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  1. Stephanie Forrester would never win any mother-of-the-year awards. Neither would Brooke Logan, at least the Brooke we've seen from around 2000 onwards. Before that she was a decent mother.
  2. Sally Spectra (B&B) I know other characters mentioned in this thread were perhaps treated worse, but Sally was such a huge, important part of the B&B canvas for such a long time that I think she deserved much better than she got. Her absence has left a hole in the show that is impossible to fill.
  3. If I remember correctly Mike was angry at Brooke for betraying (in his mind) Sheila.
  4. Maybe it's her choice to cut back on her workload? She's had issues in her private life in recent years (divorcing her husband for instance) and she also has business interests she might have wanted to focus a bit on.
  5. I'd have to go with Luke, if only for Lucinda's reaction when Lily told her.
  6. That only makes it worse.
  7. And they're not going to get any better. The best anyone can hope for is to slow down the decline. The ratings will continue to drop, inch by inch, until the shows are cancelled. It's not a question of if, it's a question of when.
  8. It should be illegal to have that haircut at the very least.....
  9. I guess KKL had some time off when she had her first child, which probably prevented her from being in the top two for the year.
  10. Um, what about Sheila? She did a lot of criminal stuff during her stints on the show, including killing two people. She pushed Dr. Jay Garvin off his balcony to his death, and killed a guy (can't remember his name) with bees. She also kidnapped James Warwick, tried to drown Lauren Fenmore, poisoned Stephanie, tampered with Bridget's paternity test and shot Stephanie, Taylor and Brooke. They also had a murder story when Anthony Armando killed Ivana and framed Thorne for it. I think that was around 1994-95.
  11. No, personally I don't think Scott Clifton deserved his Emmy. I guess he can be seen as likeable, if you're generous, but he's certainly no great thespian. I'm not surprised no other actor from B&B has won Lead Actor before, The men on B&B has mostly been playing second fiddle to the women. Yes Ridge was an important character but I don't think anyone can, or will, deny that it has been the women that has dominated this show. And just for the record, Susan Flannery won 3 Best Actress Emmys (2000, 2002, 2003) and Heather Tom has won 2 so far (2013, 2013) for their work on B&B.