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  1. http://tv.yahoo.com/blog/are-daytime-soaps-doomed--43 Are Daytime Soaps Doomed? By Rebecca Detken | Thursday, November 20, 2008, 7:08 PM Deidre Hall and Drake HogestynJeff Katz/NBCOn Wednesday, "Days of Our Lives" announced that it was firing two of the soap's biggest stars: Deidre Hall and Drake Hogestyn. I was shocked and saddened by the news. Can you imagine the town of Salem without Marlena (aka "Doc") and John? Thanks to budget cuts "Days" execs reportedly had to let go of the highly-paid actors in order to keep their show on NBC for another 18 months, but with a bloated cast of 31, couldn't they have axed some of the newbies instead of these beloved vets? When I asked my friend -- who works in the soap industry -- for his initial reaction to the news and what it means for the future of daytime, he responded, "You might as well sound the death knell." That's what I was afraid of. I used to write for a soap magazine many years ago, so daytime holds a special place in my heart. I'm also fiercely protective of the genre, which people love to knock. "The acting's horrible" and "the storylines are ridiculous" are two common criticisms. Yes, at times they are, but let me remind everyone that Kevin Bacon, James Earl Jones, Tommy Lee Jones, Demi Moore, Julianne Moore, Hayden Panettiere, Ryan Phillippe, Meg Ryan, and Marisa Tomei are just a few of the Hollywood stars who got their starts in daytime. And since "Guiding Light," which is the longest-running drama in TV history, hit the radio airwaves in 1937, soaps' silly stories have provided fans with a daily form of escapism. Of course, it's been hard to keep these tales fresh over the years, which is why some writers have resorted to penning the absurd, supernatural plots that have turned many a soap fan off. With that said, daytime ratings continue to dip, and it's really no surprise. Although there are plenty of male fans out there, soap operas were originally aimed at housewives. As we all know, there aren't as many stay-at-home moms as there used to be, and if someone does happen to be watching TV during the afternoon, they have hundreds of cable channels and programs to choose from. Plus, with everyone's busy schedules, people simply don't have the time to devote to a daytime serial anymore. I'm not making any great revelations here. Everyone in the soap industry is fully aware of its problems, but they don't seem to know how to solve them. In an attempt to boost ratings, the network suits have decided that what they need to do is attract young, new viewers, which, let's face it, ain't happening. According to my soap insider friend, instead of firing vets like Hall and Hogestyn, who longtime fans adore, the soaps should work on preserving what they have. “I don't really think you're ever going to get new viewers," he continued. "The days of moms and grandmas turning their kids on to their stories are long gone. The next best hope is to attract lapsed viewers -- fans who left for a reason, who were disappointed in how their stories were being written and how their favorites were being fired." As much as I hate to say it, I’m not sure if the soaps can be saved, but in staying true to the genre's form, a dramatic death is inevitable.
  2. For that I'm truly sorry. You're not a bad person, I never said you were. I've spoken to you many times and I loved our conversations. My comment was very flippant and sarcastic initially because I reacted to what I perceived to be racist and bigoted comments. Whether or not you dislike Obama is not important to me. I've disliked Bush the past 8 years, so I can't sit here and try to hold you to a different standard that I don't have for myself. I read your post last night and I was going to respond, but I really wanted to think about what I would say. In all of our discussions in this thread, I had forgotten the kind of person you are. I didn't think of the Brian who has given me advice on things in my life, or the Brian who has been a good friend to me over the past couple of years. All I saw was something that really disappointed me and didn't expect to come from someone like you. Maybe I misread or looked too far into your comments and was looking for something to be offended by.
  3. Well first off you don't get to see other people's warnings. It's a private thing. And I'm quite sure if the mods/admins keep getting reported posts they'll end up closing this thread (which IMO would suck because I love reading it). As far as me apologizing....why should I? Did I offend you? If you don't want people to relate your comments to that of people who promote bigotry and racism, then don't make such comments.
