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  1. I've been waiting for this! The DVR is set!
  2. Kvitova won her first match back. Good for her!!!!! World #1, Kerber, out already. Lost to Makarova. Haber speculating Kerber's team might be out.
  3. The only part of TNB I watched was Wally singing Faith. That's my favorite GM song! The rest of the stuff I barely paid attention to. Valentin serenading NinUGH? GMAFB!
  4. Lawd! Where do I begin. I am speechless. But I will say Tammy (not sure why I thought her name was Cora) is possibly the worst mother on any reality show. She certainly shaped Minnie into the trash person she is.
  5. Bold is worse than GH and that says a lot! This should be something Nicole sits on for a while afraid to tell her husband and then confides in her mother. Her mother would then try to convince Nicole to tell Zende, something that should take a while. Not sure why Bell thinks pacing has no place in soaps. I'm sure by next week, Nicole will kidnap Lizzie on Tuesday and return her by mid eppy Thursday, so that in about 4 months, we can get on to the next Avant baby story.
  6. Speaking of Hillary, @Chris B, I smell a "whodunit". Not that she will die (we hope) but too many are gonna want her head on a stick.
  7. Of course the eppy is coming where they remove the glasses, straighten Maddie's hair, and poof! You can set your watch to it.
  8. I really liked Charlie. He cracks me up and Reed is cringe worthy. The actor doesn't work for me. I also like Maddie and Cane's relationship.
  9. To sell such filth, you have to believe that, deep down, Ridge harbored feelings for his daughter and she for him. There was no way to clean that up, but the Bells have been salivating to get a rootable incestuous pairing onscreen.
  10. The character was removed from contract as if she doesn't exist. How are the other characters going to mention her when TIIC want to act like she was never there?
  11. LMAO! I saw a clip yesterday and was disgusted! It doesn't work because CK looks too damn young. Not sure why that boring ass cliché is still on the show. He and Ashley have negative chemistry.
  12. What's interesting about what Jamie said? Are we pretending he still has credibility? Okie dokie!
  13. Robin stay in denial. I could swear Juan told the producer he'd be gone if not for the kids! If he wanted Robin, he could have her. She consistently embarrasses herself!
  14. My heart absolutely breaks for the victims, but I feel terrible for AG as well. Certainly not a fan but how do you get on stage and perform after something like this? Such an awful world
  15. Nicole Gibbs gives the 411 on the financial costs of being a pro tennis player:
  16. Week before last was the first eppy I have watched in a long time, and I enjoyed it to the point of looking forward to the following eppy (which was last week). The momentum died quickly, and to say Cookie is a cartoon would be a huge insult to cartoon characters. What an awful embarrassing mess she has become. She and Jamal are a reason to never tune in again!
  17. Someone who usually posts spoilers on Twitter said CM is not back permanently. Not sure how long the stay is but they hoped Will was not resurrected just to leave again.
  18. Does Bell strike you as someone who cares about negative feedback? This is not back in the day where they tried to push that filth Ridge/Bridget and fans kicked it back and it was dropped.
  19. How is this better than prior regimes with constant retcons and nothing makes sense?
  20. The level of mediocrity is criminal. Anna/Alex showdown as Robin and Brat comes to town was beyond anticlimactic. FrankenJelly still don't realize, events should not have the same impact as ordinary activity. Criminal how bad this trio is. I didn't think anything was worse than Goutman/Pissy, Wheeler and her HW (forget the name), but FrankenJelly are the absolute worse and I can't believe anyone actually likes their work. This is the worst GH has ever been!
  21. I really enjoy Jack's scenes with Dina. He makes sense (why couldn't she do this one thing for him). Ashley, OTOH, comes off as a petulant child. She is too old to be acting this way.