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Big Brother All Stars


Diary Room Entries

Posted by BrendaBarrett , 19 July 2006 - - - - - - · 75 views

Jack: I don't know what Will was thinking going after Marcelleus and Amy. They aren't a threat, although they are a two person alliance. I would have thought that he would have nominated Nakomis at the very least. She is very strong. She can win competitions. I completely trust her as she has given me her word. Will, Janelle and James have to be stopped.

Danielle: I am just glad that I am off the radar for now. I don't care who goes home as long as it ain't me. Who would I keep? We all know that Marci won't use the Veto so if he wins he will probably be going home. I am trying to get in good with Janelle because I think she would go til the end. She doesn't have any girlfriends here so I am trying to get in good.

Chiara: God this place is driving me insane! Hardy finally realized that he is the 4th of that group and has approached me about potentially taking one of them out. I think we can do it if he wins HOH next week. He wants to get Danielle, Jack and Nakomis together and take them out. I will definetly consider it.

Will: I am the chessmaster!!!! I got to be HOH and didn't even try. I thought about putting up Nakomis and Jack but I went to them and they told me I was safe from them for next week. I also can't vote for one of them if one of them goes up. Did you not watch the first time I played? I lied. Simple as that. I just want to show everyone how to play this game. Only the strong survive! Chilltown!

Hardy: I am not liking how this is turning out. I need to be HOH next week. Will is going to eventually go after me and I have to go after him before that happens. Danielle will be a good person to allign with as well as Chiara. Chiara is just someone that I can lead around by her nose.

Amy: WHY ME? What did Ah do to WIll to get nominated? A strategic move? Ah don't think so you Dr Evil Will. Ah will cast an evil spell on you so we can call you Evil Will. I hope you burn in Hell for nominating me against my good friend Marcelleus. He's been moody and in tears and is just no fun to be around anymore.

James: Oh my God Marcelleus just shut the hell up. You knew eventually that you would get nominated so quit your bitching. This is Marcelleus and Amy. Marcelleus is the wine. Amy is the cheese. Go home both of you.

Nakomis: I am very surprised that I am not on the block, that Will actually kept up his part of the bargain. He must want something more from it. I just can't figure it out. Veto will be interesting. Right now I think James is throwing competitions as he hasn't won to many. Hardy too. I would not be surprised if they won next time and I was nominated. Janelle well, I can't seem to find any common ground with her so I stopped trying to talk to her. We both smoke so thats about it. That's the only time I see her.

Marcelleus: I hate that Evil, dirty, botox filled, black short wearing, comb your hair doctor than anyone in this lifetime. I can't believe that I am once again nominated against Amy. I want to stay yet I don't want to campaign against her. If it's the last thing I do, I will blow this house out of the water....

Janelle: Well, I think things are going really well. I dodged a bullet last week. I know I shouldn't trust Will, but I trust him more than James because of all the stuff from last year. I am not sure who should go, but I have tried to talk to Amy this week to see what she knows. Marcelleus just doens't want to talk to me. Oh well.

WHo will win the Veto and will they use it? Tune in and find out...



Posted by BrendaBarrett , 18 July 2006 - - - - - - · 59 views

Nakomis and Jack know that they are the prime targets. James went to Will with a plan to get rid of Danielle, Chiara, Marcelleus or Amy and keep them safe for two weeks. Is Will considering it?

Danielle is scrambling, playing on Will's ego. She doesn't want to be nominated and will sell her soul to stop it.

Marcelleus and Amy go and meet with Will and tell him that they think that Janelle has a lover in the house and that it is Hardy.

Janelle meets with her lover and the two of them discuss the ramifications of nominating the different HGs. Janelle meets with Will and discusses it. He looks like he agrees and in the end, to the shock of everyone, nominates Marcelleus and Amy.

Who will win the Power of Veto and most importantly if Marcelleus wins, will he use it?


