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  1. Melroser added a post in a topic 10 Greatest Soap Super Couples of All Time   

    I'm curious what others would have for their top 10.
    I'll take a stab:
    1. Luke and Laura. GH (not necessarily my fave but you cannot deny the attention that they brought to daytime as a whole even getting Elizabeth Taylor to guest.)
    2. Steve and Alice. AW (again...sheer popularity of its day)
    3. Bo and Hope. Days
    4. Josh and Reva, GL.
    5. Cruz and Eden, SB
    6. Victor and Nikki, Y&R
    7. Ridge and Brooke, B&B
    8. Clint and Viki, OLTL
    9. Holden and Lily, ATWT
    10. Jessie and Angie, AMC
    I will admit I didn't necessarily watch all of these couples all of the time but these are the ones i remember getting excessive coverage and most seemed to be the "endgame" for their shows. 
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  2. Melroser added a post in a topic DAYS: February 2016 Discussion Thread   

    I am hoping to find out that Steve paid that guy to say the baby was dead to get rid of her! 
    I agree with all of the Hope/Rafe comments: boring! I have no interest. I just want the story over and Andre off of the show already. 
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  3. Melroser added a post in a topic LATEST RATINGS: Good Week For GH   

    Monday the 18th was a holiday here for Martin Luther King jr.  Many businesses and schools were closed. Not sure if it is celebrated everywhere or not but that could be part of the reason numbers were higher on Monday. 
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  4. Melroser added a post in a topic Which soap actor that made it big surprised you?   

    Brandon Routh from OLTL to Superman??? Really??? He was barely tolerable as Seth. How anyone ever thought that he'd be a great Superman is beyond me. He's had some decent primetime television work....maybe not "big" success but he seems to keep getting employed. 
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  5. Melroser added a post in a topic Popular characters who've never worked for you   

    Jamie Frame on AW. Except for a short time when Larry Lau's version first got together with Vicky (Anne Heche) I never found the character interesting at all. 
    He was a drug user, publishing employee, writer turned doctor. His pairings with Nicole, Blaine, Lisa, Kelsey, and Marley were forgettable. The character needed Cecile or Vicky to make him interesting and that was because of the talented Nancy Frangione and Anne Heche. 
    As a Frame/Cory he had so much more potential to be in the thick of things. I think the show made a mistake when they made Jamie a doctor. He should have stayed involved with Cory Publishing and mixed it up with Amanda, Matt, Iris, and even Paulina who were all involved with the company to a degree. Making him a doctor pulled him away from everyone. 
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  6. Melroser added a post in a topic DAYS: January 2016 Discussion Thread   

    Clearly Rafe and Hope could use some advice from Olivia's OPA team in regards to how quickly you clean up a murder scene. Good God, stand around debating and arguing while you're in the room with a dead body! Especially in the Dimera mansion. Are we suppose to believe that no staff/security would have heard gunshots and come in? I get that they explained Andre was off looking for Chad...but damn. How long were they in that room!?
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  7. Melroser added a post in a topic Another World   

    I for one turned into OLTL when AW was ending/ended BECAUSE they had so many former AW actors on there: Kale Browne, Robin Christopher, John Bolger, Tim Gibbs, Linda Dano, and even Kevin McClatchy. I was too young when Robin Strasser was on AW but I also enjoyed her and Catherine Hickland. Because of these people I got hooked and never stopped until cancellation. :-( 
    The story that hooked me was Lindsey being on trial for running down Jessica when it was Dorian that had done it. I never looked back. 
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  8. Melroser added a post in a topic Days: December 2015 Discussion Thread   

    I at least think that JJ and Gabi are both tolerable when they are together but that doesn't mean that I want to see a lot of them.
    I wish I could care about Theresa/Brady but I just don't.
    The Belle/Philip scenes were blah.
    On a purely selfish note: I wish Chad would tell me a bed time story.
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  9. Melroser added a post in a topic DAYS: New promo photos   

    Lauren Koslow's isn't bad. Thaao's looks better than he does on screen.
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  10. Melroser added a post in a topic DAYS Actor and Actress Taken Off Contract   

    I don't really care about Justin/WK but I still have a fondness for Judi from her AW days. It's too bad that they couldn't have found a better story for her. The "possible cancer" story was an okay idea but went nowhere. What if they had played that up a bit with Patch now back and the fact that everyone just lost Bo? It could have made the possibility of losing Adrienne more heightened. Adrienne is a bore with both Justin and Lucas so she probably didn't have much of a chance.
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  11. Melroser added a post in a topic Y&R: November 2015 Thread   

    I would take Laura Leighton on ANY show! If her character were a fun schemer like Sydney she would be great on Y&R. Maybe she could be Joe's ex-wife/girlfriend and come wreck havoc.
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  12. Melroser added a post in a topic GH: November 2015 Discussion Thread   

    LW has a pretty decent gig with steady work. Why wouldn't she stick around? It isn't like there are many other opportunities for her to pursue in daytime anymore. I've not always liked the character or storyline that LW has had to play but I do believe she cares about her work and gives it her all. I give her credit for that.
    Today's episode is another yawn fest. THIS is supposed to be an epic week? Good God.......BORING!
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  13. Melroser added a post in a topic Days: November 2015 Discussion Thread   

    I think Deidre Hall probably looks the best out of everyone in those "costumes".
    I like the idea of a Drunk Eric, I only wish he'd have a drunken romp with Kate and then it actually lead to something. Marlena's son/Sami's brother with Kate could be great story especially if it were more than just a one-nighter.
    I do actually find Ben interesting the past couple weeks for the first time ever. RSW is doing a great job. I really felt scared for Abby yesterday and I don't even like her!
    I hope that they rest Caroline after Bo returns because my God, she's annoying! I know the show is trying to recreate the epic capers of Bo and Steve by this "rescue mission" to bring him home but I'm not so sure it has worked. This will all run flat if Bo and/or Steve aren't sticking around after. Makes no sense.
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  14. Melroser added a post in a topic GH: November 2015 Discussion Thread   

    GH is like the finest wine? No wonder I don't drink!
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  15. Melroser added a post in a topic GH: November 2015 Discussion Thread   

    I tuned in yesterday because I'm interested in the Jason reveal after all this time but I have to say I kinda wished I hadn't. I found nothing about the show very interesting. Just a lot of (bad) overacting from Kucka and LaLa. The car crash of Carly's to drag out the reveal even more was cliché and no, not smartTv. It was lameTv. Years ago I used to love GH and wish I still could but other than Carly, Sam, and Jake/Jason I couldn't have cared any less about any of the others.
    It's sweeps??? Then where's Anna? Laura? Bobbie? The Quartermaines? Where's GH?
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