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  1. Chris B added a post in a topic Bravo's The Real Housewives of....   

    I think Jersey would've been find had they kept the twins. I also wonder what happened with Robyn who was supposed to be a housewife and instead has been edited out of everything. What has killed the show is too much focus on family drama which limits the audience if you aren't interested in that. It's not a Teresa or Gorga family spin-off, it's a fricking housewives show. You need a variety of perspectives for it to be interesting. With the twins still around I think it would've been a more fun and balanced show.
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  2. Chris B added a post in a topic Bravo's The Real Housewives of....   

    Sonja was a DELIGHT this season! He decision not to drink around the ladies made her more enjoyable because they couldn't pick apart every sudden movement of hers. And I do agree with you KeMoLove that Carole is more enjoyable around the other ladies than she is with just Bethenny.
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  3. Chris B added a post in a topic Soap Actress reveals medical malady   

    Always happens to the best people! I have always adored her! I'll keep her in my thoughts! I'm happy she's returning to DAYS. I didn't realize she was coming back! I hope everything goes well for her.
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  4. Chris B added a post in a topic Bravo's The Real Housewives of....   

    LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL! Carole is my queen for lines like that! I'm sorry, I just don't understand all the complaints that she brings nothing to the show. I LOVE her and even if you don't love her, I think you could see how she's an important part of the ensemble. Considering how strong the ratings were this season I feel like they've struck gold with this cast. I don't think you can eliminate anyone and expect as good as result. Even Jules I feel has been lackluster, but she's still done her part to fuel the drama and she does have her fans. I think it's a good non-toxic mix of housewives.
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  5. Chris B added a post in a topic Bravo's The Real Housewives of....   

    Anne's eyebrows trouble me. I just don't understand her in relation to these girls. I will say, Auckland is BEAUTIFUL! It's not a city I've given much thought, but I definitely want to go now.
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  6. Chris B added a post in a topic Bravo's The Real Housewives of....   

    The olympics and it being dull have caused be to now fall two episodes behind on New Jersey. I ain't bothered. OC was unwatchable this week. I'm Team Kelly/Vicki, so I can only enjoy it as much as they're featured. I still hate fans haven't taken to Kelly and she's viewed so much as a villain. If she was on any other series that wouldn't be the case. And I'm sorry, but Tamra has been a lot worse and more vulgar that Kelly could dream of, yet they wanna act like Kelly is satan. Bye with that mess.
    Anyway, the important thing about this week was Auckland's two night premiere! It was EVERYTHING! Production values were great, the homes were fabulous and it was very well cast. I wasn't impressed with pictures or promos, but the series definitely impressed me.
    Michelle - I LOVED her! I find it hard to believe she modeled though because she is awkward on camera. Her shots in the opening are just so bad, but otherwise I love her. I LOVE her home and her family seems fun. I also love the friendship with Gilda. The "plus sized" comment was definitely shade, but I lived for it. That was just effortless and made the episode for me. I loved her dinner party in episode two and fashion show with her daughter. She's a keeper for me.
    Angela - At first I did kinda like her. She was ridiculously annoying during the first meeting with Gilda, but I was willing to give her a pass. Where she lost me is creating an issue with Gilda when she literally didn't say anything bad about her at that first meeting. She simply said she should tone it down because the entire time she was acting extremely awkward. Angela then took it to an extreme at the dinner party and made herself look so bad. First you're sitting there talking about the gossip you've heard about her and she she says she doesn't care you STILL keep pouncing on it. That is bizarre. 
    Gilda - GORGEOUS, stylish and a sharp tongue! I LOVE LOVE LOVED her! She was silky smooth and her dinner put down was perfect, "Do you know what I've heard about you? Not a [!@#$%^&*] thing." I like how she kept her cool when I think any reasonable person couldn't be blamed if they jumped across the table at Angela. I wonder what Angela said about her if it was obviously bad enough to get bleeped out.
    Ann - She's my least favorite and the one I'd most like see go for next season.
    Louise - She seems a bit messy, but she owns her stuff so I am enjoying her. I don't have any issues with her so far.
    Julia - She is cute and fun. I like her a lot more than I anticipated.
    Overall, two episodes in and Auckland has won me over. What a stunning two episodes. I don't know why I expected this series to be so boring.
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  7. Chris B added a post in a topic Married to Medicine   

    I'm so confused here. This show has been gone forever and the Houston spin-off finished filming well over a year ago. I know they filmed a new season of the Atlanta one as well, but it's been so long. Both better be good!
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  8. Chris B added a post in a topic Bravo's The Real Housewives of....   

    I've always prayed Heather would join Beverly Hills where nobody is scared of her wealth so they can tear her apart. She is the rudest, most self-righteous person that has ever been featured on one of these shows. She always gets a pass for her poor treatment of cast members and it's annoying. My only wish is that Kelly were a little more articulate because it's time for someone to take her down a notch. As for Shannon, I've always LOVED to watch her, but not because she's likable, because she's so miserable and it's comical to see how easy it is to get her worked up.
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  9. Chris B added a post in a topic Bravo's The Real Housewives of....   

