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  1. Yep. And it's just hard watching something you love die. That's all.
  2. OFF TOPIC BUT... if you didn't watch the show you'd think the only four actors worth a damn are Peter Bergman, Christian LeBlanc, Michelle Stafford, and Greg Rikaart. What about Thomas Scott, Davidson (both), Cast, Walton, Rowell, Williams, Braeden, Case, etc.? Not even a mention.
  3. I am incoherent right now, so bare with me. But characters still disappear for months: Nina, Nikki, Olivia, Amber & Daniel haven't really been on this year, Malcolm, Jill (still to some extent), etc etc etc And there is a basis in reality now with MAB?!!!!!! Alistair, Emily/Patty, Jana and Lauren in a cage, Sheila's kids with Tom, Ashley's "pregnancy", Jana's headaches, klepto one day then not the next Sharon, everything Kevin. Just scratching the surface here, you get the point! Come on! Yes, I know LML killed John, made Glo a saint, and no one acted right... but what about the state of the characters now? Respect for history (ahem, Brad, Traci's only daughter, and maybe Adam) Sharon, Ashley, Kevin - to name a few... major trauma and then NOTHING. LML and MAB neither are worth a damn, it's all agendas and plot plot plot. And maybe it's because I suffered through LML and saw hope for a second, but this seems worse. Both SUCK but I'm telling you, I can't put it in to words... it just seems worse now with MAB. +1
  4. Do you think Nikki would be in better hands under MAB if she tried to write for her? I think the actors have saved both LML and MAB's asses on a daily basis. Jeanne and Michael Fairman made a weak story wonderful and brought MAB tons of goodwill (albeit briefly).
  5. Another thing, say what you will about LML - I never missed a show. I was livid, but loyal. I have become a FF fiend and skip regularly now under MAB. Agree w/ DeeeDee that MAB's start was better, but now with the people she's brought in... AWFUL. This is not Y&R.
  6. They are both heinous, but at least LML tried to write for my beloved Nikki. Women are a joke under MAB.
  7. I'm so scared that this is the end of Jill. Why can't they just give Gloria a frontburner story? We all thought her front and center in '07-'08 was hell - speaking for her, and LML frankly, it is clear the devil you know is better than the devil you don't.
  8. Is there anyway we can have John wake up in jail and the past several years have all been a really bad dream? I HATE THIS SHOW RIGHT NOW. HAAAAATE. I'd cut Amber, Cane, JT, Mackenzie, Daniel, Phyllis, Eden, Daisy, and Jana. Recast Victoria, Malcolm, and Lily. Back from the dead Dru, John, Brad, Adam (2 of these 4 aren't even dead)... But even if they did all of those things, the writing would still SUCK. I feel so badly for the pros in this cast. Awful.
  9. I believe it. You only need to watch 3 mins of the show for it to be clear that he HATES women.
  10. Go to bed, but next time you run into Ilene Kristen at the studio send her love on behalf of the SON family.
  11. So true. She'd be ROWELLed. We'd hear words like "uppity."
  12. Are Eric & Linda still at Y&R? Amanda L. Beall seems to be missing as of late, as well...
  13. This would be WONDERFUL. I love Cosgrove & OLTL!!! Please somebody make this happen!!!!