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  1. Its all about AH and Villy!
  2. I don't care where Miller goes as long as he's off GH! The survey to see how viewers liked JT as Billy. Basically, AH aint going anywhere and Villy is happening even if they have to recast again.
  3. I hope JT leaves yr as Billy! I've always been indifferent to Billy but now I can't stand him!
  4. I'm putting all y'all on IGNORE!
  5. Michael Logan‏ @TVGMLogan Follow More Well if nobody else will say it, I will. It's Steve Burton. Retweets74 Likes100 7:58 PM - 26 Jun 2017
  6. Yeah, we were tricked because my DVR is set to pick up only new eppies, yet a rerun taped. Not sure what the bait and switch was about but I broke a few traffic laws to get home from Transformers to see Karen's comeuppance!
  7. All she had to do was confront the husband and cry about it later, and neither event was convincing.
  8. She's simply not interesting with CK in the role! This joke has gone on long enough!
  9. Embrace your curves, but choose your stage outfits wisely! Kandi looks good tho. Tiny's ass is so obviously fake! Shame!!!!!
  10. Kandi tarnished her own image. Phaedra is a proven liar and Kandi has been vindicated. Kandi's is a passive/aggressive twat who goes thugzilla at the mere mention of Todd or her rancid mother, who's allowed to treat people horribly because she knows Kandi will allow it. Notice Cynthia's image remains in tact as well as Kim Fields'. As for Kenya, her marriage isn't real so she's not going anywhere. @Cat, Porsha stays!
  11. Happy for Lopez but I'm super stoked for Kvitova! Two tournies in and she's a champion already! Good for her!!!!!
  12. IN SPADES!
  13. Forgot to tape. Gonna have to deal with the chitty CBS site now