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    • So Anonymous issued a threat claiming that Trump would regret the next 4 years? WTH were they during the campaign? Always a day late and a dollar short.   Well, HRC was my Senator when I lived in NY and I'll just say there is a reason why she won NY over Trump who is a NYer by birth. When she first announced her bid to run for Senate, many people were skeptical. Many in upstate areas referred to her derisively as a 'carpetbagger'.  Words that were often used during her presidential run like "arrogant" were used to describe her, until Hillary started canvassing the state on a "Listening Tour" going to rural, suburban, exurban as well as NYC. She eventually won many skeptical upstaters over and impressed cynical city dwellers alike.   Similarly, her debate skills (although a bit less refined) encompassed her getting her point across, while allowing her Republican opponent Rick Lazio (a whole lot more photogenic than Trump) trip over his own words.   When she won the Senate seat, people again assumed things about her-- that she was going to be utterly combative with Republicans, instead she was known to "put her head down and go to work" with colleagues on passing actual common-sense legislation.   It amazes me though that those old stereotypes and assumptions came back to haunt her in her Presidential bids. The first time, you could understand it- she faced a highly charismatic, once in a lifetime type candidate but this time she was clearly the better prospect but many voters preferred a compulsive liar with tons of conflicts of interests and likely, hidden/dark, links to white supremacists, a history of discrimination, lawsuits everywhere he goes and connections to crooks  to that woman.
    • We have a retired Army soldier living across the street from us.  She served in Desert Storm and Hillary came by to visit the troops and she talked to her.  She was a fan of HRC ever since.  She said exactly what you mention above, that was compassionate, warm and friendly during that one on one.  She even has a picture of her and HRC.     One of the best speeches of her career was when The Orange Menace hired Bannon to his campaign, and Hillary spoke to his character and what Breitbart stood for.  I really thought that speech would seal things up for her.  Come to find out, people are OK with a racist running a campaign.  Sigh.    
    • JIMMY: You should be ashamed of yourselves!
      PRIYA: Oh believe me, we are. But that's not going to stop us from begging.   What a line!
    • Instead of a kiss, it would've been more interesting if Quinn told Widge that she'd keep his slimy plan a secret from Eric so he could rebuild the relationship. In exchange, he needed to back-off, which he eventually fail to do. Quinn reveals all - Brooke and Eric are mortified, etc. Same impact except no lame kiss. I like the chemistry between RS/TK but this 180 is just not believable after all the bad blood, vile name calling and schemes - lying about power of attorney, Brooke's shares, and on and on. 
    • This is a fantastic story idea    
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