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  • Posts

    • The main difference with the Hillman story and this is it was a gradual build as Richard seemed like a decent man at first, if slightly shady. Phelan started out as a rapist and villain. It's made no sense that the show has essentially had most of the street ignore that. And none of them even cared when he ripped off their money. It's just lazy writing.    And they fired the actor who played Andy - who was so gorgeous and so talented - for this [!@#$%^&*]. All while bootleg Ross barton (Adam) sneers his way through scenes.    I find the show unwatchable. 
    • Really, Corrie? Really?   Are they really telling a poor man's version of Richard Hillman with Pat Phelan? It all makes sense now. Both men latched themselves onto single, needy women (Gail, Eileen). Both scammed people out of money. I guess Anna is the Audrey in this story as she suspects him and remains hysterical over his presence.    So I guess him killing Andy with the laptop was the equivalent of Richard killing Maxine with the spanner?    I like Kate Oates but she needs to do better.    What's next? He plans on driving all the Grishams into a lake where he drowns?    I also hate that poor Steph didn't get a happy ending. Her exit was so damn lackluster and underwhelming.    I know as a writer that there is no such thing as an original story (as they've all been done), but c'mon now! If they were gonna do this, they could've at least copied it a bit better.   The Michelle/Steve miscarriage is the ONLY good story at the moment. This show needs to get it together.
    • Due to all the talking, I had to look at OJ's scenes on YT.   And while I was too young for the Olivia/Anna/Duke story, I knew of Olivia Jerome's rep.   And that flashback of Anna v Olivia in the episode was everything. Can't wait for Anna to find out she's alive. And if Olivia targets Robin...
    • We should rename this the liberal politics boards no conservative opinions are allowed. I think these protestors bashing windows and starting riots and settimg limo on fire make liberals make bad. Trump is still going to be prexy. I thought Melania looked gorgeous. 
    • B/c production [!@#$%^&*] sucks on M2M. Mariah spilled that they didn't show even a fraction of the things that occurred this season. They didn't show scenes of Genise and her hubby, who Mariah felt had a beautiful story to tell this season. The show also cut out Mariah and her many tragedies this year too. We didn't see her scenes with her sister, who nearly died having a baby, struggle to get back to health along with Mariah/Ayden taking care of all of them. We didn't see Mariah deal with her losing her father. We didn't see Mariah deal with Ms. Lucy having a stroke. We didn't see Mariah/Ayden come to an impasse about trying for kids again. We didn't see Mariah deal with the loss of her twins.    These are all stories that were filmed and cut out the show the past TWO seasons. According to Mariah (via the episode reviews she does each week), they are on tape. These instances were filmed. However, the show preferred making her the villain instead of telling her story.    IMO, Bravo needs to scrap Purveyors of Pop and find a new home for M2M. The BTS drama is getting too messy, and the lines are blurred. Production should be objective, not all up in the drama and playing faves, which is what they've done. Sadly, their ploy of making Mariah the bad guy has failed as she's still immensely popular with the audience. 
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