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  1. Stuff like this is all he can do. He is a weak and ineffective president who can't get anything through Congress while HIS party controls the House and the Senate. He has to rely on pardons and superficial executive orders to make it look like he is doing his job. Trump is a snake oil salesmen and his followers are idiots. They are literally celebrating Obama's economy and praising GDP growth (2.6 percent) that Trump was criticizing last year. Trump's first fiscal year does not start until October 1 and he has not signed any legislation that would affect the economy. He is not the cause of any positives but you can't tell his sycophants anything that goes against what his crazy ass says.
  2. Welp! But some were obsessed with some emails or some comment she made 25 years ago to go out and stop the Neo-Nazi brigade from putting their stooge in the White House.
  3. Ugh. Catching up on the daily news and had my reoccurring epiphany on how Trump is the worst person to ever become President. In terms of accomplishments that are positive for the country's progress, he has zilch. He has none of the positive qualities other bad Presidents have had. There's nothing redeeming about him- he's just a very insecure, mentally ill, nasty man who has no business being in charge of anything.
  4. This delusional nut case needs to go somewhere and hope she doesn't get a FBI subpoena. Fraud.
  5. Jackie is a batshit crazy piece of [!@#$%^&*] mother. I'm here for her getting dragged! I wish she would stop talking about fighting. She knows good and well she can't fight. When she got buck in Brooke's face in Season 2 her weak ass tried to calm things down talking about they would end up in jail or why couldn't they take it to the boxing ring and fight for charity? Fake ass b-tch.
  6. The funniest part of the "must speak English" requirement in the RAISE Act is that Trump and most of his supporters would fail an English exam if one was placed in front of them. And they most assuredly would fail the test immigrants have to take before becoming full fledged citizens. Hypocritical idiots.
  7. I died! Chileeeeee
  8. The state of the Executive Branch is in shambles and I'm annoyed that nobody is holding the idiots that voted for him accountable. They keep running to "Trump Country" for puff pieces and their opinions as if they know anything meaningful about the legislation their Fuhrer is trying to ram down our throats. I'm over it.
  9. *sigh* if only McGinty or Feingold had won their respective races. f**k John McCain. Speaking of the "broken institutions of today" while he returned from getting top tier government healthcare to vote to begin the process to strip it from millions of Americans. He complains about how partisan things have become while his party (with HIS vote) forced a bill that no one knows the contents of through to debate with no bipartisan support. I hope he enjoys his podium of worthless platitudes while it lasts.
  10. Trump's first six-month approval rating (36%) is the lowest ever recorded.
  11. Rep. Jacky Rosen (D-NV) is officially running for the Senate seat in Nevada currently held by Dean Heller for 2018 and has the full Harry Reid machine behind her. He apparently asked her to run. She also already has the endorsement of Sen. Cortez-Masto who won Reid's seat last year. She just won a Congressional seat in a Trump district last year and Heller is extremely vulnerable due to his stance on Trumpcare. He risks alienating the Trump base but if he supports it he could lose moderates and independents in a state that is evenly divided by party affiliation. He only won his election in 2012 by 1 point and the option "None of these Candidates" (an option exclusive to Nevada) received more votes than the difference between him and his Democratic opponent.
  12. White male privilege is so real. I could only imagine the racial epithets and thinly veiled dog whistles coming from the right if Obama posted such a thing. He is utter trash! Girl please.....
  13. Trump is such a petty, vindictive, feral pig. Like.... 8 months later and I still can't believe people hated Obama and/or Hillary that much that they'd vote for this trash. He is an embarrassment. And I can't say this enough but f*ck Bernie Sanders. He can run around making excuses for the racists that voted for Trump and blaming blacks, women, and other minorities for "identity politics" on someone else's dime. I wish the Democratic party would stop complying with him. He lost the primary by large margins. Democrats do not want him. I don't care how vocal his Tumblr supporters are and how many YouTube and HuffPo comments sections they flood.
  14. I'm just over all of it. I'm tired.
  15. There are still mail-in ballots to be counted! Those votes tend to skew in favor of the Democrats. It is not over.