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  1. Damn, today's ep is so boring and depressing! The only scenes I am liking are the Sonny, Chad, Dario ones which is odd. The rest of the show is a snoozefest.
  2. I agree that Christie Clark never seems to age. With Sami gone, Carrie really should be brought back to fill a void. I'd love to see Anna return as recurring with her but I'm okay without Austin. I hope this Stefano story doesn't drag out much longer. I don't find it interesting at all. Why would Roman not be involved with their history? He should have bee there with Marlena (and Anna) at the police station. We all know Hope will get out of prison so just do this and move on....
  3. A couple of Renee vs. Anna scenes could be golden if someone actually knowing their histories wrote them. I'd kill for another verbal cat-fight between Philece and Leann. I do think that the new Abby and Chad have chemistry but I don't like how the show is kind of pimping them as the show's great couple. I never watched when Hattie was on before but I kind of like her in small doses. haha.
  4. Tony's in the urn....or is he? *Mustache twirl* I used to LOVE the Renee/Tony/Anna days when I was a kid. Miss that trio! Too bad they wouldn't "reveal" that Tony and Renee are both alive and hiding together, in a relationship, and Renee "switched the ashes"....bwah hahaha.
  5. I hope Holly's paternity is revealed this week and the ad isn't another red herring!
  6. Can Joey please just confess and go away! He's intolerable. I enjoy seeing Shane back on but I wish he had been more involved with Theresa and Eve's story instead of this lame Stefano story.
  7. I hope the new Megyn Kelly news show isn't bad news for Days.
  8. For all those people that used to think this was the Brooke show: how many would prefer it to go back to her? I rarely watch these days because I miss the Forresters and, dare I say, the Logans. I wish they'd bring back Thorne, Felicia, and even Kristen. Have them team up against the Spencers once-and-for-all and do away with their evil. (Sorry if sounding a little Lord of the Rings-ish). Maybe Sheila could come back looking like Kristen and kill them all. Outlandish? Yes. Fun? Hell yes! haha
  9. Were network executives as involved in the day-to-day story back in the 70's-80's as they are now? Did the writers have more of a free reign to actually write? I'm not justifying the poor writing that there is currently. I'm just curious if writers are being told more now whom to feature, whom to pair up, etc than there used to be.
  10. Glad to see that DAYS hit 2.5 mil viewers for a couple of eps. Still wish it were higher but I suppose with the state that this show is in....
  11. Cole Howard (Eve's son) was never actually Victor's correct? Since he had a fling with Victoria. Was the character brought on because Cole thought he was? Out for revenge? I don't remember much about his character other than he was involved with Victoria and Nikki. And look at all the people...and "extras" at a wedding. Seems so odd now but those were the days.
  12. I thought for sure Nicole was naming the baby Danielle too! I was just waiting for it but Holly was a pleasant surprise. I assume Abby is using the "secret tunnels" to get in and out of the mansion, but yes, since half the town knows about them there should definitely be some kind of security.
  13. It's too bad that the show wouldn't do its entire xmas ep with the Horton's tradition of hanging the xmas balls. Spread it out more with a flashback scene of the more major characters as their names are being put on the tree. Truly "remembering" them and helping some of the new fans (if there are any now) connect the characters and history better while those long-time fans get to enjoy the old scenes again. That barely two-minute clip doesn't do the history justice. On another note....damn, Brady and Deimos are fast travelers in a "bad snow storm". Get to Chloe and bring her back in ten minutes flat!
  14. Good Lord, I wish i could be drunk like this all day everyday but ....i have life to live. I enjoyed Cameron and Amanda very much. It was my favorite pairing for her since the Evan/Amanda affair.