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  1. Darn you, AMS. I had my "follow" button ready.
  2. WOWWWWWWW, AMS. Never knew you were a fellow Louisianan, and I've always thought you were Caucasian. Serious guts posting stuff like that. I can't believe you've been through some of the stuff you have. I hope you're doing good these days, and happy. You deserve it, man.
  3. I don't think Jon Hensley will be acting again in soaps anytime soon, but he said (recently in his joint interview with Martha Byrne for The Suds Report) that his wife, Kelly, is still pursuing acting. Given her "love-to-hate" vibe, I can see KMH getting another soap role quickly. I started to list other ATWT actors that I could see being picked up, but the truth is.... ATWT had one of the most talented casts of daytime, IMHO. Who WOULDN'T a soap want to scoop up, is the better question. And correct me if I'm wrong, but I remember seeing somewhere that Roger Howarth was definitely returning to ABC. However, the soap was unknown...and if it was OLTL, there was the predicament of firing St. John and re-hiring Howarth, or putting Howarth into another role. However...if what Hinsey said is true, then it's not Howarth, because that would be labeled as a "return", I suppose. Hmmmm... I'm hoping we hear something soon. The curiousity is killing me.
  4. I can hardly speak. I'm still in shock. I squalled like a baby. As in........openly LOUD sobbing occurred when Bob said Goodnight, turned off the lights, and the globe started spinning. Good thing I didn't notice the globe stopping, or I would've attracted whales with my cry. How do you say "good night" to a show like ATWT? It isn't possible. All my life, this show has been on the air. I watched it with my Ninne, God rest her soul, and my mom. I can't imagine a life without ATWT in it. The concept is just UNREAL to me. I have a feeling that it's going to be a loooooooong while before I can truly say goodbye.
  5. Also, I wanted to add that I heard (today) that they will be doing an ATWT piece on CBS's The Early Show tomorrow morning. The day of the finale. I also tweeted Leah Remini about the loss (her talk show will be replacing ATWT, so I asked how she felt about it--and I suggested they cover the soap in memoriam-style) and here's what she had to say: "ATWT is a piece of broadcasting history. Its in a category unto itself airing 54 seasons. Hope 2 mk ppl smile" "I totally understand your feelings. although they would hv to fill their slot w/something. Hope we can. Who knows. " "I understand honey. Sorry you are sad. All my best to you. "
  6. The ATWT/Colleen news piece actually aired during my local 6 o'clock news. I was surprised that they included it. I would've liked for more cast to have been featured in the news story, but I'm sure they had troubles tracking everyone down since everyone's so scattered now. After the ATWT/Colleen piece, some dumbass local news anchor chimed in and said, "oh, I'm sure they'll all be on DVD soon!" ---- What. an. effing. moron. If anyone hasn't read the Nelson Branco interview he did with Jon & Martha, go read it!!! Jon talks about how he channeled Martha during the Lilden scenes, and Martha revealed that she won't be watching. (She says it's to move on, but I'm sure it's got to be very hard for her...knowing her history with the show, with Marland, Jon, and Lilden; and knowing that fans, cast, and crew all wanted her back--and she was open to it, as well, but it all fell on deaf ears.) I will say... I have only cried 2x in ATWT history, since I started watching faithfully around eight or nine years ago. The first: Molly & GhostJake's last dance at Mabel's. The second: Today's last 5 minutes. When Jon lost it, I did too. I don't even remember much dialogue. I just remember thinking about "what if Martha was in Noelle's place right now", and I remember Holden's voice cracking....and I cried. Like a baby. And again, when Carly announced she was pregnant (which I had pretty much guessed from Carly's reaction yesterday). When she said "G-Man" lips started quivering again. Damn you, CBS, for pulling the plug on this brilliant series!!! Monday will be the first day in my 23 years of life that ATWT will no longer be around. I grew up watching it...with my mother, and her mother (my "Ninnie"). And now that it's going, I feel almost like I'm watching a part of my life (and a part of my heart) die with it, too.
