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  1. Bright Eyes added a post in a topic New Irish Soap - Red Rock   

    With rumours about the show expanding, I'm happy that won't be the case with this news.

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  2. Bright Eyes added a post in a topic EastEnders: Discussion Thread   

    A baby can't don't donate a liver to a grown man, right?
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  3. Bright Eyes added a post in a topic Emmerdale: Discussion Thread   

    It didn't bother me when Chas was chastising Charity for trying to break up Cain and Moira, but this was absolute dreck for her. Just "pee on the stick, bitch" Chas is truly dead and gone, but at least she got rid of those ugly bangs. And it may seem strange to say, but Aaron shouldn't have been giving any attitude towards Charity. She is his elder, he needs to get in line and let the adults deal with it, at not judge her to her face. Though I am liking that they are letting Lisa be the one to rail Charity and Jermaine over the coals. She usually has to be the peacemaker when she's the one that deserves to be the most angry. Still, this is an exact reason why when I spew my wish to rid the show of the Dingles, I always spare Charity. She doesn't need them, and has always soared without them anyway. I'd love her to run the Pub on her own, hire some hunky playboy piece of ass as a new barman, another hot totty for a bar maid who she barbs with, but also finds herself caring for and mentoring, and someone older/wiser who she leans on to take care of business while she slacks, while Marlon can scoff at it all. Though he's another I couldn't stand for a long time after the awful Laurel/Marlon travesty, the Donna/alcoholic Laurel storylines, and now his pairing with Carly, have revived him back in to my good graces. Plus, I always feel it comes off so forced when he's made to be part of the Dingle circle jerk. I do, however, am dreading the return of Paddy.
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  4. Bright Eyes added a post in a topic EastEnders: Discussion Thread   

    That's really unfortunate and quite a puzzler to understand, actually. This will be one of the few times I'm all for Danny Dyer going off on Twitter. There's such a long line of axings that should have happened before he was an option. The saving grace is that Danny has expressed interest at leaving sooner than later. With his talents, I have no doubt he'll find himself on the West End and/or Broadway if he so chooses. What happens with Whitney now could be interesting, but they could have been a tentpole couple, along with Martin/Stacey. And I don't really need another reason to see Mick's man pain.
    Since I like to play who to axe, too, here is my list:
    Ian -  For a couple of years at least. Move Martin/Stacey into the house
    Phil, Louise - Ben and Jay move in together/run the Arches, Billy runs the funeral home.
    Abi - I was a fan of hers more than most until she got with Ben. Lorna Fitzgerald just can't measure up anymore. Recast in a couple of years if Max is still around.
    Jane, Tina, Johnny (I just will never like the actor), Babe, Kush/Carmel/Shakil (the latter speaks for himself, albeit unintelligently, but the first two, who started out great, have ruined all chances of likability for me), Claudette, Mick/Linda, and since I've never liked her, Shirley, too. Lee and Whitney could have flourished without them with ease.
    I also wouldn't be too sad to see the back of Kim, Vincent, Donna, Lauren (who has been flat lining since her return), or Kyle, but they don't scream for dismissal as much to me. Hopefully Lauren perks up when Max returns, if not, I'll happily see her go.
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  5. Bright Eyes added a post in a topic The Plan to Save DAYS: 2016 Edition   

    FYI: Dena Higley posted on Facebook that her her work with Ryan Quan doesn't debut until September 6.
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  6. Bright Eyes added a post in a topic EastEnders: Discussion Thread   

    Kevin Sacre is an absolute honourable mention for me, too. I don't expect much of my favourites to even place, so the results will be interesting. Glad to see we're both Emmerdale heavy. Not a surprise there.
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  7. Bright Eyes added a post in a topic Where the Heart Is 1969-1973   

    That second clip was mesmerizing. I've never seen the actress in anything, but she certainly sounds superb. Those vitriolic joyful screams about seemingly killing Mary and her unborn baby made her sound like a demon possessed. Amazing.
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  8. Bright Eyes added a post in a topic Hollyoaks: Discussion Thread   

    I'm use to the large casts myself, but your question made me do a tally between all 4 shows. Hollyoaks: 52, EastEnders: 44, Emmerdale: 59, Coronation Street: 57. Based on episode quantity these numbers (give or take some guest/supporting characters and some children) seem to make sense. Personally, I would love all the soaps to only be two episodes a week with much smaller casts, so I can see how you would be overwhelmed.
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  9. Bright Eyes added a post in a topic EastEnders: Discussion Thread   

