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  1. Steffy is an annoying twat. How many people does it take to prop Thomas' pathetic ass? Poor Caroline regressed for this creeper. Bill lying about Caroline "dying" is disgusting, but if he says it's cancer, Brad Bell is a sick asshat, given Linsey is a cancer survivor
  2. Had to go to ER yesterday, got an infection in one of my incison's, feel better now after the anti biotic they prescribed. Seeing surgeon for my follow-up

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    2. Khan


      Sorry to hear about your infection, dragonflies, but I'm glad to know you're feeling better now.  Sending you continued prayers and well-wishes. :)

    3. Nothin'ButAttitude


      Hope you're better! Get well soon!

    4. Juliajms


      That's awful. I'm glad you feel better and I'm glad you are getting the care you need.

  3. Doesn't matter, that's what it's for USE IT! Toups where are you? lol
  4. Scott Baio's wife is filth just like he is

  5. OOOH now them's fighting words, you leave my Matt alone
  6. I'm willing to bet this will get merged with the other one......
  7. Almost a week since my surgery, incision's hurt off and on and soreness is basically gone. I just hate the rib & back pain and hope that's temporary

    1. AlexElizabeth


      Is it like a gassy pain? I had that in my back/rib/chest area after my abdominal surgery in March (mine was open surgery though, so not sure if it makes a difference). Mine went away eventually.

    2. Khan


      Fret not, dragonflies.  The pain IS temporary.  I underwent gallbladder removal surgery in 2000 and after two weeks, most of my pains had subsided.  Of course, being the hypochondriac that I was and still am, I was afraid for the next year or so to eat anything that was particularly fatty, spicy or gassy, lol.

    3. dragonflies


      @AlexElizabeth NO it's just more discomfort, it's how my ribs felt when my gall bladder would flare

  8. Wow no words, just none, someone is obsessed with this topic..
  9. My dad and John McCain were on the same ship when they served, but years apart, I always found that a neat tidbit.
  10. OMG my heart goes out to him
  11. BUH BYE pointless character
  12. I don't think he is, Ron no offense but there are like no soap actor's you seem to like at all
  13. Feeling good today, just will be glad when all the soreness is gone.

    1. Juliajms


      Glad to hear it!

  14. Didn't Ron have FF front burner big time on OLTL? I hate to say but yeah I could see him bringing her back.
  15. I think the more McConnell keeps trying to push a new "bill" to repeal ACA the more people are going to jump ship. I agree with Vee, no one wants to be part of this. I think they're finally getting the message that if they support this they'll pay for it when re-election time comes.
  16. Is this Ron's doing or still Hackley's writing?
  17. Actually I think JMc looks great with a beard
  18. Feeling a lot better, just have a lot of soreness, but doctor said I can return to work tomorrow if I want, which I probably will

    1. YRBB


      I thought you were going to say "which I probably won't!" :lol::P


      Really glad you're doing better!

    2. dragonflies


      Haaa lol, no I need the money too much :P



    3. slick jones

      slick jones

      Glad you are feeling better.  :)

  19. I think it still bothers them a lot that she won the popular vote