  7. Veleka Gray recently taught an acting workshop here in Louisiana.
  8. Margo was angry with John for being gone for so long and never staying in touch. How could he? TAIC have had him locked away in a closet for ages. Freaking pitiful, but if the show weren't going off the air, he would've stayed away even longer. Was it just me, or did Margo seem like she was on speed when she came into Katie's apartment? At first, I thought she was acting that way to distract herself from her conversation with John, but nope! She just kept racing around like a headless chicken. What was up with that?! Maybe she was rushing to hide Reid's things before Katie became a blubbering mess again... (aaaand she did...again....) It amazes me (in a negative way) how Reid's death covers 3 episodes, but Nancy's barely covered ONE. Idiots. Just.....soooo stupid. And such a letdown!!! "Is this a gay thing?"...Luke, c'mon, GMAFB!! I hate when people say this in real life, and I hate that this line was even scripted. It's just stupid. I mean, really, what was the point in that?! And WTF was Luke thinking??.... going into Chris's room, standing there stoic as Chris went on and on about Reid, leaving in typical LukeHissyFit fashion ("I can't do this!!") , and then propping the door open so that Chris would hear clues/make assumptions about Reid's demise...???? Lily?? Crying?? On today's episode?? Nooooooo!!! (insert look of feigned surprise) I swear... ever since they recasted the part, she has become Oakdale's resident whimpering wailer. (Aside from Katie, of course.) I realize they wrote Martha some pretty bad material, but it seems like ever since Noelle started, it's been everything anyone can do to keep Lily from falling apart!! Spot on, Ann_SS!!!!! The fact that Chris is a DOCTOR and was selfish enough, and stupid enough, to act like a supposed "serious" heart virus would just go away with time and NOT affect his heart, is just dumbfounding. He better not say the FIRST thing negative about having Reid's heart because it was CHRIS'S ACTIONS that caused all of this. If he slaps himself everyday, drowns himself in tears, hangs his head in shame, and daily beats himself up over this whole still won't be enough for me. JAY, QUIT TROLLING!!! There is a zero tolerance for it here at SON. The only reason you put this is so you could bait others into negatively reacting to you. So, stop. There is NO use in it. CarlD2, I don't usually agree with your posts, but this is one that I could high-five you for!!!!!....ESPECIALLY the last part!!!!
  9. AAAAA-freakin-MEENNN!!! One thing I absolutely hate about ATWT (in the JP-headwriting era) is this: Just when you start to feel comfortable with, and get used to, a new character...they turn out to be a psycho, or die, or get carted off to jail, or any and all combinations of the three. There's no way to possibly invest in a particular character. How are you supposed to have faith in the writing, when you have VOTM's and instances like Reid, where a well-liked (or sometimes well-hated) character is shoved in our face for months and months, only to be shown the door just before closing time...?!?!?!!!??! That sort of dates back to one of Marland's ways to ruin a soap, actually. And look where we are......... Like I said before, if Reid is written off, it's a p*ssy move. To keep them from having to make a choice about Luke's "soulmate", as to not upset a certain fanbase.
  10. I love As The World Turns. The impending finale has made me re-think why I love this show so much. It's the cast of amazingly talented actors. With some exceptions here and there, the cast has always had terrific acting chops. It's also the history of the show. Late 80's/early 90's would be my pick for "best time", but then again, I wasn't alive before 87, and from what I hear, there were some good times before that, too. And lastly, it's the characters. As long as soap operas exist, there will never be another "Barbara Ryan", "James Stenbeck", "Henry Coleman", "Lisa Grimaldi", "Bob and Kim", or "Nancy Hughes". The characters are so integral to the canvas. So let me ask this: why is it... with the finale only ten episodes away... that Goutman and Passanante have decided to uproot Oakdale once again? If they kill off Reid (and remember: I'm spoiler free; and yes, I realize the foreshadowing that took place today) then they will have done JUST THAT. Writing off a character simply because you want to take the "easy way out" is SICKENING to me. It's no secret that Luke has been torn between Noah and Reid for some time. The decision of Luke's "partner" was eventually going to have to be made. So, they devise a plot to "cleverly" (and I use the term sarcastically) segway into the Chris drama and ultimately, leave them withOUT a decision to make. Probably because they were afraid of the backlash from either fanbase...moreso the (sometimes) psychotic-tendencied Nuke fans. It IRRITATES me to NO END!!! THIS CLOSE to the END and they're COWARDING out!!!!!!!! I can't even SPEAK, I'm so furious.
