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  1. Bright Eyes added a post in a topic Coronation Street: Discussion Thread   

    I happy this means this random affair nonsense will end sooner rather than later. This isn't much of a loss at all. I wouldn't be mad if Oates got rid of Cathy/Alex, and eventually paired Roy and Yasmeen. Plus, since the story came out of nowhere, the outcome could have always been to break up the Nazir marriage for good anyway. 
    I just hope this makes Zeedan give up his beliefs, at least when it comes to sex. I want that body on parade, stat!
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  2. Bright Eyes added a post in a topic Kay Alden back at Y&R   

    With the news, I hope this means we could potentially see Dina again. Always happy to get as much Marla Adams in my life as I can.
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  3. Bright Eyes added a post in a topic Shortland Street   

    Angela Bloomfield is doing such a great job playing Rachel at the end of her tether. Going back to her bitch role as a way of coping, saying and doing anything she can as CEO to keep anyone from making her deal with the truth of how she isn't coping at all. Even behind her venomous tongue, you can always see the pain and struggle in her eyes. Lecherous Glen really did a number on her. The question is will Rachel crumble before or after Glen's inevitable return? Still, Bloomfield is really showing why she's the QUEEN of this show, not that there was ever any doubt of her deserving her throne.
    It's a shame they killed Carrie off-screen, but Chris' sperm donor children arriving are welcomed additions. I mentioned before how I wanted Frank to be a bad seed, and it sounds like they could go that route with the little we've learned of him from Finn and Sass. Sass herself is quickly becoming a fascinating addition as a bit of a shameless stirrer. Of course, TK had to sleep with her, adding to his harem numbers. It's not Shortland Street if half the female cast haven't slept with him. Not really a complaint or unreasonable considering how ridiculously hot Benjamin Mitchell is. We should all be so lucky.
    Lucy and Ali planning their wedding for next year gives me pause. Suggests to me there will be no wedding at all. They're sure to call off the engagement at some point, surely.
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  4. Bright Eyes added a post in a topic Neighbours: Discussion Thread   

    Probably not. It was just three short (less than 5 minutes) 'episodes' on their YouTube channel. It basically was just to show that the doctor character is shy and the other one is a playboy, but I thought it was cute and well acted nonetheless.
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  5. Bright Eyes added a post in a topic What Are You Listening To?   

  6. Bright Eyes added a post in a topic Neighbours: Discussion Thread   

    I'm very intrigued about the new Asian brothers that debut this week. I even watched their webisodes introduction. I hope they're a success.
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  7. Bright Eyes added a post in a topic Coronation Street: Discussion Thread   

    Not going to lie, the break up of Todd/Tracy hit me much harder than Todd/Billy. This better just be temporary for this Phelan story, because they were the best friendship on the show.
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  9. Bright Eyes added a post in a topic RIP Charmian Carr (The Sound of Music)   

  10. Bright Eyes added a post in a topic Emmerdale: Discussion Thread   

    I always forget about abortion stories for some reason. Charity should have shot to mind immediately as I loved that entire time with Declan. And I already knew about Jasmine as well since you've so eloquently described her history in the past. My memory just blanks out sometimes, I guess.
    I don't know much about the Glovers other than Dave was with Kim Tate for a time, which prompted me to look them up. How bizarre that both Dave and Linda were killed off in the same year. Do you think either death was a mistake?
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  11. Bright Eyes added a post in a topic Emmerdale: Discussion Thread   

    I can get behind Leyla and Pete. I was going to write how great it was that she hadn't hooked up with Ross, but then I remembered she had a one night stand with Adam. Damn those beautiful Barton boys. Still, it'll be nice for her to throw some fun his way if nothing else. I hope this also means they have plans to reignite his friendship with David. They started something when David started those football classes, but have never kept up with it.
    What is Emmerdale's history with abortion? I know Kelly Windsor had one. Anyone else come to mind?
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  12. Bright Eyes added a post in a topic EastEnders: Discussion Thread   

    I only saw the tail end of Chelsea's run, but I agree about both her and especially Joivan Wade returning. I wouldn't even mind Libby either. Denise really wouldn't need Kim around then. I hated the little I saw of Libby initially because at the time I started watching she was around that vacuous wheelchair character and some annoying old woman, who I think was her grandmother, but in her returns she's been a breath of fresh air.
    Does anyone have any random character return wishes? I always thought getting rid of Gary Lucy/Danny Pennant was a hasty move. Imagine him and Steven making some sort of sex bet, while fooling around with each other. He worked well with Janine and Lucy, and probably could do wonders to breath some life into the show.
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  13. Bright Eyes added a post in a topic EastEnders: Discussion Thread   

