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  1. Thanks for the rundown. I'm looking forward to the new faces and momentum. I'll miss Anna though...
  2. I think it has more to do with how incompetent, stubborn and deluded he continues to be and how inept his team is. I think a lot of people in and out of the government were willing to give him a chance. He didn't bother. Even now he's getting more of a chance than many would. Anyway, I usually wouldn't link anything from tired, faux-contrarian Slate, but this headline about this oaf really says it all: http://www.slate.com/blogs/the_slatest/2017/03/22/energy_secretary_rick_perry_weighs_in_on_texas_a_m_student_election.html
  3. Has he ever talked about whether he was written out or wanted to leave? Jody Lee is such an interesting character in that they always gave possibilities of more, but they never went beyond the surface. Not really. I wish they had. Still, I enjoyed him, and his relationship with "Liz Liz." I've been slowly catching up on the show with my mother. We're in August 1969, with two frankly not very good stories (Althea's amnesia and the Nancy/Mike saga) having gone on and on and on and on and on for months (Penny's terror tantrums being the not very good story preceding the amnesia one). They took a break for an episode that was mostly Jody Lee and Liz in the park, Jody Lee singing, Jody Lee and Liz talking about the problems of the world. There was even a scene where they joked around and wrestled a bit in an elevator, like she used to do with Steve. It jolted me, because it was so much more what the show used to be before early 1969. I've heard it gets much worse soon - not looking forward to that. I don't like Liz's hair at all. The "gamine" hair and frilly cuffs and collar is all very early '30s. I guess that was back in vogue in the late '60s but it doesn't suit her.
  4. The fake "mainstream" and Trump, I agree. The Fascism Caucus, sadly I disagree. Anyway, I braved a bit of the Gorsuch hearings and, not that it matters to confirmation, but I was surprised at how phony and "I feel your pain"-esque he seemed. Very patronizing game show host circa 1981. I guess that's why Trump was drawn to him. I'm glad that a lot of the Democrats have basically just said over and over and over that he's a puppet and have read words back to him from Republicans confirming he's a puppet. He may have been prepared for it in theory, but you can tell it flustered and annoyed the hell out of him very quickly.
  5. Bond Gideon. For temp recasts, Melinda Fee.
  6. Sadly it seems like the far right will be the biggest winners of this, as they will be emboldened, and they can still continue to just let the ACA (and millions of people) die. This will vindicate their view that nothing but repeal is necessary.
  7. I was surprised to see Donna in there as she likely isn't in the update...I guess they just liked the shots of her.
  8. @I Am A Swede someone has been putting up some '80s Emmerdale Farm (I also have some early '90s that I put on my Jerry Sugden channel but that may be too new for you).
  9. Thanks. I remember she tried to get another person to post here (an actor) but I don't know if they were able to get approved. Sadly she only posted a few times as there wasn't much interest.
  10. It's not fair and not entirely true, but I know many consider them to be selfish, because they never had the struggles that their parents did (Depression, WWII). They just want whatever they can get. Again that's a generalization, so please no one yell at me for that, but I think it does match some Boomers.
  11. Are those old Eddie Drueding clips or are they new?
  12. There are always rumors that she wants to run for governor.
  13. Thanks. Nice of them to do that. I didn't realize there'd been a long demand for the book to be put out until you mentioned it to me but I'm glad they finally agreed. I can't imagine it's easy for her to act that diary so I give her a lot of credit.
  14. In Duterte news...not that this actually effects any policy in the Philippines, but this is some of the most egregious backtracking and lying I've seen even for modern politics. When I read that he'd previously supported gay marriage I thought it was just the generic statements that even Trump made, that you know don't really mean a whole lot, but no, he was actually going on about how the Bible should be Adam, Eve, and the gays. And now he's going on about how people want to stop men and women as marriage, and also making transphobic comments. I wonder if he's still popular over there or if his insability has worn off the shine. https://www.nytimes.com/2017/03/20/world/asia/duterte-same-sex-marriage-philippines.html?_r=0