  11. PEOPLE!!! PEOPLE!!! Some of us have gone SPOILER-FREE for the sake of the finale. I had to skip past all the posts because almost every single post vaguely hinted at a finale spoiler. PLEASE!!!! keep spoilers out of the discussion thread!! As for today... Kathryn Hays BROUGHT. IT. Proof #1 that vets can act just as well as the highly touted good looking "hunks" and "babes" that the daytime industry seems to be shoving onto us as of late. I also would like to add that I think Kathryn Hays should submit today's episode for her Emmy reel next year. Give that woman an Emmy!! I'm freaking serious.
  12. Hey!! Okay...Wednesday episode: The cat is FINALLY out of the bag about Chris! Thank GOD! Chris was beginning to irritate me with his denial and selfish "let's keep my family in the dark about my potentially fatal health condition & I'll act like nothing is wrong" act. The whole golf set-up was dumb. Reid calling the doctor out on cheating? Dumb. Why don't you just say there's a family matter that Chris needs to attend to, and whisk him away? (In my opinion, today's cheating scandal will play into the board's final decision...dumb move, Reid). As much as everyone's griping about it, I hate to say this, but: I understand where Katie's coming from. She was very much in love with Brad. And just when she opens her heart back up to love again, now she faces the possibility of losing someone that she's let herself fall for. It's all very dramatic, of course, but if you really think about it...she's reacting the way anyone would in that situation. If anything, I am shocked that she's not uber-pissed at Chris, Reid, Luke, and John for keeping her in the dark, and instead mingling amongst themselves about how to keep it from her, and Chris's family. But then again....!.... we're so close to the end and everyone has to have a happy ending, I suppose, so...Katie's brushing it off. And instead of being mad, she's whining nonstop. I-yie-yie! Now, on to the Nuke dilemma. I can also see where Noah's coming from. For months, he tried to fight/cover/deny his feelings for Luke. He winds up falling for him, coming out of the closet, and then they have a small fight. Noah goes blind, and pushes Luke away. Luke hires Reid, Reid falls in love with Luke, Noah's act of estrangement leads Luke into Reid's orbit, and the rest is history. It's pretty cruel of Luke to leave Noah high and dry like that. BUT!!... Noah should've never pushed Luke away. By giving him the cold shoulder, that sent Luke the message that Noah no longer wanted him around (which we're finding out now, is not what Noah was wanting...despite his actions and words). Noah...I hate it for ya, dude, but this is all your fault. This is what you wanted (when you were blind), and unfortunately, what you want now (sight being back and all) doesn't really matter. What's done is done. The Bob/Kim scene at Java was really wonderful. Really beautiful. And theeeeeen, it was ruined by some dayplayer nurse bringing the Chris drama back to the forefront. (P.S. -- Attention Writers: That scene was pretty much what we wanted, for everyone, yesterday. Just so we're clear.) Speaking from the viewpoint of someone that's intrigued by cinematography: That was a BEAUTIFUL closing shot (Hughes family in the room/Katie looking in). Reminded me of old ATWT shots. Previews: Woooooah!! Wonder what has MamaHen Kim all fired up?!!
  13. Nope. Neither were any of Nancy's children besides Bob. Now...guys, c'mon. Let's go to the September thread.
  14. They had plenty of time to create an idea for the episode and write the script the right way. I read CZP's interview at and she said her first scenes were with Nancy. They could've easily played those!!! The diva bus flashback was retarded. They didn't even show many Nancy moments during that to begin with. And the flashback itself? All it showed was screaming. So does every other character in Oakdale. I've always seen KMH's Emily as a "she can get a little crazy, but I love the hell out of her" character.
  15. Emily?? Not psycho. ^^