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  1. Both yes and no I'd say. True, he's not a great actor or even a good one, and sometimes he was really bad, but most of the time his limited capability worked for what the role required of him. And over the years he became Ridge Forrester, and I have never really gotten used to Thorsten Kaye in the role. The role of Ridge never really called for a great actor either. He was just the trophy that the more dynamic women around him fought over.
  2. You did! JONNYSBRO: Joined October 26, 2005 Jerry675: Joined March 2, 2006
  3. And it's even cuter that you can think that it isn't painfully obvious. If you're going to have two different accounts then you could at least make an effort to differentiate between them. Not use the same writing style and even the same vocabulary for them both. It's lazy. But I guess you have achieved your purpose since you have gotten us to continue to respond to your ridiculous posts. Good for you!
  4. Why not? Bill hasn't been around regularly for so long I don't think recasting him would cause major problems with the fans.
  5. Pleasantly surprised that Laura got 12 episodes!
  6. B&B doesn't need outside interference. Brad Bell does a mighty fine job sabotaging that show all by himself with his incompetence.
  7. Right now this show sucks so bad.... In fact, all the remaining soaps are in horrible shape, and frankly there seems to be no way out of it. I really don't want to see them canceled, but at the same time it's becoming more of a chore than anything else to keep watching. Yet I can't give it up because I've invested so many years and it's really hard emotionally to break that habit.
  8. No she didn't in my opinion. You're certainly free to think so of course, but if it bothers you why don't you just watch some Santa Barbara videos instead and find some comfort in Marcy Walker's long hair?
  9. At least KKL has earned that. She's been headlining this show for 30 years. Darin Brooks? Not so much.
  10. Why would CBS all of a sudden have such a problem with this? ATWT and GL, both on CBS, had gay stories which became popular, probably more popular than any other couples on those shows the last few years of their existence.
  11. The writing for Sheila is not the problem on B&B either. It's the writing for everyone else that sucks, especially for Eric. They should all have run to the nearest court to get restraining orders against Sheila the moment she showed up, and with her history they would have gotten those in an instant.