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  1. For all her lack of self-awareness, I think Bethenny must have known if she'd supported Trump her business ventures would have been destroyed. A lot of people will never forgive that type of vote, probably in New York least of all.
  2. A thread for people who want to talk about the 90-91 series, the film, the tie-in books, and in time, the 2016 revival. I have some articles here and there that I don't think I've ever put here. Now I have an excuse. June 16, 1990 Soap Opera Weekly
  3. I have a feeling that her kids would have found out but I'm not sure Laurel and Arthur would have realized as quickly as they did.
  4. A part of me still thinks they should get rid of Home Farm, although obviously they won't.
  5. Chrissie hasn't left, I don't believe. I think Kasim was likely always intended to be a short term character. I think at the time his story aired Emma wasn't going anywhere - that changed when Gillian Kearney decided to leave.
  6. I thought the Sally and Macy scenes were very beautifully done - it was obvious that Bill Bell had a lot of respect for Darlene Conley. As much as I enjoyed the Sally campery, this more classic, women's picture-esque Sally had so much heart and Conley always played it with such pathos. I sometimes forget how well Bobbie and Darlene worked together. Lauren Koslow is also making the most out of B-material, as she often did. I can't remember how much longer Margo was around after this. The whole Kristen and Jeff Conaway thing is odd.
  7. I put the next B&B episode in the classic thread.

  8. I always thought they had a lot of potential as a couple. Unfortunately the way that it was done left a bad taste in my mouth. I also wonder if the show was afraid of upsetting Cain and Moira fans (it's alright for men to move on...women are stoned in the street). I wish they'd gone with that over the Leyla/Pete/Priya story, which has been rushed and poorly developed. It makes sense for Priya to act this way but it hasn't really been built up. Pete being made into a walking hardon has never made much sense to me. I will say Anthony Quinlan looks very good half-naked. Pete and Priya have no chemistry. None. Pete and Leyla could have if it had been developed, but it wasn't.
  9. He lost interest after he finally slept with her. That mostly just seemed to pop up for a pregnancy story, which I think is finally starting soon.
  10. I can't think of anything Oates did that made the show any better - to me the show at the end of her tenure (late 2015/early 2016) is the worst it's ever been. I would have quit watching if she'd stayed. I haven't had a ton of interest in the Rhona story but I don't think it's the same as the Aaron and Robert rape storyline. There was a support system for Rhona throughout the plot and Paddy was not heavily involved until recently, whereas Robert was made the nearly sole focus of Aaron's sexual abuse. They also had Robert doubt that Aaron had been sexually abused and confront him, which disgusted me and has disgusted me ever since. Paddy hasn't done that. And it looks like they are still going to be dragging this reunion out for a while ( ), so it hasn't been the main thrust of the story. I feel like most of it has been about Rhona. The main problem with the show is that they don't ever know how to tell stories. Oates didn't and Macleod doesn't - they just don't know how in different ways. The day-to-day storyline that should build things up is nowhere to be found. We don't see couples built up, they're just thrown together. Stories disappear and reappear. We are mostly just told things and not shown them. Motivations aren't there. Last year it was also very stalled out around this time - it was mainly the Ashley and Holly stories that kept me involved. At present if it's anything it's Emma's story, not much else. But this isn't really new for me with the show. I feel like it's been uneven to poor since about 2010 or 2011, which is why I quit for years. Sometimes I wish I hadn't come back, but I genuinely like most of the characters, and when it's good, it's better by far than anything else on soaps now.
  11. From the July 28, 1987 Digest (S. O. D. Publishing Inc.), photos from the show's 14th anniversary party.
  12. Susan Flannery was luminous for that first 5-10 years. Sometimes I forget how much. I can't remember what Chris Schemering called Stephanie but I think it was something like a sphinx. I know that the family crippled by controlling or cold mother issues wasn't new to Bill Bell, as Jennifer Brooks had some of the same plots, but Flannery raised it to an artform, and it helped that in the early years she did have different relationships with her children and they weren't only focused on her obsessing over Ridge. Bell's very on-the-nose dialogue always entertains me, and it does here in particular with the Eric/Brooke scenes (and Donna calling Stephanie "the wicked witch").
  13. Pathetic. http://www.politico.com/story/2017/08/22/louise-linton-instagram-post-steven-mnuchin-241893
  14. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2017/aug/21/missouri-fast-food-workers-better-pay-popeyes-economics
  15. It's hard to believe Teri Ann Linn had been in the role for over two years at this point as she still seems green, although she does have a lot of poise and beauty.
  16. Oh this must have been one of Felicia's first episodes. I'm glad I got to see it. Colleen Dion always cut through a lot of the gauze for me.
  17. I was trying to remember the people I thought might enjoy this so I hope you do. The person who gave it to me said they had a few more from this week. I'll share when if they do.
  18. @YRBB @soapfan770 @Elsa @YRfan23 @DeeeDee @Nothin'ButAttitude @DaytimeFan
  19. There have also been several drone crashes in Turkey and I think half of what we use there is now damaged. I'm not sure. I really do wonder if someone is hacking these tech systems and we just don't have the capability now to even be able to figure it out.
  20. Supposedly he wanted to pull out of Afghanistan. I guess we'll see. I can't help being very nervous about this eclipse tomorrow with North Korea again threatening the US due to the upcoming war games. I'm not sure what's going on with our ships, as today was the fourth time this year that a warship has had a collision in Asian waters, with two of the ships equipped with Aegis missile defense systems now out of commission. I can't help wondering if North Korea or Russia or someone else has used technology to help disable us at a time when there could be an attack at any moment.
  21. It's about the same for me as usual, which is mostly uneven, sometimes good, mostly a slog. I don't really post here much as I know most here don't talk about it. I did enjoy that the show remembered Leyla and Doug were once very close. And the Cain and Rhona scene was amusing. And Anthony Quinlan looks gorgeous half-naked. That's about it. I've found a few more '80s episodes. I'm not sure I'll post much as I don't really want to cut off anyone's access but I will be putting up a few more over time. One was the 1984 Christmas panto.
  22. I saw that Joss Whedon was trending on Twitter and not for a reason I expected...

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    2. Taoboi


      JW had affairs? Uh...


      Well tbf JW did the first two Avengers movies, too so there's that.


      Not sure how I feel about the ex-wife. Interesting timing given how he's been going off on Trump over the last year. Payback...?

    3. te.


      Eh, JW having affairs was rumoured WAY before that - like late 90/early 00's.


      I'm more surprised that it took this long for someone to call him out.

    4. Taoboi


      Oh...back before I got into the internet. Got it. ;P