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  1. Kerber out!
  2. Wow! Just wow! Folks had Murray holding the trophy once Djoker was bounced. Yikes! The Zverev brothers are the truth! Sasha may have lost to Nadal, but he's certainly the not so distant future!
  3. I just woke up to this. Wow! I figured it would come down to Djoker/Murray but I'm stunned. Lol...You crack me up. FrankenIsner losing brings me such joy as well!
  4. ??????? OMG! The YR thread is better than all 4 soaps combined!
  5. Especially in a profession where travel is a must. Daily training and on the road all the time? Ridiculous! And his wife just turned 18!
  6. ?????????? DEAD! Burton should have been written out earlier and the undercover work, which came out of nowhere, should be off screen.
  7. ????? Dear God!
  8. ??????????????
  9. Conor is easily the worst character to come along on any show in about 20 years. Really difficult to watch Angela in scenes with him!
  10. He could have been a SOB on the set. LW was pretty sharp with her words and she never does that.
  11. ^^^ wait til y'all see why Olivia Jerome was resurrected ???
  12. No one here gives 2 chits about Matt. This is about Kenya and her very bad acting!
  13. ^^^ Regardless of their history, FD was spot on. Kenya is forever performing and the game she's playing with Matt is dangerous FOR HIM. Kenya says in tonight's eppy that she feels compelled to help him. That goes directly with FD's observation that Kenya has a platform to manipulate this however she wants. The guys told her just last week to leave Matt alone, especially if he so damn dangerous.
  14. ^^^ Funky Dineva's latest review from last week's eppy was really good. His description of Kenya was genuine and spot on. Start at 6:10... (ignore lower vid. Couldn't get rid of it)
  15. This chit don't work! AT ALL!