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  1. Melroser added a post in a topic Days: October 2015 Discussion thread   

    Today was still good though I thought yesterday was better. The Chad/Ben scenes were brutal but I guess it was one of the more realistic fights on a soap in a while that I've seen. I just wish they weren't fighting over Abby. I don't get the appeal.
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  2. Melroser added a post in a topic Y&R Casting Spoiler   

    Weird. I just had a dream last night that her and Tom Eplin showed up on Days in a scene with Judi Evans. What? I said it was a dream.
    I loved Jake and Vicky on AW but I'm worried for her Y&R stint . I'd like to see her work with Peter Bergman and be a rival of Gina Tognoni.
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  3. Melroser added a post in a topic Days: October 2015 Discussion thread   

    I agree that today's episode has been stellar all-around. They definitely played the beats of people finding out about Will as they should have instead of glossing over it and the next episode being that everyone already knows. Too many shows do it that way and it's annoying.
    BD was great as Lucas and even DH as Marlena seemed to step it up today. I truly could feel for them.
    I liked the confrontation at the end. Great way to leave it.
    On a side note: I hope this mess with Bo doesn't drag out much longer. I'm over it already.
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  4. Melroser added a post in a topic Y&R Novembér Spoiler   

    Haha. I've been watching a lot of the early 80's AW eps instead of the current shows myself. :-) Though I've been trying to get back into Days with a lot of the "vets". 
    Those AW eps keep me far more interested than anything nowadays.
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  5. Melroser added a post in a topic Days: September 2015 Discussion thread   

    Didn't Theresa get J.J. into drugs to begin with? Is there more to the Abigail/Theresa dislike?
    I've been thinking that the killer will be Clyde or Ben and they are blaming Chad. I do, however, hope it is someone totally unexpected but with a logical reason!!
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  6. Melroser added a post in a topic B&B: September Discussion Thread   

    This show has gotten boring quickly. I have no interest in watching Ridge/Caroline and Ivy is no longer likeable...not that she was much to begin with. I'm tired of Liam...period.
    They should shake things up again a bit....maybe Deacon gets bored while Quinn is spending all of her time at Forrester and he starts an attraction to Donna. Anything...just bring something into the equation.
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  7. Melroser added a post in a topic Days: September 2015 Discussion thread   

    I enjoyed yesterday's episode very much. It was the first one in a long time that kept my attention the whole episode. Many times I would try to tune in to this show as I enjoy many of the actors on it but I just couldn't sit through most of it. It was so boring! Finally, scenes that seem to be going places instead of just "filler".
    I kind of agree that Stefano being behind Aiden was sort of predictable but it's "classic" Days and that seems to be the motivation, right along with the "super couples" from the past: Steve/Kayla, Bo/Hope, John/Marlena. Even if it is a re-telling of past stories it is still far better than what has been on in a long time. I'm actually looking forward to watching today's ep and I haven't said that in ages!
    I also agree that Theresa's sudden interest in Basic Black was out of nowhere but I kind of like how they explained her backstory and the fact that Kim and Shane were never supportive of her. I am for anything that changes Theresa's trajectory so that she isn't scheming every single day to stay in the Kiriakis mansion...and if it turns out she works more with Nicole I'm all for it.
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  8. Melroser added a post in a topic What They Did and What They Should Have Done...Casting Miss-haps   

    Going back a while: Taylor Miller should never have been brought onto AW as Sally Frame after the enormous popularity of Mary Page Keller with Thomas Ian Griffith. She didn't stand a chance. She should have been a different Frame cousin.
    Also for AW, Philece Sampler should have been someone other than Donna Love. I was a HUGE fan of her on Days as Renee but she wasn't Donna. The character became a weak caricature of her former self. She still could have been a love interest for Michael but just not as Donna. Would have been interesting if later on Anna Stuart returned an they had played rivals instead.
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  9. Melroser added a post in a topic The Bold and The Beautiful - Dropping A Bombshell   

    Brooke's "We'll see." made me laugh.
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  10. Melroser added a topic in Discuss The Soaps   

    TV's POP Station To Air Same-Day Eps Of Days Of Our Lives
    I noticed tonight while watching B&B that TV Pop was advertising that they will be airing same-day eps of Days starting Monday. Didn't see this mentioned anywhere. Sorry if I missed it.
    Do you think it will help Days at all?
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  11. Melroser added a post in a topic The Young and The Restless - Dirty Deeds   

    I wish JH would kidnap me..... *sigh*
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  12. Melroser added a post in a topic GH: Carlivati OUT! Passanante/Altman IN!!   

    You mean, "Golden Palace"
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  13. Melroser added a post in a topic Best & Worst "Back from the Dead" storylines   

    Though I was not a regular viewer of GL, I remember when Alan came back at the masquerade ball. I watched that storyline with my grandmother and she was loving it

    For AW I liked the return of Kathleen/Carl. I liked how there was an announcement to the town on a "Live" television broadcast.
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  14. Melroser added a post in a topic The Young and The Restless - Reignited Rivalry   

    Couldn't they have picked a far better route to "reignite a rivalry"? Good Lord. Just the fact that Jack new Gabriel was Adam all this time and was helping him to worm his way back into the Newmans' lives should have been enough to get that rivalry going again.
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  15. Melroser added a post in a topic Soap alum joins DAYS   

    I really liked JPL on OL the first few years when Rex was kind of a cad and scoundrel. It went dowhill for me around the time of the Adriana pairing...and then the incessant facial expressions/Gigi-Stacey crap.
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