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    I said that I thought the debate mattered in that Hillary didn't hurt herself. That's a big deal, because a lot of people were waiting for her to fall into their Al Gore trap. I said I didn't think it mattered otherwise because I don't think it does. Trump says and does insane things and acts like an !@#$%^&*] and it rarely matters. The election will be close and hopefully she'll win.
    I think she and her team have done a good job with post-debate spin, and I don't blame them for things like blowhard Howard Dean going around talking about Trump and coke and feeding into the "both sides do it" narrative and having Hillary's concern troll Axelrod pop up to further push that narrative and say that Dean = Trump. That type of stuff distracts and hurts her and is another reason why Democrats seem to have no real idea about messaging. 
    Hopefully the polls will show an uptick for her, and the next debate won't be pushed as a Trump comeback. In terms of being positive about the debate, I can't claim I am when I don't think it will change any of the core issues in the race. She did well and avoided damage, which was the best case scenario. 
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    I'm sure there is a lot of enthusiasm. The reason I posted the article is because I know there's been discussion about how much there is and as I generally trust Politico even if I don't agree with them (that and TPM are the only political sites I read) I thought it was an interesting read, because I've felt a lot of apathy out there with people I know (not a lot who talk about politics, I'll admit), and I wondered if it's a problem for the campaign, even among voters who feel Trump is targeting them. I wasn't trying to say all black voters aren't enthusiastic and I'm sorry if I did. 
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    I'm glad, even if the shows didn't work out, she got one more chance at making an AMC (and to a point OLTL as I know she hadn't had as many ties to that show in recent years) of her creation.
    She was a wonderful talent, she changed not only daytime, but television as a whole. She was a fascinating writer, and by all accounts a very kind woman as well. 
    I don't know how different all our lives might have been without her work. 
    I imagine she and Irna and Bill Bell and Ted and Betty Corday and so many others are having a catch-up right about now...
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    I know what you mean, but it was about various groups in Florida (not just black voters), and had several different quotes (not Nina Turner), which is why I posted it. It wasn't some attempt on my part to say black voters don't care about supporting HIllary Clinton.
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    Democrats worried about lack of enthusiasm for Clinton among minority voters in Florida.
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    I already asked about James in the ED thread, so anyway, another question - what do you think of Jack's niece? She reminds me of one of those Loose Women presenters....pairing her with that Liam is odd but I guess the show is trying to make them happen. 
    I'm glad that even after all these years Jack continues to have random relatives popping into the village. 
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    She's never been on there (I don't think), she's just a Corrie "type." They've been popping up lately - the arson inspector (I liked him), the guard at the prison when David visited Frank. People keep saying Macleod wants this to be Hollyoaks or Neighbours or whatever, but I get more Corrie vibes in these types of moments. 
    I hadn't thought of Lydia in a while but I always remember the name. I guess you bringing up Zoe Lister in the HO thread reminded me as well. 
    I kind of wish they'd bring up Amy's attempts at an abortion but I guess no one in the village now even remembers that, and it wouldn't make any sense for Kerry or Joanie to know about it or mention it. 
    Speaking of HO, what do you think of the James abuse story? You can just reply in that thread if you want. I've seen a bit and it seems rushed to me and I'm so tired of gay men needing to have a history of abuse. 
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    I think Jimmy and Nicola have been put into such a comedy slot the show is reluctant to ever take them out. I guess at least they had some dramatic material for about 2-3 weeks. In this case I could understand her anger as he was pretending she was dead. The scenes did make me laugh, although I kind of wish she hadn't let on so quickly. The woman annoyed me though, the Corrie reject. Did you notice her name was Lydia Hart? A Hollyoaks in-joke? 
    I'm glad they've allowed Nicola to continue to have the aftereffects of her injuries for 3-4 months now. That's fairly rare on soaps these days. 
    I wish they would go for Ross/Charity but it seems like it may have just been a feint for Cain's return. Clearly that won't end well, and she will be at a loose end after that. I don't know if they will just go back to Ross/Debbie though. 
    I guess you heard about all the furor from some fans and animal charities over the dog stuff. I don't think it's that big a deal (no one is going to kidnap a dog because of Emmerdale), but I can understand why some aren't thrilled. I just hope it won't lead to even more censorship and fear and OFCOM hysteria, especially after people wet their panties over Nicola and Dan joking about palsy. I even saw someone infuriated that Kerry joked about a diabetic coma. Anyway, I don't really know if anyone writing this has any experience with dogs. Or they were just in full comedy mode. I've heard some fans insist the show wants them to hate Ross and that's why they had him talking about how he was holding 5 dogs up at Wylie's Farm (the most cursed farm on this show - which is saying a lot), but I don't think it's even that deep. Someone just got stupid. 
    Jai and Holly are so sweet. I wish it could actually end happily. 
    Laura Norton and Denise Black really are doing a good job with this pregnancy story. I assume she will back out at the last minute, but if she doesn't and it really does blow up her relationship with Dan that would be good drama and something different. Liam Fox said as much. 
    I tend to laugh at the DS types whining about how Dan and Kerry are unworthy of leading status and should only be given B comedy stories. I'm a lot more invested in this story than I am in most of the "A" material at the moment. 
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    It doesn't really matter what actually happened though, it's about the spin and how the press reacts to it. And they've already been reacting to the camp that said it was all unfair and biased against him.
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    We aren't, and I doubt a lot of people care either way (most already have their minds made up), but the media easily succumbs to pressure, which is what this will be. There will be more of an effort next time to "prove" they are impartial by taking the hammer to Hillary and giving Trump a soft kiss. 
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    It's clever, as it puts more pressure on future moderators to shill. And most of them will. I'm already seeing the spin become CW, from various pundits and political sites, that Trump was unfairly treated and that he got most of the questions, while Hillary didn't have to talk about Benghazi or e-mails, etc. 
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    Hillary took a backseat after the 1993/1994 health care fiasco, so I do wonder how much she was involved with NAFTA, but it's a no-win situation. She can't run on claiming she was the little woman, but I question how much of a role she had in policy after early '94. 
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