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  1. I hope so too. I just hated that I thought it was true for a bit.
  2. I heard it was not true too. I admit that I only read some quotes but it is all false.
  3. LOL
  4. I have to wonder how Nancy is taking this news. I wonder where all those Julexis fan are at?
  5. I just found out the article about Tyler was not true. I still think Varni and Frank both did not want to give Tyler what he asked for when neg his contract but will give his friends what ever they wanted.
  6. I just was saying that I miss the way Guza did his stunts and keep people on the edge of their seats with his events. I believed there was some GH highers that interfered with Guza when he was writing the show. I know head writers had their own pets, but the show was a hell of lot better than it is today.
  7. Yikes to those ratings.
  8. Oh Wow, now GH is so interesting.
  9. I really wish I could get Guza back just to do one of his stunts like the Metro Court disaster to kill off alot of useless characters.
  10. Glad to see Y&R and B&B recover. Wonder how the ratings for Days will be after Ron takes over. GH needs a overhaul from the top down.
  11. Michael Logan confirmed it is Steve Burton coming back to GH.
  12. I am wondering now what VD is going to now. You should check out twitter cause even though NV deleted his fb message the fans are retweeting the screen shot on twitter like crazy.
  13. I saw the fb post on Liason fb page and now I see NV is going to blame RB and her fans if GH get cancelled. I find it unbelievable.
  14. There is a head writer switch. Ron is out. We now have two women co head writers
  15. Well I am glad that OLTL is doing well. I hope that Days will go up. I hope the new writers can turn GH around.