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  1. LOL damn
  2. The people who say celebrities and whatnot shouldn't talk about politics need to be throat punched given our orange puppet in chief is a freaking REALITY STAR. Geesh these people are beyond stupid.
  3. Yeah I do think the GOP does need to undo the fining of people for not having insurance. I know without the medicaid I couldn't afford any. People like me who live paycheck to paycheck can't afford it. I guess I'm looking on the bright side lol
  4. Uhm smack me please, this almost doesn't sound bad reading the article.
  5. Yeah I think that's who it was
  6. I don't think they do either, they got a bigger backlash than they expected IMO I can't remember who it was, but yesterday someone posted an article on Facebook that one politician said he firmly believes ACA isn't going anywhere
  7. How long before Trumpelthinskin declares them "fake news"...
  8. My grandma had dementia, it's very hard to watch someone deteriorate like that
  9. It's kind of telling that NBC doesn't offer Days of Our Lives anywhere on their on Demand Channel. Shows how little they value it

    1. SFK


      I was looking for an online source to watch DOOL just the other day, no luck even with bootleg YouTube uploads.

    2. ~bl~


      I whined to cable company about that. Days is posted eventually online, but not until the next day. 

  10. The way GH is, they'd have Erica worshipping Sonny UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH