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  1. We'll always have this:
  2. Thanks for finding these. Really enjoyed the Ian Buchanan interview and his memories of Miguel Ferrer.
  3. Why did they freak? Were they shocked that someone who can act replaced someone who never could?
  4. One of the stories that the media is hiding while they salivate over Trump - many states are moving forward with plans to push more people off Medicaid: http://talkingpointsmemo.com/dc/medicaid-waivers-trump-hhs
  5. Jan Brewer is pretty horrible (I could say a few more nasty things but will keep it kind), but at least she let Ana Navarro speak... I think everyone knows Trump is a racist or panders heavily to racists. What they didn't expect was that he wouldn't try to hide it. He just puts it all out there. That's very dangerous to America, but it's also telling a truth that America needs to hear about itself and about the party they have put in control of the government. I just wish people realized that the Republicans who are better at speeches and looking concerned are just as racist as he is.
  6. I always liked Alla Korot. Not enough to watch GH again but I wish her luck.
  7. "Use it abuse it or lose it." Ugh - that's why I hate so much of the Beltway media. Even now it's a game to them. What this mindset says is that if Trump can ever not throw [!@#$%^&*] against a fan every few minutes he will be Presidential. I saw that Gingrich and Ari Fleischer were praising Trump, and Fleischer added that there are no "fine" Nazis or white supremacists. What country are we in that we now need someone to remind us that all Nazis are bad...?
  8. The thing is that the media is addicted to "both sides" coverage. That's part of what helped Trump get elected. This is their creation. And honestly I wonder how many in the media secretly agree with him.
  9. http://talkingpointsmemo.com/livewire/national-review-calls-removal-confederate-monuments They've always been more pseudo-intellectual than openly bigoted, but still, didn't think I'd see them say that.
  10. If so, then how sad - the return has done nothing but tarnish Toyah's legacy on the show. I have no real interest in seeing Carla again, especially if it is going to be about Michelle, an unwatchable, unlikeable, failed character. And I'd rather watch Fiz buy a vibrator than ever see Carla with Peter again.
  11. Per IMDB her episodes were October 20, 21 and 27 2004.
  12. Astheworldstillturns has full episodes up from 2004 (when Carmen appeared on ATWT for three episodes). Bandstandmike has full episodes from late 1996 (when Josh Taylor was on GL).
  13. I don't think it helps that Trump chose to bitterly attack the Merck CEO who left. They know that will be them when they leave and they will get nothing in return for staying but abuse. Business thought they could control Trump, Ivanka and Jared thought they could, the GOP thought they could. No one can.