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  1. saynotoursoap, when he posted here, said he felt Aniston was awful on SFT and on LOL, I believe.
  2. Apparently it's always been that way but the episodes I watched (that were from around 2007-2008) were pretty decent. I'm not sure what it's like now.
  3. Per AWHP Sheri Anderson was HW from February-April 1988 (when the strike hit). I guess it must have been her idea. They said Sharlene returned to get Josie away from a bad crowd in Chadwell.
  4. The Dutch boy was one of the worst haircuts I've seen on any soap...I think she chopped or changed it again right before leaving and it was a bit better. The pixie hair she said in one interview made people repeatedly ask if she was a lesbian, to the point where she began to wonder herself.
  5. Oh look, another broken Trump promise for the far right (and the far left). http://www.politico.com/story/2017/04/26/trump-nafta-withdrawal-mexico-canada-237670
  6. I think some are part-English, some not at all. I think there are subtitles. I'm not sure. You can find many current episodes of Generations and Isidingo on Youtube, along with other soaps. One channel that has soap episodes is called you belong (I think).
  7. I really really really wish Anne Heche had been around long enough to play the scene where Marley learned Paulina shot Jake, but still, Jensen is alright. Beautifully written scenes here, so rich - great stuff. AW was such a unique soap. I'm always going to feel like it was a part of me.
  8. True. It's a certain view I think from some in the party that they will get all the votes of non-white voters so they don't have to make an effort. As long as that continues they will lose.
  9. It's not irrational at all. It's the truth. Howarth was smart to keep his stomach nice and toned all these years (apparently in lieu of acting classes) as that is likely the main reason he's still there. I imagine Ron may be writing a DAYS scene even now about hating fat-asses.
  10. I don't think they can find another Obama just as they never found another Bill Clinton - it's once in a generation, or several generations. I'd say the best thing they can do is to stop the infighting, stop the purity contests (if possible), focus more on face-to-face meeting and building up, less on demographics and micro-targeting. Less on the idea that everything is going to go their way because it's supposed to (because of Republicans going too far, or demographics). And I think Obama has the best idea in working against gerrymandering. I'd say there needs to be a lot more time spent on judicial elections too.
  11. Given what a talentless hack Sheffer was, her death would have been handled even worse.
  12. The problem isn't individual members or efforts as much as it's the party as a whole. I think they have mostly coalesced around "Trump sucks," which he does, but I'm not sure what's underneath. It will take time to build, and I think people at a local level will try to build it, but I don't have any real faith in those up top. I'm wary of how much hasn't changed - there's still overemphasis on special elections that are very difficult to win (which means when Democrats inevitably lose, people are crushed and demoralized). There are still purity contests and proxy wars. People are still fighting shadow puppets over Bernie vs Hillary. Democrats in Congress are standing up to Trump, which is a lot better than where they were in W's first years in office, but I'm not sure how much is posturing and how serious it would be if he actually had a bargaining position they would work with. Right now the whole party rests on Trump being loathed and feared. Once that is gone, the house of cards collapses.