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  1. DRW50 added a post in a topic Where the Heart Is 1969-1973   

    It's good to read your thoughts.
    I've read about the Jardins but remember so little of their story or history. Actually hearing them was startling...especially Barbara Baxley. 
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  2. DRW50 added a post in a topic Loving/The City Discussion Thread   

    Thanks. I wonder if they had more plans but something was dropped or if they didn't.
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  3. DRW50 added a post in a topic Loving/The City Discussion Thread   

    About 7-8 minutes in, Larry Atlas, who created some computer casting service, says he got a role on Loving. Apparently it was a character named Jules. What was his story?
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  4. DRW50 added a post in a topic The Politics Thread   

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  5. DRW50 added a post in a topic Britney Spears Thread   

    The comments I read from some that he was singing over her make me laugh...um...there's a reason for that....
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  6. DRW50 added a post in a topic The Politics Thread   

    Watched the speech. I thought she did a good job. It was a well-written speech in that she had to download a lot of somewhat clumsy information while still seeming approachable, and she just about managed it. I've heard people say these groups shouldn't have gotten free publicity from her, but they already get lots of attention whether she shines a light on them or not. It won't stop the media from doing the "both sides are calling each other racist, it's so nasty!" song and dance, but I guess she knows that. It is at least a way to shame Trump and anyone who tries to whitewash what he enables. And it's something that needed to be said. 
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  7. DRW50 added a post in a topic The Politics Thread   

    The only part I pause at is that a lot of white voters - and a media that enables racism - will blanch at her openly saying he's a racist (even though he is). Still, I respect her for saying it. 
    Coulter's meltdown has been a hoot, as has, even though I dislike the man, Jeb's "We can believe what he says until he changes his mind again tomorrow" gloating statement. 
    Maybe some on the far right are finally realizing he will say and do anything and means none of it - unless you're Putin.
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  8. DRW50 added a post in a topic Emmerdale: Discussion Thread   

    Emmerdale must be the hardest show to produce, thanks to the endless double bills and one-hour episodes, the latter seemingly coming at any random time. They also seem to break producers - I think some of those endless hour episodes are one of the reasons Anita Turner got the push - because unless you're very disciplined like Blyth and Kate Oates were (or pedestian like Blackburn), they spiral out of control. 
    This one had that same wildly out of control feeling I've started coming to expect from Emmerdale again, especially those truly bizarre scenes of Rakesh choking Chrissie out and Chrissie keening afterward. I thought they'd have her reveal this as another part of her mwahaha plan (and I imagine in the end she did give him the money to further screw him over down the line), but instead she seemed to still be hysterical at the end.
    The Dan/Nicola/Kerry/Jimmy saga also felt...weird, although if this weren't being rushed I think it would be a very good story. I will credit the show for putting a finger on exactly why I've grown cold on the Kerry/Dan relationship by blatantly pointing out that Dan (who owns that house) can't even feel anything because the needs of Zak (a user who doesn't do much beyond sup and use the bed for various purposes) are more important. I hate that setup with freeloading Joanie and Zak living with them - I hate it a lot, but it's so dull sometimes I forget. They reminded me today. Obviously the show isn't going to split Nicola and Jimmy, but various spoilers and the tone of the writing today make me wonder about Kerry and Dan. I don't know how I'd feel about that at this point. I do hope they keep giving Dan a bit more to do because I thought Liam Fox was surprisingly good today. 
    Speaking of blatant, I laughed at Zak missing a call from Belle because he was in bed with Joanie. They keep finding new ways to show us this relationship is a horrible idea. I can't wait for the next one.
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  9. DRW50 added a post in a topic As The World Turns Discussion Thread   

    I don't think I'll bother with anything that says OJ OJ OJ for why soaps declined. As you said, ATWT and GL were just not good in 1994 (and not that good in 1993  either).
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  10. DRW50 added a post in a topic Search For Tomorrow Discussion Thread   

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  11. DRW50 added a post in a topic The Politics Thread   

    Hopefully those voter suppression laws will backfire as much as they did in 2012. The North Carolina edicts put out recently disgusted me.
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  12. DRW50 added a post in a topic The Politics Thread   

    It's embarrassing - oh I just want to help those poor poor black and Latino people not get shot and get good jobs. 
    Sad thing is it may work if people are wary enough of Clinton.
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  13. DRW50 added a post in a topic Soap Actress reveals medical malady   

    My thoughts are with her. I'm glad she has a strong support system.
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  14. DRW50 added a post in a topic Nashville: Discussion Thread   

    She said she might not want to film in Nashville after their gay hate laws, so if so, kudos to her for sticking to her guns.
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  15. DRW50 added a post in a topic Old/Classic B&B discussion&articles   

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