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  • Posts

    • Hillary has had to spend the better part of her marriage cleaning up Bill's messes.  That alone should win her the Nobel Peace Prize, the Medal of Freedom and the Profiles in Courage award.
    • Lucas isn't on Pissmelly's radar. He  is the town afterthought. Even when they need a random octor in the OR, they hire dayplayers.   He's literally related to half of the characters in town, yet never gets invited to anything   Ned and Olivia have great chemistry, and I would love to see scenes between O and Tracy Q .  I don't expect to ever see it, but hey...   Now that Maxie has married Nathan, I hope her track record comes through and they either kill him or send him to jail. or Portland, whatever comes first.   Berris was just fine as fill-in Spin., and , on the plus side, was much easier on the eyes.. I wasn't paying close attention, did Jordan end up ditching the wedding?   We couldn't get a good snub from Anna and Robin to Liesl? They were her victims....   Keep trying to make Droolian,Ninny, and that snotty little girl (the character, not the actress}} work Pissmelly..  Having the Red Menace overshadowing the bride with The Staff making the majority of the day because SHE pulled it all together. I would rather see Lucy as the organizer..   I was out this afternoon and wasn't aware the President was on. The show is much better when they are pre-empted.   Mac, Felicia, Georgie Emma and Robin are always a nice treat.
    • I don't want Neil gone either.  Sometimes, though, you have to acknowledge when a character has been written into a corner.  What Neil did to Hilary cannot be swept away easily, IMO, not even if he were to stay out of her and Devon's orbit for the next several years.  If you can't or won't kill him off, then you gotta have him leave GC.  Permanently.   I won't say Y&R has been awful with Sally, but I do think that as time goes on, she's going to find it more and more problematic just to ignore the past ten or so years and carry on.   Unless and until she starts looking for dick to heal her bipolar disorder, I'll have to disagree.   You slay me.
    • Did you mean the "vast right wing conspiracy" interview? I do think that probably hurt her too, although by that time she'd become better at the game. It's too bad she had to do cleanup duty all over again, but I remember at the time, even though I wasn't as political as I later became, I thought it was a breath of fresh air and I was so glad someone - the First Lady of all people - finally said it out loud. 
    • I think Marisa is out for good. She's another regime's character that I didn't think took off at all (could be wrong about that). Sally could just create her own character to pair Noah with and fare much better. 
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