    Abi - She perplexes me. I was a bigger fan of hers than most until she got with Ben. Fitzgerald was one of the highlights from Live Week, but she has been so juvenile in her delivery it makes me seethe. Maybe she just needs a stronger directing influence? God knows DTC's characterisations threatened the strongest of actors on this show. But if the character has truly outgrown her, I do hope they let Abi succeed professionally. She deserves to be the veterinarian she dreamed about for as long as I can remember, and if Max is still on the show in a few years, recast and have her return as an accomplished woman. Maybe even have her become a full fledged doctor, and move into Dr. Legg's old place. I'm surprised the show has never done that with a past character.
    I might be able to handle Johnny a little bit better if they stopped putting him in old man desperately trying to cling to better days clothing. Ugly, ugly, ugly. I did like his scene with Colin, but to your disagreement, when I see him, I see how lacking he is compared to Sam Strike in numerous ways and it's always a let down. Plus, he's a Carter. The name alone makes my blood boil. Unless you have the charm of Strike or Hatchard, I have my red pen at the ready.
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  14. Bright Eyes added a post in a topic Hollyoaks: Discussion Thread   

    I was amused that Grace shot down the prospect of this pairing to Esther on the latest episode. I guess my soapy sixth sense was tingling.
    I am fully ready for Joanne to go away now. When she moved on from Louis it looked like she learned her lesson. I don't understand why they are horribly backtracking this character. Being so pathetic at her age ain't cute.
    And I hate to say it, but I think it's time for Myra to die. Her shtick makes me grimace. I wish she were an adult again.
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  15. Bright Eyes added a post in a topic EastEnders: Discussion Thread   

    I feel the same way about Lee. I had visions of Martin/Stacey and Lee/Whitney being a tight foursome on the square. I yearned for a double date between them. And since I'll never buy Kush as Martin's close friend anytime soon, strengthening his friendship with Lee would have been a priority. Lee/Stacey and Martin/Whitney could bond dealing with mental illness, their partners bonding over the best way to cope, and they compare notes on dealing with everyday life. They could have been great together.
    Though I'm not that cut up about it in the grand scheme of things, I also posted my thoughts before about how much Roxy could have soared away from Ronnie, and the Mitchells. She's always so likable when she has nothing to do with them.
    Vincent isn't on my hit list because the character is completely inoffensive these days and Richard Blackwood is shamelessly hot enough for me to not make his axing a priority. Make him friends with Kush and have them whore around together. I think Blackwood could pull off being a cad type. This would clearly mean the end for him and Kim, and she could leave with Pearl. I liked her under Kirkwood, but she hasn't been the same since she returned and Denise doesn't need her, and Kat isn't around to be her friend, which leaves her with nothing.
    Obvious choices for cuts are Shakil and Jane. It's hard to know which characters should truly go because we have no idea what SOC will do. So many things are all a big question mark.
    Lauren and Abi are floundering, but they have to be kept dithering around while waiting for Max to return. It's a scary prospect wondering how that story will go. And what about soon to be a single father of two, Jack? When Ronnie leaves, what will become of him. What is his relationship with Max going to be? Don't strike me, but I actually think he and Whitney could become good together. They make sense in my head, anyway, and Whitney could certainly pull off being with an older man without her coming off as immature, or Jack looking like he's going though a mid-life crisis.
    Tina, Johnny, Louise would be quick and easy for me.
    Belinda - Carli Norris was so brilliant on Hollyoaks that it still is a sore in my craw how Kirkwood just threw out her and the great Kane family. She is so much better than what Belinda is right now. I don't think the show really needs Slaters around though. Stacey certainly wouldn't hurt without her presence.
    In a perfect world, this would be the end of the line for Phil. I don't know how the hell one goes about fixing Ian, but these two aren't going anywhere so it's a moot point to think otherwise.
    Shirley, Mick, Linda - Mick and Linda will have to wait until her maternity leave is over. Having Mick deal with being completely alone in the Vic could be interesting in the interim. As for Shirley, look at all the dross her existence has besotted us. I've always hated her. I'm also assuming Sylvie is a shelf life character. Other than Tina, would anyone care if she died. Heck, make that Tina's exit story. Sylvie dies, Tina realizes how vile they all are when no one wants to help with the funeral, so she books it and leaves Mick in the lurch with the bill.
    Carmel - I wouldn't get rid of her right away, because I'd make her a villain first.
    Donna. The show needs to prove me to she's not just a token. Hollyoaks knows how to do this effortlessly.
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