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  1. You mean boring, predictable and done a million times before?
  2. He reminds me of Victor French (Mr. Edwards on "Little House on the Prairie") with that beard....
  3. Sometime in November 2017
  4. Two that comes to mind right away that hasn't already been mentioned. - Brooke disconnects the ventilator to prove that Stephanie faked her heart attack ("For God's sake Stephanie, die! Prove me wrong and die!") (B&B) - Luke and Noah's first kiss (ATWT)
  5. I don't know why everyone is so surprised. Brad Bell did this exact same thing a few years ago, but then it was Ridge and Brooke. He climbed into bed with her when she had been taking some medicine (I can't remember if it was sleeping pills or something else) and proceeded to have sex with her even though she clearly stated that she wanted him to stop and leave. It was swept under the rug that time too.
  6. I missed this one on the list
  7. Stunning! It also demonstrates why KKL should be back front and center. Even in a picture she has more charisma than Ivy, Liam, Steffy and Wyatt put together!
  8. Preferably not at all. Just have a voice-over saying "The role of Billy Abbott will now be played by...." and leave it at that. I think that's the best way to handle it.
  9. I wonder if Brad Bell actually thinks his show is good when/if he watches it nowadays. I certainly don't. Recently there's been a whole lot of old B&B posted on Youtube, and I've been watching that and been amazed at how good this show once was and how far it's fallen....
  10. It's a bit ironic really, since drinking is one of the few things that Stephanie never could use against Brooke throughout all their years of fighting. She even said once to a social worker, when she was trying to take Hope and R.J. away from Brooke, that Brooke was not a drinker.
  11. It was great finally getting to see even a little of that storyline. I have to agree with you, this storyline is soap opera gold. As much as I love Stephanie, the scene right before Brooke takes 51% of Forrester, when she looks Stephanie dead in the eyes and tells her 'I've finally beaten you' goes down as one of the most satisfying moments I've seen on any show, period. Stephanie's reaction to Sheila's appointment as Brooke's liaison was the icing on the cake.