    Carl, are you voting in the Walford Web favourite soap hunks (UK only). It is quite the undertaking to decipher. I feel so guilty for leaving others out, but you're only allowed 10/20, when I could have added tons more. Anyway, after much debate with myself here is who I finally settled on.
    1. Ashley Taylor Dawson (Darren Osborne, Hollyoaks)
    2. Matthew Wolfenden (David Metcalfe, Emmerdale)
    3. James Sutton (John Paul McQueen, Hollyoaks/Ryan Lamb, Emmerdale)
    4. Ben Freeman (Scott Windsor, Emmerdale)
    5. Ryan Hawley (Robert Sugden, Emmerdale)
    6. Tom Lister (Carl King, Emmerdale)
    7. Rik Makarem (Nikhil Sharma, Emmerdale)
    8. Bruno Langley (Todd Grimshaw, Coronation Street)
    9. Mikey North (Gary Windass, Coronation Street)
    10. Qasim Akhtar (Zeedan Nazir, Coronation Street)
    11. Jeremy Edwards (Kurt Benson, Hollyoaks)
    12. Michael Parr (Ross Barton, Emmerdale)
    13. Aaron Fontaine (Sonny Valentine, Hollyoaks)
    14. Sam Strike (Johnny Carter, EastEnders)
    15. Ayden Callaghan (Miles de Souza, Emmerdale/Joe Roscoe, Hollyoaks)
    16. Ben Hardy (Peter Beale, EastEnders)
    17. Cameron Moore (Cameron Campbell, Hollyoaks)
    18. David Witts (Joey Branning, EastEnders)
    19. Chris Fountain (Justin Burton, Hollyoaks/Tommy Duckworth, Coronation Street)
    20. Aaron Sidwell (Steven Beale, EastEnders)
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  10. Bright Eyes added a post in a topic Hollyoaks: Discussion Thread   

    Hollyoaks is a crazy beast, but it's consistent in its way. For the most part, and I have said this before, the show has been on fire since Mercedes "died" and they fixed Grace into the great A list character she is today.
    I wonder if Joel will mention Bart at all upon his return. Kirkwood must have really hated him a lot to get rid of a McQueen, so I doubt it. I hope with his return, albeit recast, that means the awful creation of Spencer has basically been swept from existence. The only good scene he ever had is when Clare met him and asked aloud "What is actually wrong with you?" RIP Clare. I'll miss you always.
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  11. Bright Eyes added a post in a topic EastEnders: Discussion Thread   

    This may be a minority opinion, but I will definitely miss Roxy. Whenever she got to be around other characters away from Ronnie I found her so likable, fun, and fascinating. She was never allowed to meet her true potential because they only ever saw her as a plot device for Ronnie. She's kind of how US soaps, DAYS in particular, think characters that are part of "supercouples" are useless without their other half and must be thrown out if the other one isn't around. If they had actually let her have her own life, independent of Ronnie and the Mitchells, she could have been fantastic. I'll miss her.
    As for Ronnie, the baby switch story was must see for me because of Sam Womack and her impressive must see performances. That made me love wacked out Ronnie more than most, and when DTC said that he would make her a full villain, I was ready to get my life. I loved her killing Carl, I loved her and Charlie together, both being upfront about their actions to each other and still standing by the other. She was one of the best things about the show at this point, and then it all went terribly wrong, along with the rest of the show. If they're going out together, I hope that doesn't mean Ronnie gets off scot free for her actions and they literally leave town together. Roxy deserves to not be tethered to her any longer.
    I also don't understand how exit announcements for Babe and Claudette have not yet been made. I fear for SOC's vision if he thinks any time and effort on them is worth any energy at all.
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  12. Bright Eyes added a post in a topic Emmerdale: Discussion Thread   

    Hopefully this works for you guys.
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  13. Bright Eyes added a post in a topic Hollyoaks: Discussion Thread   

    Amy is finally back where she belongs. Those little glimpses we've gotten of her for the past few years were crumbs I ate up hungrily. It's too bad Michaela isn't back in town to welcome back her best friend and make a pass at Barnesy.
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  14. Bright Eyes added a post in a topic Emmerdale: Discussion Thread   

    I can't help it; I'm totally excited for this surprise sister revelation. Amy Walsh was great yet again tonight. She's very good at bringing across how pained her life has been. Even those light scenes where she had no clue what a wedding portfolio was, had a glimpse of sorrow to it, knowing she never had someone in her life to let her in on something that most little girls take for granted.
    It was a bit of a hell yeah moment that Andy plead not guilty, but then I was met with instant dread knowing what that could mean for Rakesh. I look forward to when Chrissie starts to show more of her true colours. I hope Priya gets a chance to claw her eyes out.
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  15. Bright Eyes added a post in a topic Coronation Street: Discussion Thread   

    Two Hollyoaks legends. Come back home boys. Anytime.
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