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  1. While I'm not disputing Tyler Christopher has joined "DAYS," I will leave you all with this to determine how accurate that site is (note: the post is no longer available on the site's website):
  2. The news is not confirmed nor is it possible for this site to have it exclusively. People don't know what the term means anymore.
  4. Never saw this directly responded to, but daytime ("The Chew" and "General Hospital" at least) is part of the ABC Entertainment division, which is now led by Channing Dungey. ABC News oversees "The View," however.
  5. Sharon Case's inclusion is puzzling considering what she submitted was more of a showcase of Joshua Morrow and Steve Burton than herself. She only shined in Kelly Sullivan's submission.
  6. While true, PGP wanted out of soaps. While ratings were just a justification for them, other internal matters factored into the decision.
  7. ABC Statement on Labine's Passing: "We are sad to learn of the death of our friend and former colleague Claire Labine. As creator of Ryan's Hope and head writer of both General Hospital and One Life to Live in the 90s, Claire was an imaginative storyteller who inspired hope and sparked conversations through her stories and characters paving the way for a new generation of writers who would follow in her footsteps. We are proud and honored she was a part of our ABC Daytime family. We send our deepest condolences to her family and those closest to her."
  8. I'm five episodes in and I'm amazed at how much I like Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip. Surprised they show I never paid much attention to her anointment to the throne, particularly when it happened or why, but I was emotionally driven by the death of the King. I guess because it is based on a true story, we won't get a lot of modern twists and turns we expect in a scripted series, but I definitely have love everything I've seen so far. Definitely plan on watching the remaining five and looking forward to where the series goes from here. As for "Chewing Gum," I can't stop talking about that show with my friends and colleagues. Such a funny show. Came up on my Netflix last week and I binged all six episodes. Want more. When is more??? LOL
  9. Fixed the registration problem. People can now register again!

  10. NCIS: Discussion Thread
  11. After contemplating it for a bit, we've decided to require you to use your registered email address as the method of logging into the SON Community. This method will help secure the community from breaches, threats and people looking to play hacking games with our members. If you don't remember your registered email address or are having login issues, please email me at [email protected]
  12. Soap Opera Network: Shelley Curtis Joins ‘B&B’ Directing Team (EXCLUSIVE)
  13. Loved the episode! Definitely on my must watch list after watching the episode on Friday.
  14. Apologies for today's loading issues. We published a story that got way more traffic than normal and it severely affected our servers. We're currently having software installed that should hopefully prevent this from happening anytime soon.

  15. If you missed SON Community, you are definitely not the only one. After working non-stop for the last couple of days we went from a disaster of 2005 proportions to a functioning community once more. There are definitely still some kinks to be worked out, but I hope you all join me in sighing in relief that there is a community to be had, and to bitch about. With that said, if there are any issues you incur while browsing/posting, please let me know either via PM, response to this post, or via email: [email protected] You can even post a status update. I'll be monitoring them. Happy Posting!
  16. Reading some of the things "Jelly" have planned...I honestly don't have hope for their GH long-term. That's not to say the show won't have a long future ahead of it, I just don't see whatever they have planned as being the long-term success for the show.
  17. This is what ABC sold ad rates on for this season. Next season? Good luck!
  18. If you've uploaded an image in the last couple of days, and don't see it now, please re-upload them or re-attach them. Our system upgrade should have taken care of several issues, but possibly not all. If you find a post missing or any other bugs, please let us know.
  19. We're working on fixing some of the bugs. I'm hoping by the end of the week they'll be weeded out.
  22. Agreed. Those promos are awful, but aren't some of the actors in them already on soaps Pop will be airing? I spot Melissa Claire Egan, Kassie DePaiva, and John-Paul Lavoisier just to name a few. Wouldn't be far fetched....sadly.
  23. READ MORE: Does Pop Plan to Air Classic 'DAYS'? What About 'General Hospital'?
  24. I'll look into it. Although it would be odd that they would finish filming in September 2016 and last air in March 2017. Not your typical contract, especially with no time in season for the network to adequately launch a replacement should one be required.
  25. I'm fixing some behind the scenes issues, and for some reason having trouble fixing the "members" one. Working on that. I'll look into this status update situation. It is definitely odd. That's weird. I'm having no problems whatsoever with responding on my Mac. I'll look into it.