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  • Posts

    • Oh well you are preaching to the choir here. JW must be a wonderful person, but her take on Jill is shrill and weak. You can see it in her eyes she doesn't have an ounce of evilness in her, that's why she resorts to shouting and getting teary eyed in her scenes. This has never worked for the character.
    • Slater is one if the breakdown writers right now.. does the breakdown writer handle pacing and implenting the headwriters long term plan..or is it just to outline that days episode?
    • ???? I didn't take anything away from Devon. All those ideas would give him lots of story. He doesn't have much conflict now. Am I more interested in Hillary than Devon? Yes, much more! I follow the female characters, especially the ambitious pushy ones, so the stories I want to see would feature them.   Your posts are driven by your internal bitterness that Devon isn't Katherine's sole heir so that Devon has dibs on everything Katherine breathed on throughout her life. Also because Devon is connected to the Y&R legacy Chancellor name through marriage, like how Dylan was connected to Newman, but it's not his namesake. Which I guess is the reason is why you're so frantic for him to own Chancellor Industries. As if somehow that makes him a Chancellor. I don't see how desperately holding on to a name, that is not his, makes him interesting.   Devon has to his make his own legacy on the show, Katherine's 40 + years doesn't transfer to him simply because the writer's pen connected them before she died. That can't happen without major conflicts & Kay isn't around anymore to make them for him. Victor Newman made his own name a legacy, so could Devon if he's the right character.
    • I loved Keemo. But I was so young then so it could have just been his looks to which I was drawn. 
    • I think it's a bit disingenuous pushing aside voter suppression. It's no coincidence minority voting was down this election, the first major election since the court gutted the Voting Rights act. Simply because things happened before doesn't make even more blatant suppression acceptable. Interstate cross check which deleted millions of minorities from voter roles, voter ID law requirements, were all legislation that came after the decision by the supreme court to gut VRA and 18 states already had legislation ready to go to take advantage of that once the ruling came through. And it's not just the south. Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio were all part of that. Thousands of voters in the Milwaukee area were unable to vote because they didn't have the proper ID, one a 90 year old black woman who lived there for 50 years and was born at home so no birth certificate accessible who voted in every election up to that point. Wisconsin was ordered by a federal judge these people had to be given ID's within a 6 day time frame so they could vote, but not all the DMV's in Wisconsin followed this. What happened? Nothing. The state got away with disenfranchising those voters, mostly minority.   And I appreciate you sharing your experience. And I think some of us recognize these things. We've been hearing about the rural white voters for months now. Sadly nothing that this administration will do will help any of them unless poisoning streams with coal debris, cutting student free lunches, school voucher programs, will be considered beneficial to these communities.   Gerrymandering is an issue. It was when the dems were doing it and is still wrong and has been going on since the country was founded to varying degrees. The motives behind the dems doing it during Jim Crow are exactly the same as the motives today. And when the  VRA happened,  the Southern dems realigned themselves with the GOP ie; the southern strategy.
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    • Khan

      Stay having a seat, Faye Dunaway.
      · 1 reply
    • I Am A Swede

      There was another blunder last night at the Oscars apart from the Best Picture mix-up. During the In Memoriam segment a picture of the very much alive producer Jan Chapman was used when costume designer Janet Patterson was remembered.
      · 0 replies
    • DRW50

      Didn't bother with the Oscars tonight but happy for Viola Davis. She looked fantastic in all the photos I've seen.
      · 0 replies
    • Vee

      Still can't believe that shît happened! I like both movies but God bless Moonlight, a masterpiece.
      · 0 replies
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