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  1. A thread for people who want to talk about the 90-91 series, the film, the tie-in books, and in time, the 2016 revival. I have some articles here and there that I don't think I've ever put here. Now I have an excuse. June 16, 1990 Soap Opera Weekly
  2. From the July 28, 1987 Digest (S. O. D. Publishing Inc.), photos from the show's 14th anniversary party.
  3. Short term ratings boost timed with Alison's return? I'm not too surprised if he doesn't want to stay around long, given his issues with the show.
  4. The episode where she remembered his abuse I thought was very powerful (especially the scenes where she went back to their old house, I believe) but you could tell - even then - that it had nothing to do with Roseanne Connor. That Roseanne Connor didn't really exist anymore. Rosanne was never an actress, per se, but she had a naturalness about her that went away when she started using the show as a platform and as therapy. I remember episodes like the one where she became addicted to bingo and started dressing like all the other ladies at bingo until Dan and the kids kidnapped her at the end of the episode. It was ridiculous but also hilarious. In later years she probably would have punched someone out.
  5. I thought this was a pretty good article. It also talks a lot about Lynch's more recent films. http://www.vulture.com/2017/05/twin-peaks-is-not-the-show-weve-convinced-ourselves-it-was.html
  6. California showing why things with the Democrats never change. http://www.politico.com/states/california/story/2017/05/21/democratic-divides-on-display-as-bauman-wins-california-party-chairmanship-112220
  7. He did get better later on I just couldn't resist.
  8. Some might say he never started...
  9. I see people in that TV Line article going on and on about some blind item it matches about a show that wouldn't be any good. Do you think that's it? I'd think Showtime is giving it a fair amount of hype for a show that they don't think is any good. It sounds to me like there's all kinds of personal baggage in the review. Seeing him talk about how he BEGGED Frost to make sure the show goes a certain way is never a good start. Maybe he would have been better off not watching.
  10. The whole story where they were so adamant about Jackie and Fisher breaking up and Fisher not being involved in his child's life was one of the main reasons I quit watching. The character became completely vile. Most of them did. The sad truth is that I think I really enjoyed the version of the show that Roseanne likely looks back on with contempt - the years with Crystal, when she was working at the factory, the food court, etc.
  11. What I meant was we need their money.
  12. I don't know if it's true but I remember some fans speculating that Corday has issues with him going back to when he was one of the lynchpins of the show (the early '90s), which was also around the time he tried to replace Jack with Hawk as Jennifer's love interest.
  13. Not that hard to figure out. $$$$$.
  14. Clearly ABC is desperate enough. There is a UK version of this on Youtube if anyone wants to see it. It has the legendary Honor Blackman in the Mona role.
  15. I wonder how the Vatican feels about adultery... http://www.politico.com/story/2017/05/19/callista-gingrich-vatican-ambassadorship-trump-nominates-238629
  16. That random shot of Rosemary Prinz dancing cracks me up.
  17. When I tried to play it on the site it just ended up automatically downloading for me.
  18. There's another episode in the link. It looks like it downloads to the computer though rather than you watching. What I can do later is upload it on Youtube unlisted if you want to see it and not have to download it.
  19. http://www.kiss925.com/audio/roz-mocha-welcome-ika-kevin-big-brother-canada/
  20. I think he could have mostly because he was very in-your-face, which is what a lot of voters seemed to want this time around, but you never know.
  21. Jon really did implode this season. I liked him so much in season 2. I was wrong.