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  1. His exit story had problems, but the way she wrote him made me actually care about him. She made Dylan and Sharon a viable couple and he did interact really well with Christine and Paul who have vanished now that he's gone.
  2. Cheap, the only way I'd accept Heather Tom leaving is if she went to Y&R. I don't agree that she's played out because Bradley Bell is a limited writer. There are endless love interests for Katie if they were focused on giving her a proper love interest. I still can't believe Brooke languished around for what felt like years when they could've easily put her with Carter. Same with Maya and Rick. They had such huge momentum and Brad just gave up on them and now they have baby rabies. Why aren't they still a power couple raising hell? Hell, he love triangles, put the in one. Do something interesting other than all this baby nonsense.
  3. Honestly, I would've preferred he stay on Y&R to returning to GH. The only way I'd be okay with him on GH is if Billy Miller is leaving (he does have a primetime show rn) and he's simply gonna be Jason again. I don't think the show needs another convoluted Tale of Two Jason story or a new character like Michael Easton did. Sally Sussman did a great job with him on Y&R so it's a shame he left honestly.
  4. Now this I agree with! I think they all varying degrees of crazy, but I still love most of them. As crazy as Jackie is she is probably my favorite from the LA bunch with Tami being my favorite from the mothership. I think the moment I fell in love was when her and Brooke got into a fight over a hypothetical question. I hate that it happened during the time VH1 stopped showing the fights because it was obvious Brooke just demolished her, but I give her props for still going all these years after already getting an ass whoopin.
  5. Seeing this thread on the first page just made me sad again knowing I'll probably never see this. I know at least 5 episodes are in collectors hands, but nothing so far.
  6. They always say to give it six months and six months in the show is great IMO. Still has some issues, but overall I'm enjoying each episode and each week. I think the show is really coming together. It takes time not only to refamiliarize yourself with the show, but move around the canvas and get your new characters going, plus some things aren't going to work so it's trial and error. I think they've figured out how to make it work and I hope it continues to be watchable.
  7. In general I think kids are off limits, but I do think there is a difference between the two. First of all, Jackie shouldn't be calling anyones daughter a hoe with her golden child sleeping with Draya's man just a couple seasons ago and her reputation. Evelyn's daughter may have a reputation as well, but she's completely separated from the drama that it was a low blow whether it's true or not. Jackie's issue with her daughters is a storyline on the show so I'm more willing to accept it as fair game. We saw the first season where she acted like her dark skin daughter didn't exist and when she DID appear she called Jackie out for shunning her due to her looks. I have no problem with people calling Jackie a bad mother for that and for not supporting her grandchild after he was burned because even she can't give a logical explanation for all of that.
  8. Jamey is teasing this is just the tip of the iceberg so I imagine we have more drama coming up in terms of exits to GH and possibly Y&R drama if they do a Billy switch. It'll be a shame to lose Jason Thompson. Recasts are hard and he's doing well in the role. IMO he's the best Billy since David Tom. I've always found Billy Miller INCREDIBLY overrated. In the end Miller did more harm than good in the role, which is a large reason why David Tom's return didn't work since they tried so hard to pair him with Victoria.
  9. I actually think she'd be a great Mackenzie. I hadn't thought of that but I'd be okay with that if only to have more Chancellor's on the canvas. Swapping out Chloe and Chelsea for Mackenzie would definitely be a win for the show.
  10. I know they said they aren't doing an album, but if it's a success it would be the natural next step. I do remember them trying to get Tiny back in the day, but I think the benefit now is that her reality show just ended and was well received. In general I don't care who it is, I just want new blood. This is the only show they stick to the same cast and it can get a little stale at times. I want a Victoria Rowell or someone famous to come in and be added to the mix. Kim Fields wasn't a total success, but I appreciated that she brought something different. According to reports it looks like season ten won't have any new cast members. The closest thing is the return of Nene and Kim and Shamea possibly getting a peach.
  11. Did anybody catch Xscape on the BET Awards? That's a pretty big deal for them and they were EXCELLENT! They look better now than they did in the 90s. I could see this reunion having legs for Kandi. At the very least they're going to have a hugely successful tour and I wouldn't be surprised if their album does well. Honestly, if Bravo was smart they'd try to get Tiny as a housewife in addition to the spin-off show.
  12. Basically I'm not looking at it as Star Trek I'm looking at it as a spin-off or sequel, not a prequel. If I do it's just a mess. From the costumes, to the conflict change, new aliens, etc. it just doesn't fit with TOS. It does look good though which is why I'm going to give it a shot. I just wish they'd admitted it's a prequel to the movies or just made it a sequel.
  13. Juliet being pregnant isn't a surprise, but they're plotting this story out so well. I'm enjoying all the twists and turns and seeing everybody get involved. I never would've though a Cane/Lily/Snorboria story would be my favorite on the show lol.
  14. I've always found Carole to be enjoyable. I think her and Heather were the strong additions. Aviva wasn't really watchable until she revealed herself as a self-obsorbed idiot and after that she was too "on" for the cameras to be engaging. Heather I found a little boring at times, but I liked her strength, wealth and family interactions. She was the full package.
  15. The NYC reboot didn't work because it was poorly executed. They should've never fired Alex for one and their idea was to act like the new wives were always there so they didn't introduce them. It was very jarring to watch. That will forever be a bizarre choice.