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  1. It doesn't sound that different, just updated. It's a remake so I'm not surprised. I'm interested and look forward to seeing how it looks. I love that they're taking their notes from season one which was the best season of the original. It had a REALLY strong opening hook that led in perfectly to Alexis' arrival. I'm very curious who they will get to play her and when they'll bring her on. Jamey Giddeons mentioned he's read the script and the only thing he mentioned is that everybody is younger. That doesn't bother me. I always thought Linda Evans looked too old to pull off the younger wife thing so I like that their ages are adjusted accordingly. I'm curious what the full cast will look like. Just what Carrington's and Colby's will launch the show. Will Steven be around still? Cecil with Jeff? Will they include the Blaisdel's? I hope not on the latter part. I also wonder if they'll pull from later season additions like Adam, Dominique, Sammy Jo, etc.
  2. People in her position are always portrayed as crazy when they speak out about racial issues, it's not just her. Thats the best way to neutralize her. The things she's said and done haven't benefited her, they've only caused her to lose work opportunities, but without her Susan Dansby would not be employed at Y&R and I strongly believe Hilary, Mason and the other black actor they had were all hired due to her advocacy at the time. If she were crazy Kristoff St. John and Bryton wouldn't have been suspended from working when they spoke out on the treatment of black characters years back. Why is it the white actors can critique their storylines without being suspended? Miss me with the crazy stuff forever and for always. This is not just about Rowell.
  3. [video] Who is this? I read on her Wikipedia she played the recurring role of Julia Winters for ten years but only 40 episodes. I've never caught an episode with her or heard of her. I liked her from the clips and think it's interesting they had her popping in and out as a recurring family member. I loved when Y&R used to do that. It makes the families feel more real. Can anybody tell me more about her?
  4. She settled the cast, but didn't receive a financial settlement beyond court costs? I'd say we have a good chance of seeing Rowell back on a soap. And for the millionth time, she isn't crazy.
  5. Seeing this post makes me thankful I found the mute button for you.
  6. This is so cute. I have more fun watching them as friends than I do watching Esther with her own daughter. Jill has very few friends so I like seeing her with someone who she normally wouldn't think of if anybody else would deal with her. I've been enjoying Jill's storyline but the execution of the Colin part was rushed and I feel honestly like an episode was deleted from my DVR. I understand her perspective, but he has none and even from her perspective it's too soon. I needed more development for his motives and more of a build up from her happiness with him and with her business dealings so the fallout would be more powerful. I'm very disappointed. Everybody has had their complaints, but this is the first time I'm truly disappointed with Sally. This was a bad execution of a great idea. In other parts of Genoa City.... - Sharon's emotional breakdown is very well played. I loved the flashbacks of her thinking of the bad things she's done, I loved her lashing out at Nikki, the tough moment with Victor and the scenes with Faith. I feel like it's very balanced and it's making me love Sharon again. I haven't been this invested in over ten years. Right now they've succeeded in making me root for Sharon and want her to be happy and be loved, which is important in a soap. - Abby as Victor's protege is...unique. I like the idea but they need more investment in Abby to make it work. She is a dayplayer. She needs friends and a love interest. Newman also needs more extras or people for her to interact with. It feels so hallow there these days. Why doesn't anybody work at Newman anymore? - Ravi continues to be my soap crush. I don't want a damn makeover or anything because he is so cute, unique and sexy as is. He is everything. Has chemistry with Gloria, Jack, Ashley and Phyllis. I want Phyllis to be his best friend. I just can't say enough positive about him. He is the future leading man of Y&R if they're smart. He brings good comedy and I love when he gets serious which is when the sex appeal comes in. They need to just keep going and INVEST. Right now the writers need to be crafting how to bring his family on. By the end of the year I want him in a relationship and at least one family member to join him.
  7. This is upsetting. The show needed a strong leading man in his age range and the character was good as was his chemistry with the ladies. The writing destroyed him from day one and he never had a shot. It makes me upset because this isn't like David Chow where the character sucked and the actor didn't fit onto the show. He fit perfectly on DAYS! I cannot wait for Higley's terrible writing to be done. She is a nightmare.
  8. I didn't like that H20 ignored the sequels, but it was so good that I give it a pass for that. To be honest the only loss was Halloween 4 as 5 and 6 were terrible. One huge positive is that they're moving on from Rob Zombie's Halloween films. They were absolute garbage.
  9. Only thing I'll say is that if it takes place after Halloween II then I need it to be a period piece. You can't do another sequel that ignored all the other sequels like H20 did since they already did that. I don't wanna see a present day sequel and them rope Jaime Lee Curtis in again to do another play on Laurie. It needs to be something that takes place between II and H20.
  10. I don't think this is a completely horrible idea, but we all know the execution won't be good. The only way I could accept this is if it coincided with Scotty also coming back and then we could have the fallout with Valerie and Eli as well. It sucks that we won't get to see Valerie and David interact either. He could've been very useful. We will see how it goes though.
  11. Stephanie said that isn't true. I'm sure they're getting paid, but probably not getting paid much based on the ratings.
  12. Toronto doesn't look as good as the first season of Vancouver, but it looks watchable. I don't know what to make of the cast, very hard looking women. I do like that it's a multi-ethnic cast and that you have a plus sized wife which you don't get anymore in the US. I'm cautiously optimistic.
  13. I disagree that she didn't learn anything, but I do think you have valid criticisms. The show is vastly improved, but I don't think she's at the level of Kay Alden, Jack Smith or Bill Bell yet. Of course it's still early so things can change. I think it's similar to Generations in that she creates compelling characters, but can sometimes struggle with the stories. I still can't understand the dynasty that her black family had being an ice cream shop lol. For me the good far outweighs the bad and again it's still early and I'm enjoying the show day-to-day so it's fine for me. I want to see where the show is at in a few more months. She still hasn't had much of a chance to introduce new characters and that will have a big part on how the stories fall in the future. So far we've gotten Ravi and Reed and I think they're having a positive impact on the show and were both smart choices to bring on. I'm curious to see what else she has planned in terms of new characters and how they'll impact the canvas. My biggest complaint is the same as many--too much Gloria, but my complaints mostly lie in Judith Chapman's acting. If Joan Van Ark were playing the role (or any capable actress) I highly doubt anybody would be complaining about it.
  14. Potomac is DC. Majority of time you see them out at restaurants they're in DC.
  15. For Passions I'd do it more like a remake and take the original premise and reboot it. I think it would be a huge hit. It was a very strong concept, just a bad execution.