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  • Posts

    • I believe Carolyn Colliton was his co headwriter during the 1st year or so of his stint...which might by why the 1st year wasn't too bad of his stint.
    • I guess I don't get it. I keep hearing the party is out of touch and that may be true but ok, there is new leadership, a new staff just put in place, so what exactly are people expecting to have happen? The grass roots efforts both Obama and Bernie have been encouraging is happening. That is what I am missing. If the outreach tour was the DNC's  first effort, it was a huge failure for 2 reasons, no messaging that I could see and IMO(some won't agree) constant attacks by Bernie on the party. While there are problems, I don't see how constant "they are failing" messaging helps.   I just got done listening to Cornell West on Democracy Now with Amy Goodman and he's saying the same thing and said that it's time to start a new party and that they are trying to recruit Bernie for The People's Party. According to him all these women who marched in January, the Science Marchers, will all join.  He was asked about reproductive rights and while he acknowledged they were important, went back to the "class" differences as the main focus. But you can't talk about class differences and economic equality while dismissing racism and reproductive choices, because it's all intertwined.    Again I am asking someone what is it that the democrats need to be doing now that is not happening. My biggest issue is messaging and maybe it sounds simple but it's a huge effort. Marketing is one thing the GOP has done tremendously well. Is that what people are talking about because I am totally missing it.
    • The Dobsons in their second round side create Angela Raymond...but I didn't like that they made Mason/CC tread water in their relationship or that Mason suddenly didn't like Sophia again.   Katrina was written a bit better under Pam Long..but by then..the character was beyond saving.
    •   The Dobsons totally screwed the pooch in Round 2 of their tenure. They would not have needed a faux Kelly replacement if they hadn't fired Carrington Garland, who was popular and had chemistry with the cast. Eileen Davidson is a good actress, but she was woefully miscast as Kelly. (And a small petty part of me was glad to see her version fail since she made a bunch of derogatory comments in SOW about Kelly being stupid before she took on the role or whatever.)   I get Eden was gone, but I think - had Carrington not been fired - she could have filled the void on her own. JMO here.
    • Im a Rinna fan but she's completely turned me off in terms of this nonexistant feud. She's made me side with Kim, which I dont like to do. Rinna's problem is that she's written a script in her head which Kim isnt acting out but instead of readjusting and rewriting the plot, she continues with failed storyline just like all hack writers from cancelled soap operas  in recent history.  Kyle said it best in that she's done nothing but only make herself look stupid. 
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