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  1. I wouldn't mention Victors heart and just let Colleen Rest In Peace. I do agree with calls for Traci to stay regularly. Beth Maitland said she'd love to be on contract. She is so VALUABLE and I feel her hit and runs have mostly been because she doesn't fit the physical requirements of a soap heroine. She truly must stay. I want her to find love again and I want her living in the Abbott household and continue taking care of her older siblings and Billy. I still am just amazed at Victor and Nikki. It's like two different actors are in the roles. I feel like they even look different. I cannot get over how quickly Braeden and Scott were able to adjust to completely new takes on their character. They went from being completely unwatchable to being so compelling. I also love the contrast we saw Wednesday between an Abbott and Newman breakfast. Everybody feels unique and like their own person again. I hate Amelia Heinle probably more than most. Loved her on AMC but she has never been Victoria to me. The writing hasn't helped, but I'll say I even see a big change in her. Victoria is written less like a whiny teenage and more like a strong adult and it works better for her. Bill Bell always said Nick and Victoria were meant to reflect the parent they were named after and I feel that again. As masculine as Nick is, his complex emotions and relationship with Nikki have always been compelling when they choose to tap into that. Same with Victor/Victoria. Those are just smashing relationships you can get so much out of. The Lauren scenes were flawless. Since 2005 she has been unwatchable as has Michael. They haven't attempted to give them much story and when they have its sucked. She LOOKED like Lauren and more importantly she FELT like Lauren. Pairing her in scenes with Jack and Phyllis was unexpected and it made sense. In two days Sussman/Alden have done so much to make me care about Gina's version of Phyllis. That ending with Jack was an instant classic. They both killed me in that scene! Now more than anything I can't end my post without thanking the soap gods for the lack of Chelsea in these first two days. I am still praying for an exit, but I'll take less screentime for now. Very curious to see what the writers do with that Mary Sue that has been forced upon us.
  2. I'm glad Sally Isn't just an EP in name only. You could tell she influenced how that episode was directed. Sally McDonald completely undid so much of that modernizing Mal had done and made it very classy with the traditional Y&R directing style. This episode was very character driven, they were written correctly and each scene had a purpose. Obviously on day one she can't just jump start her stories, but it was such a smooth and obvious transition. The class was back. I'm definitely willing to give this a shot.
  3. DaytimeFan, I completely understood Eileen's reaction. This is her third season dealing with a major death in her family. She's probably numb to it at this point. I have to give her credit because so many would be broken down but she's still trying to survive. Some people don't view death as a negative and try to focus on the positive and that the person is at peace. I'm going to say that's the approach she's taking. Overall I LOVED Eileen tonight! My queen was back! She drove me crazy last year but her talking heads and interactions with the ladies has been spot on so far. And can we have a moment for how GORGEOUS she looks?! Her style is so on point! This premiere was a revelation for me. It felt like old school HWs, particularly New York since we all remember how dark BH's first season was. We got lots of wealth and glamour, the interactions were good and whatever drama or shade we got was light. Even in the promos it looks like it'll remain that way. I hate the darkness and hatred some of the series get and I appreciate what they're giving after such a dark season last year. Without a doubt the best thing they could've done is get rid of Yolanda. Neither she nor Brandi should ever be invited back after how well the show is going without them. Good riddance. I think they have a very solid cast to work off and I hope Eden continues the trend towards an entertaining season.
  4. I've been saying from the beginning that this is just a disaster. It's been a disaster since day one. This is a money grab for CBS and that's it. They completely forgot about Star Trek's 50th anniversary even with a movie coming out. I know many were excited about Fuller's involvement, but the second I found out he wanted to do yet another prequel I lost interest. Then I feel they must've had creative differences since they delayed filming. Now we have to deal with a new producer and writer, clearly they're having casting trouble and nobody has a clue what's going on. Lost In Space comes out in 2018 and we already have a full (and very exciting) cast. I'm to the point where I don't even believe this show will meet the May deadline. We will see, but I have absolutely no excitement until I see the product.
  5. I understand it didn't work out financially, but i will forever feel grateful to Prospect for trying. They produced two damn good shows and had they had another 40 episodes of each, I think creatively they would've been amazing. Now as for where things stand now, it's just unrealistic to expect the shows to return. If anything I could see true remakes or reboots down the line, either as a web or summer series, but that's highly unlikely. The only thing fans should be hoping for or requesting is these shows streaming the reruns in Hulu or Netflix. That is it. Expecting anything more than that is unreasonable. And say they do stream the shows and it's successful, it would give them an incentive to reboot them. But as of now there is no demand and ABC just isn't concerned with soaps.