    To be fair, New Jersey aired 35 minutes late, so you can't blame the ratings on the snoozefest of a season lol. I still haven't watched it because of that. Also don't yall forget Melbourne airs tonight after New York and they'll still have a new episode on friday! 
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  10. Chris B added a post in a topic Bravo's The Real Housewives of....   

    First of all, Heather: IF YOU WERE ON ANY OTHER FRANCHISE YOU'D BE FAKE CRYING EVERY DAY! Kelly is T-A-M-E compared to the New York or Atlanta girls. I am so over everybody clutching their pearls. And Kelly has been very poorly received by the viewers as well. The same people praising Erika for calling Kathryn a !@#$%^&*] are clutching their pearls about Kelly calling Shannon a !@#$%^&*]. They need to go somewhere with this BS. I can't wait to see how they spin it when
    Kelly ain't putting her hands on nobody so she can say what she wants. Tamra in particular needs to hush, playing both sides of the fence. Meaghan is still zzzzz. She is my least favorite OC housewife of all time. She brings literally nothing to the show.
    On the subject of that RHAKL intro, they keep pushing that Michelle is a model, but I don't see it. How is she a model and she can't pose, dress or take a good picture? She looked horribly awkward in her intro pose and she's supposed to be the professional. In the promo pics, especially the first one released she looked a mess as well. I'm mostly going to be watching to see how tired she is.
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  11. Chris B added a post in a topic Who should be YRs new head writer?   

    Someone experienced who knows Y&R as either Executive Story Consultant or Co-HW with someone fresh or someone with Bell experience as the main HW. Kay Alden was grooming Natalie Minardi Slater as her successor so I wouldn't mind her having a shot. Obviously if Kay was grooming her for so many years she has to have some interest in the role, so I'd like to see what she'd bring to the position.
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  12. Chris B added a post in a topic Y&R: Eileen Davidson interview   

    Yea she's just collecting a paycheck. People have blamed RHOBH for her lack of story, but she has the episode count, they just don't do anything useful with her when they do have her. I haven't really loved Ashley since she was on B&B anyway, but I wish they could at least attempt a good storyline with her.
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  13. Chris B added a post in a topic Bravo's The Real Housewives of....   

    I do think Auckland is coming to the US since Andy keeps mentioning Bravo New Zealand and it is their first international network branded with the Bravo name. I also heard a rumor that Melbourne is airing behind RHONY this week, so interesting if that's true.
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  14. Chris B added a post in a topic Bravo's The Real Housewives of....   

    Well there is a woman in pictures with the RHOP cast so she may at least be a Friend of.
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  15. Chris B added a post in a topic Bravo's The Real Housewives of....   

    Pettifluer's sister reminded me of a Klingon. I know that is probably wrong of me to say, but I'm watching a lot of Star Trek and personality included, that's what she was giving me. I LOVED their standoff though. I originally watched the first three episodes, then my laptop messed up and I got so far behind I decided to wait for Bravo, so I'm watching on US pace now. Overall this season is JUICY. I keep feeling like this show is going to start to suck, but they literally make no missteps. The casting is always perfect and the chemistry is amazing between this cast. 
    This latest episode of NYC was pure fire. Just balls to the wall the entire time. I haven't had much use for Sonja in YEARS, including this year, but she's earning her paycheck with this Tom storyline. I completely feel her pain and I appreciate that despite always being over the top, she actually is allowing herself to be vulnerable and not make it all about her. She's being a MUCH better friend to Luann than Luann is being to her. I feel like Luann doesn't even remotely understand why Sonja would be hurt, nor does she care. I also must say I got a kick out of the Tom flashback from season one! I just don't get good vibes on him. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Carole on this trip and am happy she's finally trying to be civil with Luann. Bethenny is being messy as hell, but I do think Carole is doing her best to enjoy herself and she seems happy for Luann. Dorinda continues to be the messiest [!@#$%^&*]-stirrer of them all and I can't wait to see what happens to her at the reunion.
    In other Housewives news...
    RHOP just finished filming. As has been reported, Katie is no longer a part of the cast. Gizelle just did an interview saying she really misses her and (shocker!) she's very close with Charrisse and Ashley! With RHOA, a big drama is going to be brewing with Porsha and Kandi. Have they had much conflict in the past beyond the Don Juan stuff? I'm forgetting their drama, but if the rumors are true Kandi is going to be ready to kill her and it's not going to be a good look for Porsha. Basically,
    Nobody seems to understand the girl code this year. Regardless, I'm not looking forward to RHOA. Too stale and until we get a major cast reboot I'm over it. 
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