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  1. It's amazing seeing so much universal praise for Days and this episode. I finally was able to watch and I'm emotionally gutted right now. I haven't cried this hard during a TV show in years. This was quite possibly one of the best Days episodes in years. The show is totally my EVERYTHING right now. Haven't been this hooked in over a decade. I can't praise Bryan Datillo enough for his work in this episode. Absolutely stellar and a perfect supporting actor Emmy real for him.. I was balling as Lucas found out.. Kudos also for KA and GG, who played their scenes perfectly.. I'm so glad it was Hope that told Lucas.. I also want to commend the writing for these scenes- just perfection. Loved Lucas' "don't look at me like that" line.. And his scene about being so proud of his son..Camila was also fabulous.. Days was so smart to snap her back up. She's grown into one talented actress. The scene of Gabi doing CPR as Sonny was listening to Will's voicemail was amazing. These producers continue to go above and beyond for each episode.. The ending with Gabi and Ari was heartbreaking. I really liked that they had Abby want to comfort Gabi..Marlena- first off thank to the script writer for the Words With Friends line. Such a simple nod to Chandler Massey's Will and Marlena's beautiful relationship.. It's details like that that show the writers care! Deidre Hall was wonderful today.. The scene with Marlena and Lucas hugging will be a scene I'll always remember.. Heartbreaking!The ending with Sami showing up was perfect. I know it's not popular to say here, but I've missed Sami. And this story couldn't of been told without her. Can't wait for the Lumi scenes tomorrow..As for Freddie- I wasn't that impressed. At first I wanted to blame it on the fact that he filmed that scene alone, but look how many incredible scenes KDP had alone mourning Paige.. I'm hoping Freddie improves this week.. I didn't mind Victor being the one to tell Sonny, as they've always been close..Victor/Caroline/Maggie- loving that they've resurrected this triangle..Excellent scenes today..And that ending. Holy crap.. So freaking good. The unspoiled fans have to be flipping out right now with so much happening on this show EVERYDAY. This was a Monday!!
  2. Amazing promo. May looks pretty good and June can't get here quick enough. Can't wait..And I love the Victor's wives club, that should be hilarious.
  3. I'm enjoying this version of Vivian. The writing for her has been impeccable. I loved the Kate, Vivian, Victor and Phillip scenes. And I liked Stefano's reaction to Vivian being back in town. Please let this quad get lets of airtime. Also, I'm finally starting to enjoy Ari. I look forward to her and EJ sharing more scenes..
  4. I would like to see Days get Best Storyline for the baby switch. Also most improved soap this year. And Best returns with Carly and Vivian.
  5. Days really is great soap opera right now. This baby switch saga has been revealed seamlessly. All the right characters have been involved and it's trickled into to some unforgettable scenes. And we still have more confrontations to come between EJ/Stefano, Nicole/Mia, and Nicole/Brady. Also we have Chad's reaction as well.. I loved today's show. Vivian and Carly's scene were a treat. Best line was Vivian commenting on Bo, Hope, and Carly as a menage-a-tois. That was absolutely hilarious. As was pretty much all of Vivian's dialog. Louise Sorel is a legend and I'm so glad to have her back on the show. And I love this Carly storyline. Can't wait to see what they have planned for this group going into next year. It's pretty awesome that Bo, Carly, Justin, Hope, Vivan all get to share a storyline together. That hopefully will also include Victor!! I thought Mia's reaction was perfect today and Taylor S did a great job. I'm glad she connected all the dots and realized why Nicole made her hold Grace when she was dying. Also I've really enjoyed Chloe's role in this reveal. I've really enjoyed her character this week. And finally Ari Zucker is amazing. I know I sound like a broken record, but the lady deserves all the praise she is receiving. She has turned this baby switch storyline into one of the most memorable storyline in the past 5 years.
  6. Fan-freaking-tastic episode today. The Sami and Nicole showdown was better than I could have imagined. Wonderful acting by Ali and Ari and excellent dialog. We finally have some talented writers back working for Days that really do have to be commended. The slaps were great and looked very realistic and I loved how Nicole tried to deny everything at first, then finally was forced to admit the truth. I really hope Ari Zucker ends up with a lead actress emmy nomination for carrying the story this past year. She really has the episodes to pull it off. I also enjoyed the Chloe scenes today. Having her realize she put the whole thing into motion was great. I had actually forgot about it. And I look forward to Chloe confronting her friend Nicole. I'm very excited that Vivian is back in Salem and I actually really enjoyed her scenes today. Honestly, Louise Sorel could read the phone book and I would be enthralled. Also great ending with Bo receiving the phone call.. Days really is must see this November, I can't wait for tomorrow.
  7. Can't wait for the reveal. I've really enjoyed that we've had great cliffhangers all week. Tomlin is great with continually having strong cliffhangers. I'm a little bummed that it's not a big event. But I'm fine with the way it's going to go down. I think the next time we have a big group together will probably just be the Christmas episode.
  8. Awesome promo, I can't wait to watch it all go down starting this week. Hopefully this can take Days to the number 2 spot in the ratings.
  9. Great show today. Vivian's scenes were such a treat to watch. Louise is a natural. Also this Bo, Hope, Carly, Justin storyline rocks. I'm loving this new conflict between Bo and Hope and that they finally have a story of substance to play out. Brady and Ariana were pretty good, but I'm still a little bored with their storyline. Hopefully EJ will spice things up now that he knows about Ari. And I enjoyed Rafe's treasure trail today. Very hot.
  10. I'm loving that they are keeping Vivian's identity a mystery for the first part of the episode. The ending was excellent. The witch is back!!!Also the music and set was great.
  11. If Days can survive without John and Marlena, Y&R will be just fine without Victor and Nikki. Plus they would save a lot of money.
  12. I like Melanie and Nathan as well. But don't like the fact that Phillip is going after Melanie now. It just doesn't make sense that he'd be interested in someone so much younger than him, when he could have whoever he wanted.
  13. I'm totally looking forward to Carly, Bo, Justin and Hope. This is a quad of four very talented actors. I say bring it on!!
  14. Great interview. I love that fact that Vivian pays someone to take the fall for Lawrence's murder, so she can exact her own revenge on Carly. Can't wait for her to grace the screen again.
  15. I'm very impressed that Days beat B&B in viewers on Wednesday. When was the last time that happened? Days is on a roll.