Where there is a Will there is a Janelle

Posted by BrendaBarrett , 16 July 2006 - - - - - - · 57 views

All the houseguests are standing on a log with their arm straight up. If their arm falls past a certain area, the water above them will fall on them and they will be eliminated. Their is a twist. If the last two standing happen to be Janelle and Will, they will both be off the block and have to decide between the two of them who is HOH. If this happens, Nakomis, the current HOH will be put on the block and a spin of the wheel will determine who is HOH.

Janelle immediately makes a deal with Will, "If you stay on the whole time, I will keep you safe. I will never vote for you or nominate you. HOH will be yours this week as well."

Will looks over to her, "Why should I do this?"

"You are the only winner in this house and as more times passes the target on your back increases. No secret deal, I am making this in front of the whole house. I know I can stay up here as long as it takes. I will win POV this week. We can do this. If you don't stay up here, or at least try your damndest, I will come after you and get you out." Janelle said, "I am not even tiring and I have muscles you wouldn't even be aware of."

Will thought it over, "I will try my hardest. Deal."

Time passed. The water first splashed down on Marcelles after 38 minutes. Amy after 57 minutes. Danielle lasted One hour and 25 minutes. The water from her bucket splashed Jack in the eye making him lose balance and he was eliminated. Chiara, Nakomis, Will, Janelle, James, Marvin and Hardy were left.

At one hour and thirty minutes, Rob and Amber came out. "Greetings! We have something to tempt you with. If you feel you are safe and want to give up the Veto, the first one to release their water will receive 5 grand right now. Any takers?" Amber was met with silence, "Ok ten grand." Marvin immediately released the water.

Five minutes later, Chiara let go claiming she had to go to the bathroom and couldn't hold it in. The splash from her bucket also knocked Hardy off.

Four were left at the 2 hour mark. Again Rob and Amber tried to tempt them. "Ok, this time instead of money we will let you call who evah you want and talk to them for ten minutes, as long as it isn't about the game. Any takers? I will give you five minutes to think about it."

Nakomis looked weak and Janelle looked at James. "Please James take it and call Sarah. Let us win and you have such a shot at not getting nominated. Let Will and I win so we can both get up." Janelle pleaded. "I will be here all night."

Will looked at her, "I have to pee and I have absoluetly no problem peeing here. I promise you I will not put you up ever."

James looked at them cooly, "I would do it if we could control who goes up, it's too risky for me. Sorry guys."

No one took the phone call and ten minutes later Nakomis' arm gave out leaving Janelle, James and Will. For another hour the three of them stood up there until finally James arm just inched too far down. Water splashed all over him as Will and Janelle were announced the winners.

Rob and Amber walked over, "Ok Nakomis you are automatically nominated. Here is the wheel. Nakomis we will let you spin the wheel." The wheel spun around and finally landed on Marvin's name.

Amber said, "To stir things up a little, we are going to sequester you and begin voting in the diary room. Will, as the HOH you will not vote. After the vote we will have the live ceremony. We will go in alphabetical order so Amy, please go to the diary room. Everyone else, please go to your assigned places and wait for your name to be called. If you communicate with anyone, you will be disqualified from voting and the next HOH competition."


The houseguests were seated in the living room two hours later after voting had ended. They all looked the worse for wear. Rob walked in, "Hello houseguests. Lovely to see you."

Will smirked, "Likewise"

Amber came over the TV, "By a vote of 4-3, Nakomis you are safe. Marvin you have one minute to leave the house."

Marvin looked pissed, "This is a crapshoot, this [!@#$%^&*] sucks."

Rob looked at him, "Hey it's All Stars, its the way it happens. Now go be nice to my Ambah."

When everyone came back to the Living room, Rob announced, "Oh yeah, since we had both Janelle and Will actually win, and it was decided that the HOH would be Will. He is the next HOH. Nominations will be tomorrow so start thinking Will."

Who will Will nominate and will he keep his promise to Janelle? Will he try to take out his long time rival Hardy? Or will he divide and conquer and try to take out some strong players. Tune in next time to see his decisions...


