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  1. Yeah. I watched it from day one. I miss my regular intake of Zach Roerig.
  2. The Vampire Diares ended in March.
  3. They could have Paul find a letter or some such dying wish that he connect with Steven again, who for some retconned reason had been exiled from the family.
  4. Can someone tell me who the most senior actor in the cast was in 1986?
  5. This raunchy book comedy plot is so depressing to me. I desperately need more for David and Leyla, who looks fantastic (no surprise) with her new sheek cut. Or is it not new and all and I feel like I haven't seen her in forever? During the Adam / Victoria scenes, my heart was screaming for the return of Daz. Would be perfectly happy if he returned and got her up the duff. I also wish they'd include Robert more in Victoria's life. Louise Marwood seems to have lost some weight. I guess no story has done her body good; not that she really needed to in the first place. On a positive note, I am really entrenched in the Rhona plot. I'm a big Vanessa fan, so seeing her getting something to do again has been a treat.
  6. Watching today's episode I quickly thought that I had to come here to express how Drew and Harper are the best couple on all of soap, and then bam, she gets stabbed at the end of the episode! I will not be liable for my actions if she doesn't pull through. Harper is a glamazon!
  7. I only have time to watch Shorty and Emmerdale, but I keep up with all of them.
  8. I"m excited about the returns for Nick and Waverly, but it's really a shame Rachel isn't around to be reunited with them on screen, especially Nick.
  9. Alisha Boe, who played Paige Larson's friend Daphne on DAYS, has a main role in the new Netflix drama, 13 REASONS WHY. I don't know how she was on DAYS, but she was one of my favourite parts of 13.
  10. I think she, Irna, Bill Bell, and Henry Slesar (my personal favourite), and the underrated Gordon Russell are all better than him. But that IS saying a lot.
  11. He was my favourite comedian. The best of the best. I'll never forget him.
  12. Thank you very much.
  13. Does anyone know, at least to the month in 1987, that Leanna Love debuted on the show?
  14. I do not like green eggs and ham. I do not like this, Sam I am.
  15. I encourage everyone who is a fan of Bill's to watch this documentary on his life. You'll see grand stars involved like Shirley MacLaine, Carl Reiner, and Florence Henderson. You'll see DAYS stars like Deidre Hall, Kristian Alfonso, and best friend Robert Clary. Many clips from his TV appearances, including from DAYS, of course. I believe he could have been a big star if not for the selfless shift he decided to take in the late 60's. It shows what a true bonafide gentleman he always was and is. Personally, I love him like a family member; a grandpa or a great uncle. And if you watch, don't stop at the credits. There's still little anecdotes right through to the very end.