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  1. Scott & Madison Cara is love. So enjoy her and Tad
  2. Love me some Mod Fam! Gloria is my absolute favorite-she constantly cracks me up. Sofia so deserves to win an award for this role
  3. Ryan made me so sick today. Yes we know David isn't a saint but seriously come on!
  4. I don't get the ratings. The show is awesome! More people need to discover, the oh so much fun cul-de-sac crew!
  5. The Tad and Cara scenes were the highlight for me. Really liking them
  6. Really enjoyed Cara scenes with both Jake and Tad. Lindsay has such good vibe with both guys
  7. Thought last night's episode was awesome. Stana did such a great job and the guys did such an awesome job supporting her. Loved the kiss but honestly-if they didn't kiss, I would still love the episode. The Rick and Kate scenes were so good
  8. Bad News and also Last Words were such good episodes. Thought Jason Segel did such a good job with the material
  9. HIMYM is one of my favorite comedies. Season 5 was off but I'm loving this season! I also love all the characters-find each enjoyable in their own ways. Cast is fantastic
  10. Loving Lindsay as Cara! Really liking the Cara and Kendall scenes
  11. I'm so happy for Colin Firth and Natalie Portman. 2 of my absolute favorites. And adored both of their speeches. So want to see The King's Speech and I'm torn about seeing Black Swan-looks too too intense for me but it's Natalie so yeah torn! lol
  12. Loved the Kendall, Spike and Ian scenes. Also love that she and Cara are sharing scenes-would love a friendship between them
  13. ^Yes I was a little worried too. So thrilled ABC renewed it
  14. Kind of interested in this. Really like Tad and Cara-not sure about them turning romantic though