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  1. Bell should've been the one to end SORAS.
  2. If he's not our Steven, then I want Kevin Schmidt from Y&R.
  3. Who's the young guy with Andrea Evans? OLTL had so many kids running around at the end, I forget some of them even existed. Or is that a family member of hers? I'm always looking for what happened to random soap kids from the last 5-10 years of the genre to see what they look like now. Mick Hazen (ATWT's Parker) is looking fine as hell at nearly 24. Didn't realize he's only barely 3 years younger than I.
  4. Watching this Three's Company marathon on and off all weekend and STILL finding it hard not to write a quiet, smooth, sexy soapy version of the early seasons in my head.

    1. dragonflies


      I so wish John Ritter could have been a part of this :(

    2. Khan


      The Janet/Jack/Mr. Angelino triangle is EVERYTHING. ;)

  5. No
  6. I feel as though what might happen will be worse - they could just skip the episode altogether and pick up with the next regular-length episode.
  7. Right, I barely even recognized him. I hope his character doesn't go the way of Ted Dinard.
  8. coughTYPECASTcough
  9. I wonder if they'll even go there with Adam and Amanda. If they're aging the characters down (even if only aesthetically speaking), then four adult or young adult children might be too much for Blake and Alexis, plus I would imagine they're downsizing the cast. Spoiled rotten Fallon and pissy gay Steven would be enough.
  10. Grant Show is 55. Just let that sink in, y'all. Let. That. Sink. In. People born in 1962 are now turning fifty-damn-five. Time, slow ya roll! First thought that comes to mind for Alexis is Miriam Shor, who co-stared with GS on the short-lived 70s period piece Swingtown back in '08. I think she's on one of TVLand's things right now.
  11. Josh and yes, Carl, you better sit down!
  12. MeTV used that pic on their website in a "Do you know this old cancelled soap?" game. It took me way longer than it should have to guess Doctors because outside of Matt, Maggie, Steve, and Mona, I don't think ANY of those people were on the show just five years earlier, and Jada Rowland doesn't count. I'm still keeping up with the reruns, slowly but surely, but I know it's gonna be pretty painful to watch it transform from a pretty consistent show from 1967 to 1976ish and then change drastically. I hope Retro keeps it around long enough for us to see.
  13. The second I found out I'll Be Your Everything was #1 the week I was born, the song has always made me feel all tingly inside. Just that good, pure, innocent early 90s love. RIP to him, and I wish peace for his family.
  14. Yaaaaaaasssssssss!!!!!!!!!! This show is just classic sitcom, and I love it. This is something that could (and should) easily be played to death in reruns on some cable network or syndication, and I mean that in a good way.
  15. I actually think Grant Show is perfect for the role. I hadn't given much thought towards who I'd cast for this, but if I had, he would've probably come up at some point.