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  1. I'm just over all of it. I'm tired.
  2. There are still mail-in ballots to be counted! Those votes tend to skew in favor of the Democrats. It is not over.
  3. Some precincts here in Georgia are reporting lines up to three times as long as the lines during Election Day for President. Lawd! I'm so nervous!
  4. Gingrich, of course, was Speaker when the House impeached Bill Clinton. One of the impeachment articles was for obstruction of justice. Newt is on the record as voting for it:
  5. GOP operatives say GA-06 House race trending away from Handel. No wonder she's sending fake packages to herself and her neighbors to rally up the "Liberals are evil" vote.
  6. Attending a GOTV Rally for Jon Ossoff tomorrow. If we lose this it will really hurt unlike the other special elections. I will be canvassing all weekend as well.
  7. LOL at Trump's disapproval ratings. He is truly the equivalent of a bull in a china shop.
  8. He was able to challenge Northam's positions without tearing him down and putting him through a purity test. Go figure. I predict Northam takes this comfortably. There is no enthusiasm for Gillespie and he almost lost to the racist Stewart who has spent half the campaign playing dress up at Antebellum-era themed balls. The NOVA voters in Arlington, Fairfax, Loudon, and Prince William counties have turned hard against the Republicans. Virginia is a blue state on the gubernatorial and presidential level at this point. ETA: I'm not shedding any tears for Steve "David Duke without the baggage" Scalise.
  9. I hope Gillibrand and Harris run. Warren is too partisan and polarizing. I think the GOP are actually hoping she'll be the nominee.
  10. Handel's main points were so weak. She spent the whole time calling him a Nancy Pelosi puppet like she isn't a partisan hack her damn self. loved when Ossoff called her to the carpet about her hypocrisy on the Syria strikes. Your national security stances shouldn't change based on who the President is.
  11. Why is the right so violent? Gianforte is a thug and should be arrested.
  12. Biden needs to sit down. I know folks have been swooning over him as VP but he has baggage that I don't feel like hearing about. Especially with the extreme left purists who are going to be going on and on about he's not a real progressive. I don't feel like hearing stuff about Anita Hill and the 1994 Crime Bill in the next cycle.
  13. I'm here for it. Currently watching classic Grey's on Netflix. If it can give me that I am all in.
  14. Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL) to retire from Congress at the end of her term. She represents a district in Southeast Florida that went for Hillary Clinton by more than 20 points over Donald Trump. The biggest Hillary margin for any Republican held congressional seat.
  15. Bernie is and continues to be such a demagogue. Phony ass.