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  1. Melroser added a post in a topic Days Promo - "I Will Kill You"   

    Summer's hair color changes as much as her character's storyline. 
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  2. Melroser added a post in a topic DAYS: July 2016 Discussion Thread   

    Good Lord, how many times are they going to have Kate fantasize about killing Deimos? Once was enough! I like Kate and want to see her but not do the same thing over-and-over to fill time from "editing" other stories???
    At least the Summer mess and Aiden/Hope/Rafe aren't on today.
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  3. Melroser added a post in a topic Another Blind Item   

    I was thinking Thaao Penghlis but most likely it's DAYS considering the way they do their casting.
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  4. Melroser added a post in a topic Another World   

    Yeah, I understood the history that they were using and even Sam Groom (Ex-Russ) as the minister for the ceremony but I just can't help wondering if Vicky Wyndham read the last scripts and was thinking: this? We're going out after 35 years like this? A gorilla kidnapping? haha.
    I did enjoy the cast leaving messages to the audience via the guise of leaving them as well wishes for Cass and Lila. It was a nice touch along with Rachel's last scene. I was never a fan of the Rachel/Carl pairing so showing her walking off hand-in-hand with Carl was disappointing for me...but that's just my opinion. Never bought into Rachel accepting the man whom tried to kill Mac (more than once?) and once held her captive as the new love of her life. 
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  5. Melroser added a post in a topic Another World   

    I still miss this show every day.
    I've always wondered what Vicky Wyndham's thoughts were on the last few eps of the show that she was on for so long. Rachel having to "dance for the gorilla" to help Cass get away, etc., instead of focusing on Rachel and her family. Has she ever said anything publicly?
    We've all commented on the end of the show and I realize that there wasn't any time to write a proper ending that it deserved but still....the last episode should have focused on Rachel and involved flashbacks including Mac and Ada. 
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  6. Melroser added a post in a topic POP drops Days of Our Lives from its lineup...   

    That's how I usually watch the show when I watch. 
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  7. Melroser added a post in a topic DAYS: April 2016 Discussion Thread   

    This friend of Joey's is annoying. She needs to go just like most of the other teens.
    With the Maggie and Victor problems right now they go and do this to Patch and Kayla??? They are one of the main reasons I'm watching! The quick ending to his murder indictment was kind of lame but I was so happy that they cleared him just to then be slapped in the face after. 
    And...a bit off topic....wasn't the promo for the show this week about Abby terrorizing Ben???? You'd think if this is the story they were promoting for the week maybe...just of the two at least would be on one of the first three days this week. *face palm*
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  8. Melroser added a post in a topic DAYS: April 2016 Discussion Thread   

    The Nicole thing is reminding me of that dreadful Sami/EJ story where they were long-lost relatives of the Bradys and DiMeras that just happened to look exactly alike. So naturally they were drawn to each other....
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  9. Melroser added a post in a topic DAYS: April 2016 Discussion Thread   

    I like the scene between Theresa and Maggie today. Nicole calling Kate's new friend "scratchy" was funny...but other than that the show was bleh for me. I like seeing Maggie, Kate, and Nicole but not in these stories. 
    Caroline walking around with her "visions" is just annoying. The threat to Deimos that she'll run him out of town? Really? Caroline? I know I'd be scared! 
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  10. Melroser added a post in a topic Y&R casts AW Alum   

    She's one of my all-time AW faves!! I'm excited by this but I know better than to get my hopes up. She'll prob be gone in a few weeks. :-( 
    This woman IS fierce as said above! She can more than hold her own opposite anyone on Y&R. I hope she is a rival for Ashley or Nikki. This could be fun.
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  11. Melroser added a post in a topic Days: Axes 4 Actors   

    Don't care about Lani or Summer but surprised about Shawn and Belle. One of the few things I'm intrigued with about this show is how they are handling Claire together. Not interested in the Shawn/Belle/Phillip redux but raising a teenager through divorce is more interesting. Of course, I think the young actress playing Claire actually has potential. I'd rather watch that dynamic then the grandfather crime fighters (John/Eddie) any day. 
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  12. Melroser added a post in a topic B&B Promo - Eve's Evil Games   

    Why do I have the feeling that Deacon is going to plunge over the side to his "death" only to remain missing for a year before coming back to town for revenge?
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  13. Melroser added a post in a topic LATEST RATINGS: B&B Hits New Low in Women 18-49 Viewers   

    Days numbers aren't great, that's for sure but they didn't go down this week. I'm at least happy about that. I'm trying to give this show a chance....but it's hard. Most of the stories are bland and this John/Eddie spy-game stuff is laughable. How old are they? Do they really think anyone would find them formidable? 
    There are just too many characters on DAYS now. It's almost hard to follow all the stories because they bounce around on which ones they focus on at any given time. 
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  14. Melroser added a post in a topic All Time Favorite Soap Characters?!   

    AW: Cecile, Vicky, Jake
    GH: Frisco and Felicia, Holly  
    Texas: Ruby, Reena
    OLTL: Natalie
    DAYS: Renee, Tony, Anna
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  15. Melroser added a post in a topic Soaps worst recasts   

    Rhonda Lewin as Vicky after Ellen Wheeler departed..... 
    David Canary as Steve Frame. He should have been a different character. Nothing against David.
    Eric Scott Woods as Evan Frame.
    Brian Krause as Matthew Cory.
    Christine Tucci as Amanda Cory.
    Also thought the guy on OLTL that took over the role of Seth seemed too old for the part. Steve Harris?
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