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  1. I just want All My Children and its people to be respected for the 42 years of work they did and 42 years of entertainment they provided. If our soaps were allowed to live after death, then we wouldn't be desperate to see them "return" in the hands of people that we all know would completely and totally disappoint us on a near-daily basis.
  2. But when it's all said and done, and I'm wondering when I become this person, would they honestly consider going backwards? I feel like ending OLTL and AMC was like a weight lifted off their shoulders and there is no way in hell they'll ever go back to having to produce 500+ hours of new material a year again.
  3. I think some people here are underestimating the passage of time. ABC barely cared about these shows 5 years ago, only somewhat cared 3 years ago, and now they've definitely moved on. This means literally NOTHING, and at the LEAST, it MIGHT mean some streaming offerings, but I highly doubt it. Nothing will come of this except maybe the yanking of all AMC/OLTL stuff from YouTube.
  4. I know Degrassi's fight song is NOT the theme from Monty Python #gtfo
  5. I'm finally running through DNC season 2, and after a rough start, I'm loving it. The racism story with the volleyball team produced some good moments early on (I LOVE the girls playing the Northern Tech team!), but it got way too heavy-handed by the time of the 60th anniversary celebration. I wish they wouldn't have decided to "go there" in the midst of the anniversary stuff, because, yes, they should have given a bit more focus to the returning alumni. I know that they have a current show to develop, but by then, the story felt too done anyway. I did love the alumni's appearances for what they were, though. I'm on episode 8, and I never thought I'd say this, but the season has improved a lot since the focus moved back to the run-of-the-mill romance drama. I am LOVING LOVING LOVING the Miles/Tristan/Winston/Zoe foursome. I really need to go back and watch all of Tristan/Miles from DTNG, because they're a great tentpole couple here. They've always had strong chemistry, and now that they've moved into the more mature couple role, it just works. They're cute af! I'm so glad they shut down the Maya/Peter possibility right away. Peter was always a mess, but it would have just been a hatchet job on him to have it go there. I like him as a mentor for him and their working relationship. Zig is such a dumb meathead, but he's hot, and I can't deal. His stripper audition was classic Degrassi slapstick. Vijay annoys the hell out of me, and I'm going to need for him to either get a real storyline and stop leeching off of everyone else or just fade into the background. I didn't realize they were already renewed for seasons 3 and 4. Awesome! They've done a FABULOUS job developing the ensemble over the first 2. Oh, some other things. Hunter is crazy af, and I feel as though we're only in the midst of his complete arc. This feels like a classic, slow-building Degrassi story that just goes up and down with the wind, and I love it. The Hollingsworth family adds a great dynamic to the show. Tiny is a fantastic character, and I'd love to see more from his point of view. In regards to the alumni: as always, just more evidence that an all grown up Degrassi sequel would have been awesome a few years ago. Emma and Spinner's marriage is still something that perplexes me, and I don't like it. Spinner belongs with Paige, period. I'm not sure who Emma should be with (NOT Sean! That's Ellie's man), but I hate that what was essentially a rhetorical joke has become the real deal offscreen. Ugh. My baby Craig was SEXY as usual, and Tristan knows damn well he wanted some. Marco and Paige were the image of Degrassi royalty, as always. Paige is just...*sigh*. I've always loved her, but my appreciation and attachment has grown so much in the last few years because she just represents so much and evokes a ton of nostalgia in me. Lauren Collins has my heart forever.
  6. I was always pretty positive that they indeed purposely wrote the Merricks out. Not that I know too much about it, but I feel as though that era was all about disposing of the show's past and creating a "bigger, better" show, playing essentially into the notion that the "daytime" years were utter boring sh!t (which, of course, I disagree with - that's the Emmerdale I'm most interested in). I was researching after watching the Sarah's death episode, and yes, Samuel Skilbeck should be on this show, in his early 30s. I hate it when shows randomly dig up old characters to bring back, but if these UK soaps can throw together a whole new family and put them on the frontburner right away, why not at least make the family an offshoot of established characters who once were the center of the show? It's a simple matter of continuity! Emmerdale Farm was not a show filled with babies, weddings, and funerals, so the few opportunities that are there to make connections between its past and its present should be exploited.
  7. That amazing moment when you realize you have to teach about 1920s/1930s radio to your US History students, so of course you're gonna dedicate some time to talk about good ol' GL.