Nominations and Preview

Posted by BrendaBarrett , 12 July 2006 - - - - - - · 56 views

With Nakomis as HOH and Danielle successfuly dividing the house into three groups, Nakomis feels she has enough to get a very strong player out. In a tense nomination ceremony, she nominates Will and Janelle.

The house is divided into threes. Jack, Nakomis, Amy and Marcelles. Chiara, feeling another rejection, Danielle and Marvin are another group. James, Janelle, Hardy and Will are the third. Nakomis thinks it is imperative to get one of the latters' group out.

Adria speaks to her and tells her that she is heading in the right direction. Nakomis doesn't know whether she can trust her.

Rob and Amber wake them up at 6AM for the Power of Veto. Everyone participates in this one. They stand on a rock and above them is a rope. They must hold onto the rope, above their head. If their arm goes beloe a certain point, water will fall on them. Before they start, Rob and Amber reveal a twist. If the last two standing are Will and Janelle, both win the Veto and Nakomis goes up. The other spot is determined by a spin of a wheel.

Let the Veto begin


Eviction and a House Divided

Posted by BrendaBarrett , 09 July 2006 - - - - - - · 64 views

Boston Rob enters the house and saunters over to the HGs who are sitting in the living room, awaitin gthe eviction ceremony, "Hey everyone, what's goin on."

Will looks at him derisively, "You know half the time I expect you to walk in with hay coming out of your mouth." Everyone laughs and the tension dissipates a little.

Rob is about to come up with a comeback when the TV screen comes on with Amber's face in it. "Rob we are all set."

"All right, Hardy, Rachel you are up for eviction. After Amber states who is evicted you have one minute to leave and then we have the HOH competition. I hope you have your bathing suits on."Everyone nods, "Ok Amber.."

Amber looks into the screen, "By a vote of 5-3, Rachel you are evicted from the Big Brother House. Please gather your things."

Hugs abounded as Rachel left and the HG's gathered outside. In front of them was a large vat of oatmeal. Jack sat over to the side. "Houseguests, for this HOH competition, you will have to fill as much of the oatmeal into the cans. The twist here is that the person with the least amount wins HOH. You have to keep moving or you will be on PB&J for the week. You can't sit this one out. Fill up the HGs that you don't want to see win HOH. If the can spills over and it empties out, well, too bad, so sad. You can't knock your own over. Any questions?"

The HGs lined up by the vat of oatmeal and Rob yelled at them to go. For five minutes, they rushed back and forth to fill up the HG's that they didn't want to win HOH. At first the only one with any real strategy was James, who continually knocked Janelle's over. Janelle quickly caught on, as did Nakomis. Nakomis had AMy knock hers over every time Amy came down. Danielle's was filled, as was Marcelleus and Amy's. Hardy and Will's was half full and no matter how far up Janelle and James got theirs, they always emptied each other's over.

There was ten seconds left when Chiara and Danielle filled Janelle's and James' can up and Amy knocked Nakomis' over. The buzzer rang and Nakomis was the new HOH.

James and Janelle were upset as Jack hugged Nakomis. If either James or Janelle had won, one of them were going home.

After everyone had showered and Nakomis had showed everyone her room, Danielle started talking to a few people to see where they stood. She started with Chiara, "I haven't seen you in a while."

"Well, I didn't exactly want to see you Danielle as you weren't really nice to me in the Diary Room."

Danielle was cutting some vegetables up for dinner, "I was trying to win. Do you really fault me for that?"

Chiara picked up a carrot and started eating it, "I guess not."

"What's the deal with you and that alliance? Is Will really in it?"

"I guess so. He and James get along pretty tight."

Danielle looked at her, "So it's James, Janelle, Will, Hardy and you? You do realize that you are the last one there. The only way you can win is by HOH followed by POV."

"What are you talking about?"

"I was talking to Marvin and he isn't happy with his alliance. What if we create a third alliance and this week help out Nakomis and just take them out? You, me and Marvin can go final three and at that point it's every person for themselves." Danielle whispered after looking around.

