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  1. It was such a horrific, out of character mess of a storyline, but damn me if Susan Haskell didn't sell the hell out of Marty's breakdown
  2. Annie Ilonzeh (ex-Maya, GH) has booked a major recurring role on Empire later this season
  3. Guy Wilson as Billy Abbott...though I get the odd feeling that may actually be an upgrade
  4. Jennifer Jason Leigh's role confirmed; is Naomi Watts joining too?
  5. The first woman is definitely JJL; there's no mistaking it to me.
  6. Very little of the NYC years or the first year in Burbank (1962-mid 1973) still exist and what does is almost entirely kinescope. Mid-1973 thru 1992 is said to be mostly intact.
  7. Recurring, reportedly doing 3 Fridays a month and serving as primary fill-in.
  8. I never thought I'd see the guy I'd eagerly anticipate the words "Passante IN" but that's what happens...bye Ron-licia!
  9. October 1993 -- The Hollywood Reporter Columbia TV and director Martha Coolidge are developing a primetime soap for ABC set in the world of public relations.
  10. *Home Improvement grunt*
  11. Heather thought she'd be the new Queen Bee of NYC til Bethenny came back and now she's jelly.
  12. Did anyone catch WWHL tonight? I have never seen Andy Cohen so exasperated with Nene ever. Nene was defensive and combative and rude with him like I've never seen her before and he was just over it.
  13. Has to be Tony& Genie or Kristian & Peter with a return announcement as well.
  14. Allison Sweeney back on DAYS?! I never thought for a second she'd be gone for long
  15. Billy Miller live....yeah, I'm out