    1. ~bl~


      Are you going to talk about the radio speeches? 

    2. All My Shadows

      All My Shadows

      We focus on that more when we hit Great Depression. Right now, we're on a chapter that focuses mostly on society and culture, so our talk of radio at the moment if purely from a recreational/entertainment standpoint.

  8. Wow, this was an excellent watch. Thanks for sharing. I don't think I've ever fully watched an episode from 1975-2010. I know nothing at all about Emmerdale post-1970s (and, honestly, I only vaguely know things from after Jack first left), but I do know that Sarah was around for a pretty long time, so her death (and the affair with Richie) must have been polarizing for viewers at the time. The actress did some great work in her final episode, though, and I've always thought Clive Hornby was stiff whenever I'd watch little clips of him, but now I can kinda see how that was just the character. The most surprising thing to me is how "farmy" the show still was because I've always been led to believe that it shed a lot of that after the early 90s.
  9. She did lunge at him once when he made a particularly hurtful remark about her not being able to have any children, but it was the classic "Oh, what have I done??" type of thing. I read that Jane Danson wasn't too crazy about the story "at first" because she, too, thought Leanne was too strong to let a goddamn preteen terrorize her. I don't advocate hitting kids, but the second he raised his hand to her, she should've slapped the hell out of him.
  10. Awful and unexpected news. I love him on Barney Miller, but I would have to say that when I think Ron Glass, I immediately think of him as the blind encyclopedia salesman on one of my fave episodes of Good Times. RIP
  11. I haven't watched Corrie in ages, but I remembered reading that they'd made Simon Barlow into a lil sh!t, so I went hunting for clips, and Jesus CHRIST how embarrassing for all involved! Every scene is basically the same - Leanne whimpering about something he's done, him being a jackass about it, her finally getting some guts and attempting to discipline him, and him grunting rather loudly and attacking her. Over and over again. And again. And again. Lord. And he's supposed to be 12? She can't whoop that ass?
  12. Man...this one really hurts. I'm so thankful to be a part of that last generation to grow up on reruns of TBB. I'm consistently shocked when I throw a random reference to the show out there with my high school students, and they have no clue what I'm talking about - they don't know the theme song or opening credits, they don't know "Marcia, Marcia, Marcia," they don't even know the characters' names, etc. FH was every kid's mom for a good 30 years or so. I love that she always participated enthusiastically in BB projects and embraced her status as one of THE quintessential moms of television. Then, in recent decades, she got to be more of herself in various appearances while playing with yet still respecting her BB fame. She was one of the greats and will be terribly missed.
  13. There was an action drama in first-run syndication three years ago called Saf3. I came across it a few times, and of course, it was very low budget and scrapped together, but I always thought there was a place for shows like that. There was also Legend of the Seeker a few years ago.
  14. This guy does a fantastic job playing a lot of the old organ/piano soap themes, and he recently uploaded a video of one of the most ubiquitous pieces of soap music: the Hughes family leitmotif from the 50s/60s (and into the 70s?). If you've ever watched just ONE black and white episode of ATWT, you know this music. ETA: How could I forget - they were definitely still using orchestrated arrangements of the Hughes family theme until at least 1979, per the segments posted by We Love Soaps. It just blows my mind that something can exist in a TV series's canon day in and day out for over 20 years and suddenly just vanish, never to be heard ever again. A subtle, modern version of this theme should have been used to open any Bob/Kim scene.