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  1. So what? The problem is, they didn't write a story for something that practically writes itself. Alexis was too PC and then it came down to Sonny accepting his daughter was a lesbian. Alexis should have gone batchit on a professor taking advantage of a student but deep down, she is struggling with her kid being gay (which is genuinely how I believe I would feel). Krissy didn't struggle with it much either. This should have played out more than it did, but GH doesn't really care about being interesting.
  2. Another impending flop, I see!
  3. Even if she misunderstood you initially, the point is clear. @ajsp35801 believes Hillary is ruined. No need to try and beat her into submission. Let's move on before this gets unnecessarily nasty, please!
  4. Benard only says that when he's in a story where Sonny clearly does not belong. Why do we need Sonny shot for the millionth time? The story makes no sense because Sam has no reason to hate Sonny. This would have worked better with Liz in the story. Liz actively tried to keep Jason from Sam and they have battled quite a bit over the years. We also have to remember, Liz hid the results of Danny's paternity so Jason didn't know he was the father (bullchit story but it happened). Why not have Liz over Sam's shoulder haunting her? Why not have Liz shot in the leg in a hole as everyone tries to find out where she is (I miss the GH days where everyone raced against time to save a fellow citizen...everything Jelly does is stupid and anticlimactic). Sonny does not belong in this story at all, but this is Benard's house where he dictates Sonny's presence every episode, Sonny, a murdering dumb ass thug, as the moral center of the show and where Sonny is in just about every SL. Its beyond ridiculous. I won't blame Jean for that, but I won't praise her for the trash she has to force to accommodate Benard's heavy eppy guarantee as well as his demands!
  5. Prior page about 1/2 way down by @ajsp35801
  6. Wow! It's been forever since I watched this show and I didn't remember Blake being this cruel SOB! He's absolutely horrible! Krystle is whiny and pathetic and she was my fav back then (before I knew better, I guess). Al Corley couldn't act AT ALL! Seeing Pamela Sue Martin as Fallon again reminds me of one of the most dreadful recasts in the history of recasts! Jeff Colby/John James zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Alexis/Joan was still the best thing to happen to this show!
  7. And just why would we do that, Trump?
  8. You sure about that?
  9. My sincerest condolences to Kenya and her family...
  10. Hillary ruined? Nonsense! The back and forth on who this character is/should be is the problem. She still have so much potential and so much to give to this show!
  11. Jean would get her ass handed to her here too...#justsayin
  12. When an actor/performer "leaves on their own" but tweets shortly thereafter "I'd love to return" to his/her fans, that is very suspect to me. Barash left "of his own volition" too but tweets about returning if asked not long after he left. Also, suspect. Kelly Sullivan, who hates me, RT when I said they tried to get her to say she quit but she told the truth that she was fired. Burton is definitely a diva, but if Howarth, who has absolutely NO leverage, can hold out during negotiations and demand to be a lead with better social standing for a tremendously foul [unnecessary] resurrected character, Burton does not bother me at all! FYI: Stanco will return with more airtime and he will have money too.
  13. I guess Jackie won't get the chit beat out of her in the foreseeable future, so I may have to call it quits! She's fake trash who distracts by pretending to fight. Jackie is not sincere, she is not bad ass, she is not crazy, she is not bothered by the stuff she claims. She's just trash trying to keep a job on a reality show. TRASH! And Tami, my favorite, really disappointed me this eppy. If you can't enjoy your favs, why watch? This Jennifer person is absolutely unbearable. Just listening to her makes me want to hurl huge chunks! Whomever her husband was, congrats to him for the divorce!
  14. Guza felt Spin's boner for Jason was all the character needed, gave him lots of airtime and kept him for years. Spin was dumped by FV because he was not a FV creation.
  15. Look how Fed came back after a 6 month break? If Djoker doesn't take this time off, he was going to slip out of the top 10 anyhow. His body needs a rest. He will come back and start scalping again. Just you watch!
  16. I know its difficult to get acting jobs, but I'd love to see them turn down this trash! It's just a visit so there's no coming back from this for Caroline. How many times will they ruin Caroline for that talking tree?
  17. She really does!
  18. I saw a picture of Storms and she really looks good. Took me back to 2006, when I loved Maxie. She put on some much needed pounds, her hair looks really good and she just looks overall healthy. Now, Maxie needs to toss that piece of wood in the fireplace and get back to causing trouble! Herbst has been off because she's only here now to give Howarth something to make him look relevant. Since he was out due to negotiations, there was nothing for Liz. Same for Alexis. Devry out because of negotiations and Alexis is not on. Keep in mind, Both Herbst and Grahn have been on this show for about 20 years each but they are worthless to the canvas w/o their no talent male counterparts, who have less than 5 years each. That's [!@#$%^&*] ridiculous!
  19. Spin and that nonsense, Spixie, are fan favs (certainly not mine) so it makes no sense that he's making visits while Howarth and Staff, who have failed miserably, get contract after contract as they stink up the place! Me personally, I don't ever want to see that toad Spinelli again!
  20. Tomic is not new or original. Too much focus is being placed on him. How many people have their jobs because of the money? Obviously, Papa Tomic pushed this kid into Tennis so Bernard will rebel but take the money. I think folks should stop judging this kid and move the [!@#$%^&*] on!
  21. Exactly! Old played out Sheila is back so we totally ignore her past and ignore that Eric should be hitting her with a brick. We should also ignore, Eric did this wacko love of my life SL (with Quinn) just prior to Sheila returning. Same dialogue and all. I read on Twitta that Steffy told Eric he's ignoring all the stuff Sheila has done. Didn't we just do this with Quinn? Just trash!
  22. lol, DD
  23. I want her ass beat just like I wanted the perv forcing himself on Virginia to get his ass whipped! If he punches her in the face, viewers better keep quiet.