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  1. CSF added a post in a topic Why wasn't Kay Alden as respected by TPTB as Bill Bell   

    Was David Shaughnessy fired or did he opt to leave?
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  2. CSF added a post in a topic What soap opera "mansion" had the most rooms?   

    I think this house was more appropriate than the house they used in the Peapack years.

    As for the first time exterior shots were done, I don't this the JFP era was the fist time. I recall them doing exterior shots in the 80s of Cedars and of Company. You actually see a lot of this in the opening of My Guiding Light.
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  3. CSF added a post in a topic What soap opera "mansion" had the most rooms?   

    Also, for a time in the 1980s Old Westbury Gardens was used as the exterior to both Phoebe's estate and the Chandler Mansion.

    When Wildwind was first introduced, FMB used exterior shots of Coe Hall on Long Island as the exterior. JHC did the same. However, I also remember Lyndhurst being used as the exterior at times as well for Wildwind.

    On Guiding Light, this house currently for sale in Scarsdale was used as the exterior of the Spaulding Mansion:

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  4. CSF added a post in a topic What soap opera "mansion" had the most rooms?   

    In regard to Dynasty and the Carrington Mansion, it was actually modeled after a real mansion right outside of San Francisco, called Filoli. The pilot was shot at Filoli. Every room on the first floor of the Carrington mansion including the staircase and the transverse hall are actual rooms in the house, ABC replicated them into a set. After the first season or maybe sometime later in the first season (I don't remember), the staircase became center, right past the oval vestibule. However, in the first episode (which was filmed on location at the house), the staircase is not in the center of the house, its where it actually is, down the transverse hall on your right, just before the ballroom. Also, the breakfast room you see in the show is not a real room at Filoli. The location change of the staircase is never mentioned in the show.

    In regard to the Colby Mansion, it was an actual mansion, owned by a member of the Hilton family. I don't know if the entire series filmed on location or not, but I know the Colby's had a bigger budget than Dynasty.
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  5. CSF added a post in a topic Y&R actress back on contract   

    Not to go off topic, but is Jess Walton back on contract too? She's in the opening again.
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  6. CSF added a post in a topic Best/Worst Soaps to Work on(through the years)   

    OLTL, right?
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  7. CSF added a post in a topic When was the last time we heard "The role of ...is being played by..." in a soap?   

    I don't remember if Y&R made a special accouncemnt (someone else can confirm I'm sure) from the usual, but when Brenda Dickson returned as Jill in 1983, her descend down the Abbott stairs was well choriographed.
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  8. CSF added a post in a topic When was the last time we heard "The role of ...is being played by..." in a soap?   

    They did it 3 days in a row for Jonathan Jackson!
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  9. CSF added a post in a topic Soap Exteriors   

    Ah yes, Seaview Terrace aka Collinwood.
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  10. CSF added a post in a topic Soap Exteriors   

    It was so ironic seeing that house for sale now and the image of it on the hill.
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  11. CSF added a post in a topic Soap Exteriors   

    Yes, they did use Waveny Manor in the main title for the online series.

    They did show the exterior of Chandler Mansion a few times in the mid to late 80s using Old Westbury House. They also begin showing the exterior again around 2009/2010 and also in the final opening sequence in the television version. However, they were not using Westbury House.

    Also in the 80s, they did use an exterior for the Tyler Estate, it had a white facade with four columns IIRC.
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  12. CSF added a post in a topic Soap Exteriors   

    Coe Hall on Long Island was used as the exterior for Wildwind. However, under JHC toward the end of the series, Lyndhurst was shot as the exterior of Wildwind.

    Waveny Manor in Connecticut was used as the exterior to Cortland Manor. Old Westbury House was used as the exterior to the Chandler Mansion originally. I don't know what house was used in the past 5 years for exterior shots but it wasn't Old Westbury House at that point.
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  13. CSF added a topic in Discuss The Soaps: Archive (2010 - 2014)   

    Soap Exteriors
    So I thought this was really cool. I love it when a soap would show the exterior of someone's house or a building, etc. It wasn't always so frequent but it was a nice little treat. I'll always remember the facade to the Spaulding Mansion on Guiding Light. You can see it here below in this link:


    What makes it even cooler is that the house they used for the Spaulding Mansion's facade is now for sale. its in Scarsdale, NY. Check it out.


    Does anyone have a "soap exterior" that really stands out to them?
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  14. CSF added a post in a topic Would Wendy Riche be a good EP for Y&R?   

    Just bring back Ed Scott or David Shaughnessy.

    Wendy Should have been brought to AMC or ATWT or GL in 2003. I think those shows would have thrived under her. I like Wendy very much, but Y&R needs its old team back, no outsiders.
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  15. CSF added a post in a topic All soaps - actors who were quickly dropped   

    Lucy Deakins left ATWT to be in a tv movie that Byrne also auditioned for. She lost both roles to LD but eventually got Lilly when Deakins left ATWT.
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