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    OK, first. WOW at that promo. I love love love the 70s motif in season 6's promotional stuff. Debbie's looking fierce with her hoops, and  hillbilly Ian.

    Episode 7 of S5.
    I still love Lip, and I really get why he was upset about losing his scholarship. No, it's not really anyone's fault at the house because he should be responsible for his own things, but that was never going to be his initial reaction. He had to be angry, and he had to blame others first, but in the end, I think the post office scene was meant to show him accepting that it is, indeed, his responsibility to stay on top of it. And going further, I think it's symbolic of so much more than just that. Getting that post office box means he has one less reason to go back to that house, and it's severing yet another tie to his family. He goes to college, lives at the school, gets his mail through the PO box - thought he's fought it every single step of the way, he's becoming more and more independent, and it's quietly driving him insane.

    The only reason they have other characters involved in the Ian/Mickey drama is so that someone like Fiona can have a throwaway line about Monica. I see the relevance, but Ian and Mickey are so elevated from a lot of the other BS on this show that I wish they didn't ruin it by contriving stuff like Fiona going to the hospital with Mickey. Of course, Fiona should be there because she is Ian's sister, but let's not act as if they wouldn't have just wrote her as being with Steve or Gus or serving up pie if they didn't need some Monica exposition. As good as Ian's descent has been, it still rubs me the wrong way that they've completely shed his earlier personality hallmarks to get him there. I don't understand what's going on inside his head anymore, and that makes it hard to get deep into any of his scenes with Mickey because they used to have good, messy, real conversations, and we're just not there yet.

    V and Kevin. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh. I'm completely over it at this point, and I was just getting ready to say that I appreciate what they've done with Svetlana, but two steps forward, three steps back, AS ALWAYS with this show. I'm severely uninterested, and I really don't have anything to say as far as analysis is concerned.

    And really, I don't have much to say for the rest of the show in this episode. I like Derek, and I'm hoping this thing with him and Debbie is the real deal, but I've learned not to put too much faith in the way they're writing Debbie these days. The Carl and Chuckie stuff is just a nonfactor. Carl needs a serious, mature story in season 6 for me to even care about him anymore. I'm over Fiona's merry-go-round of men.

    I wasn't expecting anything amazing after ep6's greatness, so I'm not TOO disappointed, but because I'm not good at being spoilerless, I know it's gonna only get worse...
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    Showtime has a free preview this weekend, so the entire S1-S5 is available on demand through Comcast/Xfinity, so it looks like I'll finally be able to finish S5! I'm rewatching episode 6 before I get to the rest, though, because I just have to enjoy this fantastic episode again.
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    The whole UK series is on Netflix.
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    I saw this couple on PBS's Song of the Mountains a few years ago, and their Christmas album has become sort of a new holiday tradition for me.
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    I've always heard the Rosie rumor.
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    ALL OF IT. ALL OF IT. So accurate.
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    IDK if we ever had a thread for the UK show, but what the hell, I'll resurrect this as a place to discuss it.

    I finally watched the entire first generation's run of episodes in one, somewhat regular stream of viewing. Well, to be completely honest, I did the first series last year, watched the series 2 premiere episode right after that, and then binged the rest of series 2 over the last few days. Needless to say, 25-year-old AMS viewed the entire run way differently from the way 18-year-old AMS did.

    After openly loathing Tony and seeing him as nothing more than a repulsive sociopath for the entire first series, I have to say, they did a magnificent job with his growth and development post-accident. His self-titled ep was one of the best of the second series, and where his character ultimately ended up and the decisions he made in regards to Sid and Michelle really changed my perception of the character. His arc finally made sense, and in his growth, there was growth in Sid and Michelle, as well. I've always loved those two (as characters, not as a couple - I thought their sexual relationship was completely hollow and unnecessary), so to have them blossom into their own as Tony recovered from his accident was great to see. Sid, especially, evolved as much as Tony, and when it all boils down, I'd say the changes in those two and their friendship is really what's at the center of the first generation of Skins. It was always about Sid and Tony, and Michelle and Cassie were secondary to that.

