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  1. ATWT was still using licensed music (albeit older hit songs) in its last year. In fact, the very last scene is set to the score of Prince of Tides, which is why you can find clips of the scene online that use different music. Many people were upset because the actual ATWT from the 70s would have worked just as well at setting the particular tone they were going for. Re: Bless the Beasts and Children. The Carpenters recorded a pretty successful version of it around the same time Nadia's Theme became Nadia's Theme. It was originally "Cotton's Dream" in reference to the scene in which it played in the movie BTBAC. AMC used the opening phrase of Pino Donaggio's theme from Carrie in a 1987 episode.
  2. I think CD turns 30 this year, too
  4. I really like the early episodes with the Lucy, Viv, and their kids. I watched a good bit of the Lucy & Mr. Mooney episodes in syndication growing up and also via public domain DVD releases, but they feel more like cartoons than an actual sitcom now. I hope ME starts with the beginning, but even if they don't, I can just continue to watch them on Hulu. Apparently Antenna will give their primetime the Block Party Summer treatment starting next week and going through Labor Day (so, what, two weeks?) with Family Ties on Mondays, All in the Family on Tuesdays, One Day at a Time on Wednesdays, Good Times on Thursdays, and Maude on Fridays. Shocked that FT and ODAAT are there and not the Jeffersons and Sanford and Son.
  5. To me, it's criminal that ILL hasn't been regularly scheduled in primetime for a long, long time. I know that for the longest time, it was one of the most-played shows, but it's really been low-key for the last 10-15 years. I think it hit a peak with its 50th anniversary back in 2001 and has quietly blended in with everything else since then. If I could fix their primetime, I'd do the Bradys, Andy, Lucy, and Mary, then an hour of Happy Days. I like the idea of the last part being an hour block of one show, but it's been HH for far too long. I'd even consider making it Beverly Hillbillies. I mean, if I REALLY could have my way, Donna Reed, My Three Sons, and Petticoat Junction would air for an hour each in the afternoons.
  6. Slightly bigger changes for ME-TV in September. The daily western block is extended by an hour with Wagon Train joining the afternoon schedule, effectively ending the afternoon sitcom block. ALF leaves and is replaced in primetime by Happy Days, which I'm not too sad about. Still wondering why/how Hogan's Heroes continues to take up a beautiful hour-long slot five nights a week, but whatever. Mama's Family must be doing well because it gets an hour on Sunday afternoons, along with The Facts of Life. Touched by an Angel joins the Sunday schedule, unnecessarily airing as bookends around the usual Columbo. The Lucy Show also joins the Sunday sitcom block. Sunday late nights has The Untouchables, The Fugitive, and Peter Gunn coming back along with new arrival Highway Patrol. All at time slots that are completely and totally inaccessible for casual viewers. Whatever happened to the days when overnight slots were strictly for repeats of shows that aired during the day? Why do they insist on basically running a full slate of shows ONLY in late night and early morning?
  7. 2005-2006 was her high point at ATWT, IMO. I honestly believe that those years were probably the only time we really saw JP in her purest form.
  8. This woman probably has absolutely no clue what's going on with DAYS whatsoever. All she knows is that there are new people writing the show and she couldn't give a sh!t less. I don't blame her.
  9. Yep, Mac was bounced a few months ago. I want to say at the beginning of summer when the Mama/ALF block replaced it in primetime. I think the afternoon airing had already been replaced by then but I could be wrong. KMan, I absolutely love the fact that we are now in this incredible classic TV renaissance. Ten years ago, it was HARD to come by a ton of the legendary classics that truly deserve to be on the air somewhere all the time. Now, they're everywhere, and it's such a wide variety of shows. Factor in just the officially-available streaming options on Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon (of course not to mention the tons of things on YouTube) - so much of TV history is just readily available when it was impossible 10-15 years ago. Once upon a time when I was in high school and I had absolutely nothing else to do, I would've sat down and played around with the schedules of both Antenna and ME. Tomorrow I officially go back to work. I might geek out a little tonight and do some dream scheduling to cure my dont-wanna-go-back blues
  10. For whatever reason, ME's been really hyping those color episodes of TAGS (which I'm cool with - I like the color eps). I think the color episodes were not bringing in the same numbers as the black-and-white episodes in primetime, so they wanted to just do B/W but not completely neglect the color shows. Still, I agree with you that it makes no sense to put it just 90 minutes before the B/W episodes. I think they should just eliminate the morning airing of Perry Mason and pair color TAGS with an episode of Gomer or Mayberry RFD in that hour. I can't even remember the last time Laverne and Shirley was on the weekday schedule. Aren't they off completely now that MTM and Rhoda have Sunday afternoons? I know we have a ME-TV thread somewhere, but here is their upcoming schedule. Only four new shows coming to M-F (nothing new on weekends), and hilariously, one of them is at 6:00am aaaaaand to make you happy, it's The Facts of Life sandwiched between Donna Reed and Lucy. WTF. FOL is CLEARLY more suited for Antenna in a hundred million different ways. The thing is, Antenna has a great balance between older B/W stuff and then the 70s/80s stuff. Me-TV does not have that balance at all, so FOL sticks out like a sore thumb. It's almost as bad as when they had MacGyver in primetime surrounded by Andy and Hogan's Heroes. Sad to see two hours of that afternoon comedy block go, but I'm looking forward to TJ Hooker being my after-work show. It's always cool to see non-sitcoms in those afternoon/early evening slots. I would love to watch Cannon and Mannix, but not in the middle of the night.
  11. I agree with you about Antenna and ME. They're both on in my house basically all day long if I'm home, but there's nothing exciting about them anymore. Antenna goes crazy swapping timeslots around every few months while ME considers swapping one show out for another at 6am to be a "new fall schedule." Antenna announced a huge list of shows coming this year, but I don't think we've even seen half of them yet. Plus, they both have at their disposal sooooooooooooo many shows that they could easily trot out for special events all the time but choose not to.
  12. New schedule starting September 5, includes new addition Welcome Back Kotter. It's ABOUT DAMN TIME they broke up the double-airings in primetime. ABOUT. DAMN. TIME. Now they can have the dependable performers like AITF, S&S, etc. while also putting others in the mix. Surprised 227 and WH!! were given another shot in primetime. Hopefully they do a little better this time. I also think it's cute to have the 60s sitcoms on Saturday nights, but idk how long that's going to last.
  13. Weren't they both previously on the schedule? Hard to believe Antenna's been around for six and a half years now. I'd forgotten about a good bit of the shows they once regularly aired. I wouldn't mind seeing the returns of Here Come the Brides, Kraft Suspense Theater, Flipper, and It Takes a Thief. Meanwhile, the venerable posse of All in the Family, Sanford and Son, Good Times, Maude, The Jeffersons, and Three's Company will seemingly never leave primetime, ever. I love them all, but it's going to be frustrating as hell when they try something like Alice or The Hogan Family in primetime and they quickly get ushered to late night so that the same old shows can come back to shine. Obviously those shows do well (and seem to have always rated high in reruns for decades), but if they would just put new acquisitions in less-prime slots, maybe they'd stand a chance. At least they're good about making it through a run of a show before burying it. I just wish they'd pick up a drama series or two or three.
  14. I think GH wins hands down by virtue of being the #1 soap and also being very action/adventure-driven for most of the decade (if not all).
  15. Remember when everyone freaked out bc for a split second, it looked like AMC's Ryan Lavery wore thongs?