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  1. Yeah I thought it all boiled down to the Billy/Lilly/Cane/Chloe quad that took place awhile ago, and ever since they've never liked each other, especially when it comes to working within the same company.
  2. I want to know more about Rick Edelstein's time on the soap. His time on TD was a mixed bag.
  3. I don't take anything that Grant Show is in seriously, not since the days of Dirt, which was a short lived but watchable series on FX.
  4. I agree. Phyllis and Hillary had a nice vibe going on between them, in a frenemy type of way, moreso than Hillary/Mariah. If the writers were smart they seize on it.
  5. Plenty of episodes from Early 1989/1990 are on Youtube (munecojim?) and the good stories going on around that time are Alan-Michael/Harley/Blake/Phillip/Beth which includes Susan's adoption, and Reva's post partum/Dylan's paternity.
  6. While I agree the show needs diversity, not only in race, as social status as well(Every soap is guilty of this), isn't there currently a character on the canvas that is homeless?
  7. Today's episode made me ask myself if Chuck Pratt is still writing......
  8. I can only imagine the ridiculous way they'll explain his return. If only they had simply had Will leave town alive (perhaps go to jail for shooting EJ?).
  9. Yeah I'm loving this season, but I hardly can catch the show when its on.
  10. American politics are currently having me ask myself is this real life??

    1. victoria foxton

      victoria foxton

      I feel the same way.

  11. Yes. Gabi is sexy, desirable, caring, mother earth and Abby is just nuts. That's the agenda and it sucks.
  12. So I'm giving Emmerdale a break and watching Coronation Street consistently for the first time...

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    2. MichaelGL


      The Rhona rape scenes were too brutal for me, and nothing else is holding my attention right now. Harriet/Cain are disgusting, Jai/Nell seems boring, hmm anything else worth mentioning? I'll tune back in once Pierce (hopefully) gets his comeuppance. Corrie is holding my attention with the Bethany SL. 

    3. Nothin'ButAttitude


      Corrie is not that good as Carl pointed out. It has it's moments of goodness, but the show is still a mess. Until the show gets rid of half of cast of irrelevant, irritable characters and start telling good stories again, the show will remain a mess. 

    4. DRW50


      Thanks. I kind of enjoy Harriet and Cain. I can see why you'd lose interest though. If you ever want to enjoy any of the real Corrie, my Youtube channel is Jerry Booth.

  13. I've been watching the show for quite some time now, I like that they've FINALLY given Betty's mom more dimension, from her modest background to the abortion she had. More of this please.
  14. Last week's episode of The Doctors was superb, great acting from all those involved in Mike's storyline. The Pollocks really knew how to pen the climax of a storyline.

  15. Yeah, something is off here, as if there were some fundamental changes made in the writers room and I don't believe made by SSM.