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  1. I enjoy MS as the host of The $100,000 Pyramid, but yeah, I can see why people who watch GMA would be over him. I'd just love it if they syndicated Pyramid and let that be his main job.
  2. So wait, now it's Jean Passanante's fault that Hogan Sheffer was a sh!tass headwriter? I think it's highly unlikely ATWT would have ever continued past 2010 regardless of who was writing or producing.
  3. Jerrold Immel did a fabulous theme song for King's Crossing that ranks right up there with his themes for KL and Dallas.
  4. Great, another pointless ass thread.

  5. I don't know if this has ever been posted. It was uploaded over 4 years ago, but I just came across it for the first time tonight. Some quick thoughts: nobody wanted to meet Nancy? Also, I'm pretty sure the music playing throughout is the GL theme from the late 60s.
  6. Why are there so many videos of dogs barking to the GH theme on YouTube?

    1. ReddFoxx


      The frequency of the sax does seem like something that would make dogs react.

    2. MissLlanviewPA


      AMS, you'll like this: My mom was reading a magazine recently, which had a story from a woman about a mockingbird/hummingbird (I can't remember which) who repeated the AMC theme back through the window after the song finished playing on TV. :D 


      Sorry about the weird typing there. Formatting issues. 

    3. All My Shadows

      All My Shadows

      Amazing!! That poor hummingbird is probably very confused these days :(

  7. I think it's pretty obvious he doesn't do things like this for ratings as much as he does them to satisfy his own interests. Not saying it's good or bad, but it is what it is.
  8. Right. When I first read that he was heading over to DAYS, I figured he would boost her up as his vicarious bitch queen, but I guess that remains to be seen.
  9. So she's basically playing Ronald's Dorian.
  10. My immediate answer is Patrick Duffy.
  11. Bill O'Reilly in that food stamp line tho

    1. Soapsuds


      Damn...and I missed The View...I wonder what Whoopi had to say about it?

    2. Nothin'ButAttitude
  12. Roz Ryan, Jenifer Lewis, and Brandy fcking it up!
  13. I didn't know that about RH, but it makes a lot of sense, especially considering they didn't they have their characters popping out babies year after year after year. I've heard the necessary evil argument for SORAS many times, but I still have to respectfully disagree. The UK soaps have largely managed to avoid SORAS over the years, and it's never presented any real issues. You can either look at it as waiting for the kids to grow up in real time or continuing to write storylines for their parents/grandparents, who, in most cases, are still viable characters and able to carry story. This doesn't mean all the soaps needed to go through a period where everyone's either a teenager or in their 40s - you keep creating new characters and weaving them into the show as needed. It's just absolutely ridiculous that Alison Sweeney left DAYS playing grandmother. She was 40 years old and basically headed to the back burner. And we all know the biggest example would be poor Patricia Bruder from ATWT. She was in her 30s all throughout the 1970s and was stuck playing grandmother while actresses several years older than her (Kathryn Hays and Eileen Fulton, looking at y'all!) were driving story after story after story as romantic leads. Never mind the fact that the actors playing her own sons were all several years older than her, too! It's extremely embarrassing for the entire genre that SORAS is not only accepted but expected.
  14. But it's still dumb af to have a character who was born onscreen 6-7 years ago suddenly be 10-15 years OLDER than they're supposed to be.
  15. I always said that WJB should've been the one to decide back in 1973 that SORASing was just too stupid to be real and that none of his creations would practice it. It boggles the mind that no EP or HW of any soap at any point decided to make that executive decision. It literally serves no purpose. Barring the age of the actress playing the mother, this SORASing is on par with Lily's own SORASing when CK debuted in the role. Also when JM began playing Nick in '94. SORAS has never made any sense whatsoever. This is nothing new.