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  1. Yes, but on the other photo... (They added a couple of pics to their post).
  2. Right, that is Lorraine Broderick, longtime AMC headwriter & Nixon's protege. Also like you mentioned, Darnell Williams and Kim Delaney from the left. The next two women, I don't recognize (EDIT: On second look, the one on the left might be Jean Passanante.). Then Broderick, former AMC producer Ginger Smith, Lucci, I *think* that's former Associate Headwriter Fred Johnson, then former EP / actress / director Francesca James.
  3. Princi was so good as Dorian, that some diehard Strasser fans tar & feather her with phony criticism over it. She became better and better in the role each day she played it. Some of her best performances happened after she knew she was being let go (anyone else remember her Dorian throwing a drink in Viki's face?). This made it especially jarring when Strasser came back with a country-signer hairdo and a complete shift to scenery-chewing, "comedic" scenes of Dorian making trouble for Viki and Sloan. The Cramer abuse storyline (which would later be revisited quite well with Strasser under Claire Labine as headwriter) originated with Princi - who was mesmerizing in her scenes with Mia Korf's Blair. It was Princi who essentially defined the character's childhood pain that translated to her sometimes-ruthless strength in adulthood. The story occurred in her final year as Dorian, and I thought to myself that, with that storyline, her mark on the role was permanent. So I, like I think many other fans, was blown away by her sudden dismissal in favor of Strasser. At the time, Strasser was thisclose to joining GL as Alexandra Spaulding (which ultimately went to Marj Dusay). But before she did, she went to OLTL to see if they would give be interested enough to give her a better deal. Then-EP Linda Gottlieb was game. It did show that Strasser was indeed a smart business woman, her realizing that OLTL would want her more with the idea someone else could have her. I always wonder how Dorian would have evolved had Princi continued in the role. She certainly deserved a bigger slice of the storyline pie than she had - something that Strasser was effective at obtaining. I think Princi was just more of a straight-forward, no-nonsense actress - not a great self-promoter, nor a business woman. To me, that's where Strasser excelled. There's nothing wrong with that. I like her. But it is disappointing to see Dorian become some poor attempt at a daily comedy skit - something that would never happen with Princi in the role.
  4. Wendy Riche was not on board with Anna being in Pine Valley. Let's just say there was some internal conflict in ABCD at the time. She and Jean Dadario Burke were definitely not on the same page.
  5. Camille's mother was named Joy - an old flame of Adam's. She somehow died back in Pigeon Hollow, and for some reason, Lee Hawkins - her widower - balmed Adam. Camille, Joy & Lee's daughter - and apparently a dead ringer for her late mom - initially bought into her dad's version of events. So she helped gaslight Adam by floating around the Chandler mansion pretending to be her mom's ghost. Tad investigated, meets Camille, boredom follows... Meanwhile, Lee broadened his revenge plot and attempted to kill Adam's daughter, Haley, by blowing up her apartment (note: Megan McTavish loves to write bombs - which is ironic since most of her storylines, well, you know...) And please don't ask how Lee Hawkins implemented his plan, because that part is glossed right over... just assume he's an expert at this... and with poison tattoos. Anyway, in the weirdest depiction of an explosion I'd ever seen, Haley & Mateo's apartment, while they slept, had its walls mildly shake while several fog machines filled their living room with steam. Cue chaos and Mateo has a head injury, putting him in a coma. After he awakens from the coma, he soon discovers he has psychic dreams (earning him the soap message board name of "Comateo"). While he was able to foresee several pending calamities in Pine Valley, ironically he was unable to predict the disastrous remainder of McTavish's 1998 writing stint.
  6. Savage played Gwyn for two years. She was let go in favor of Tudor coming back to the role. I think Savage was quite a good recast, but while she was definitely adept at playing up the campy / catty / ruthless traits of Gwyneth, she ultimately lacked Tudor's levels of depth and sophistication. I recall Leslie Deniston also being toward the end of Tudor's first stint, maybe a few months before Tatum. You'd never mistake her for the character visually or through mannerisms. Save for her shorter hair (at the time), Tatum looked & spoke much like Tudor. Denniston was good for a temp, but seemed a little more like an older version of Ava than she did Gwyneth. Her stay was very, very brief, though - maybe just a couple of days.
