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  1. DRW50 added a post in a topic Hollyoaks: Discussion Thread   

    That and Dark Shadows are my only real memories of her.
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  2. DRW50 added a post in a topic Bravo's The Real Housewives of....   

    I thought she looked familiar. She was on Black Tie Nights, which was a softcore Cinemax show that reran for years. She was the "fun" one compared to Amy Lindsay (who recently hit the news herself for being in a scrapped Ted Cruz ad), who was the serious one. She was only on it one season - I think she supposedly quit because she didn't realize how much nudity she'd have to do. She was pretty good - charismatic and fun. Not sure how she is now obviously.
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  3. DRW50 added a post in a topic Love of Life Discussion Thread   

    TV Guide - from a February 1971 issue


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  4. DRW50 added a post in a topic Love of Life Discussion Thread   

    Sad news. The only positive is she and Gene are together again. I wish more of her work were available.
    I have an old TV Guide interview with them - it's probably been around, but I'll try to find it and post it soon.
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  5. DRW50 added a post in a topic The Politics Thread   

    This is hilarious, and typical of far right Republicans who claim to hate porn but always get involved with it somehow:
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  6. DRW50 added a post in a topic DAYS Renewed   

    I'm happy for the cast and crew, as they work so hard, and DAYS is probably the last traditional soap left...it just makes me a little sad that Corday has had so many chances and has pissed them all away. They're basically getting a bye for another year or two while their onscreen output amounts to Bad Acting Teens and then JPL doing his Cowardly Lion impression with Heathers reject Belle.
    I guess at least they can say that purging the gays was worth it. Yay for them.
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  7. DRW50 added a post in a topic Emmerdale: Discussion Thread   

    I tend to wonder if it was his choice, to be honest - Kirin was never all that popular (although he'd become somewhat more popular recently). He gave some very confused answers about leaving and seemed to feel he'd been misquoted. 
    I will miss him, and how good he looked in jeans. I feel like both he and Vanessa were sort of on the fringes and I wonder how long she will last. I guess it depends on whether they take this as a new lease of life for the character.
    A few cool bits:
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  8. DRW50 added a post in a topic DAYS Renewed   

    I'd say three months tops.
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  9. DRW50 added a post in a topic The Beyoncé Thread   

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  10. DRW50 added a post in a topic DAYS Writers to Halt Writing until SONY/NBC Reaches Deal   

    Considering that GL had the only good finale (with AMC coming closest to that) of any soap I can remember in recent years, I wouldn't be sorry...
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  11. DRW50 added a post in a topic B&B: Liam & Quinn Spoiler   

    You're more likely to see Hunter Tylo reading pages of her autobiography than to ever see a gay man in any real role on this show.
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  12. DRW50 added a post in a topic What Are You Listening To?   

  13. DRW50 added a post in a topic DAYS: February 2016 Discussion Thread   

    From the neck up he looks like bad Kung Fu cosplay.
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  14. DRW50 added a post in a topic Fuller House   

    Not much of a friend with her views.
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  15. DRW50 added a post in a topic Coronation Street: Discussion Thread   

    Paula is a good actress but I felt like the character was one-note - similar to how they ended up doing Becky. I appreciate her quitting rather than continuing to hurt other actors with the frequent maternity leaves. 
    As for Norris - he's just too nasty and sour now. They used to have Rita there to keep him in check but she's not able to do that anymore.
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