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  1. The hint is in 'upcoming newcomer.'
  2. Friday's cast credits showed that upcoming newcomer Cait Fairbanks (Tessa Porter) is on contract. Liz Hendrickson is still on the contract cast as well.
  3. Orlagh Cassidy (GL/AW) was on the latest episode of HOMELAND.
  4. I just hope it's a hit for KJ Apa's sake. He was wonderful on Shortland Street. He deserves to be a star.
  5. I already started my rewatch, the latest episode being Maddie's death. I'm happy to see I'll be able to take my time with the rest of season two. Thanks for all the updates, Vee.
  6. Not only was the Ashley centric episode terrific, but it was a nice surprise to see Bryan Parry again who played Louis McQueen on the last Hollyoaks Later.
  7. Lamb chops and roasted potatoes
  8. It's looking that way. Hence her new blue hair. Of that same vein, Jade, Joey's baby mama, has been recast by that newcomer that was announced to be joining a few weeks ago. It'll be ages, until at least late spring, that Jovanni's exit happens on screen.
  9. Kirsten Storms as Maxie, GH - I still lament Robyn Richards being recast in the first place. Anemic mouse, some good performances notwithstanding, keeps that fire burning consistently. It would be like if DAYS never realized their mistake regarding Christie Clark/Tracy Middendorf. A colossal WTF? Judith Chapman, Gloria, YR - Joan van Ark was so great in the role, and then we got stuck with bug eyes. What a steep drop in quality.
  10. Her stints in daytime passed me by, and Ryan's Hope is something I've never gotten too interested in, but when I think of her I still think of the moment on GH, where my favourite, Felicia cries, "No, not Barbara Jean." Her writing elicited moments from her cast and crew that became iconic. Rest in Peace to a daytime great. Now, someone please check on Harding Lemay.
  11. Wolé Parks, the last actor to play Dallas Griffin on ATWT, debuted playing The Devil (literally) on the final season of The Vampire Diaries tonight.
  12. I've only just browsed through it, but as of this afternoon, I am the proud owner of The Secret History of Twin Peaks! It's very thick, so I'm guessing there will be a lot to lose myself in. I don't know when I'll really sit down and delve into it because I also purchased Willam's Suck Less that will be immediately fun fodder when it arrives by mail in a couple of weeks.
  13. I am grateful to be Canadian at a time like this, for there are people in my family, my father included, who would have happily voted for Trump. If I was an American, at this point, I do not know if I could continue a relationship with these people. There is a blissful ignorance that I can rationalize not having to do this because people in my life weren't responsible on a technicality. I try my best not to subject myself to their warped minds on the topic, but I know its there, inherently in them, and I always knew this and its always horrified me. I commend any and all of those who are continuing to fight and persevere through this. I yearn for the good people to win; the Davids of the world. Good luck. Cat, the dorm room incident hit me the most as well. I think because at least the other incidents happened outside of someone's home, but the victim in that situation has no where to go for peace, safety, or solace.
  14. If the date is right, she was on DAYS during that time.
  15. This year just has one devastating loss after another. He got a great exit though. Am I the only one feeling like TK could soon be gone too? This stuff with Trina (she's only 21 in real life! ), the introduction of sexy Hawks, and Tillie living elsewhere all make it look like his time on the show is coming to a close. 2016 has been ruthless in real and reel life.