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  1. Poor Chelsea
  2. I'd love to see BN as nuHope on B&B
  4. What about Brooke Newton as nuMaxie?
  5. You should boo when they say his name LOL
  7. From Erin's husband: http://rare.us/rare-people/erin-morans-husband-opens-up-about-her-cancer-diagnosis-and-death-in-a-heartbreaking-open-letter-to-her-fans/?utm_content=inf_10_3427_2&utm_source=socialedge&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=Influencer&tse_id=INF_31d37ff02aae11e7ab1b4bd69f1788b7 Steve Fleischmann opened up about his wife’s cancer battle. In the letter, Fleischmann said he first noticed signs of her cancer just before Thanksgiving, when she woke up with blood on her pillow. He wrote: Fleischmann continued: “The coroner told me it was really really bad. It had spread to her spleen, she had a lot of fluid in her lungs and part of her brain was infected. The coroner said even if she was in the hospital being pumped full of antibiotics she still would not of made it. He said it was the best that she was with me and went in her sleep,” he wrote. “So that’s it.”
  8. I'm just shocked Scott pulled his head out of Trump's arse long enough to comment on anything
  9. From Cathy Silvers: My best friend. My shinning armor. My example of unconditional love, grace, poise, dignity, strength, talent beyond measure, and above all Erin held my hand throughout my life. My love for Erin is forever. A beautiful person, no luckier woman than I to call Erin my loving best friend. When the casting door opened and I walked in and jumped on the couch to read for Jenny Piccalo we laughed our heads off then Erin threw her arms around me and our journey of friendship began. We were very close on set and grew even closer now.
  10. Even more heartbreaking....