Chiara glanced around, "I don't know. You sold me out before. What makes me thing you won't do it again? Plus I have an allegiance to Hardy."

"That boy who barely gives you the time of day? I don't think so. Think about it. Will you let everyone know dinner is ready?"


James, Janelle and Hardy were in the backyard discussing the days events and possible nominations. Hardy spoke up, "I have a feeling it will be you and me James."

Janelle shook her head, "It will be James and me. Or they might nominate me and you in the hopes that one of us wins the POV and backdoors James."

James said, "I heard them saying that they want me out. Why aren't they going after Will though?"

"Because he already won so he doesn't need the money. He is the perfect person to go up against in the final two." Janelle said.

"Is that what you are thinking?" Hardy said.

Janelle smiled mysteriously, "I keep my options open and both of you know it. Maybe we should talk to Marvin and see where he stands.

The doors opened and Marvin, Danielle and Chiara came out and settled into the hot tub. "I guess we know the answer there. Let's get over there right now and see what we can hear." James said, getting up.

Janelle stood up, "We are in trouble now."


Diary Room Entries

Posted by BrendaBarrett , 06 July 2006 - - - - - - · 22 views

Danielle: Well look what the cat dragged in! I get my well deserved second shot at the prize. *snapping fingers* I WILL control this game and start planting seeds of doubt where they belong. They don't call me the best female player who never won for nothing. My first job is getting rid of Janelle. She is way too strong.

Janelle: Ugh. Danielle. Five minutes into this house and she is already sliding up to Jack and whispering in his ear. I want her gone! You are next on my list!

Hardy: I really am happy that Nicole is pregnant but I am sad to see her go as she was my cheif ally. It will be a cold day in Hell before I trust Will again. I haven't really tried to win anything yet, but I am definetly going to have to step it up a notch and try for HOH next week. If and when that happens, it will be time to take Will out.

Nakomis: I am not really getting a good read on Danielle. Can't really say that I trust her very much. During the veto competition she jumped all over James when James won again. Yet she is telling Jack and me that she is our alliance. Something doesn't smell right. Of course James saved himself and now Jack is going to have to nominate someone else.

Amy and Marcelleus: The Bitch is back! We hate her, she is horrid. Amy giggles,"Marcy here wants to slap some brain cells into her"

Will: Well, I scored some points with everyone by showing everyone that I am not just an arrogant !@#$%^&*] doctor. Don't get me wrong, I still am. Discovering that Nicole was pregnant and urging her to get care for her child is so much more important. I listened to everyone expound on the joy of me until it got tiresome. Not for me, but it seemed to tire them out. Then they started talking about Danielle and her impact and I couldn't care less so I left. Saw James and told him not to trust Danielle that she likes to stir [!@#$%^&*] up. Did I mention that I made something up too?

Chiara: Why is it that the people from my season are all the ones that I HATE? Damnit.

Jack: Having Danielle in here certainly changes things up. Whereas she wants to join our alliance, Amy and Marcelleus are threatening to join the other alliance because of it. Which would leave James, Janelle, Rachel, Hardy and Will and Chiara. Although I think Will and Chiara are on the outskirts. It will be interesting. I definetly think Danielle will not last long in the BB house. I have a lot of wheeling and dealing to do.

Marvin: *yawn* I can't believe you woke me up from a perfectly good nap to ask me what I think about Danielle. I don't give a [!@#$%^&*].

Rachel: Having James use the veto on himself sucks. I hope they realize that by voting me out, they will have no cook. Who's going to cook, Amy? If it doesn't have cheese, she can't cook it. This totally sucks. Why did I allow myself to come back here. So now Jack nominated Hardy and I will most likely go home. Thanks a lot.

