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  1. Stephanie tweeted the blog she was referring to and Brandi completely lied about what was said and the context. It HAS to be something else that caused this fight that they aren't saying.
  2. ABC News did an article on the show and announced its been renewed for another season.
  3. They've already sent out the casting notice, this just confirms it is Zende.
  4. Looks like Dallas is still a flop! Season two with a housewives lead in only scored around 800,000 viewers. I will join the chorus and say I enjoyed the premiere and the season does look good, but I still maintain if this show actually represented Dallas it would be more successful. Potomac was able to find its own place after RHOA went off the air and people genuinely enjoy it. There is simply no need for RHOD the way it's presented. This was their time to add some Hispanic housewives or a black housewife. These women all look the same and are very bland. They're going after one demographic that has no reason to watch when they already have superior RHOC, NYC and BH.
  5. See I don't see it as filler. This episode for example had some strides with Peggy continuing to upset the ladies, Meghan showing herself to be more two faced and bitchy and the Vicki/Tamra/Shannon story is building. I feel like each week the stories are building towards several collisions. I'm also very curious what will happen with Kelly bc we know she's going to have a tearful makeup with Shannon later on. This season is very Knots Landing as Andy would say, building and building.
  6. I disagree! I still love OC. It's a slow build but more organic than the others. I like that they aren't all always filming together. I don't need forced fake dinners in every episode for drama. I much prefer it this way however unpopular it may be. I also love Lydia and Peggy as well. Their family scenes work for me and their interactions as well. It's a shame Peggy probably won't stick around because I LOVE her. She's funny and different and I love how she is so quick to shut down their petty nonsense, which is clearly why they hate her. I can't wait til the drama really starts with her.
  7. I love you but how can you be disappointed in Jennifer as if that wasn't how she was the entire time she was on? She ain't got no personality or opinion on anything other than what she feels she's supposed to think to stay on Evelyn's good side! She's always disappointed me! Overall I'll say I loved this reunion. They covered everything and it had some good moments. They're setting themselves up for a good next season if they play it right. Keep that main cast and of the supporting players I'd make Haziel a housewife and MAYBE keep BJ as a Friend. I just hope now that they have a solid cast we don't have to suffer through half a season of trial and error. I don't want 20 friends. I also would say from episode one that Baller Wives is kinda a dud and the two girls from it came off better on Basketball Wives than their own show. It just felt a little boring and forced for me.
  8. Yes the song went perfectly. I was happy the crowd enjoyed it and surprisingly a lot of people knew what I was doing even though I was the only one who did a daytime soap. Victoria also was my tweet about it and she retweeted it twice and also talked about it. I was happy to see that.
  9. Still amazes me Daniel Goddard is so upset with his current storyline when it has him so high in the episode counts! This is golden for him.
  10. Here's a video from my show this week! I judge a contest called Drag Me To Fame and this week the challenge was soap operas so I recreated a scene from Y&R with Drucilla and Lillie Belle. I wish I had the full thing, but only managed to get the first half. Here it is:
  11. I agree. This interview just creates more questions than anything because she clearly isn't telling the full story. We know she didn't have full autonomy so why say that? But in general I think it speaks volumes about Sony/CBS that they'd hire someone without giving them a chance to create a long term story. I imagine that's likely how they've been picking all of their past HWs and that is why the show is as bad as it is.
  12. How would yall class Hulu for soaps? I had it before and really enjoyed it. I know they have my Real Housewives and some good food programs but I know AMC and OLTL got pulled and I think the british soaps too. Right now I use Amazon Prime primarily to re-watch Dynasty, but I wanna get a streaming service with some soap options.
  13. I'm going to wait until the show has aired a few more episodes so I only have to pay for one month of that subscription lol. On the subject of production values, I feel all of you, but as others have said if she could've gotten a bigger budget and bigger network she would have. Nobody expected her to be able to pull this off as blacklisted as she was, so I applaud her for getting it off the ground period. If it's successful and gets a second season hopefully the budget is bigger or she can get another project that is bigger. I love that she merged all of her worlds together by having key Y&R co-stars with her as well as people she worked with in primetime and film. She pulled off something that is truly a remarkable accomplishment and for that alone I'm proud of her!
  14. I didn't realize the show was doing an old school soap crossover. The two new wives in Miami are going to be on the spin-off Baller Wives, which is centered around footballers wives and based in Miami. The promos for it look good too! I'm glad because I really liked both of them so it'll be nice for them to have their own show.
  15. When her daughter appeared on a previous season she told the story about how Jackie treated her and the preferred daughter (Chantel is it?) confirmed what her sister said was true. This is why I can't get behind Jackie in the fight with Evelyn. She brought that stuff on camera on this show! It's not a lie and has been a featured story.