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  1. But you can see color ones anytime, these are rarely shown
  2. OMG! Warner Archive is releasing every single black-and-white Porky Pig cartoon ever made in a five-disc dvd set. http://www.cartoonbrew.com/dvd/warner-archive-releasing-swine-collection-classic-cartoons-152952.html
  3. I remember Soap Super couple's had their own "songs" in the 80's. I can't remember Bo & Hope's argh
  4. I remember GH used "Think of Laura" when Genie left and Laura disappeared
  5. Looks like Monday's episode will be pre empted for coverage of the eclipse *smh* how idiotic
  6. Cause some GH fans are tagging him in tweets. There are people who want him with Liz, that's probably why. Wouldn't surprise me if it was Friz fans doing this
  7. Same butt kissing of Shelly too
  8. Tell me again this person and Johnny aren't one and the same LOL.
  9. Damn, soap fans stay trashy
  10. wow I thought Jess had been on Y&R longer than 30 years
  11. I think Tina Fey(and her buddy Amy Poehler) to be very overrated
  12. Why do people think he and Reign hated each other?
  13. The walls are closing in!!!