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  1. Don't think there was a man booty in tennis bigger than Mr. Blake:
  2. IKR! I'm laughing so hard right now!
  3. Lousy start to my day. That beast won ? Junk In The Trunk need not be wearing thongs on the court during matches!
  4. Liam and Quinn falling down the chain makes me so happy. The top 5 is sorta tragic, but at least those 2 aren't in it. I would think Jacob is much more of an asset than SC. He can actually act!
  5. Told y'all Kader won't take Godzilla's sh!t. Time violation and he wasn't hearing her mess either!
  6. JJ, don't listen to Drag. Ryan was awful in the little pieces I watched. Lol How's Nate doing?
  7. Happy for her, especially after Garcia pulled that doubles stunt! Now we just need Halep to rid us of that beast!
  8. To date, this was Minnie's best eppy! She owned being no good and finally gave as good as she got from Juicy. The last scene had be laughing so hard. I was in tears. Minnie telling Juicy she's losing her voice and suggested going in to work for her the next day However, Minnie shouldn't lie and say radio is her dream. She can just say that its working great for Juicy and she wants a piece of the action. Juicy's failure: thinking Minnie owes her consideration when Juicy refused to heal the relationship. Tanya at it again. Why does she need the baby to be born naturally when it is a given to be a problem? I just don't buy anything out of this young woman's mouth. I'm beginning to really like Sam. She's the class act I thought Tanya was initially. She's genuinely a good person. Hope she stays. @cheap21, the twins are crying next week - I thought you should know.
  9. Drag, you've been given way too much latitude these days!
  10. I kinda felt that Serena released the photo but deleted when she realized it was Sugarpimp's birthday as to not upstage her, but it was too late.
  11. TC is using Queen's 2004 loss to promote the doper's return.
  12. Somebody with some damn sense!
  13. Fed Cup: Not sure why Rinaldi would substitute Shelby for Lauren Davis. Shelby is a much better player and could have won her second match. Lord knows I'm no Coo Coo fan but I'm happy her hard work wasn't wasted.
  14. Truly disgusting. After $ made horse noises, I was done!