James: I have Danielle telling me that Will is after me. She is claiming that he came to her and said that between the two of them, they have to get me out as I am the smartest male after Will. I spoke to Janelle about it and she went to Will who of course denied the whole thing. We don't know who to trust anymore. I know in my heart that Will is a cocky bastard that lies like a rug. Just like I do. Yet Will is also claiming that Danielle is telling the other side to target me and Janelle. When there is smoke, there is fire. I can only trust Janelle right now. Everyone else, kiss my ass.


Sneak Preview

Posted by BrendaBarrett , 04 July 2006 - - - - - - · 39 views

The door closes on Nicole, and Danielle enters the house. How will her entering shake the house to the core?

What was once a powerful alliance is now cracking and the alliance started by Jack and Nakomis is only getting stronger. Danielle is quickly courted by both sides and may just take matters into her own hands and create a third alliance.

The veto competition is played, who will win and WILL it be used?

Janelle continues to play her dangerous game but her secret may leak out unless she gets the chance to eliminate it


A surprise twist

Posted by BrendaBarrett , 02 July 2006 - - - - - - · 22 views

"Can everyone gather around the dining room table, it's time for nominations." Jack opened the back door and called out to everyone. When everyone was seated, he stated, "This is for strategic purposes."

"Marvin you are safe.
Amy you are safe.
Nicole you are safe.
Will you are safe.
Marcelleus you are safe.
Nakomis you are safe.
Chiara you are safe.
Hardy you are safe.
Janelle you are safe."

Jack stood above everyone and said, "Rachel and James I have nominated you both. I think you are two of the strongest players here and this is purely strategic. We are adjourned."

The subdued group went outside. Marcelleus and Amy went to lay into the hammock so they could gossip about the goings on of the group, "I still haven't figured out who Janelle is involved with. Hardy seems like too much of an obvious choice, plus Chiara is all over him.

"Chiwhora will go all over anyone. She was flirting with Will the other day too. She will do anything to stay in this game." Amy commented. "Just look at her, she is wearing a white bikini top and I can see her nipples from here."

Marcelleus scanned the group, "Who is missing? Well Janelle is out here so it doesn't matter. But both Hardy, James and Will are not in here."

Amy trailed her hand along the grass, "I heard them mention that they were going to work out. I expect Chiwhora to follow in with her wet nipples.

At the sound of her name, Chiara came over, "What did you say?"

Amy sighed and sat up, "You heard me. Put a shirt on, your nipples are showing and it is embarrasing."

"Amy you ignorant bitch, why can't you leave me alone?" Behind her, Janelle, Nicole, Rachel, Jack, Marvin and Nakomis gathered and were on alert, alarmed by the tone in Chiara's voice. "Ever since we have entered this house you have constantly been after me. Why can't you shut up?"

"The last time you rode Roddy, I mean his coattails to get as far as you can. Why can't you actually play the game instead of latching onto a man. It failed with Nathan and it ain't going to go far with Hardy. He has more sense. Now leave me alone."Amy said.

Chiara looked like she was going to explode when Rachel grabbed her arm. Chiara's arm went up in anger, almost hitting Rachel in the eye. The door opened and Will and Hardy came out. They ran over and Hardy grabbed Rachel while Will grabbed Chiara. "Settle down everyone," Hardy said, "Knock this off."

Chiara was so angry that her arms and legs were flailing around. "The bitch started it."

Jack intervened, "It doesn't matter who started it. Frankly Chiara, put a shirt on it is embarrassing. Remember people are watching you. Amy go cool off in the HOH room. Just stay away from each other."

Amy looked at Chiara, "I will get you Chiwhora."

"Not if I get you first."


During the fight, Janelle slipped into the household and went into the supply room. Moments later a man entered and she embraced him in a long, passionate kiss. "I have been dreaming of doing this all day."

"Me too babe, me too."

She pushed her hair out of her face, "I am not surprised at who was nominated. Good move on their part. But it can be neutralized."

"That fight out there may be key. Jack doesn't like fighting and may take out one of them. Which would be good. One of us could drop a hint."

"Marvin is still on the fence. He can be used. He only said that he would join their alliance so that he wouldn't get nominated and now he's pissed off that they made him do that. He said he would tell me anything I needed to know." Janelle leaned over and gave him a kiss, "I better go before I am missed. Love you babe."


