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  • Posts

    • OMG!!!!! That camera angle where Lisa is giving Eileen the cold shoulder and Eileen is over her shoulder at the bar was pure 90s Marlena/Kristen. Interesting since Lisa's hair is straight out of the Marlena in a cage in Paris.
    • According to the daytime press at the time, the viewers had been clamoring for some closer for Bert Bauer, so I think the show had little choice but to finally acknowledge her passing. The problem is, there was no emotional resonance. Characters like Warren Andrews (!!!) attended her funeral and were seen reminiscing about her, even though Bert loathed Warren, and would not have wanted him in her house at all, let alone at her funeral. I doubt the show even approached Don Stewart, Ellen Demming, Fran Myers, Elvera Roussel, etc., to reprise their roles at the time, but with atrocious writing and newbie faces mourning Bert, how were we supposed to care? Mike, Hope, Meta, Peggy, Steve Jackson, and several other key characters should have been there, and even though I understand why the producers could not bring ALL these characters back, having at least Mike and Hope there should have been essential. Richard Van Fleet had never even worked with Charita Bauer, so it meant nothing watching his version of Ed grieve.   TGL was unwatchable between 1984 and 1989, IMHO.
    • Steve Frame was initially presented as a young Cash McCall-type character, with no indication that he had grown up dirt-poor on a farm. When he later told Alice about his roots, I could accept it because it made valid psychological sense. He had lied about or at least hidden the true story of his origins because he was ashamed of where he came from. It was a depressing, dead-end world he was desperate to escape from, to deny. In real life, people do create elaborate backstories for themselves once they are far removed from their original, unpleasant environment. I wonder if Reinholt took exception to this redirection of his character mainly because he disliked Lemay, rather than because the writing was poor. As much as I criticize Lemay for his petulance and arrogance, and for his dismissal of beloved actors like Courtney and Dwyer, the first several years of his tenure on AW were brilliant; the stuff erudite soap fans dream about. I had no problem with Steve's revelation about being born on a farm, any more than I had a problem about the formerly-virulent Aunt Liz becoming softer and more vulnerable after fate and her own atrocious behavior led her to losing her entire family in one way or another. It made the characters richer.   I watched AW consistently during Courtney's first 11 years there, and while I found her a bit too overly-expressive and "bubbly" at the very beginning, I thought she grew into a very strong, impressive actress with an obvious star appeal. Heck, when she passed away, even the controversial producer Paul Rauch, who had fired her from AW to begin with, said that she had been a "great gal" who always turned in stellar performances. It's a shame that younger soap fans, who had never seen her work for themselves, seem to accept Lemay's denigrating comments as gospel. I would refute his comments very vigorously.   As for Willis Frame, I actually found him to become more likable when Fitzpatrick was replaced by Leon Russom. The second actor brought a layer of vulnerability and humanity to the role that had been lacking during Fitzpatrick's portrayal.
    • DaytimeFan, I completely understood Eileen's reaction. This is her third season dealing with a major death in her family. She's probably numb to it at this point. I have to give her credit because so many would be broken down but she's still trying to survive. Some people don't view death as a negative and try to focus on the positive and that the person is at peace. I'm going to say that's the approach she's taking. Overall I LOVED Eileen tonight! My queen was back! She drove me crazy last year but her talking heads and interactions with the ladies has been spot on so far. And can we have a moment for how GORGEOUS she looks?! Her style is so on point!   This premiere was a revelation for me. It felt like old school HWs, particularly New York since we all remember how dark BH's first season was. We got lots of wealth and glamour, the interactions were good and whatever drama or shade we got was light. Even in the promos it looks like it'll remain that way. I hate the darkness and hatred some of the series get and I appreciate what they're giving after such a dark season last year. Without a doubt the best thing they could've done is get rid of Yolanda. Neither she nor Brandi should ever be invited back after how well the show is going without them. Good riddance. I think they have a very solid cast to work off and I hope Eden continues the trend towards an entertaining season. 
    • People said that about her for much of Mansi's run as well...
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    • YRBB

      I'm going to try to go unspoiled on Y&R from now on! Maybe the trouble will be worth it. Please be considerate with spoilers outside the spoiler forum, lovelies!
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    • Juliajms

      I wish I could say I'm surprised by the mistrial in the Michael Slager case, but I'm not. Even with a video as chilling as the one in this case some people won't convict. I guess the bright side is that he'll be retried.
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    • Cheap21

      T-Boz is hilariously bad on Days. A hot ass mess
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    • Vee

      I never thought I'd see Christopher Gerse jerk off while pawing a naked Rodrigo Santoro who then stabs him to death, but that's just another strange bounty Westworld has brought to us
      · 6 replies
    • Khan

      Danielle Muscato read Donald Trump on Twitter and it was better than anything I have seen on a soap opera in the last ten years.  I'm not kidding.
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