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  1. Chris B added a topic in Discuss The Soaps   

    Agnes Nixon has passed away at 88
    Such sad news!
    A true daytime legend and trailblazer. Amazing that she worked as long as she did. It seemed like she was always there for AMC one way or another.
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  2. Chris B added a post in a topic Kay Alden back at Y&R   

    Many have suggested Michelle Val Jean, but I doubt she wants to leave B&B and I wouldn't blame her. It's hard to break into that show, especially from ABC and she has survived and thrived on that show. There are other black writers they can look into. I wouldn't remove Michelle from B&B.
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  3. Chris B added a post in a topic Kay Alden back at Y&R   

    See, I disagree with this. Sally is known for Generations which began with a black family so I would say that shows she values a diverse cast. Then Kay Alden always featured the black characters and didn't limit it to Neil, Dru and Malcolm. They had a strong supporting cast, Olivia had a storyline (at least until Jack Smith took over) and she integrated all the black characters into the cast well. I'd say this is their best chance at not only being featured, but being featured in actual storylines that don't feel like intended filler.
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  4. Chris B added a post in a topic DOOL: Actor Returns   

    This is similar to when actors have a primetime show and do movies on the off season. He could easily film a nice stint at DAYS for a few months and hey, it's more money. Smart on his part and Eric deserves a chance at a better exit so I'm all for this.
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  5. Chris B added a post in a topic Kay Alden back at Y&R   

    Agreed on Jack. Victor I feel has moved on and is allowed to be more or less his age, but Jack is just ridiculous. At this point Jack needs to be in a relationship and focused primarily on business and tormenting his children. All of this back and forth with all these young heroines in recent years has been ridiculous. Especially the pairing with Sharon. I'd just put Jill and Jack together at thus point and let them claw each others eyes out, make passionate love, dominate at Jabot and meddle in their childrens lives. I never understood why in 2004 they had the two sleeping with each other and they do have very nice chemistry (and endless history), but they never pursued it and never mention their romantic past.
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  6. Chris B added a post in a topic Kay Alden back at Y&R   

    Will not happy for legal reasons, but the only character you can truly make a case from bringing from the dead is Drucilla. Not only would that drive story, but it's what fans want. Other than that, bringing John back after so many years wouldn't serve any purpose. If anything, you have Dina if you truly feel the Abbott's need a senior leader, which at this point they don't. The Abbott's have Traci for a different persective, plus the kids are so old now. You also have Kyle and Keemo who could infuse that family with new life. The last thing they'd need is John back.
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  7. Chris B added a post in a topic Kay Alden back at Y&R   

    I don't think CBS pays that close attention to who is doing breakdowns and writing scripts. The HW will likely be able to frame the team how they want. It's clear from Kay's facebook comment that they aren't going to keep things more or less the same. She said they have a lot of work to do and if you plan on transforming the show into what it was, that's correct. 
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  8. Chris B added a post in a topic The Lady Gaga Thread   

    She is a disaster. She knows her core fans will accept anything, but they aren't big enough to make her huge again. After the long break and her last album being a critical failure she needed to pull a Beyonce. Either a visual album, or considering it sounds more like a buzz track, I would've just released Perfect Illusion with no promotion and see how it does. That way if it flops, like it did, that's fine because you never said it was the lead single and you can have something bigger to throw out for the album release. I just don't think this was the right song for a standard album release.
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  9. Chris B added a post in a topic Bravo's The Real Housewives of....   

    I've felt this from the beginning, but Melbourne is truly the best of the best. The finale was HILARIOUS! These girls are just everything to me. I love the way they bicker with each other. Poor little Pettifleur is such an airhead and never knows when to shut up which leads to such great insults, Jackie is always a psycho, Lydiot can't admit a fault if her life depended on it, Gamble is a lovable airhead and Gina is just the queen of calm, collected shade. I live for Gina. When she said they all need to !@#$%^&*] off and go !@#$%^&*] themselves I died lol. I can't wait for the reunion and I am HEARTBROKEN AND DEVASTATED they haven't announced the new cast and started filming yet. Usually they would have by now, but for the first time it looks like they'll have to revamp the cast a bit so it's obviously taking more time. Plus they also have to re-negotiate the contracts for the original cast. Only "for sure" cast members would be Pettifleur, Susie and Gamble if the producers want them.
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  10. Chris B added a post in a topic The Politics Thread   

    I'm so excited for the debate, but not sure what to truly expect. I feel like Hilary's performance will be strong and Lester Holt is one of my favorite journalists so I'm trying to be optimistic. We know he'll be hard on Hilary, because everybody is and he *should* be hard on her. My biggest question is will a moderator/interviewer finally be equally as hard on Trump and actually hold him to answer questions? He typically doesn't say much relating to the actual question and he never provides insight into his ideas, nor does he show more than a basic knowledge of the issues at hand. That needs to be highlighted. Hilary will give very concise and detailed answers so I am hoping the contrast is stark. The biggest problem for Lester Holt I feel will be what questions he asks Trump. I believe he'll be equally tough on both, but there is so much ground to cover with him (since no one ever does) that you're bound to have people complaining about the additional things he couldn't ask.
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  11. Chris B added a post in a topic Kay Alden back at Y&R   

    To be fair, the plan was to hire them prior to Pratt joining, but JFP pulled strings and went above Angelica's head. 
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  12. Chris B added a post in a topic The View   

    Whoopi has needed to go for years. She seems irritated, out of touch and bored for years now. I want her to go back to acting where she is a star. I miss seeing her regularly on tv and in film!
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  13. Chris B added a post in a topic Was MAB or JFP more destructive to YR.   

    When Lynn Latham was writing with Kay Alden and Jack Smith the show was great and had tons of potential. She is an amazing writer and is responsible for revitalizing Knots Landing, but primetime is different from daytime. Had she been added as a Co-HW with no EP credit, I am confident a team with her, Alden and Smith would've been a huge success. Similarly with Maria Arena Bell, she had some good ideas and at times the show WAS good, but she hadn't been writing for far too long for them to give her so much power. You need to let the writers write and have a strong EP who can make sure everyone is staying on track. So basically, it's not worth saying who is worse, but I'll say I wish Ed Scott had remained as EP so he could've maintained that the writers were focused and understood what they were writing.
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  14. Chris B added a post in a topic Kay Alden back at Y&R   

    I'm not too worried about interference. They've let the last few regimes do some extremely bizarre things so I doubt they'll interfere too much. I'm very excited now that I know Kay is there. They need to clean up the writing staff and hopefully bring the show back to it's glory days. I just wonder how strange it's going to be, especially for Kay, going back to a show that was so consistent, but that has changed so drastically. Where do they even begin? There have been so many retcons and bizarre storylines that I honestly don't know where you start when it comes to repairing Y&R. I also am very curious on who is going to remain important character wise. The show needs a major revamp in terms of cast. I would name names, but don't want to hear it lol. I'll just enjoy this for now.
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  15. Chris B added a post in a topic Bravo's The Real Housewives of....   

    I agree on it being a setup. Everything with Shannon is so contrived to keep that affair going because it's her main storyline and the only way to get sympathy for her. It's weird because I feel like I'm enjoying OC week-to-week, but I also can't wait for the season to end. There is something lackluster about the show, it feels very fractured and as a result the drama comes in spurts. I need a new storyline next season other than hating Vicki and David's affair. They need to keep the cast mostly the same, but try and add a good two new housewives to change the dynamic. I'd dump Meagan and add two newbies.
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