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  1. Biden needs to sit down. I know folks have been swooning over him as VP but he has baggage that I don't feel like hearing about. Especially with the extreme left purists who are going to be going on and on about he's not a real progressive. I don't feel like hearing stuff about Anita Hill and the 1994 Crime Bill in the next cycle.
  2. I'm here for it. Currently watching classic Grey's on Netflix. If it can give me that I am all in.
  3. Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL) to retire from Congress at the end of her term. She represents a district in Southeast Florida that went for Hillary Clinton by more than 20 points over Donald Trump. The biggest Hillary margin for any Republican held congressional seat.
  4. Bernie is and continues to be such a demagogue. Phony ass.
  5. Trump running to Twitter trying to take credit for the results. This is a RED seat that shouldn't have even been up for grabs but it was because of YOU. Idiot.
  6. Nate Cohn with the NYT says Ossoff early vote is much better than expected in Georgia. He has outperformed Hillary in the precincts that have finished counting so far. Outperforming her in Cobb County which is where many "educated whites" live, Hillary also flipped this county from red to blue in November.
  7. Gorsuch doesn't change much on the court. Just hope that Justices Breyer and Ginsburg can stay on the court/stay alive until the 2020 primaries.
  8. Bernie is a demagogue and a loser. He perpetuated this victim narrative about elections being rigged but said NOTHING about the fact that the majority of his wins were in caucus states that disenfranchises MANY voters. Washington state held a Caucus and a Primary but only the Caucus results counted. Bernie won the Caucus but Hillary won the Primary where over 400,000 more people were able to participate. How could Hillary win many caucuses though when voters are unable to attend the meeting times or they have psycho Bernie bros yelling at them? Sanders and his crew can go f-ck off.
  9. I am not here for these extras! Harpo who these women?
  10. Republicans are idiots. They have no real solutions because they were planning on 4 years of blaming Hillary for not being able to produce a replacement for the ACA. And Trump, when you lose the popular vote by 3 million and have a 37 percent approval rating you can't force bills down Congress' throat. You have to build camaraderie with the Congress and form alliances--- not run off to Florida every weekend.
  11. I am not here for Tommie in any capacity. She is so extra for no reason and really has no place on the show without Prison Bae Scrap. The cast feels light this year. Or maybe it's just that none of these people have anything substantial going on.
  12. I recently moved here. I am very excited that I get to send a message to Trump's Washington early. I'm excited for the Governor's race next year too. I'm hoping the absolute worst for the Trump administration so that the Dem nominee can attach the GOP nominee to him. He won the state but at narrower margins than McCain and Romney. Hillary flipped a few of these big suburban metro Atlanta counties (Gwinnett, Cobb, Douglas) blue. I just encourage people to take their frustration out at the polls. I'm very excited about the 2017-2018 governor's races. Republicans lead Democrats in governor seats 33-16. There are many seats the Dems can snatch: Massachusetts, Maryland, New Mexico, New Jersey, Illinois, Florida, Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, and Nevada. This mid-term election season is of the utmost importance. People want him to be impeached but I honestly want Trump to remain and fall flat on his face: Not only so that GOP voters defect from him but the crowd that has been loud since the day AFTER Election Day, get their behinds out and VOTE
  13. So glad Keith Ellison lost. Bernie bros need to go away with their delusions and petulant childish rants. He lost fair and square. They can't compromise on sh-t and are annoying as hell. Perez was one of the most progressive members of Obama's administration. I have confidence in him.
  14. I am not here for Keith Ellison AT ALL. He is one of those people that think being a Democrat/progressive deserves some sort of purity test. Will he understand that Democrats are a party that have to cater to several different factions? There are the uber-liberal Democrats in the Northeast and West Coast, the religious conservative Democrats that get elected in majority black districts in the South, the Democrats that have to be center right in the Western plain states. I just do not think he has a 50 state strategy. Him and the rest of the Bernie people are annoying as hell. Running to the far left only alienates more voters and will cause disastrous results in 2020. Bernie would have lost worst than Hillary, but due to Bernie's demagoguery his little fans still think he was "robbed" and that he is an angel. At the end of the day, a president should have the cautious pragmatism that Hillary had. Running to the hard right or left like Trump and Bernie only alienates the opposite sides and only appeases the interests of <40 percent of the country. She may have been the wrong candidate, but she had the right message.
  15. Potomac: Giselle is BAE! Atlanta: Porsha is trash and a hypocrite.