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  1. I'm so bored, I'm actually reading the Taylor Swift thread :blink:

  2. Ok, I'll give you that one, but Maura can't bring out what does not exist. Matt is just there picked by Frank for obvious reasons.
  3. This hurts the place where my heart used to be...
  4. Yes! Stone Cold is home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hush, Kman!
  5. A pairing such as this has "win" all over it, but not on Frank's GH. Ava is too watered down and Cohen could not be duller if he tried. I'm not expecting a priest to be the life of the party, but Cohen just has no charisma. No appeal.
  6. Negotiation didn't go well at first so they wrote Howarth out. He was gone for a few months, I think. ABC is clearly cracking down and taking money that Frank is wasting on his no talent friends. It can't be Friz wackos because they are mostly Howarth stans happy he's tied to another vet (Stanco is still unwanted trash tho). I can't imagine MC getting so much hate. Seems exaggerated because who cares about him that much to hate?
  7. VERY satisfying finale! They really packed that hour without it being a disjointed mess. My only challenge was that I didn't see a sense of urgency from Jen that I think we should have in regards to BreAnn being kidnapped. There were moments but she should have been frantic from beginning to end. I take that back. I have another challenge. What kind of coincidence was it to have Polly in the same motel where the young girl was being sold by her mother? That kind of coincidence does not work for me. Did I miss something? Otherwise, wow! Reva is THAT bitch! She left NOTHING to chance. Power had to change hands about 5 times at that old lady restaurant. Those old biddies were locked and loaded! Desna will never be free now! We lost Wanda Heffa went down like a gangster tho! Jen and her bf have massive chem and I love them together. Can't wait to find out his angle. The doctor?!!!!!!! I knew something might be up but not that. One helluva ending. It's clear Roller and Bryce knew nothing about it by the looks on their faces. Overall, terrific season and I can't wait for S2!
  8. It depends. I don't know Shelly's work at a solo HW, but with Frank, I'm not sure I need to because he is the disease!
  9. If its not Jonnny, it's someone mocking him who also wants to annoy everyone else, a 2fer. I usually stay out of these things, but its just too ridiculous!
  10. Are we looking at the same thing?
  11. Pierson is worse than Rome for me.
  12. All the soaps are doing it now, and have for years now. They pick who they believe is THE star and run with it. I'm sure Corday's left nut still aches over Christian. Their favs are not necessarily viewers' favs so EPs force it til viewers either accept or move on. Look at Adam Newman? He dominated the show, especially with MM in the role. MM overestimated himself and thought he could grab 18 year old tits and keep his job. YR survived long before AN and will continue should they find a suitable regime (Young will fail too). Burton can't save GH. Only ABC can but they've show they have no desire. Days seems to be the only one valuing the old as well as the new.
  13. I keep hearing about how expensive Steve is while folks ignore, Howarth, Staff, Easton and Devry. Four people who have no place on GH and 3 have failed miserably while the other just happens to be a stan friendly couple! Frank made sure Howarth, Staff and Easton kept their jobs while sacrificing all else. Hopefully, Miller, who ALWAYS looks like he's rather be anywhere else, has only signed on just long enough to finish this story. No need to keep him.
  14. Reign is a really good actress but she's dull. Rome is not a very good actor and he's dull (potential tho). This was NEVER going to be a bonanza pairing, but I'm super happy he's leaving and hope he finds work so he can better his craft. I'm happy BB didn't give him more because the show is hell bent on being trash. He might get stuck there like Scott Clifton, who has potential outside of Daytime. Rome needs to grow as an actor and BB is not the place. Hopefully, Reign will find a job where she doesn't look as if she wants to take her own life!
  15. Why recast a character they clearly don't care about? Bold wasn't going to use Zende until they could think of another baby story. Send Zzzzzzzencole on their merry way and upgrade Sasha to contract again!