  7. John, I watched Loving daily for pretty much its entire run. I know for sure Tatum didn't come back in 1991, that she only subbed the one stint in '89. Chip Albers evidently isn't (at least not correctly, even if he thinks he is) posting his scenes as Curtis in chronological order. The medical reason DC just re-posted totally rings a bell. Tudor left the show at the end of her contract not long at all after she came back from that temporary leave, and that's when Savage took over as Gwen. I recall that rotation of Gwens caught me off guard!
  8. Her IMDb is currently just reading a general "1989" for Loving - http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0851367/?ref_=fn_al_nm_1 It was probably mistaken before, and got corrected. It happens.
  9. You're right, Tudor did return in 1991. Marianne Tatum's temp stint as Gwen was in 1989. Whoever made the comment about December of 1990 is just incorrect about the date of the clip (especially since Savage was playing the role at that time). I guess the clips might not be uploaded as chronologically as they think they are. ;-)
  10. Actually, Tatum stepped in sometime around Tudor's first exit. I can't remember if she was a stop-gap temp between Tudor and Elizabeth Savage (or if Tudor was sidelined and came back to wrap up). But I do recall for sure that she was definitely before Savage took over as Gwen.
  11. I remember that the auditions for Kendall were actually taking place in late Summer of 2001, many months before the character would make it to screen in January 2002. Assuming it's around the same time, Bailess was probably up for the recast Marah Lewis on GL, replacing Laura Bell Bundy. (She certainly looks the part.) We know of course that role went to Lindsey McKeon, who debuted in November of 2001 - so the timing makes sense.
  12. Thanks, friend. And yes, Marj is my most vivid "Bistro memory!" I couldn't tell you for sure which other actors were in there with us... except for Finola Hughes. I think she was there, too.
  13. There were two Super Soap Weekends at Disney California. I covered them both for Soap Opera Digest / Weekly. The first year, the Bistro was open and they had some of the soap stars mingling with fans eating there. (I was lucky enough to run into & have lunch with one of my favorite people, Marj Dusay... I have to mention her, because she's one of the nicest, most warm & endearing people I'd ever met in the soap industry.) The second year, I took my then-new boyfriend / now-partner / soon-to-be husband along. It was a lot of fun for him AND me, because he had become such an unexpected fan of AMC & OLTL, and I got to see sort of a star-struck reaction through his eyes... BUT... I was bummed to see the Bistro had since closed.
  14. 1988 was an off-year for pretty much all the soaps, as that was the year of the WGA strike. I say "the," because it really felt like the longest, most painful one I can remember! ETA: It was the longest ever writers' strike. I just looked it up. It ran from March through August, which likely negated everything we saw on-screen from mid-Spring until well into the Fall...
  15. OLTL - Antonio Vega the second he was inexplicably paired with Jessica... they made each other intolerable, and the fact that two characters are single does not equal "instant chemistry" (AMC's Ryan & Greenlee, anyone?) - I know, that was Frons logic. With the exception of Eddie Ford, a creepy villain I liked torturing people, and his "secret bitch" ex-wife, I couldn't stand the Ford invasion. The sons were irritating. But nothing was worse than James Ford. Selling him & Starr as a couple? Nic Robuck just could not play it straight. Many can (see John Wesley Shipp as Eddie), but not him. And those bumper promos of a greased up James working under a car's hood? About as believable as the porn storyline it resembled. Other Fast-forward worthy mentions: Melanie MacIver, Vanessa Montez, Tico Santi, the third Paige, Donn Jeffcoat's Joey, and Krista Tesreau's woefully miscast (but thankfully short-lived) version of Tina. AMC - The second-coming of Ryan Lavery. AMC just kept trying everything, all the while insisting to viewers that everything he did was popular and that we just weren't seeing it - no exception was his chemistry-free pairing with Greenlee. From amnesia to milfs, from fight clubs to thongs, nothing ever, ever really worked. Also FFW material: Ava Benton, Juan Pablo / Juan Carlos / Jean Luc, etc, Greg Madden, Josh Madden (the insulting plot being the major reason), Krystal Carey - moreso after her pairing with Adam, Raquel Santos #1, Camille Hawkins, Lee Hawkins, Jim Thomason #2, Finally, I'm surprised to not see her already mentioned here: "TKFP" - Kit Fischer, aka Christine Montgomery, as played by the astonishingly devoid of any personality Paige Rowland.