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  1. A thread for people who want to talk about the 90-91 series, the film, the tie-in books, and in time, the 2016 revival. I have some articles here and there that I don't think I've ever put here. Now I have an excuse. June 16, 1990 Soap Opera Weekly
  2. It was definitely a fascinating episode. I read some NYT article about it being "arthouse television" and how this is a struggle for television. I got what they meant, as this really wasn't like anything I've seen on TV in a long time as it really "went there," rather than just play-acting like an indulged child. But I hope it will serve as a boundary-breaker regardless of the ratings because I think with everything going to hell we really need TV to start speaking up more and taking more risks the way it did in the '70s and '80s.
  3. It would be interesting to see Johnny's cowardice finally go somewhere but it's always just a plot point. Hell at this point a Johnny/Derek relationship would be more interesting than most of the show. I imagine we are still supposed to feel for Keegan in all this.
  4. That wouldn't be too bad, although I'm not sure whether there's a point to Mackenzie with Jeanne and Beau gone.
  5. From the July 28, 1987 Digest (S. O. D. Publishing Inc.), photos from the show's 14th anniversary party.
  6. The Real Hayden!
  7. Victoria was mostly written as an aimless bitch in these years. It seemed to take Heather Tom leaving and returning to kick the story into another gear. It seemed like months on end of her bitching about Cole's book editor. I do remember one odd but moving scene around Christmas 1996 where she asked Cole to teach her how to pray. I think that Nikki/Brad started sometime in summer 1995. The other thing I noticed in this episode was that arch Bill Bell style dialogue that always stopped some of the more elite critics from enjoying Y&R. You can really feel it in the Phyllis/Joni scenes (there's a weird and hilarious bit where she refers to Christine as Danny's "ex-lady"). The padded out conversation where Paul is SHOCKED that Christine and the police think someone deliberately ran him over is also amusing.
  8. Maybe they can recast Hayden with Sabine Sligh. I don't remember them having much connection, as I think it was Agnes who brought her into AMC.
  9. I wish you and your family the best.
  10. @YRfan23 thank you for finding that. I watched the whole thing and got a lot of flashbacks to that time period. Phyllis became so tiresome in later years that sometimes I forget what a breath of fresh air she was back then, especially since Christine was a long-established saint by this time and Danny was a prissy, self-satisfied prick. That moment where you see the pleasantries drop as she sourly says "bitch" after leaving the office is a classic - that perfect queasy blend of camp and bile and cold malice of early Phyllis. I don't remember this Joni. How long did she last? She seems a bit golly gee for the part - like one of Brooke's pointless sisters on B&B. She also looks like Florencia Lozano from OLTL. Nikki was insufferable at this time - I think this was also when we never saw her leave the ranch for years. A lot of fun though, especially her bitching session with Victoria about Sharon. I had to laugh at her asking Cole's advice about Nick and Sharon even though he had nothing to do with it and nothing of value to offer, as he told her himself. At the time I thought she was just sniffing around hoping he might give her a good time. I always liked Traci but sometimes I forget just how fickle and defensive she could be. Steve was a boring man but no one who filled out a pair of jeans the way he did would put up with that behavior for long. Josh Morrow looked so young then. He really grew into his looks by the end of the decade. In that sense it was good casting. I wish he'd grown a bit more in talent...
  11. I was talking about one of her interviews after David Tom was hired where she basically just seemed to want to make it all about Miller. I thought it was unprofessional, the tone of it. I was never a huge David Tom fan myself but I thought he deserved more respect than that. I don't blame her for his failure, but I do think if they are on the third unpopular actor in a pairing with her then something has to be laid at her feet.
  12. I think YRfan23 meant people with actual writing talent.
  13. No comparison to David Tom? Maybe Heinle would have burst a blood vessel.
  14. That's a shame. Not that I can blame you. I think they won't really get the boost they may expect.
  15. Billy has never worked as an adult character (to me anyway). I'm not surprised they are yet again struggling with him. As for Burton - I wonder if this is ABC more than Valentini as Valentini seemed to want rid of him. Maybe Filler Miller's going to go be a big star like I seem to remember some out there repeatedly insisting was going to happen?
  16. I know a lot of this is already out there, but since I was mostly posting old articles in the cancelled soaps section I thought I might start posting some stuff on the current soaps here, just under different threads for each soap. If you're interested in this, let me know, and I'll post more, or someone who has a lot of good stuff can post more. This is from the July 1976 Afternoon TV Stars. Lorelei Publishing Inc
  17. Billy was offcamera for months, just popping up briefly. Supposedly if he'd died it would have been in May. But Scott Maslen supposedly wanted nothing to do with this storyline because he felt Jack would not sleep with another woman so soon after Ronnie's death. A BBC executive intervened and Scott went on a break for several months (which is why Jack was barely shown for a while). They gave Perry a reprieve, although I wonder if something is still up in the air as last month he said he had no idea if he was going to be kept on the show. We have seen him again more recently with the unveiling of Coker and Mitchell, but he is still being written as a screwup, and they also started randomly writing Honey as very unpleasant, so I'm not sure if SOC was bitter, or still planning something, or what. Perry is one of the show's most underrated actors so I hope they keep him around.
  18. There have been some really odd stories going around about the outgoing EE producer. One that the man who plays Phil has been off for months mostly because he didn't want to return until SOC was gone. Another is that he walked after a woman (some say the woman who plays Jane) shouting "Lady! Lady!" to try to stop her from making a complaint. Another is he fired the guy who plays Billy and was going to have Billy die and Jack and Honey in an affair, but the Jack actor refused to play it.
  19. It was the origin story of most of the mystical elements of the show. I would have trimmed a few bits but for the most part I wouldn't say it was a waste of time at all. I thought the scene with the woman looking at the orb of Laura was truly beautiful, and I'm glad at where the narrative seems to be going with Laura (a symbol of strength and hope). I also thought the scene where the shadow figures devoured/rebirthed doppelganger Coop was brilliant and chilling. I did get a good laugh at the arbiters of taste at E! Online saying NOW they can say the show is bad, and they still just want to hear about Audrey. Honestly if I was a pettier person than I already am these fans would make me hate Audrey. I'm just over hearing about these fan fiction fantasies.
  20. I'm nearly done with the Secret History of Twin Peaks book (I enjoyed it more than I thought I would, especially once it gets going). It's kind of sad that what was likely written at the time as a cute joke (Lana Milford dating Trump) now made me feel anger at having to see him mentioned, even obliquely.
  21. So much for Europe showing us who's boss in protecting the environment. There have been so many insane things going on that people never really had time to laugh at just how ludicrous him being in the peace process was. I actually didn't even think he would have any meetings with them and it was just fake job title. Clearly he would have been better off keeping it fake.
  22. NBC seemed to have a lot of backstage issues for years and years before it ended. In some ways it's amazing the show lasted as long as it did, especially since it was nearly canceled several times (I think it went down to the wire in 1993). Anyway, I was watching this old commercial and there's Russell Todd right at the start, I guess during his WTBA days. He's more animated here than he was during his entire AW run. The thing with Passions is the advertising didn't mention any of the supernatural elements so clearly NBC had some doubts. I don't think it would have been a hit even without that as soaps were just on the wane, period, but that and the Diana thing was a bizarre way to start a show. I also think NBC, intentionally or not, made a big mistake in essentially pitting AW and Sunset Beach fans against each other and acting like only one could survive when they knew they were canceling both shows all along. It just made two very different fan groups less likely to watch.