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  1. Sad that I agree with this. However, I think he gets it one more renewal for a year and then burns out by the end of it.
  2. Andrea Evans' return to OLTL. I had never watched the show when she was on initially and had become so popular but I just remember how much she was talked about. As a loyal viewer from around '99 on, I was excited that she was going to be coming back to the show. Then she carried that stupid dog everywhere and let Tess scare her into being quiet about natalie and jared locked in the basement. Tina seemed so weak and corny. I wanted a spitfire to stir up Llanview and that was not the case.
  3. not surprised and really don't care. Never liked Dario. I do think JV could have worked if the writers hadn't changed hands so many times and someone, anyone, knew what to do with him and stuck to it.
  4. Thank God. Hopefully Tripp finds out what really happened to his mom and bye, bye Joey.
  5. Cancelled Cancellation Gone Done-zo Passions! (AW was my show!) Frons
  6. I still want to believe that a cable station could do a successful soap five-days-a-week where the ratings don't have to be as high. A small cast of 10-12 people with good writing and a "seasonal" approach could work. Maybe three different shows could alternate during the year: Show One Jan thru April, Show Two May thru August, and Show Three September thru December. Then repeat each year. With shows doing 10 episode seasons (Think Bates Motel) becoming the norm then a show doing four month seasons might be an alternative.
  7. 30 Years Ago today Anne Heche debuted as Victoria. Good. God. I'm. Old.
  8. I'm going to list some things, and yes, several have already been touched upon so this will just signify my agreement. First of all, I think daytime should go to the Sept-May season with a break over the holidays (Weds before Thanksgiving until second week of January). This will give writers/producers breaks to actually plot out stories by season with beginnings and ends. Then, be able to add a cliffhanger twists like primetime soaps of old and current shows like Grey's and Scandal. (It would also allow actors to line up "summer projects" where they can do work outside of daytime without contract restrictions and possibly be willing to stay on the shows for longer periods.) More "name" actors could be enticed to do a "season" for a particular story. This will also end the stupidity of "teen stories" in the summer that just annoy regular watchers. Teens most likely aren't sitting around their television sets in the summer to catch an ep of Days or Y&R and suddenly get hooked. If they want to check out a show they will probably do it online or through some other means first. I think this would kind of make a traditional soap and novella hybrid. End cliches: End Soras-ing. End the constant back-from-the dead stories. End the evil twin/look-a-like stories just to facilitate returns. End the constant revolving doors of marriages for characters (B&B for sure! you can't invest in a couple that you know will only last two or three months before they are each on to someone else.) End the constant pregnancies of characters whom are pregnant from "an affair" or "one-night stand" to cause drama for couples. It's boring and been done thousands of times on daytime already and then leaves some characters with kids from three or four different partners. Bring in real stories (as people have suggested). True drug addict stories and not just a pill addiction that lasts through ONE sweeps month and the character is suddenly rehabbed never to mention it again but the struggle of a family being caught between wanting to help and enabling an addict. People losing their jobs, becoming financially strapped, and losing their homes, lifestyle, while trying to hide it from family and friends because they are embarrassed. Bring on gay couples, male and female, raising children with the backlash from some in the community who don't approve. Bring on social media bullying. Suicide. Someone having a work related shooting. (Imagine if Cane on Y&R goes "crazy" and goes back to the Jabot building to get revenge on his former employer/co-workers. Would be grounded in more "reality" than the Moldavian Massacre on Dynasty.) Personally, I'd rather a show be slammed by critics for being too real than too "soapy". I would also cut down on "spoilers". I miss the old days of good, jaw-dropping moments that I didn't see coming at all. It seems now everything that is going to happen on a show is known months in advance (and in Days' case through 2018). Keep the suspense and get people talking about the surprises they just saw. ABC'S #TGIT is a great example of having those moments. (And tying in with that...these shows need far better social media outreach! Do they even have promotion departments anymore? How hard could it be to get some interns or such without pay or for little pay to come aboard and be part of the production by being social media employees? Tweeting during live shows, creating daily hashtags, etc.) #PulledASheila #ShankAnAbbott #DeadDeimos
  9. ME was once extremely popular with Kelly Monaco too and that didn't work out so well the second time. I enjoy Melissa very much but I couldn't bring myself to watch her with him again. I was never a big fan of theirs on OL. She was so much better with Jared (until the "cousins" story ruined it) and I thought her and Brody had great chemistry!
  10. Another month....another complaint about someone's weight..... I hope Ron's writing is worth this long weight....oops, I mean wait!
  11. Before Nicole goes I hope that there is at least one scene between her and Sami where Sami gloats about how it feels now that Nicole's baby was taken away from her. Karma!
  12. Wow. Today's ep is snooze-worthy! So disappointing after the last few eps I've watched. The pace had been so much better but today is not the way to keep up the momentum and keep people watching.
  13. I watched last Tues/Weds/Thurs and today. Skipped Fri/Mon. These past few eps I've watched have been significantly better. I have been finding myself actually paying attention to most of the show as it's on. I haven't done that for a while. I hope it comes together even more as Ron takes over.
  14. I wouldn't mind her on Days. If Ron is going to bring the DiMera's back (Kristen and possibly E.J.) why not make her a daughter of Andre? Mix it up with Eric and Brady where Nicole leaves off.
  15. Yes, they were such an odd pairing but worked for me as well. Would liked to have seen how that played out. If Felicia would have stayed with him for long or just been a "fling" for her? I, also, thought at the end having Marley and Tyrone together was interesting. They could have played out the beats of his family's opposition to him being with the "crazy lady" for several months and the two, I thought, had great chemistry.