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  1. http://deadline.com/2017/04/roseanne-revival-roseanne-barr-john-goodman-sara-gilbert-1202078883/ So I wonder how John Goodman will be part of this since Dan supposedly died in the final season.
  2. I gotta admit I'm fangurling over this. Gal Gadot seems like a good fit for the role
  3. Seinfeld is just stupid, I don't get the praise for it and Jerry Seinfeld even admitted he can't act, that he was playing himself
  4. Baaaahhaaa this awful Dirty Dancing remake is getting dragged for filth on twitter 

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    2. MissLlanviewPA


      Unpopular opinion: the movie Dirty Dancing sucks, has always sucked, and always will suck. So I can't be too bothered by any attempts to "ruin" it. LOL. *runs*

    3. Khan


      I'm not fond of the original either. :)

    4. DramatistDreamer


      There wasn't anything original about the dancing or the story of the original so the remake didn't really have a difficult job but clearly, it failed judging from the negative (but hilarious) tweet-fest that I saw bits of this morning.

  5. So it begins?
  6. One of my favorite Bond's. I also loved him in "A Princess for Christmas" he was so good in it. He is a true legend, and will be truly missed.
  7. Zack Snyder stepped down from Justice League movie due to his daughter's suicide http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/heat-vision/zack-snyder-steps-down-justice-league-deal-family-tragedy-1006455
  8. Yeah viewing habits have changed alot. I watch CBS shows on the All Access app, or live if I can stay up and watch it(ie being off work the following day), I watch B&B on their too now, I love being able to watch these shows when I want
  9. Not political persay but now Billy Bush is crying cause his 16 year old daughter was upset with him at the "!@#$%^&*] grabbing" tape http://ew.com/tv/2017/05/22/billy-bush-trump-tape-good-morning-america/?xid=entertainment-weekly_facebook
  10. Seinfeld sucks monkey butt and Frasier is okay lol
  11. Alright why didn't you guys tell me that Logo plays Silver Spoons lol
  12. GH has 1.7s and 1.6 pretty damn close
  13. Isn't GH bordering on GL ratings from when it got cancelled?
  14. HOLY CRAP, GH is in some serious trouble WOW
  15. LMAO Melania swatted Trump's hand away when he tried to hold hers
  16. Alex wasn't a villain, sure she was mind controlled by Charlotte Devane, but overall Alex was a good person who tried to help Dimitri and Edmund and if I remember right she helped with Anna and Robin reunniting