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  1. Looking back I do agree that the story was handled poorly now that we know she was going to be leaving. I would've still had the letter from Katherine and closure from her relationship with Phillip, but instead of having Colin spend all her money, they should've given HIM the serious medical crisis if the intention was to write them off together. They could've had a suspicion of him stealing her money, but in the end he was trying to protect the secret of his health, then you could spin off another story once you reveal who DID steal her money. That would've also set up a nice story for when she returns.
  2. Well Tristan said there are no plans for either of them to reappear anytime soon and Eric Braeden tweeted her after she taped this episode to say how much they miss her on set and want her to return. When She'll return I'm not sure, but she's gone now. I'm sad because she IS my favorite actress on the show, but there is no way in hell Sussman or Alden WANTED to write her off. They featured her heavily and my guess is Jess wanted a break. Until she says she was forced out I'll give them a pass for this.
  3. I LOVED Central Park West in its original form. If it were on another network it would've been huge, but the retool felt very dated and I didn't like the casting changes or new writing. Pacific Palisades I remember enjoying. Was it Melrose? No, but it had an interesting cast and is fun to watch. Nothing more and nothing less.
  4. Potomac taglines aren't bad. It helps that the opening is so well done. I don't even mind that they reused the other girls looks. I'm excited for Potomac! I'm over RHOA and ready for a big season ten and I'm SO excited for RHOC which is finally getting a mini-reboot which hopefully means the storylines and alliances can evolve. RHONJ I couldn't care less about unless they give me a reason to. Can't wait for RHONY which has surprisingly now become the most consistent.
  5. Eh, DAYS could use a strong actress like her. I LOVE Vail Bloom as Heather, but she was great in the role and had really strong chemistry with Michael Grazaidei.
  6. What does everyone think of Marci Miller as Abby? I personally love her. It reminds me of an old school soap recast where you have a very pretty, typical soap actress and replace her with a true actress. I'm not sure if she'll be the type of star they want, but she is very good. I feel like the role has more potential now with her in the role. I also love her look. She's more what I want for Abby than Kate Mansi who I neevr really cared for. Beyond that, I love Valerie and I'm disappointed that they bring Eli on and somehow she gets less screentime. What kind of reveal is that? By the time we see them again all the momentum will be gone. I don't have any hope for them when Ron arrives because the investment just isn't there.
  7. I feel this way about any pairing ended due to racism, but the two that stand out to me since I watched these stories are John and Mamie and Victoria and Neil, both from Y&R. Mamie was John's true love and the story had endless potential. First of all Jerry Douglas and Veronica Redd had SMOKING chemistry and the tension from the already contentious relationship with Jill and Mamie only made it better. Had they married it would've been a nice way to strengthen the Barber family by permanently tying them to the Abbott's. I hated how in the later years they seemed to forget that Dru and Olivia were pretty vital to that family. With Victoria and Neil, I found them to be one of each others stronger pairings. Neil does better with strong women and he mellowed her. I just wanted to see where that could've gone. They dated during a dark period in her life when she was pregnant with another mans baby, then she lost that baby. I'd like to see them revisit it now, but it wouldn't be the same without Heather Tom. On the other hand, I do think Kristoff is one of the only people Amelia has chemistry with, I'm just not sure I wanna risk him being tied down by her long term.
  8. They de-aged the leads, but that's smart. I always felt Linda Evans seemed too old to play the young trophy wife. Maybe she wasn't and just looked that way though. I surely can't imagine her as Pamela on Dallas. She just looks so manly and old to me. So far I'm pleased with the age of Blake and Cristel and I look forward to seeing who they cast as Alexis. Daytime Confidential had the best Wishful Casting, Zoe Lucker who played Tanya Turner on Footballers Wives. She has basically already played the role and would absolutely slay it.
  9. I love that Obama didn't respond himself, but had his spokesperson do it. That shows he just doesn't care about Trump. Not what he wanted I can assure you.
  10. Oh those taglines are the worst! Hopefully that isn't true.
  11. The show has incredible balance and I love that they rotate the lead stories in depending on the week. The one thing I can't support is so much Victoria and Billy. I understand both are vital characters, but the fact that there is never a break from them AND their story doesn't move is a clear problem. If they had the same amount of episodes but some episodes were supporting others that could work, but it's all about them all the time.
  12. I think the reason I don't care about Nick and Chelsea is because I'm kinda over Nick and I HATE Chelsea. Putting them together kills two birds with one stone and gives Sharon time to herself. Ideally I'd like Nick and Sharon to reunite but for now this is a good filler pairing to pass the time as a C story.
  13. Woooooow see I assumed she was upset about the lesbian thing. No wonder this developed into a deeper anger for Kandi. Accusing someone of conspiring to drug and rape you is VERY serious. I also need to get to the reunion so Phaedra can finally get called out for being the one who actually started this rumor. This is M-E-S-S-Y and also why Kandi is the MVP of RHOA. She's not the loudest or best shade thrower, but she's the most honest and always has her own storylines, money and very interesting relationships with the ladies.
  14. I think Beverly Hills is EXCELLENT this year. We finally got back to what I enjoy about these franchises: the glamour, trips, day-to-day life and showcasing family. Many said it was slow, but I LOVED that for the early episodes we were just re-introducing the ladies and dealing with their lives with minimal drama. I LOVE that the main thing they were fighting over was Erika's panties and silly things like that. I don't want to see all this life or death feuding with them wanting to kill each other. That's too toxic. They found the sweet spot IMO. Now with Kim's alcoholism being brought back it could've been a downer, but Rinna getting caught in her lie and LVP's reaction has added a comedic element to it. I would say keep this cast and do more of the same for next year. My only thing is I'd let go Eden and Camille NEEDS to be full time.
  15. With Amelia Heinle they specifically said they cast her because they wanted to change Victoria, then Heinle said she can't do what Heather Tom did and will play Victoria how she see's fit. I think that's the biggest problem most people have, that she was specifically brought on with no regard for who Victoria is. I feel the writing is much better for her now, but for years the character we've gotten simply isn't Victoria in any way. I actually don't hate her as much as others, but I understand why you're upset. I think she's been better since SSM took over and I can actual stomach to watch her now.