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  1. I don't think it was just Alden, but I think she was vital. People give Bill Bell so much credit and he deserves it, but she was there side-by-side almost from the beginning. Her work on B&B proved just how well she knows and understands what makes a Bell show work. I don't just credit her, but the team. Jack Smith, Trent Jones, the fabulous script writers, editors, etc. they just understood Y&R. Not everything worked, it never has for any show, but when Bill left you didn't feel like the show was lost. It was still Y&R and very solid. I also think there was a very noticeable shift between 1997 and 1998 when she took over which is why I think she deserves more credit that she deserves. Y&R evolved a lot as soon as she took over and in a positive way. The show was very stale in 97 when Bill was on his way out.
  2. I don't recall exactly, but I know the Taylor/Nick/Brooke custody battle over Jack was happening and all the stories were horrible, but Alden featured the cast more evenly and made the story watchable. The show was in such a dead spot for so long so fans were happy to have a bit of a change for a while and a different voice. I also disagree that her glory years are overrated. There were ups and downs for her and Jack Smith, but 1998-2002 I found very strong years for the show. It wasn't boring, it had a variety of characters featured, new characters were good, you had watchable teens and action. I loved it. Personally I find 2004 to be the last great year and 2005 the last watchable year, but the beginning of the end.
  3. One thing I do remember is that B&B benefited heavily from NOT having Brad Bell at the helm. Kay Alden did wonderful things with the show at the time and that was before the resurgence with Steffy, Liam, etc. being added to the cast.
  4. Her hair yes, but she clearly isn't 16 lol! This is so sick and hilarious. I truly can't wait to see how this goes.
  5. I actually like most of that. What I'm missing is a big major villain, which obviously would take time to develop but is needed and bold personalities. The show is suffering from Jill being gone and it could use a Drucilla. One thing I think they need to improve the Abby story is to move Brash and Sassy back to Newman like it was in the 90s. Abby being the only character at Newman limits her story potential because she has no one to bounce off of. Without Brash you still have a full cast of characters at Jabot so they'll be fine. Putting them at Newman gives Abby and Victor more to bounce off of. Especially since Victoria wouldn't be working at Newman but naturally would still be putting her nose in thus deepening the rift between Abby and the Newman's. The Cane/Lily story I enjoy so far and I look forward to where it goes minus the annoying kids. They only work when they're on the verge of breaking up. I'm glad Ashley and Ravi are fnally progressing and look forward to Dina's part in it. I'd never have picked Gloria for Jack, but at the very least he finally has an age appropriate love interest which I DO like.
  6. Nate should be interacting with Devon, Hilary, etc. and Ana not the twins should've been the new teen added. This is just unbelievable honestly. I've been enjoying the show but I can't understand how this was a good idea when they had better options. I would've brought Ana back and just have Debbi Morgan appear as needed, if it ever comes to that.
  7. ...Not one that's been on screen since she was 14 and who looks as young as Khalil. It's also nonsensical but I would've aged Moses if anything since his parents are already old enough for a teen.
  8. I'm glad Kandi was vindicated as this season ended and it looks like the reunion will be a triumph for her. Kandi is my favorite and is the only housewife who is 100% honest and shows the good and the bad of her life each season. She doesn't get the credit she deserves. She carried this entire season! I cannot wait for this reunion! I just wish they'd cut the last two episodes so we could've already seen the finale (which looks good) and jump into the reunion. Season Ten is shaping up to be epic. I don't expect Porsha and Phaedra to be back. At best we might see one of them, but I could easily see both leaving, especially with Kim and Nene back.
  9. The ironic thing for me is that when she was announced I wasn't happy and posted many times how skeptical I was based on her previous work. She's not a bad writer, but the same problem with other shows is happening here: She gets the characters 100%, dialogue is good and moments are good, but her stories always lack momentum. I'm actually enjoying her work a lot more than I expected, but I do agree that the pacing needs to be improved. I like many of her story ideas, but I just don't see the momentum in many of them. Like right now we have this huge Chloe/Kevin story after they didn't appear at all for two months. Instead of this extreme amount of screentime now, why not build this over the past few months? That's her pattern. She DOES use a good portion of the cast, but she'll have one main story on the frontburner for a few weeks then she swaps. I just wish it was more balanced out. It feels like short mini-stories by doing it this way.
  10. One of them premieres May 15th, Ladies of the Lake I believe it's called. It'll be on Amazon Prime and actually looks really good production wise. It looks better than The Bay, but I attribute that to it being made now and not having to go through those growing pains. Here is the trailer:
  11. What the hell happened with NYC? The production values were top notch, that opening is stunning and everything looks so expensive. This is fast becoming the franchise to watch. I know some don't like Bethenny or Carole, but this cast is PERFECT in my opinion. We will see about Tinsley, but for the past two-three years they just seem so dependable to entertain me and not overwhelm me with darkness. I literally can't give you one complaint about this season opener.
  12. Looking back I do agree that the story was handled poorly now that we know she was going to be leaving. I would've still had the letter from Katherine and closure from her relationship with Phillip, but instead of having Colin spend all her money, they should've given HIM the serious medical crisis if the intention was to write them off together. They could've had a suspicion of him stealing her money, but in the end he was trying to protect the secret of his health, then you could spin off another story once you reveal who DID steal her money. That would've also set up a nice story for when she returns.
  13. Well Tristan said there are no plans for either of them to reappear anytime soon and Eric Braeden tweeted her after she taped this episode to say how much they miss her on set and want her to return. When She'll return I'm not sure, but she's gone now. I'm sad because she IS my favorite actress on the show, but there is no way in hell Sussman or Alden WANTED to write her off. They featured her heavily and my guess is Jess wanted a break. Until she says she was forced out I'll give them a pass for this.
  14. I LOVED Central Park West in its original form. If it were on another network it would've been huge, but the retool felt very dated and I didn't like the casting changes or new writing. Pacific Palisades I remember enjoying. Was it Melrose? No, but it had an interesting cast and is fun to watch. Nothing more and nothing less.
  15. Potomac taglines aren't bad. It helps that the opening is so well done. I don't even mind that they reused the other girls looks. I'm excited for Potomac! I'm over RHOA and ready for a big season ten and I'm SO excited for RHOC which is finally getting a mini-reboot which hopefully means the storylines and alliances can evolve. RHONJ I couldn't care less about unless they give me a reason to. Can't wait for RHONY which has surprisingly now become the most consistent.