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  1. There's no resolving trash in an organic way. Shylan had ZERO rights to that child. Besides, Dylan is the uncle so he would still see Chrully, but court ordered visitation? That's trash and I absolutely love that Sally gave it no more airtime.
  2. The dumbest SL ever! Sally stopped that quickly!
  3. Pretty good! Best part? The new regime skipped right over the visitation verdict. Huge ???? A woman knowingly holds onto a kidnapped baby but she and her husband get to sue for visitation? TRASH and I thank this regime for dropping it. Great job!
  4. Byeeeeeeeeeee
  5. Wasn't this still Pratt's work? Ordway must go. She's awful. JFP is gone so no need to retain her pet.
  6. In one article Becker said he felt pushed aside. Sidelined and was not allowed to make certain decisions he used to make.
  7. Djoker and Becker split. Wow!!!!!
  8. I hate all of these hacks and their resurrections! Poignant scenes erased to do lack of talent/imagination. John should stay dead as well.
  9. Fret not, ABCd not thinking about resurrecting either show and thank Gawd!
  10. Lawd!
  11. The ratings make sense now!
  12. Awesome Finale! Charley blossoming into a bad ass who gets it done ??? Novin reunited ????????? Dumbo solely inheriting all the land ??????? Queen Sugar is the best soap on the air at the moment. I can't wait to see how Novin beats the odds for this relationship. GV and Rutina are fire! I absolutely love everything about them. Really soapy! Hurry up S2!!!!!
  13. I'm reading on Twitter that all rights to AMC & OLTL fully restored to ABCd. OLTL 3.0 on the horizon!
  14. Not sure why folks feel Devon needs to lose the money to be driven. I hope SSM doesn't strip Devon of that cash but makes him a major player in business. Babysitting Hillary is ridiculous!
  15. The show is earning it's numbers! Last night's eppy was wonderful. Sterling is getting best actor for sure!