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  1. I still say Fuller is out due to CBS having a different creative vision.
  2. I would never compare Amelia to Joshua. Many hate on him but I find him a legit good actor with charisma who fits the role of Nick. And he's had chemistry with multiple people, even Lauralee Bell which was an odd unexpected chemistry test. Amelia struggles with everyone. I hate that they fired David Tom due to her when he was firing on all cylinders with literally everyone else.
  3. I actually like that Victoria doesn't know how to handle a teenager since as far as we know she was a hands off mother. Heather Tom would be acting the hell out of this story. But considering all of that, why isn't he at Walnut Grove? She should be throwing her money at that school and at a driver so she doesn't have to deal with Reed. That's something that would make the story feel true.
  4. Well guess who wrote today's episode? Sara Bibel lol. Our conversation was very timely it seems.
  5. Thank you! I started watching whenever Randall Edwards was Delia until the end of the Soapnet airings and have seen very little after that. I've seen stuff here and there prior to that time but not the full thing. I'm definitely going to check it out. Thank you!
  6. Are you watching on YouTube? I wouldn't mind rewatching this series.
  7. I've seen her writing for various outlets. I don't know exactly who she is working with right now though but I do recall her work with Daytime Confidential. Still I do think she'd be a smart choice to look into bringing back. Tom Casiello I love as a person but I'm not sure he would even want to come back.
  8. Sheree stirring the pot was cute at first, but the girls don't even call her out on it. I feel like everyone views her as a joke so she can't get a rise out of anyone. The feud with Kenya was her attempt and it fell flat. Sheree needs a good direct rival to really pop and I hope she gets one next season. I do enjoy Sheree I just need more realness. This is why I support Kandi through thick and thin. What you see is what you get with her, positive and negative. She shows you her true life. I need a little bit more of that with but Sheree or at least a more believable love interest than Bob.
  9. Oh I know they just used Marlo as an excuse to ease her in, but my point is that she isn't latching onto her. If anything, Marlo helped Sheree, including this season. Sheree had sucked this year. She's only a talk to and her scenes with Bob are coma inducing. We still haven't seen a house, air mattress, tent or apartment. I'm over Sheree. She needs to step it up next season. I don't even find her relationships with the girls interesting this year.
  10. Isn't Marlo the one who reintroduced Sheree last year? People keep saying Marlo is hopping on Sheree, but I could've sworn she brought Sheree to Cynthia's party in the season opener and she also had scenes with Sheree working out on And yes there are two trips, camping and Hawaii. Marlo goes on the camping trip with them but I believe Lena is done at this point.
  11. Despite my love for Kenya I am totally Team Marlo and here's why. Phaedra brought her on the show to do her bidding with Nene and although that would've gained Marlo lots of friends and possibly a peach, she gave Marlo a fair shot and was a good friend to her. Their relationship benefitted both of them. Marlo stepped up Nene's fashions and gave her an entertaining side kick while Nene helped build her profile. Nene also wouldn't have had any footage for her wedding spin off if not for Marlo. Nene introduced Marlo to Kenya so naturally they all became friends. It was unfair to assume Marlo should turn on Kenya just because of her petty (and let's be real they were petty) squabbles with her. Once Nene turned on Marlo she continued to be a good friend to Kenya. I believe Marlo when she says Marlo contacted her to setup her birthday and when she saw she could repair her friendship with Nene, Kenya dumped Marlo for the higher profile friend. Marlo explained her case well and Kenya herself said she couldn't defend her actions so she deflected and started to bash Marlo. I think this is all a setup for next season when Nene will likely be back. She needs the money and a high profile gig. They have leverage now and all her whining about not being asked to film this year shows she wants to come back. She'll have to take whatever Bravo offers because they've now proved two years they don't need her for ratings or press. Other than that that I don't have much to say about this episode. With the charity event I think Sheree and Kenya should be ashamed of how little they donated. Personally I would've given 100% of proceeds and doubled it out of pocket. Kenya and Sheree giving less that 600 just looked so cheap. I did enjoy Kenya and Phaedra having a normal relationship. I've always enjoyed them as friends and wish they could maintain that. Kandi also remains MVP for me. I feel she always delivers and is also one of the most real. She's not a true original missing season one but she'll always be the true OC for me. I don't always agree with her but she's vital to this show.
  12. Yea Y&R has a pickle since their writers/producers either retired or went to B&B and elsewhere. To rebuild the writing team she'll have to bring in people that fit the vision she has to train them. I also wouldn't be opposed to someone like Sarah Bibel returning who was one of the last new writers hired from the Bell team. Only problem is that she may have moved on from soap writing and won't be interested.
  13. Hillary would've always had a tough go of it, but I do think Russia is very much responsible by her loss and unpopularity. People say she was unlikable, but I think that is mostly the press and done for many reasons but primarily because she's a woman which has always been her biggest hurdle. The very real negative stories that DID leak about Trump I feel would've been enough to bury him had it not been for Wikileaks and that was Russia. Every day the press was reporting on yet another new story from Wikileaks. There is no doubt the email scandal hurt her, but that daily negative campaign from Russia, always perfectly designed to distract from the latest Trump scandal is what I feel gave him the win.
  14. I'm sure some of the Trump report isn't true, but we have to know a good amount of it was. They wouldn't have presented it to Trump and Obama had it not been. I feel like everything with Trump is going to be like an onion and we will continue peeling the layers. We all knew he had ties to Russia, this isn't news. Siding with them over everybody was puzzling to some but it makes sense considering. I'm sure this won't end well for him we just need to wait for them to finish unraveling and verifying this story. Many have compared Trump to The Manchurian Candidate, but this is truly a storyline lifted out of 24! By that I mean that it's so outlandish it can't be true, but everytime we think that Trump surprises us.
  15. She says it's the production schedule, but she absolutely hated LML. She felt that she was going out of her way to embarrass and make fun of her and there is NO WAY she was going to stay when she was writing.