The next day Boston Rob and Amber woke everyone up early. "GET UP!!! THis is not summer camp." Rob yelled. "Everyone in the living room we have an announcement."

Minutes later everyone gathered in the living room. "Something has come up and one of you is leaving for health reasons." Everyone, except Will, gasped and looked around at each other. Amber said, "Would you like to take the floor?"

Nicole stood up, "Everyone, it has been a wonderful experience to be back here, but something has happened that is imperative that I leave. With the help of Will, and I can't believe I am saying this, he made me realize that I am pregnant."

"Oh my God!" Everyone stood up and hugged Nicole.

"So now that my husband found out on the live feeds and my family, I am going home to be with him. I am not that far along, but I want to be with my family." Nicole wiped the tears from her eyes.

Nakomis patted her arm, "That's to be expected. Take care. We wish you the best."

Rachel hugged her, "I will miss my cooking partner."

Nicole hugged her back, "You should win this thing."

Everyone walked her to the door."Jeff is outside waiting for me. WIll was actually the one who figured it out. Thanks Will." Nicole turned and walked out.

Slowly the HGs made their way back into the the living room. Jack said, "What about this week? Is Nicole are evicted houseguest?"

Rob laughed, "You should be so lucky. Nope we are replacing her from a face from the past. Now this person will have immunity for the week, so you cannot nominate her if the Veto is used." He paused, "She needs a fair shot. Amber want to open the door?"

Amber walked over to the Diary Room and opened the door, revealing the new HG....


So, I hope people are reading this and enjoying this so far. I promise some more twists and interesting things to occur. Thanks for reading so far!


Double Elimination Vote and HOH

Posted by BrendaBarrett , 01 July 2006 - - - - - - · 32 views

The house was now divided in two alliances. THe first alliance, the one in power was James, Janelle, Rachel, Nicole, Hardy, Chiara and Dr WIll. THe second alliance consisted of Nakomis, Jack, Amy, Marcelleus, Nathan and WIll. Marvin was playing both sides. THis alliance was going to lose two members and despretely needed to win HOH next week.

Nathan and Chiara were now broken up and she was setting her sights on Hardy, who had no interest in her. Nathan didn't care much as he got what he wanted from her. He was trying his hardest to stay in the house.

Janelle's romance was still secret, although Marcelleus was letting people know that he heard her kissing someone. So far he had only told Amy and both Wills. Both of the Wills were amused. Dr Will tucked it away in the back of his mind to be used later.

The time had come to vote the two HGs off and this time, Amber was going to announce the HG who was staying. Immediately following was the HOH competition. Everyone gathered in the living room for the live show.

"Good evening everyone," Boston Rob said, "Time for the final vote. You will want to here your name called and then the other two HGs will go see my lovely bride Ambah. Ambah take it away."

"The HG that is safe is Amy. Will and Nathan, you have been evicted." Amber announced.

After the hugs, the HGs went outside were there was a huge shuffleboard court set up. It was so big it covered the pool and then some. "Ok, everyone, Whoever gets the closest to the black dot in the middle of the BB house on the court wins. Oh yeah, I am gonna spin you around three times so you are a little dizzy."

"Hey Rob, be careful where your hands go!" Amber's voice appeared like the voice of God.

Janelle went first, coming close, but about a foot away from the dot.
Marvin was next and he overshot and it went out of bounds.
Amy was next and nudged Janelle a little closer.
Hardy hit Janelles and Amy's puck so hard that he cleared off the board.
Marcelleus landed two inches from the dot.
Rachel quickly knocked him off.
Nicole landed square in the middle of the dot.
Nakomis edged her off and a corner of her puck was on the dot.
Chiara was way behind and eliminated.
Will knocked Nakomis off barely and was one inch away from the dot.
Jack went last and shot. He hit Will's puck and they both went in opposite directions. They both looked close. A tape measure was brought out and Will's was 6.75 inches away. Jack's was 6.5 away. It was measured from the center of the puck. Jack won, in a much needed victory for his alliance.


