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    • he's a vile pig. all of them are. it will take years after this admin. for this nation to start fixing all the crap they are doing. 
    • I'd be totally down for an Atlanta reboot. I don't like Kandi or Kenya so they both can leave and I'd be perfectly happy.
    •   It's fun to speculate! I think anything could happen with their next producer hire. 
    • @cassadine1991  Thanks so much for that interview with Colleen! I loved hearing all about what everyone has been up to since the show ended. I'm not through the whole thing yet but I definitely want to see the entire interview. I ran into Colleen at an audition last year and, luckily, her audition was long before mine (I was super early) so I waited until after she was done and leaving and then said something to her. She was the most generous and gracious ATWT actor I've spoken to - we talked for 15 min or so. I try to go see her in everything she does here in the city. Just adore her (and Babs!) And I'm so happy to think about Barbara and Henry still running around Oakdale, dancing up a storm!
    • Daily Mail got an interview with LVP! Nothing shockingly new in the article, but it was a good one all the same, worth reading for fans of la Lisa.     Funny you should say that, I've been feeling a bit nervous because Kandi and Kenya have yet to fully commit to filming. Early filming has already started in Atlanta, apparently focused on Cynthia & Nene getting mani-pedis, and Shamea's wedding shower (which Kandi was obvs a part of). IA that Kandi is done. She is the only one on the show presenting her real life (and dealing with real life nasty rumors spread by Frick and Frack). Meanwhile, Sheree's housewarming, Porsha's faux boyfriend, and Phaedra's 'law practice' were all scripted fakeries last season. Kandi must be wondering why the hell she puts herself out there when the others don't. Kenya may have been an exception, but she certainly didn't parade her new hubby around, and Cynthia's lake house epiphany was cute but hardly putting yourself out there. The less we say about that vagina renewal episode, the better.   As for Kenya, I hope she is back, if only so we can get closure on her and have a sneaky peak at her new life. Everybody's grandmother and her cat knows she is married by now. Porsha and Phaedra must be SEETHING!   Season 11 could be a real game-changer, especially since Cynthia also seems ready to start a new chapter of her life, either in LA or NY. Porsha and Sheree will cling on as long as possible to that Bravo paycheck, but they are not nearly interesting enough upon which to base a reboot. Nene would have to stick around to make the new ATL in any way viable.
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