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  1. OK, I could swear Karen was called on renting and she said she paid $10k/month. The others then got on her for poor etiquette for telling how much she pays. I tried to find it on YT, but came up empty. I have to go with your receipts then ? As for Giselle, I think we knew she was renting before the season ended.
  2. Donald sure turned that around. I turned the channel for a bit and returned thinking he had lost only to see he was up a double break in the 3rd. Awesome job!
  3. Lol. That's embarrassing.
  4. Women get it everyday until they transform their bodies into 14 year old boys. Curves = fat. As a viewer, I have a right to say what looks good to me, especially when attractive males on soaps is a major selling point.
  5. Ugh! Can we ban him for 10 years!!!!!
  6. Lol...It was a horrible sight. I like Cane/DG but his 80 year old body is traumatizing.
  7. Didn't we learn at S1 reunion Karen was renting that house? One of the ladies blurted it out, and Karen countered, she pays $10k/month. Does anyone else remember that? Also, hubby has his own business and sales/profits might be WAY down, thus the downgrade.
  8. Sasha is undoing all of his recent success and I don't know why ???
  9. Donald dispatched Ivo in 2 tiebreaks. Ivo's missiles didn't deter Young today. No breaks of serve from either.
  10. Yep! Liam and Quinn are perfect examples of this!
  11. Quite the opposite!
  12. Great day indeed. Anyone taking down FrankenIsner is alright by me! Super happy to see Goffin rising once again! Tsonga! Let's see how long this play lasts.