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  • Posts

    • Paul Manafort has popped up again, showing himself again (no surprise there) dodging questions per usual. On CBS This Morning they hardly pressed him on anything, I'm on the verge of losing respect for this show. Why have a guest like Manafort on when you are going to let him simply have his way?
    • Sears has been struggling for a loooong time. I remember those pictures that someone took of a Sears store with dirty carpets and messy, disorganized racks of clothes and poor lighting. It was truly sad and pathetic.   I compare Fenmore's a bit more to MACYS or JCPenney, even though Fenmore's is a boutique that caters to perhaps the type of clientele that is more akin to Bergdorf Goodman or Saks Fifth Avenue.  MACYS came back from the brink and JCP is still pulling itself from the margins- both can serve as a template for Fenmore's struggle and revitalization but so far, I like how the groundwork is being laid- the fact that Fenmore's is a storied boutique store that is struggling between tradition and adapting to modern commerce.
    • The ending with Jack and Phyllis was so well done and the actors were great. I don't think they're done for good. It's going to be a while, as it should be.   I've never understood why soaps insist on moving characters in and out of relationships. It was like Chelsea and Nick. Why were they shoved together in an obvious way once Adam exited? His "dead" body wasn't even cold before it seemed evident Nick and Chelsea would be paired. Characters need to be able to stand on their own and for so long soaps haven't bothered to make it about who the character is.
    • I wouldn't mention Victors heart and just let Colleen Rest In Peace. I do agree with calls for Traci to stay regularly. Beth Maitland said she'd love to be on contract. She is so VALUABLE and I feel her hit and runs have mostly been because she doesn't fit the physical requirements of a soap heroine. She truly must stay. I want her to find love again and I want her living in the Abbott household and continue taking care of her older siblings and Billy.    I still am just amazed at Victor and Nikki. It's like two different actors are in the roles. I feel like they even look different. I cannot get over how quickly Braeden and Scott were able to adjust to completely new takes on their character. They went from being completely unwatchable to being so compelling. I also love the contrast we saw Wednesday between an Abbott and Newman breakfast. Everybody feels unique and like their own person again.    I hate Amelia Heinle probably more than most. Loved her on AMC but she has never been Victoria to me. The writing hasn't helped, but I'll say I even see a big change in her. Victoria is written less like a whiny teenage and more like a strong adult and it works better for her. Bill Bell always said Nick and Victoria were meant to reflect the parent they were named after and I feel that again. As masculine as Nick is, his complex emotions and relationship with Nikki have always been compelling when they choose to tap into that. Same with Victor/Victoria. Those are just smashing relationships you can get so much out of.    The Lauren scenes were flawless. Since 2005 she has been unwatchable as has Michael. They haven't attempted to give them much story and when they have its sucked. She LOOKED like Lauren and more importantly she FELT like Lauren. Pairing her in scenes with Jack and Phyllis was unexpected and it made sense. In two days Sussman/Alden have done so much to make me care about Gina's version of Phyllis. That ending with Jack was an instant classic. They both killed me in that scene!     Now more than anything I can't end my post without thanking the soap gods for the lack of Chelsea in these first two days. I am still praying for an exit, but I'll take less screentime for now. Very curious to see what the writers do with that Mary Sue that has been forced upon us. 
  • Recent Status Updates

    • DRW50

      The Nancy Drew books have changed a lot with modern times but it's still a trip to read a passage where George and Nancy go hide in the bathroom to talk and George is sitting on the (closed) toilet seat lid...
      · 0 replies
    • Taoboi

      GO, Traci, GO!!! You tell Jack off!!
      · 0 replies
    • Taoboi

      Hahaha!!!! Old writers return to Y&R...people start posting episodes again...LOVE.
      · 2 replies
    • quartermainefan

      Hairspray was pretty good.  It's always going to be a solid show and Harvey Fierstein at this point can do it in his sleep effortlessly.  Jennifer Hudson was very good.   The rest of the leads were not as good for the most part although whoever played Traci did a good job.  Link, Seaweed and Corny were a little weak.  Martin Short is a decent singer.
      · 0 replies
    • DRW50

      Vulture hoping for Hairspray! Live! to "matter" in the Trump era only to barely be able to praise it is the funniest thing on that site since that trainwreck Noah Galvin interview. 
      · 1 reply
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