  4. Ummm....is Keith Olbermann on vacation? Some guy with a very bad haircut has been filling in for him.
  5. Calif. Supreme Court to take up gay marriage ban By LISA LEFF, Associated Press Writer Lisa Leff, Associated Press Writer – 48 mins ago SAN FRANCISCO – California's highest court agreed Wednesday to hear several legal challenges to the state's new ban on same-sex marriage but refused to allow gay couples to resume marrying before it rules. The California Supreme Court accepted three lawsuits seeking to nullify Proposition 8, a voter-approved constitutional amendment that overruled the court's decision in May that legalized gay marriage. All three cases claim the measure abridges the civil rights of a vulnerable minority group. They argue that voters alone did not have the authority to enact such a significant constitutional change. As is its custom when it takes up cases, the court did not elaborate on its decision. Along with the gay rights groups and local governments petitioning to overturn the ban, the measure's sponsors and Attorney General Jerry Brown had urged the Supreme Court to consider whether Proposition 8 passes legal muster. The court directed Brown and lawyers for the Yes on 8 campaign to submit their arguments for why the ballot initiative should not be nullified by Dec. 19. It said lawyers for the plaintiffs, who include same-sex couples who did not wed before the election, must respond before Jan. 5. Oral arguments could be scheduled as early as March, according to court spokeswoman Lynn Holton. Both opponents and supporters of Proposition 8 expressed confidence Wednesday that their arguments would prevail. But they also agreed that the cases present the court's seven justices — six of whom voted to review the challenges — with complex questions that have few precedents in state case law.
  6. Good. They should be slapped. I'd tell them no just because of their blatant arrogance and disregard for the situation they're in.
  7. I feel the same way. The workers are paid to work. They would make cars that ran on water if they could. They just do what their bosses tell them. I'm just mad that my tax money, your tax money is going/may go to save these companies that were ran terribly for years. They've been losing money for years but NOW they feel like they'll go out of business. When they started losing money they should have begun changing their business plan. I think these companies filing for Chapter 11 would be a good thing. Yes people will be bound to be laid off and that will trickle down, but these companies have to be held accountable for their poor business practices, fiscal mismanagement and god damn it I'm tired of these billion dollar companies getting checks. Huckabee is quite entertaining to watch. I wish more people would handle things the way he is when it comes to Obama. However I disagree with The Huck on the gay marriage issue. No surprise there. And yeah agree with what you said about the racial issues in this country. Just because Obama is president doesn't mean that racial inequality is over. It doesn't mean that everything is all honky dory. I spoke with a co-worker of mine who feels that affirmative action should be over now. I said to her, "You oversee a department with 300 employees. You went to a great school, was the top of your class. Do you know that without affirmative action you probably wouldn't be the head of your department? Affirmative action made it possible for you to even be considered to have your position. You didn't automatically get it, but it forced TPTB to look at your resume." She kinda thought about it and was like yeah, I guess you're right. There is still a lot of work that needs to be done.
  8. I do. It's absolutely absurd. Murdering terrorists calling someone honorable. It's an oxymoron...actually it's just moronic. Speaking of moronic....the CEO's of the Big 3 American Auto Companies took private jets down to Washington to get on their knees for money. Lame.... I'm not sure what to think about these companies begging for money. It would be one thing if they fell on hard times due to the market, but most of this is due to mismanagement from within. I don't have people bailing my ass out of debt. I've got fecking credit card bills and student loans that need repaying. You don't hear anyone offering me a damn bail out (though if anyone wants to...my address is 555 Help-a-bitch Lane, Brigantine NJ ) They could use all that money and give it to the American people (omg, what socialist tendencies I have) to help them get out of debt, prepare for the hard times and stimulate the economy. Evan! How are ya? I've missed you and your avatar/banner. Glad to see you around
  9. I agree with you Jess.
  10. So I'm a clown because I was offended by some of your statements that could be considered racist and bigoted and said that your comments reminded of something Klansmen say? Ok I guess I am.
  11. I didn't suggest you were a Klan member. I simply made an observation about the racist, bigoted comments that were posted that reminded me of some things things that Klansman say. *shugs*
  12. Ralph Nader is a sore loser. I've always thought he was crazy but really Ralph? Really? You were irrelevant in this election and it's a sore spot for you.
  13. Ugh, Ralph Nader ....SMDH ">" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="425" height="344">
  14. OMG, this is hilarious: http://www.worldcelebrationday.com/ ">" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="425" height="344">
  15. I am working on a post about Proposition 8. I think it's terrible and I hope it didn't pass. There are still 3 million absentee ballots that need to be counted.