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  1. I think the actor acknowledging that his character is bi, just shows that the show is waiting to play on that part of Steve at the appropriate time. It's why they writers are purposely trying to paint Lauren and Steven as being incompatible. Perhaps once Lauren and Steven are obviously done with they explore his bisexuality more.
  2. Love the new opening!
  3. The show should have simply brought back Leslie and her brother Tyler. Both characters were more intriguing and played by better actors.
  4. True they do, but falling in love though? I can't quite wrap my head around that.
  5. I miss the days where Chad hated Gabby (for what she did to Melanie, who btw I despised). This is definitely a complete 360.
  6. Who penned the Dash storyline? Just reading summaries and etc. sounds quite offensive, yet this is around the time the show won Outstanding Writing.
  7. Todays showdown between Mona and Carolee was everything I want and more. Bravo!!!

    1. ~bl~


      That was a scene I'd share with people. So good OFC Carolee is going to get screwed again, but glad she got to fight. She would chose Steve over her career, we know this from past history.

  8. Has anyone mentioned Y&R Adam Newman's sexuality yet?
  9. FOS? Friends of Sally, Marla Adams I love this. Now if only we can get Lauren's mother to come back to Genoa City.
  10. I think Y&R may be heading towards Abby and Scott. They've been really hammering away at the fact that Abby has no personal life and is burying herself in her work. Meanwhile Victor wants to write a book about his life, and is called upon to rescue Scott, who happens to be a writer/journalist? I think Scott may help Victor write his book and fall for Abby as well.
  11. I agree, three months is a little too soon IMO.
  12. The writing for Reva is what did it for me, not so much her presence. Reva from 89-90 was a prime example of the show giving Reva a good meaty storyline, but not allowing her to eat the show.
  13. TEB's pose in the opening gives me life. The best out of the bunch.
  14. No,you're not the only one. There's definite chemistry between Noah and Chelsea.
  15. Another new conference! WTF...ugh

    1. reallyhateskateonlost


      Give him his own channel so he can yap away.