Later than evening, Rachel and Nicole were making dinner. The food competition was tomorrow and half the house would be on PB&J so they wanted to go all out. THey were preparing a Mexican feast complete with tacos, nachos, quesidillas with chicken and steak and Spanish rice. They were strategizing and making small talk. They had already decided that they would take each other to the end. Now they were wondering who Jack would nominate.

"Jack is very smart. I can see him putting James and Will up to eliminate that threat. Both of them are strong." Rachel said.

Nicole reached for a pan, "As much as I complain about Will, he is a good guy. I never should have trusted him because he always said he would lie, but I did."

"That's ok. Our big mistake was believing the other alliance and nominating James and Sarah. Never should have done that." Rachel said.

"I'm glad we met." Nicole said, "The only friend I made on my show during the show was Hardy. Now look at him." Both looked out the window at him throwing Chiara in the pool, "Next she will be all over Will or Hardy."

Will walked in, "Smells good. I would say I would help, but thats like saying Amy doesn't like cheese. It ain't gonna happen."

For now, that was the end of Nicole and Rachel's conversation.


Jack, Nakomis, Amy and Marcelleus were in the HOH room, going over who Jack should nominate. "James has to go" Nakomis was insisting.

"Chiara has to go. She's horrid."Amy said.

Jack shook his head, "Amy we have to get rid of their strongest players. Plus, we have to see if Marvin will join our alliance. We need to get some numbers back. I think maybe James and Rachel."

Marcelleus shook his head, "Always keep the cook."

"Nicole is just as good a cook." Jack countered.

"In their alliance there are several sub alliances I noticed. Rachel and Nicole. James, Will and Janelle. Hardy, Nicole and Chiara also seem to be one. We need to break those up." Nakomis said.

Marcelleus leaned back and admired himself in the mirror, "Let'sget Marvin in here and tell him we will nominate him unless he joins our side. Nominate him and James."

Jack looked up, "You may be on to something. I like it. Nakomis? Amy?"

They both nodded. "Let's get him in here."


Someone was throwing up in the bathroom and not for the first time. The smells of the kitchen made her run for the bathroom. Will walked in and heard her. He knocked on the door, "Hey are you ok?"

"Will, leave me alone."

"Are you sick? What's wrong? Was it the food." Concern was written all over his face."

She stepped out. "Just a bug Will."

He stepped back, understanding the situation. "Oh my God. You realize I am a doctor, don't you? "


"I may be an !@#$%^&*], but I take being a doctor very seriously and whatever you say to me is strictly confidential. I will not say anything because I will lose my license and I will not lose my license over this game." Will said. She nodded. "When was your last period? I have noticed you are not eating well, and quite frankly, you look like [!@#$%^&*]."

"Oh, God. I AM pregnant. Will, what am I going to do?" She sat down on the edge of the tub with her head in her hands.

"We will figure it out."


Veto Comp

Posted by BrendaBarrett , 27 June 2006 - - - - - - · 24 views

James is sitting in his room alone when the TV screen comes down. "What's up James?" Howie's loud voice reverbaerates through the room? "I am here so you can ask me five yes and no questions. I may or may not be telling you the truth, it's up to you to decide."

James sits up in disbelief. "Hey Howie, you are so missed here. Did I do the right thing in nominating who I did?"

Howie answers, "Yes"

"Am I trusting the right people?"

Howie hesitates, "No"

"Marvin seems to be a loose cannon, should I cut him loose"


"Chaira and Nathan are becoming a couple, are they joining the other alliance?"

Again Howie hesitates, "Yeessss"

"Or is just Nathan because Chiara hates Amy"

"Yes. That's all I can answer for you James. Tell Jedi Janey I miss her and be sure to check out all the boobies that you can!"


