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  1. Tiafoe's philosophy: Why play 2 sets when you can waste energy on 3? Up 5/0 in 3rd. SMDH
  2. Her words weren't twisted - Erika knew exactly what Eileen meant. She was just manipulating Eileen to regain control of her and it worked. Is Eileen usually this damn dumb on the show? It was a pitiful display and I really wanted to hit someone! I won't be watching this again!
  3. Angela Basset popping up was great! Twitter went wild. I'm gonna need a light eppy. The scene with Rosalie being brutalized as she fights for her life and the life of her baby was so tough to watch. Stine being beaten and then sexed up was so disturbing. Time to lighten up an eppy or 2 or run the risk of turning folks off. It was way too much!
  4. I freaked when I saw them trying to catch that thing.
  5. RHOBH: I haven't watched this show in a while, but you guys made me curious. Erika Jayne left my jaw on the floor to where I cant explain the many things wrong with her actions. Seems like once she lost control of Eileen, she truly lost it. The scenes made no sense. Dorit apologizing? For what? Because Ericka didn't wear underwear? Am I getting that right? Erica is vile and disgusting. Lisa Rinna is a witch and the only solution is burning her at the stake! She's lousy and pointless and looking for any alliance she can get. After one eppy, I feel a purge is needed. Desperately!
  6. Thank you! I thought I was alone.
  7. The Couple! Hopefully, Jill dumps that clown in the ocean and returns in search of her self respect. Now watch his lousy sh!t talking ass return to GH.
  8. No! That's exactly how Storms looked on the show. They kept her in jackets possibly to cover her emaciated frame.
  9. Jill takes Colin back but she lets him know all the passwords and combinations have been changed in case he gets tempted. Nothing beats knowing you have scum...but he's charming scum. Reminds me of Tracy and Luke. The bile rises!
  10. OMG! This is pure ????? I'm embarrassed having watched that ?
  11. Was it that sexist tweet about the Russian tennis players?
  12. Wow!
  13. This is excruciating. Sveta can do so much better. Gonna look up tattoos on YT.
  14. Lord, please be kind and let this match end in 2. Sveta is a mess! ESPN won't bid on this too much longer! I will wait for Fed/Stan.