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  • Posts

    • I read about him yesterday and thought maybe Trump can call him up and say whatever the man wants to hear and things will be fine again. I remember watching an interview in which three women spoke about voting for Trump hoping he would make their work lives better. When asked what they'd do if Trump didn't deliver, one of them jokingly said that she'd write him an angry letter. Some people are looking for a savior and they want him to be their savior.
    • I think I officially hate this season. Everything from Felicity's speedbump/cop boyfriend to that little bitch turncoat whose name I can't remember, that awful reporter, and Adrian Chase being some weird blend of therapist/villain for Ollie.    It's been kind of stunning for me to realize how little the original cast has been on this season. Good luck catching Thea or Lance lately. Even Felicity and Digg seem to have disappeared (ok. More Digg than Felicity, who has a storyline this season.) I know some of that is budget. But it's also ripped the core of the show away.    They managed to sick all the joy out of my Laurel-free season.
    • Another gold medal winner in the "I voted against my own interests" Olympics   "Beginning in January 2016, Kraig Moss traveled to 45 rallies, belting out songs in support of Donald Trump and telling the story of his late son, Rob, who died three years ago from a heroin overdose. In this way, the musician earned the title of “the Trump Troubadour,” a true believer said to symbolize “the voice of unheard America.”   He stopped making his mortgage payments and sold the equipment for his construction business to stay on the campaign trail, galvanized by Trump’s promise to help young people — like Moss’s late son — who struggle with drug addiction. Trump, Moss thought, was the candidate most capable of bringing an end to the heroin epidemic sweeping the nation."   Fast forward to today...   "This bill is just the absolute opposite,” Moss told The Washington Post. “I felt betrayed. I felt let down.”   He had put all his weight behind the Republican’s promise, sacrificing his business and his livelihood to sing Trump’s praises. But this bill backed by the president “disgusted” him. He no longer sings songs about Trump, and he now wonders if any of his sacrifices were worth it."
    • A translator would be a waste of time because his words are like things floating in the air and he still doesn't get the concept of NATO and how it works and how payment works. He and Palin could have some deep mind-blowing conversations.   It's hard to know whether he suffers from an inability to accept the truth or whether he knows he's lying and maybe both can be true.   Elijah Cummings is calling for Devin Nunes to be investigated and I hope that happens.   @Roman yes, I live in California where there's crazy Nunes and Issa. No one will ever be able to explain electing them. But now I've seen quite a bit of Adam Schiff and Eric Swalwell which balances things out for now.
    • I've heard him talking on snap chat. That's his normal voice, I do believe. However, you're correct about the "blaccent". He's being modeled after SM's Malcolm. We are supposed to drool over him. It's falling short. No drool. Just side eye from me.    I know this is off topic but...see, this is why I'm skeptical over a Dru recast. The show can't duplicate certain things and looks stupid trying. Jordan is coming off as a caricature much like DMs Harmony did. MiM is making it work though. I just love her. 
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