Nakomis and Jack were sitting outside discussing their situation before the Veto competition. From the looks of it, it looked like an Obstacle course. "Nakomis, you need to win this Veto. Nathan is already on our side. If we get rid of Amy, Chiara will join us. That helps us in numbers."

"I know. They have James, Janelle, Hardy, Rachel and Nicole. Dr WIll and Marvin are up in the air. Will you never can trust, he will go in any way that he wants. If I win and we can convince James to nominate Marvin, we can vote out Amy and Marvin. He is a threat.

Jack leaned back in his chair, "Even if WIll wins, that will be good."

"No James wants me gone. He considers me too much of a threat. We need to win HOH next week. I will try my hardest to win it."

Jack stood up, "Try your hardest. Regardless, I don't think you will get voted out. I won't vote you out, you have my word on that."


Dr Will knocked on James door, "Hey can I come in?"

Surprised, James said yes.

"Hey James, mind if I talk to you about something?"


Will sat down on one of the chairs in the HOH room "Look, you have every right not to trust me. I wouldn't trust me. But you are a damn good player. If you tell anyone I said that, I will have to kill you."

James laughed, "What do you want Will?"

"I am not in any alliance and I want to join yours. It's the smart one. I realize that I will be the last man in and thats fine with me. When it comes down to it, it's every man for themselves. Tell me how to vote and I will"

"Are you serious? How do I know you aren't just going to be screwing me over?"

Will shrugged, "You can't. But how do I know you aren't going to screw me over?"


"Would you have put me up for nomination if you could have this week?" Will asked.

James thought it over, "I may have, I am not sure. I get along with you though and we are a lot alike. Too much alike I fear."

"Look, just think about it. I am not thinking about a final two pact or anything. Just I will watch your back and you watch mine." Will got up and left.

James stared at the door, dumbfounded.


Marcelleus and Amy lay in the hammock minutes before the Veto competition was to start. "Marcy, what am Ah gonna do if I lose? Ah don't want to go home.

"Amy honey, if it happens it happens. You can't control it. You never know you may win it."

"Please Marcy, It's an obstacle course. Ah am a southern girl and southern girls don't sweat! I hate to run."

"Quit your bitching. I am already stressed out as it is. I should have just done House Calls and bitched about everyone in here."

Amy laughed, "Well, we do enough here. So tell me what you heard about Janelle?"

Marcelleus looked arounf to make sure no one was around, "I think, and don't repeat this, that she may be having a secret fling with someone. I saw her go into the bathroom and then I heard a kissing sound. Then Jack came by and I didn't hear who she was talking too."

Amy clappedher hands in delight, "Ok we have to figure out who it could be. It could be Hardy, he's single. Will too, Nathan even though Chiwhora is getting her hooks in him or even James. He may have broken up with his girlfriend. There is also Marvin."

"This is who I think it is...." They were interuppted by Rob and Amber coming out and starting the obstacle course.

The course was made up of tires, a wall to climb over, a balance beam, the pool, in which they had to grab a disk out of the bottom of it, a jump rope in which they had to successfully jump rope twenty times in a row, and a sprint to the finish line where they had to make and eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Rob took the stage next to Amber and said, "We are goin to do this in heats of two. Ambah here has straws, shortest ones go first." After they drew straws, the heats were made up of James and Nakomis and Amy and Will.

James and Nakomis went first with Nakomis easily beating James. In the second heat, it was a closer race, but Amy won. In the final heat, Nakomis easily beat Amy.

"Right now, we are going to go into the living room for the Veto ceremony." Amber said. After they all assembled in the living room, Nakomis took the floor and kept it simple, choosing to take herself off the chopping block.

James got up and looked around, "Nathan I am choosing to nominate you as you are a physical threat to me. It's not personal, but you can beat me in just about anything. Sorry man."

Nathan nodded and got up, "I understand." He took his place in Nakomis' vacated seat.

"In a couple days you will vote and when you vote, you will vote for the person you want to keep in the house." Rob explained, "Good luck."

Hardy said, "Something tells me we might need it"

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