    Chris and Jal's relationship didn't work for me. If they were going to put the two of them together, then their episodes needed to focus on that and not the stuff that comes after a couple is established. As it stands, they were thrown together too quickly and, despite their individual episodes being very well-written and acted, the drama just didn't ring true. Still, though, taken as they were, the episodes were great.

    Sadly, they did so little with Maxxie and Anwar in both series, and I'm not TOO bent out of shape over that. Anwar was a cartoon most of the time, and for them to do everything they needed to do with Tony/Sid/Michelle/Cassie as well as what they were trying to do with Jal and Chris, there just wasn't enough time to really give Maxxie and Anwar long-term stories. The Sketch stuff started well but went absolutely nowhere, even though it was good to see her creepy ass left alone. Maybe they just overloaded the cast by having both Max/Anwar and Jal/Chris, leading to underdeveloped stories for both pairs. If they'd kept one pair as recurring, maybe they could have done more with the other. Or, they could have kept their stories small and simple - Jal and Chris developing an attraction and ending the series as a burgeoning couple (yes, which would have deprived us of Chris's sad and poignant death, but still...) while making an actual plot out of Maxxie dealing with Sketch and meeting James and Anwar's falling grades.

    I'm very glad that I was able to watch these again. My series 2 was very spotty back when it originally aired, mainly because it was so hard to find good downloads online, but my love for this show is much stronger now that I was able to see it all. I wasn't going to keep going with the second generation out of childish protest, but I guess I'll give it a go. I'm ready to see what the new characters are all about, and if what I've read is correct, they're still a pretty good bunch. I'm not TOO big on Effy as she portrayed in the first gen. mainly because she just comes across as "edgy" and blase' for the sake of being "edgy." I'm willing to see how her story unfolds, though. The third generation...I don't know so much about.
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    ...umm, are you talking about Erica?
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  10. All My Shadows added a post in a topic R.I.P. David Canary (AMC)   

    I think Adam's death would have been a huge storyline all on its own, setting up lots of new dynamics. His departure in 2010 gave us several good months of the JR/Scott/Annie/Marissa stuff. Now that it's a few years later, there's no telling what the set-up would be like.
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    ^^^ol' girl (literally) has that old school "Watch Angela, weekdays at 3, on Channel 4" promo look.

    The Thanksgiving with black families meme has been killing me the last few days. If I didn't get pissy over how this new board handles images, I'd share some, but oh well.
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    I saw a nice tweet from who I'm assuming is Felicia Minei Behr's daughter. It warms my heart to see so many AMC-affiliated people share their feelings about this remarkable man.
    He was in such fine form just two and a half years ago on the new series.
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    See, and her humility is one of the main reasons I've always enjoyed her. Just to clarify my thoughts, she doesn't have to do anything different at all. I'd love to see her grow and change and evolve, but I'm not hating on the new album. She's the best mainstream vocalist of her time and, as noted above, will destroy the competition every step of the way.
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  14. All My Shadows added a post in a topic R.I.P. David Canary (AMC)   

    When it's all said and done, if I had to pick one leading man to stand beside Susan to represent All My Children, it would be David Canary. This loss is huge for the entire AMC community. No matter how bad things got, DC was a committed player, and I might even say that that's what kept him at the forefront until the very end. He gave his all, and his legacy will live on in the hearts and minds of all generations of viewers.
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  15. All My Shadows added a post in a topic They really need to start programming Saturday nights again   

    This has always been my opinion, too. Older people will watch scripted shows on Saturday nights. Hallmark Channel has had success with naturally older-skewing shows on Saturdays for the last few years. I don't understand the technicalities of it all, but if the networks and advertisers could just get off the 18-49 tit for a night, they'd have something.
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