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  1. Between the Joint Chiefs saying they aren't going to change anything about their policies regarding transgender soldiers and all this mess with Lisa Murkowski and also the Senate working to shore up Mueller and Sessions regardless of what Trump wants, I wonder if this is the week where they finally start making him more and more impotent in terms of powers. If it is, then I have a feeling it's going to start something which isn't going to be stopped even after he leaves office. If so I guess those who feel the POTUS has too much power can be pleased.
  2. I know what you mean. I still think they should have tried to bring Matt back a few times (for Dolly's exit, or Joe or Jack passying away) but maybe the actor wouldn't have been interested anyway. I never even knew Matt had scenes with any Tate. A passing of the torch, I suppose. Sad when he said the Sugdens wouldn't even miss him. His goodbye with Annie broke my heart a bit.
  3. The full episode of this is already around, but someone posted a clip of the original broadcast, if you want to see any ads of that era. I know this was still the strike but my goodness what a slog this must have been to watch, aside from the usual classy performances (and getting to ogle Richard Bekins in bondage). I had to laugh at Mac introducing himself as "Mac Cory" on Sandy's answering machine.
  4. For me it's not the stories themselves, but the aftermaths. Delia finally moving on to a new man who wasn't part of her old toxic patterns, a man who is charming and loves her on some level, but is also a user and very weak. She gave her heart to him, and along with her having the Crystal Palace, it was the best chance to develop her away from the same old stories about clinging to the Ryans. Jill finally being forced to face up to her fear of commitment and of just how limited her life with Frank was also had some dramatic value for me, and some lovely work from NAA, who was always better as a flawed figure. Add in Kimbo and it was a recipe for a 1981 I couldn't take,
  5. As long as people keep responding, it will continue to be about that. As much as people claim to hate trolling, they love responding to it.
  6. Some of the Farm-era episodes I wanted to put on Youtube or got requests for were blocked so I have to put them on Dailymotion. Matt Skilbeck exit: Kim debut:
  7. Thanks for finding that. That whole story and his role felt so threadbare I'm not surprised he didn't know much about it. Mark Frost confirms that Carl Rodd was an original Bookhouse Boy. Some photos taken on set in the trailer park/Grand Theft Auto scenes with Madchen and Amanda Seyfried.
  8. Sharon Stone "acting" in a dual role, with Blade Runner music blaring on the soundtrack...also starring the wonderful Carolyn Seymour (sadly not in this clip). '80s TV viewers didn't know how good they had it.
  9. So it looks like part of this was about his pathetic border wall. http://www.politico.com/story/2017/07/26/trump-transgender-military-ban-behind-the-scenes-240990
  10. The part that gets me is that I've seen a number of senators who likely would support this policy (Joni Ernst, McCain, Richard Shelby) having to do a little dance around it because he handled it so terribly. Seeing him repeatedly shooting at the feet of Congress is the only moment of entertainment to get out of anything he does.
  11. Most of them never cared anyway as most of them are white and in a bubble. They will only care if they're poor and their benefit checks stop.
  12. In the latest shiny object and distraction game, and more pandering to the part of his base that will be forever loyal, Trump has banned transgender people from serving in the military in any capacity. http://talkingpointsmemo.com/livewire/trump-announces-ban-transgender-people-serving-military Caitlyn Jenner must be thrilled - it means she gets to have more TV time. I wonder how long it will be before they push the other lines that Vicky Hartzler types probably want, and will get, like banning women from combat, banning gays and lesbians from service, banning Muslims from service, etc. And no one will care as no one really cares about anything Trump does.
  13. I never knew it but Scott Clifton had some Youtube channel (still does I guess, but rarely updated) for years, about religious/political/social topics. Maybe someone mentioned it here and I forgot. He talks about it here: Here's one he did about the vile Kim Davis.
  14. I hadn't seen this in years (it's still hilarious and some of it is sadly prescient to TV and life today...) and I never realized until now that Joe Gallison plays a doctor in the hospital sketch.