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  1. I'd be on board for an Eric and Jenn pairing. I'd be interesting to see where it goes. Not a Nicole fan here either. Her stories are repetitive and boring to me. She needs a whole new character to come to Salem that isn't a villain and someone that she immediately has to fight for in a triangle with Kate or Chloe. Let her branch off in a different direction. I wish Ron will get rid of the Hernandez family and bring on more Hortons? And where is Lucas? Did he not know his grandchild's mother was held captive?
  2. If all Eric needs is a few hugs, I'm willing to get in line! Damn!
  3. The one good thing about this Orwell story is that it mixed up a lot of the characters. For too long the show had everyone separated into their own stories with no connection to each other. I thought it was great when Deimos, Brady, Adrienne, Paul, Justin, Nicole, Roman, and Jennifer were actually all involved in the same scene at the Kiriakis estate. Each one of them with their own part of the story. I wish the show would do that more! I'm also glad I haven't seen any of the teens for days. Granted, I haven't watched every ep the last few weeks but when I have they haven't been anywhere around. I enjoy that. Haha. I agree with another poster in the renewal thread that the Nicole/Chloe custody trial should have been done in a full courtroom. They could have pulled in other characters as witnesses (Brady, Philip, Maggie, Victor, etc) and trash both Nicole and Chloe's histories. It would have been fun to watch everyone squirm uncomfortably while being forced to talk about the past and even better if they threw in flashbacks. This could have been milked for a good week plus instead of two quick days in a closet.
  4. At least the show has had more drama lately. I'm finding myself actually feeling the need to watch the screen as scenes play out instead of just playing the sound in the background. Loved Adrienne going off on Deimos. I'm quite okay with a big murder mystery with Deimos as long as it is written well but i'm thinking it's Days so it will probably have a lame ending. (i.e. he will turn out to not really be dead)
  5. at the very least they could have had Adrienne march right into the Kiriakis estate and give Deimos hell for the way he was treating her son. If the chemistry was still there then run with it and if it wasn't then move on...but there was plenty of reason for them to have at least interacted.
  6. I like VI but I've never like Deimos. A sudden, never before heard of Kiriakis and his hatred for Victor never really made sense to me. The story was lame duck from the start. They should have brought him on to mix things up with Judi Evans if anything. Not another "bad guy" for Kate and Nicole to rival over. Been done way too many times.
  7. Is Eric only back to essentially keep Hope safe while on the run or is he going to do anything else? I wouldn't mind seeing him more. It's nice to see Patch and Shane together again having scenes. Makes me wonder: Shane can do this wild plan to save Hope but has nothing when it comes to his daughter, Theresa? I mean, Theresa can't show up in a "fat suit" or something looking like Kate to see her child? Haha Granted, everyone will be like "Damn Kate, you've gotten short. What happened?" (and no offense meant toward Lauren Koslow. She's not fat. She's sexy! Was just an example)
  8. I enjoy Sonny and Paul too. Also, the scenes between Nicole and Brady were good (even if they mentioned Daniel...AGAIN.). I wish we could see Patch and Kayla like this more often. I miss their romance. Much better than bringing them into Joey's orbit. "No, Marlena. No." "But I have to!" "No, Marlena. Stay put." "But I have to follow him." "No, Marlena. No." "But I. Must. Follow." Marlena skips across the room in chase.... Riveting....
  9. I agree that the promotion of this show has never helped its cause. But then much do they have to work with writing wise? There isn't a lot that you can make look exciting...even in fifteen second intervals.
  10. Neither do the writers....
  11. Oh, I guess this Sally's mother would actually be Macy's cousin not sister as I first thought. See, I'm confused already by everyone at once. Wouldn't Brooke and Quinn just go nuts if it was revealed that Deacon knew where Macy was all this time and kept her hidden for some health reasons? :-)
  12. Why not bring Bobbie Eakes back as this Sally's mother (that left her to be raised with her grandmother)? That'd make her Macy's sister, right? Change her hair and style a little but bring her on. This would be a way to throw Thorne in as well...being caught off guard by how much she's like Macy. I'd rather see this group coming on than the Spencers/Quinn. (And I say this as a big Rena Sofer fan...but Quinn is getting boring.)
  13. I admit the Stefano story has NO anticipation for me knowing that Joe isn't coming back. It is all pointless with no payoff. Oh, I suppose the "payoff" is that it gets Hope free from her prison sentence...but not sure that's such a payoff. I thought the Julie, Jen, Eric, and Anne scenes were okay and agree with the above about Theo. Other than that.....blah...
  14. i thought the Belle, Shawn, Abe scenes were fairly well done....surprisingly. The idea of all the teens living together is okay but Theo is the only one that can act so it ruins it. I don't like Nicole finding out about Holly and then immediately being charged with murder either. Why can't Nicole actually be happy for a while?? Poor Ari.
  15. Ken Corday if she were a soap writer.... sorry...couldn't resist.