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  • Posts

    • I really tried for read this but after the first paragraph my eyes glazed over. *yawn*    
    • So the Center on Budget and Public Priorities (non partisan) released a report this AM showing the catastrophic result of overturning the ACA. First is, and I chuckle while I cry) that premiums will double once repealed while the top 1% get 7 million dollars on average in tax breaks a year. And young people will suffer the most as their premiums will increase as much if not more
    • You're so right.     CBS has a new, polished up promo for Trump's inauguration and it's pretty sickening.  Talk about normalizing him!   They've positioned him as some inspirational change agent.    
    • That's the problem with Devon, everyone knows that CI is not his only option. It's the elephant in the room in all his stories. His bio-dad has a fortune as large as Katherine's, and a company as large as CI, and Devon is the only heir.   Y&R is so top heavy with old men, Tucker, recast or not, isn't someone Y&R will ever need, so why not kill him off, off-screen? If Devon is not interesting enough without his very own multi national corporation ( that he would have no idea how to run), he could be king of McCall Unlimited and Hillary could work for him. But you aren't asking for that, you want what everything Kay had, even though Devon's the only heir to Tucker, and has no conflicts. Why is that?     McCall Unlimited would be the easiest option, but it sounds to me like you want CI so Jill can be subjugated to Devon's will. And we already know that's GROSS, extremely GROSS. That was the mistake MAB made with Tucker, they had a wealthy powerful man screaming in Katherine's 85 year old face. It was like watching elder abuse. No one was feeling sorry for poor little rich man Tucker because Kay gave him up for adoption.   The idea that everything Katherine ever breathed on is somehow rightfully Devon's is beyond me. Kay is more than just Devon. Devon's only ONE of her loved ones that was tacked on at the very end of her life. He's the only heir who had no relationship or significant screen time with her. Devon's "relationship" with Kay is slightly better than backstory. We didn't really see it. Yet he got the lions share of Kay's cash, but somehow Devon's character still isn't compelling enough to survive without taking everything in Jill's life? The thing is Kay & Jill shared a life,  maybe not by choice, but it was a shared life. Devon's not entitled to Jill's life. She lived it, it's hers.   There's nothing compelling about Devon being the head of CI. It's laughable. It's like Abby sitting in Victor's chair while behind her back Victor is fixing her meetings so she succeeds. And it would't matter if Devon loses his fortune, and CI, because everyone knows his wealthy bio-dad could swoop in and save him in a nano second. I could see twitter now if Devon lost his fortune, there would be never ending tweets asking where Tucker is? That already happened when Colin was screwing with him. No drama.   I don't understand why you think Devon running around as a second Victor would be interesting. Victor was more interesting before he became the never can lose man.
    • These days?  More like "...from the Quran."  Which would be fun to watch on so many levels.       Yeah, but first, they have to get rid of the Jeff Zuckers and Les Moonveses.  Those idiots see only rating points.  They'll never understand the mess they created from normalizing and legitimizing Trump's vicious campaign.
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