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  1. Glad to see that. I hope she is. I'd love to see her friendship with Kate blossom more. They could be an interesting duo in Salem.
  2. Agree about Claire and Ciara. These actresses don't have what it takes to start a rivalry story because no one cares about either of them. I think the writers are trying to hard to make Claire a millennial with her dialogue and it comes off tacky. I watched today and I already can't remember much about it and that's the problem. One of them anyway....
  3. "While Phelps served as executive producer at Another World, the creation of an updated, dynamic opening sequence and refreshed sets, along with casting and other changes, were credited with ratings improving in the key demographic of women 18-49 by 34%.[6] " a direct quote under Wikipedia's JFP page....hmm...that sound bite sounds familiar...again.... JFP ruined AW and AW was my show. I lived and breathed that show. Yes, the show had its problems before she got there with constant behind the scenes changes that never allowed for a consistent vision but her coming aboard and the killing of Ryan and Frankie were SENSELESS! You do not improve ratings in the long-term by pissing off the huge fan bases of two popular couples like Cass and Frankie and Vicky and Ryan. A bump in the ratings? Sure, maybe for a couple of weeks as viewers watch through their fingers with a hand over their eyes like you do a train wreck that tears apart their favorite couples but then when the smoke clears you stop watching and forget all about the train. Would Paulina still have been killed off so brutally if it had been her? (as it was suggested a focus group changed that...wonder why?) If she wanted to "free up Cass" to his playboy ways or whatever, then fine, break them up. Instead, have his manic depression cause so much of a rift that Frankie can't handle it anymore and separate them. She then has to watch him flirt, do his playboy thing with other women around town and address that. Cass is single and Frankie still gets story. If it is a "budget" reason to drop someone then how come Robert Kelker-Kelly came on at the same time? He couldn't have been too cheap. The twist of Ryan being his enemy's son was a complete copy-cat of Felicia learning that Lorna was her daughter. Been there. Done that. BUT if you are going to do that story and then link Ryan to Carl why then just kill him off after? Makes no sense. There was plenty of conflict to bring up with others. Would Donna really keep approving of her daughter being with Carl's son? Would Marley want Vicky involved with Carl's son after what she experienced first hand by him? The conflict between Grant and Ryan could have been deepened with the reveal they have different fathers. The new opening and "NYPD BLUE" style didn't bother me that much. AW was a bit too "stuffy" at the time compared to a lot on tv and needed to evolve. However, there "E.R." wanna be scenes that first ep was cheesy. If you want to emulate a style then at least do it well! It looked like bad GL Peapack days. Sorry for going on. I want DAYS to be "shaken up" and to succeed more than many but I do not want JFP anywhere near the show. I think she spins her lies everywhere and says one thing at the time she makes a decision and then says something else about it later. Can't trust her.
  4. At least Days made EW for something in a positive way and not negative.
  5. Today's episode wasn't bad except I could have done without the Eddie and Kate scenes. I don't get the pimping of those two but it is always good to see Kate. I found myself a lot less bored watching today. Unusual.
  6. Theo is the only one of the current batch that I'd keep. The rest need to go...recast or write out. I know DAYS doesn't really have a generational future but these "kids" leading future stories is a very depressing. thought. I enjoyed Claire at first but now she's whiny and obnoxious. She seems to be trying to overact now.
  7. I'm thinking Monday's episode was probably supposed to air last Weds? With Thanksgiving gatherings front and center and the (sort of) cliffhanger at the end with the attic. The scenes at the Hortons were the only scenes I enjoyed. I wish they had shown more scenes of them eating at a table and Julie throwing more shade at Gabi with the J.J./Gabi/Chad triangle. Would have been a riot if Julie picked up on some flirting between Gabi and Chad and call her out on it in front of everyone.The Brady pub was boring and so were Hope's scenes.
  8. I hope she sticks around. I've always been a big fan of hers.Hope she gets a better story this time if she does.
  9. Thank God. Her whole story has been annoying!
  10. You aren't the only one. Hopefully, December will be more consistent and the storylines that have done a 180 will move forward in one direction.
  11. I thought overall Friday was fairly decent. It did have some great scenes for Kayla, Patch, Adrienne at the church and I also enjoyed Sonni and Justin's scenes.I thought that it was some of the better work in quite some time tho the build up to the end with Justin coming in could have been a bit more dramatic. Fell a bit flat for me. Whatever happened to those dramatic sweeps month weddings of old where you were on the edge of your seat for an interruption....or not an interruption....but wondering if it would happen up until the very last 30 seconds? I miss those days. I agree it was nice to see Shane and Kim, Lucas and Kate interact. I even liked the scene between Theresa and Victor but Phillip/Brady scenes were kind of obnoxious.The two have barely interacted except for fighting so their "bonding" over Theresa's downward spiral was odd.
  12. I can't blame Anna Stuart either considering a lot of Donna's contemporaries were gone: Michael, John, Sharlene, and as mentioned, Iris not coming back. All Donna was used for was a sounding board for Vicky/Marley. Donna was too important of a character to just be used that way. I thought the show was coming around at the end as well. I liked having Sandra and Matt back as Amanda and Matt. Lila was great and the rivalry she had with Vicky. The Anne (Frankie)/Cass/Lila triangle was interesting. Marley/Tyrone were a good match and intriguing. I really liked Chris and Toni.
  13. I'd be happy with Brady leaving with Theresa as well. A break from him would be nice and it isn't like he couldn't return to Salem on his own at a later date saying he couldn't live on the run anymore. Am I the only one that thinks J.J.'s "cheating" was staged by Andre since J.J. can't remember anything or even who the woman was? It was probably just a set-up to mess with him and then it'll be poor J.J. never really did anything. They have suddenly paired Kate back up with Eddie again. Seems out of nowhere to me and I find them to have zero chemistry.
  14. Eileen Davidson as Kelly Capwell on SB. She should have been a different character. I never liked Kelly when she was in the role.
  15. When they brought up lethal injection in court I thought for sure they were going that same route as FauxTodd on OLTL, copying right down to Rafe being the one at the last second to get some kind of evidence thrown out or something for a mistrial and being her savior. I was so glad to see that they didn't go that way.