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  1. For Traci yes and it made sense due to Ashley being her sister (and John's favorite), but I thought the writing was very fair for Nina. When Ryan cheated on her with Tricia you had Jill trying to get her in the fat farm and saying she let herself go which is why he left her, but that's really all I remember. For the most part Nina got the sexy love interests and IMO was written like any soap vixen from the wrong side of the tracks. I loved pretty much everything Nina did except that exit story she had.
  2. The Matthew return was bad, but hardly the worst thing to happen. The crazy writing started in season three and just got progessively worse until things finally improved during the final season. I truly don't believe there was one well executed story between seasons 3-8. You had a collection of interesting and fun scenes and catfights and larger than life characters, but the stories made no sense. For me Dynasty is seasons 1-2, 9 and The Colbys (which was MILES better than given credit for). My feelings on Dynasty are probably why I'm not so up in arms about this reboot. Dynasty along with Falcon Crest both stand to gain the most from a reboot because they weren't that great to begin with. Falcon Crest was certainly much better, but still all over the map at times and was VERY plot driven. The changes I'm seeing to Dynasty are in line with a remake, not a reboot and that's fine. They can add new characters, omit others and change things if they want. If Psycho taught us anything is that there is no point in a shot-by-shot reboot. I'm going to be interested until they give me a reason not to be. So far the cast is shaping up nicely and I look forward to seeing where they film and things of that nature.
  3. When Kandi says Porsha is lying she's talking about denying how she came onto Kandi and about the sex dungeon and Kandi's 7 year relationship with a woman. I believe Kandi because especially with Bedroom Kandi, if she had a sex dungeon it would've already been a storyline on the show.
  4. I hated James, but I LOVED Michelle and especially Callie. Callie was underrated among core fans because she was a later season character, but the actress was very good and I liked most of her stories. I do wish they'd done more with Lucy when she returned though. Especially with younger characters like Michelle and Callie to interact with. They didn't work enough on building that younger generation which could've helped the later seasons more.
  5. MM as in Muhney? Ain't nobody tuning in for him I'm sorry.
  6. The show is so bad, but I still enjoy a few tiny things. I love Valerie and everything connected with her. Her scenes with Jennifer and Marlena have been good, she's the first woman to work with Abe since I started watching (I include Lexie, who always deserved better) and I enjoy her scenes with Theo and Julie. I have my eye on this story. I also enjoy whatever Jennifer and Adrienne are doing. I'm glad Adrienne's pointless cancer story seems to have been dropped. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Drew. I think he is so cute and wouldn't mind him as a regular cast member. Strangely enough I don't like Shane at all.
  7. I figured it was more legit now that it's on Amazon Prime lol. The third season which is when Rowell appears is the first one they're doing exclusively for Amazon. I'm sure their budget has opened up.
  8. Nobody mentions it, but if it weren't for Victoria Rowell's exit I do believe Lynn Latham would've lasted much longer on the show. Dru was front and center and when she left the ratings nose-dived. They underestimate the importance of certain characters while doing everything they came to keep some of these truly mediocre talents around.
  9. Kandi said on WWHL that she never finds out during filming that it was actually Phaedra who started the lesbian rumors. I find that so odd that nobody said anything, particularly Porsha who took all the heat for it. The reunion is going to be F-I-R-E! That'll be the first time Kandi can confront her and you can tell she is ready. On this whole subject I believe Kandi and not Porsha. Kandi has never been shy about what she does and has no reason to lie. She's the most honest housewife in history IMO. She always brings it with story no matter what, the good bad and ugly. Porsha looked so shocked as Kandi was spraying her tea and her comebacks seemed obviously made up to deflect. Smh Toyota, do better. Kandi has never been successfully taken down and I wish the ladies would stop trying. Kim, Nene and Phaedra have all tried and failed. Kandi hits you with facts and honesty. I will ALWAYS be Team Kandi over anyone. Potomac - That new trailer is much better and it looks G O O D! I cannot wait! The new housewife is just everything. So beautiful and clearly she'll hit the ground running. Giselle is not coming off well in the trailer though. I'm not sure what she's thinking. Look forward to seeing whats happening with Karen and The Black Bill Gates....
  10. LOL Yes! I was confused because she seemed young to be an "aunt." Makes sense now that yall tell me she wasn't truly their Aunt. Maybe they used the black thing where you call a family friend Aunt or Uncle.
  11. I don't see it as boring. I still enjoy the show mostly day-to-day and I see the stories building to something and taking interesting turns. I also like that she's using the vast majority of the cast. Right now you can still see her putting characters into place to further her stories and I like that. I think once you reach the typical six month point where you give a HW a review that the show will be just fine.
  12. Oh I see. So now that I know her legal fee's weren't even paid it makes me think even more that she'll be back. Her career is fine, she has The Bay coming up, The Rich and the Ruthless pilot film and she's doing films regularly as well. I just don't believe she would drop it for nothing. My guess is that Sussman spoke to peak at CBS and mentioned a desire to use her which also could help end the lawsuit as well. It's a win-win for everybody. I find it telling Neil is the only character who hasn't been touched since she joined th eshow. They haven't chemistry tested him with anyone or done anything other than supporting his family. Sussman and Alden are both big fans of Kristoff St. John so it isn't normal unless there is a secret plan i.e. Dru's return.
  13. It doesn't sound that different, just updated. It's a remake so I'm not surprised. I'm interested and look forward to seeing how it looks. I love that they're taking their notes from season one which was the best season of the original. It had a REALLY strong opening hook that led in perfectly to Alexis' arrival. I'm very curious who they will get to play her and when they'll bring her on. Jamey Giddeons mentioned he's read the script and the only thing he mentioned is that everybody is younger. That doesn't bother me. I always thought Linda Evans looked too old to pull off the younger wife thing so I like that their ages are adjusted accordingly. I'm curious what the full cast will look like. Just what Carrington's and Colby's will launch the show. Will Steven be around still? Cecil with Jeff? Will they include the Blaisdel's? I hope not on the latter part. I also wonder if they'll pull from later season additions like Adam, Dominique, Sammy Jo, etc.
  14. People in her position are always portrayed as crazy when they speak out about racial issues, it's not just her. Thats the best way to neutralize her. The things she's said and done haven't benefited her, they've only caused her to lose work opportunities, but without her Susan Dansby would not be employed at Y&R and I strongly believe Hilary, Mason and the other black actor they had were all hired due to her advocacy at the time. If she were crazy Kristoff St. John and Bryton wouldn't have been suspended from working when they spoke out on the treatment of black characters years back. Why is it the white actors can critique their storylines without being suspended? Miss me with the crazy stuff forever and for always. This is not just about Rowell.
  15. [video] Who is this? I read on her Wikipedia she played the recurring role of Julia Winters for ten years but only 40 episodes. I've never caught an episode with her or heard of her. I liked her from the clips and think it's interesting they had her popping in and out as a recurring family member. I loved when Y&R used to do that. It makes the families feel more real. Can anybody tell me more about her?