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  1. But Brooke wasn't always a slut. For the first decade or more she was written much better than that. It was when Brad Bell deteriorated as a writer that the writing for Brooke became worse by the year (just like it did for everyone else). He had the perfect opportunity to transition Brooke into a more matriarchal position when Amber joined the show. It was so obvious that she was poised to be the next Brooke on the canvas. I also wish that Brad hadn't been so quick to end the Brooke/Thorne romance. It could have made for such great storyline with Thorne going up against Ridge for power at FC and having Brooke as support would have given him a much stronger position. Oh, the wasted opportunities.....
  2. KKL was 25 and John McCook was 42 when the show started. Clayton Norcross was the first Thorne, and the less said about him the better. He was an absolutely awful actor. Jeff Trachta was the second Thorne, and the one who worked best with Bobbie Eakes (Macy). When Winsor took over that relationship didn't work as well. He was smoking hot with KKL though.
  3. Hello there, Hope 2.0!
  4. Yes! I've wanted Patrika Darbo for something like this since her time on DAYS! Great that they're bringing back Mick Cain too, to make the transition easier.
  5. A certain poster who posts outrageous statements just to get a reaction. Previously said poster usually contained his posts to the threads about a particular show, but recently he's started infiltrating other threads when fewer people responded to him.
  6. Isn't it fascinating that three soaps are up in all viewing figures, and one is not...... I guess the audience just isn't smart enough to comprehend the deliciously modern writing that the dynamic duo is presenting to the world. What a shame.....
  7. Especially since, for many years, Stephanie vs Brooke was B&B. I can't believe nobody pointed this out during filming. I can, maybe, understand Thorsten, since he's not been on the show all that long, but that KKL didn't react to a line like this is baffling. I know some actors don't want to interfere with the writing, but that was a ridiculous line to anyone who knows anything about the history of this show.
  8. Seriously?? Who wrote that line? It must have been someone who never watched an episode prior to 2012. It's much more than a re-write or a lie. It's the most colossal understatement of the century! Stephanie would have given her right arm, and probably a leg too, if it would have removed Brooke from Ridge's life.
  9. It's ridiculous how awful Brad Bell has become at writing for more characters. Not even when Brooke was on practically every day did it feel this bad. Of course, the fact that I like KKL and Brooke may have something to do with it. I don't have those feelings for Scott Clifton and Liam. He just annoys me.
  10. ^^ In what way is the fact that AH has a son at all relevant to what's being discussed?
  11. Frankly I don't think Michelle Stafford has ever been able to pass for an ingenue. She's just not that type.
  12. You mean boring, predictable and done a million times before?