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  1. I agree the show is missing a major villain to stir the pot. Mal Young can definitely stay IMO, just fire the producers and etc. that JFP brought on, the less people left over from her tenure the better.
  2. They should definitely give Ravi some friends outside of the Jabot crew (Ashley/Phyllis). I wouldn't mind him becoming friends with Mariah, Devon, or Noah. I like the actor, and the character has potential as he's neither a Abbott or Newman.
  3. Yup, his tenure kind of went off the rails when the strike happened, and it never quite recovered. Are we certain we'd get Alden as a writer during the strike? I'm highly doubtful. Its sad that a writers strike wouldn't really change the way things are at either B&B and GH.
  4. I think that's where they're heading, having Abby worm her way to become the favorite so she can run the company. Jack seemed intrigued upon hearing news that Abby is being groomed to run the company, I'm interested as to what his part in all of this will be.
  5. 2002 was a year where I can actually say the show was at least 50% salvageable. So much potential with its storylines, but all sqaundered away because of Conboy/Weston. The show even hinted at a storyline about insider trading if I recall, involving Phillip. The stalker should've been Jonathan. Danny and Cassie would've been a better pairing than what we were actually subjected to. Alan Michael should've returned and thrust into the Spaulding drama. (I personally would've also had Blake get drawn back into the war over Spaulding Enterprises perhaps conspiring with Alan-Michael to get their own shares. Not sure if Taggart was planning on having Blake thrown into the mix of Alex and Alans war.)
  6. No way DAYs is better than Y&R right now.
  7. Honestly, every HW of the four soaps we have, should view those episodes.
  8. 13 Reasons Why ._.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. ChitHappens


      I'm prepared to be spoiled because I'm not sure I want to watch this. Saw the first eppy but wasn't moved. 

    3. MichaelGL


      I'm on the third episode, I can tell they're building to something but not sure yet. People however are saying it gets pretty intense leading up to the final episode.

    4. Errol


      The series was really good (watched all 13) considering it is a teen drama. The twists were good and the overall acting was pretty decent. This is how soaps should tell teen stories. 

  9. I agree, MCE and EH were pretty amazing today. I finally saw some of that fire MCE had in her when she was on AMC and was playing crazy Annie. However in regards to the directing of the scenes, something was missing. I had wished we witnessed the fight scene. I don't really fault Mal Young for much of his short comings as EP on Y&R, afterall CBS picked Jill Farren Phelps to teach him how to produce U.S. soaps. He was going to be either a exact carbon copy of her or venture out on his own and make his unique mark on the show. With some moderate changes, the production on the show has remained the same since JFP departed.
  10. If Bette Davis was alive, today would've been her 109th birthday. 

  11. I think the actor acknowledging that his character is bi, just shows that the show is waiting to play on that part of Steve at the appropriate time. It's why they writers are purposely trying to paint Lauren and Steven as being incompatible. Perhaps once Lauren and Steven are obviously done with they explore his bisexuality more.
  12. Love the new opening!
  13. The show should have simply brought back Leslie and her brother Tyler. Both characters were more intriguing and played by better actors.
  14. True they do, but falling in love though? I can't quite wrap my head around that.
  15. I miss the days where Chad hated Gabby (for what she did to Melanie, who btw I despised). This is definitely a complete 360.