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  1. DRW50 added a post in a topic They Almost Became   

    Reading an old Weekly AW piece from 1991 and they mention that Judi Evans auditioned for Kathleen before Julie Osburn was brought back for the role. 
    If they made Julie audition for her own role, especially since she was so wonderful in that (not all that well written) return, that really annoys me. It's not even like with Ellen Wheeler where there had been a successful recast since. And Judi Evans as Kathleen...really now.
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  2. DRW50 added a post in a topic Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan exit drama   

    Didn't they have some issue against someone like Teresa Blake or am I just making that up?
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  3. DRW50 added a post in a topic EastEnders: Discussion Thread   

    I did appreciate that, but it was so weak - oh, he's her son's best mate. It seems like DTC only wants Kathy in Ian's story, where she has no real purpose. I think he's so scared of anything rocking the Mitchell boat. Some say Sharon is his "real" mother but she is whipped and useless in that family, as we saw yet again this past week. Ben doesn't need that.
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  4. DRW50 added a post in a topic Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan exit drama   

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  5. DRW50 added a post in a topic EastEnders: Discussion Thread   

    He'll just be offcamera, I think. 
    I also wish Kathy would be there for Jay, but she's barely even in Ben's life. It just annoys me because when she came back I had this idea that she's grow to care about Jay, as he has done so much for Ben. Silly silly me.
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  6. DRW50 added a post in a topic EastEnders: Discussion Thread   

    I really want to see Jay away from the Mitchells (bar Ben), trying to find a new job. I saw some say he should be staying with Patrick. Kim and Vincent have their own place with Pearl so you'd think he could. Sadly I know that won't happen as Patrick will be gone for weeks. 
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  7. DRW50 added a post in a topic EastEnders: Discussion Thread   

    He seems happy enough on his Instagram. 
    I think what worries me in all of it is I just don't know where the story can go, especially as I doubt they're willing to explore the consequences (for instance, he shouldn't even be able to live with Honey and Billy, because of their kids). I hope the new producer is willing to explore the fallout.
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  8. DRW50 added a post in a topic EastEnders: Discussion Thread   

    I keep thinking he'll either go or he'll instead just go back to bit player duty. I hope I'm wrong. This was 6 episodes of 90% trash and he was well and truly the standout. He saved the week.
    I also wish they'd keep the girl who plays Linzi/Star on the show. Drop her mother in a volcano.
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  9. DRW50 added a post in a topic EastEnders: Discussion Thread   

    It's hard to believe all 4 kid actors in this are still on soaps...and only one a half of them (the half being Eden-Taylor Draper on her good days) still have any ability to act.
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  10. DRW50 added a post in a topic DAYS casting old role   

    That's neat. How was she?
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  11. DRW50 added a post in a topic The Young and The Restless - Sorrow, Obsession, and Secrets   

    Yes. Corky was also Josh's acting coach.
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  12. DRW50 added a post in a topic Secrets of Midland Heights   

    Opening credits at the end, and near the start, a really cool banner for the show.
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  13. DRW50 added a post in a topic EastEnders: Discussion Thread   

    Some fans get upset when people say the show is Carter-centric, but today proved it yet again. Not just in airtime, but in the focus of the writing. Everything with the Beales and the market and especially everything with Ben and Paul was rushed, lazy, plot-driven, but there was real effort made on those scenes with Tina and her fling. Lengthy conversations between Tina and Mick (which ended up being all about Mick and his issues - everything in that family is about Mick) to give us the full perspective on Tina's guilt and torn feelings on what to do, with various members of the family reacting to those conversations. And this was a carry-over from other lengthy scenes about this on Thursday. It's just absurd. 
    Now that the Dean story is over (for now anyway) and Shirley is away from Phil (for now anyway), I'm not hating her as much as I did for most of the last few years. The Carters have been a huge detriment to her, IMO, but it's sort of evening out now. 
    The Kyle story is clumsy and a walking PSA, and his behavior today seemed less like being upset than like he was having a psychotic breakdown, but I did like the scene where Andy was saying those veiled transphobic slurs that no one else got. It had an uncomfortable vibe that reminded me a lot of real life - it wasn't overdone. 
    Lee has somehow, along the way, probably become my favorite Carter...not that that's saying a lot, as my second favorite is probably Johnny, who to be honest isn't even much of an actor. I'd say it's because of his incredible ass, and that is part of it, but he just feels relateable and true in a way most of the Carters don't. 
    What a huge waste this market story is of Kathy. She needs to be keeping Ben in line, keeping him in check when he throws out of control tantrums like the one he threw today (and what lovely continuity to have him not even mention Jay). The scenes with Ben and Paul were just horribly written. Kathy should have a central role in Ben's storyline. I don't understand why she doesn't. I saw some fan saying Jay has taken her role in Ben's life, and at first I thought, "That's pretty damn sad," but the saddest part is it's probably true. 
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  14. DRW50 added a post in a topic Coronation Street: Discussion Thread   

    I don't watch regularly but I'm pleased at the above opinions because I've never had a problem with them either. I think Johnny is one of the better older guys cast in recent years (admittedly they've had some horrors), and Aidan is one of the better younger leading men (ditto). 
    My issue with Phelan is that I only want to see him if he's ruining the lives of characters I don't like, like Anna and her mushmouth bore of a husband, Owen, who thankfully fucked off last year. I like Todd and Jason. 
    I think Ryan Thomas is good at emotional material sometimes, but he's seemed checked out for a while now (maybe all the partying catching up to him - who knows). I'm going to miss Jason, but sometimes more for what he's been than what he is now. Still, I hope he returns. 
    Brocklebank was terrific on Emmerdale, and from what I've seen he's been decent on Corrie as a very different character, but he really shocked me with those scenes today. Kate Oates needs to give him a central role. He reminds me a lot of the Corrie leading men of the '60s and '70s - placid but full of fire underneath. 
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