things like this do nothing to help soaps and they are hardly "breaking news". It is the same questions over-and-over every press conference. Cable News is available people, if you want to watch it. UGH.... Sorry...ranting. I have only caught bits the past few days of Xander/Nicole/Eric but I've enjoyed it. I'm hoping the build up toward Deimos actually leads to a good payoff instead of one day here then a week not continuing the story and then another day of story. The pacing has been horrible. People have been "gunning" for Deimos for a couple months already. Get on with it!
  12. Where did this Lani story come from? Can't say I'm too concerned about her safety. Chad and Kate talking about a cursed Egyptian relic made me laugh. It seemed like even Billy Flynn couldn't keep a straight face with those lines. I am enjoying Tripp as well. Finally a newcomer that seems to be able to act. I think Marci Miller would have been great as a new character but the baggage and way that she has been written does her no favors. I think she's done a decent job with what she's been given though.
  13. Can there please be some improvement this month? Anything? I'd settle for that thing on Joey's head to flap its wings and take flight for starters.
  14. I'd like it to be Leanna too. She could find out that Victor is having another book written about him and she comes snooping around but yeah, probably won't happen.
  15. I don't think having a "name" will necessarily pull in ratings right away either. However, I'd rather have a "name" that can legit act come aboard than have more newbies that are duller than the show's lighting.