  6. Such sad news! A true daytime legend and trailblazer. Amazing that she worked as long as she did. It seemed like she was always there for AMC one way or another.
  7. Many have suggested Michelle Val Jean, but I doubt she wants to leave B&B and I wouldn't blame her. It's hard to break into that show, especially from ABC and she has survived and thrived on that show. There are other black writers they can look into. I wouldn't remove Michelle from B&B.
  8. See, I disagree with this. Sally is known for Generations which began with a black family so I would say that shows she values a diverse cast. Then Kay Alden always featured the black characters and didn't limit it to Neil, Dru and Malcolm. They had a strong supporting cast, Olivia had a storyline (at least until Jack Smith took over) and she integrated all the black characters into the cast well. I'd say this is their best chance at not only being featured, but being featured in actual storylines that don't feel like intended filler.
  9. This is similar to when actors have a primetime show and do movies on the off season. He could easily film a nice stint at DAYS for a few months and hey, it's more money. Smart on his part and Eric deserves a chance at a better exit so I'm all for this.
  10. Dru is an exception b/c we didn't see her body. We didn't physically see her die. We all saw John die. That's what I mean by that. If a character dies right before our eyes, leave him/her dead. I agree too that the Abbott clan has too many characters in that family to infuse new life into it. IMO, they need to bring Kyle and Keemo back as Jack needs to move into the patriarchal role. I'm tired of reading about Jack (and Victor too) getting stories that would be given a 20-something year old man. Jack needs to move into his father's position and Kyle or Keemo need to become the present day playboy that Jack used to be. Agreed on Jack. Victor I feel has moved on and is allowed to be more or less his age, but Jack is just ridiculous. At this point Jack needs to be in a relationship and focused primarily on business and tormenting his children. All of this back and forth with all these young heroines in recent years has been ridiculous. Especially the pairing with Sharon. I'd just put Jill and Jack together at thus point and let them claw each others eyes out, make passionate love, dominate at Jabot and meddle in their childrens lives. I never understood why in 2004 they had the two sleeping with each other and they do have very nice chemistry (and endless history), but they never pursued it and never mention their romantic past.
  11. Kristoff St. John and Melody Thomas Scott both said they're already working and MTS specified that Y&R has a 5 week lead time. I imagine Pratt has been gone for a long time and Mal is assisting the writers with keeping the show going in the interim and the new writers material will probably start to hit in December. Of course it'll be probably February sweeps before we see what they truly plan on giving us. They'll need time to create their ideal writing staff and also transition the show from the current stories/heavily featured characters to whatever is in their vision. I expect an immediate and obvious change, but I'm not expecting a masterpiece off the bat. It'll take time, but by Feb we should have a clear view on how things will go.
  12. Will not happy for legal reasons, but the only character you can truly make a case from bringing from the dead is Drucilla. Not only would that drive story, but it's what fans want. Other than that, bringing John back after so many years wouldn't serve any purpose. If anything, you have Dina if you truly feel the Abbott's need a senior leader, which at this point they don't. The Abbott's have Traci for a different persective, plus the kids are so old now. You also have Kyle and Keemo who could infuse that family with new life. The last thing they'd need is John back.
  13. I don't think CBS pays that close attention to who is doing breakdowns and writing scripts. The HW will likely be able to frame the team how they want. It's clear from Kay's facebook comment that they aren't going to keep things more or less the same. She said they have a lot of work to do and if you plan on transforming the show into what it was, that's correct.
  14. She is a disaster. She knows her core fans will accept anything, but they aren't big enough to make her huge again. After the long break and her last album being a critical failure she needed to pull a Beyonce. Either a visual album, or considering it sounds more like a buzz track, I would've just released Perfect Illusion with no promotion and see how it does. That way if it flops, like it did, that's fine because you never said it was the lead single and you can have something bigger to throw out for the album release. I just don't think this was the right song for a standard album release.
  15. I've felt this from the beginning, but Melbourne is truly the best of the best. The finale was HILARIOUS! These girls are just everything to me. I love the way they bicker with each other. Poor little Pettifleur is such an airhead and never knows when to shut up which leads to such great insults, Jackie is always a psycho, Lydiot can't admit a fault if her life depended on it, Gamble is a lovable airhead and Gina is just the queen of calm, collected shade. I live for Gina. When she said they all need to !@#$%^&*] off and go !@#$%^&*] themselves I died lol. I can't wait for the reunion and I am HEARTBROKEN AND DEVASTATED they haven't announced the new cast and started filming yet. Usually they would have by now, but for the first time it looks like they'll have to revamp the cast a bit so it's obviously taking more time. Plus they also have to re-negotiate the contracts for the original cast. Only "for sure" cast members would be Pettifleur, Susie and Gamble if the producers want them.