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  1. So am I!
  2. Erin Moran (Joanie, Happy Days) dead at 56. RIP :(

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    2. Golden Duck

      Golden Duck

      This is incredibly sad. :(

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      I'm sad to say, this doesn't really shock me. She's had some hard times these last few years. RIP. :( 

  3. He should never be allowed back. I don't blame Konta one bit because I was upset just watching!
  4. Brooke draped in dollars? Is that a real scene?
  5. I don't even watch but it was a mistake to reveal the masked man, IMHO!
  6. And it happened!
  7. Buzzard and Stanimal both knocked out of Monte Carlo!
  9. Whew! Tanya! I can't stand this girl! She lies like a rug and her little breakdown at the doctor's office was laughable! She's devastated her second child is a little person and worried about health problems, yet she's on child #3?! How in the [!@#$%^&*] could she be so shocked and crushed when she's a little person and her son is a little person? Can she go?! Minnie proved what a horrible friend she is. She is holding Amanda accountable for trying to further her career? A real friend wants the best and tells you to go for it. She is truly Cora's daughter. Gross! Juicy had me in stitches when she was going off on Money. I laughed for a good 5 minutes! I also liked when she questioned Tanya last week. Juicy went in and would make one helluva prosecutor! Really liking her more with each eppy.
  10. ?????????
  11. Serena is pregnant! 20 weeks! Pregnant when she won AO2017!!!!!
  12. #TeamTami all day! Love her. I so wish Jackie would be off this show.
  13. OMG!!!!!
  14. What's going on?
  15. Told y'all they look like fraternal twins.
  16. Gilles is forever the bridesmaid!
  17. Merle as a lead is the most ridiculous thing. I haven't watched this season since they decided to pass on the mother of all paternity reveals in the S1 finale. We are still being asked to believe Grace is full siblings with the other two? A reveal down the line would be pointless, especially because it was expected in S1. I'll catch S2 on Netflix when it comes out.
  18. @Cheap21, Robin's nuclear family doesn't work for me because Robin still pines for him knowing he only uses her for quick lays and ironed shirts. He does not want her and needs to move out of that house before his sons pick on this and believe this is the way to treat women. If Robin goes out on dates with other men, then I"m totally for Jaun and Robin living in the same space for the kids. Monique"s MIL is the worst!
  19. Rumor has it Chad is being courted by Frank as Nu Morgan.
  20. Potomac: Karen still posing. Knowing she has to scale down but doing everything in her power to not admit it. At least Robin owned it, but its sad that she's embarrassed. She should be proud to have a nice roof over her head for her sons. I'm here for rich bitches, but the foolishness turns me off. I hope Monique turns this place on its ear because I'm tired of these ladies and its only one full season in.
  21. TRASH!
  22. We know exactly who Brooke is. A SLUT! She should never take over show matriarch. Besides, KKL doesn't have the skill to carry a show as matriarch.
  23. It was ok for me, but it didn't rock my socks. I will try a few more eppies, however.