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  1. I am not here for Keith Ellison AT ALL. He is one of those people that think being a Democrat/progressive deserves some sort of purity test. Will he understand that Democrats are a party that have to cater to several different factions? There are the uber-liberal Democrats in the Northeast and West Coast, the religious conservative Democrats that get elected in majority black districts in the South, the Democrats that have to be center right in the Western plain states. I just do not think he has a 50 state strategy. Him and the rest of the Bernie people are annoying as hell. Running to the far left only alienates more voters and will cause disastrous results in 2020. Bernie would have lost worst than Hillary, but due to Bernie's demagoguery his little fans still think he was "robbed" and that he is an angel. At the end of the day, a president should have the cautious pragmatism that Hillary had. Running to the hard right or left like Trump and Bernie only alienates the opposite sides and only appeases the interests of <40 percent of the country. She may have been the wrong candidate, but she had the right message.
  2. Potomac: Giselle is BAE! Atlanta: Porsha is trash and a hypocrite.
  3. Betsy bought that seat and any senators that didn't get in line were threatened with the Devos family funding a campaign for any potential primary challengers of said senators. Murkowski and Collins both come from states that are not ridiculously partisan.
  4. Marlo's been trolling for a peach for 6 years. It's pathetic at this point.
  5. Trump did not win in a mandate. While everyone was touting his unfavorable numbers people forgot that while his were historic, so were Hillary's. I'd like to see him win an election against someone who is not the second least popular candidate ever. His margin of victories in the three key rust belt states were less than 1 percent on average. I don't see it in 2020 but this year has taught us to expect the unexpected.
  6. I was up this morning watching the past 5 episodes.... these women are so SHADY! OMG! Mariah said Quad without make up and a weave was like Mr. Potato Head lmao and when she said Toya could take her scooter and ride to H&R Block!!!!! I am not here for Quad at all.... she is annoying as sh-t. She wants Mariah to be bothered so bad. That mess with keeping them from going into the party was childish and leaving money at the door so Ayden and Mariah could make it home. Really b-tch? That is so petty considering that you were living out of your car and the Huqs put you up in an apartment when you first got to Atlanta. Mariah did not make Simone's dad's death about herself. I too would have been shocked that she invited Quad along to share such a profound and deep moment with her but I did not even receive a phone call. Mariah goes way back with Simone and knows her family... Quad just got on the scene and was introduced to Simone via Mariah. It's hurtful. Lisa Nicole has such low self esteem. I believe that Darren is gay chile. All the extra sh-t about how he couldn't get off and how he missed his flight. He was laid up for three days with one of his hoes in LA. Tacky Toya.... this bitch is so uncouth and ignorant. Her husband is a weak ass man and I wasn't her for her going in on LN for being the spa with Simone. Simone asked her to be in there you buck toothed broad. Heavenly's storyline is dry.... she has not changed and I am confused on when this journey was supposed to have taken place? Jackie is f-cking stunning and her fashions have been ON POINT this season. Her face was beat for the gods in Hawaii. Her husband and his mole can go tf away. He is bitter and feels inadequate. Ain't nothing worse than a big ass insecure ass man.
  7. RHOA: Are they going on a trip this year? Were there any hints on social media that they were going out of the country?
  8. They can't talk about white privilege in a state that is land stolen from the Mexicans they hate so much? Oh.
  9. First of all it's not "Obamacare". That's the damn problem, people have politicized the AFFORDABLE CARE ACT, and have been hellbent on gutting it because of who backed it. It's funny because the AFFORDABLE CARE ACT is similar to a bill sponsored by a myriad of Republicans in 1993 (Health Equity and Access Reform Bill, also known as HEART). The GOP is trash. They are about to strip 20 million people of health care because of their intense hatred of President Obama. I am disgusted.
  10. Not happening. DAYS will end on NBC. Nobody wants it, it's an ancient property with no potential for substantial growth.
  11. I'm perched. Obama please save us!!!
  12. President Obama holding press conference tomorrow at 2:15pm EST
  13. Black women's rights are constantly under attack. They are not able to seek the shelter of patriarchy like black men or white supremacy like white women. They saw through Trump's BS because he was against their fundamental rights as human beings in all aspects. Black women tried to save the world from Trump but they couldn't do it alone. Black women vote at rates equal to or surpassing white voters, while black men and other minorities lag much farther behind. Just a little more voter participation from non-black women minorities and we would have had a President Rodham-Clinton I don't agree. She lost by slim margins in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan. She should have been campaigning to black voters in Milwaukee, Philadelphia, and Detroit. She waited until the last minute to visit two of those states and never went to Wisconsin after the primaries. She didn't need the white working class to win and I am over the narrative that Democratic party is in some sort of crisis. She will have 3 million more votes than Trump when it's all over and the 2020 Dem candidate won't have nearly the same obstacles as Hillary (political baggage, unfavorability, voter fatigue, etc. )
  14. These folks out here losing their jobs over Trump. What a hateful loser.
  15. Hillary Clinton campaign joining recount effort.