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  2. Real Housewives of Sydney: In case anyone cares it hasn't changed since the premiere and these women remain the nastiest group I've ever seen. Athena X is the worst of them, followed closely behind by Krissy and Victoria.
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  4. Robert Colbert was an actor who played Stuart Brooks on The Young and the Restless. To my knowledge, Mr. Colbert never appeared on Dark Shadows. Perhaps you confuse him with music director Bob Cobert. Ramse Mostoller never worked on The Doctors either. Her husband Joe Mostoller was costume designer for The Doctors.
  5. Thanks. I wonder if it was Courtney's choice to go.
  6. C.C. Courtney took a break during Edelstein's tenure to work on his play Salvation. To explain his absence, Jody was sent down South to visit his family. Jody's final onscreen appearance was in November 1969 under Ira Avery. No explanation was given when Jody ceased appearing in the story.
  7. That's interesting, didn't think of that ("titi Cristal"). The thing that I do think of whenever this reimagining crosses my mind is how faithful the show will be to the original when it comes to the Adams, the Amandas, the Dominiques... characters who had mysterious/surprise intros. You can't really do that twice. I mean, you can, but... I wonder if those characters will even make it to the new series, and if so, will the original back stories be glossed over.
  8. Preview: A Massive Explosion | Season 12 Ep. 12 | BONES ttps://
  9. I have the sinking feeling Adalind and Renard will die, and the final shot will be Nick and Eveilette riding off into the sunset with Diana and Kelly. Just as a final F U to the Juliette haters (of which I proudly count myself as.)
  10. That article managed to make me find something worth reading at Salon, which is a feat. It's always interesting to me when you have very rich liberals (often white liberals) feeling like this is their big opportunity to tell most of America to go to hell. That's what this type of thinking does. It's couched in cutting off dead-end voters who will always support Trump, but that's just a facade, because many, many people who didn't vote for him will be hurt, and that many people, thanks to the continual cuts to education and loss of independence, wouldn't even know what to do about registering or going to vote. Those people don't matter. Any of the people who actually did vote for Hillary but aren't in enclaves in certain states don't matter either. The only people who matter are those who have spent years jumping up and down and doing absolutely nothing to actually help anyone, but now feel special because they get to use hashtags like "#TheResistance" and crow about how they knew Trump was terrible and Hillary was terrible and they were proven right. This doesn't actually do anything to help anyone - there are no solutions, no ideas. It's just, I guess, I-told-you-so-itis. Even the people who are lucky enough to live in liberal enclaves will suffer, but hey, at least they get to know they're around people who think the right thoughts and sort of kind of feel bad for them...maybe. All that really matters is that certain very rich people on the left are now free to tell us it's time to stop caring, when most of them never cared in the first place. I mostly remember Frank Rich for being one of the many interchangeable W critics at the NYT who mostly served as window dressing while that paper helped send people to war, to die, to return with horrible injuries and little to no support when they returned home. (not to mention all the Iraqis whose lives were destroyed) I have a feeling the reaction to those people was probably the same go-to-hell mentality. It must be nice to feel that good about yourself.
  11. I don't really understand why he is still using the "she won far more votes than were in the states she lost." Yes, she did...and that means absolutely nothing as that isn't how we elect Presidents. Not once does he suggest how we are supposed to win an election, unless he thinks California is the only state. I certainly agree that Democratic politicians need to talk like real people, but he spends the entire article basically telling Democrats to not listen to anyone but themselves and assures them that this is perfectly fine because Republicans are worse at not caring about poor people and that these people are worthless anyway. It's a good way to feel morally superior, and that's about it. He seems far more interested in making sure liberals don't feel guilty than in actually caring about anything else. He doesn't have to worry about that - a lot of the loudest liberals out there only really care about other people when it makes them feel better about themselves. The rest of the time, they just want everyone to burn.
  12. Hmm, interesting article by Frank Rich. No Sympathy for the Hillbilly " Democrats need to stop trying to feel everyone’s pain, and hold on to their own anger."
  13. So it looks like some "White House correspondent" from some lying hate site is trying to start trash about Malia Obama. Here's an article on him.
  14. Love this thread! All My Children Kendall: I loathed Alicia Minshew as Kendall Hart. Sarah Michelle Gellar's stamp on that role was indelible and has always stayed with me. When Alicia Minshew took over the role for the first year or two, I liked her. However, her Kendall dissolved into a mess of tears and never recovered. Bianca: My favorite Bianca was played by Gina Gallagher. Gina looked at Susan Lucci, had the same disposition, and was every bit Erica Kane's daughter. Eden Riegel always seemed a bit awkward to me in the role of Bianca and I never connected to her. I think Eden's a lovely actress, but she wasn't my favorite Bianca. The Young and the Restless Lily: Davetta Sherwood was Y&R's best Lily - hands down. Sherwood's Lily was very much Dru & Neil's daughter in ways Christel Khalil's Lily will never be. I found Davetta's Lily full of life and fire while Christel's Lily just...sits on the screen with very little impact. Victoria: Heather Tom will always be Victoria Newman. Hands down. One Life to Live Dorian: I loved Elaine Princi as Dorian Lord. While I adored Robin Strasser portrayal, I always thought Elaine gave a bit more humanity to Dorian than Robin did in the later years.
  15. well, we see it differently.
  16. Sneak peek of next week: Tonight's episode was such a filler and not needed. Only thing interesting about it was Phaedra trying to help Kandi's ex-employee sue Kandi. Just further proves how low down and dirty she [Phaedra] is. I'm ready for these last 2 episodes to air.
  17. I watched the MTP replay on COZI and it's almost amazing to see how politicians live on separate islands in the same space. Draper appeared alongside Lee of Utah on video and both were against the bill for different reasons. Lee used the this close line that is supposed to represent something less than failure but Draper seemed more candid and realistic about it. Mulvaney was first up gloating about the impending failure being the Democrats fault and making out as though Trump is cool with Paul Ryan. Trump is delusional if he thinks the Democrats are going to watch the AHCA fail and then come running to him. That idiot doesn't get that he's supposed to be the one with the plan not them. Tom Brokaw didn't sugarcoat the shortcomings of Trump. Too many people in the media seem to be stuck in this perplexed state where they seemingly believe that Trump is going to suddenly morph into a real national leader. Unless Fox News is going to compile a series on how to handle policy that he can absorb in less than 15 minutes, they can forget about him learning anything. They need to accept what and who he is and stop trying to present him as what they want him to be. Even the way they summarize his tweets and actions make him sound better than he is. Chuck Todd managed to turn his threat about how the Democrats were going to have to come to him to get a healthcare bill done into some sane statement about his knowing that he will eventually work with the Democrats. They constantly normalize his insanity when they summarize what he does and says in such reasonable terms. I don't at all believe she said any such thing. I think she basically ignored his attempt into provoking her into giving him the upper hand. He was the one pouting.
  18. My memories of Grayson as Dusty are willfully poor, LOL, but yes, I believe you're right. Emily sent him from what I can remember.
  19. I remember Allison. Didn't Dusty save her?
  20. I guess that would explain why he didn't shake her hand. But Trump’s ire, apparently, wasn’t limited to the conservative rebels. Appearing on NBC’s “Meet the Press” Sunday, Rep. Charlie Dent (R-Pa.) — leader of the moderate Tuesday Group — confirmed that Trump upbraided him during a recent meeting at the White House and accused him of “destroying” the Republican Party. Dent was referring to an anecdote published Sunday in the New York Times Magazine describing the tense confrontation. “According to an attendee, Trump angrily informed Dent that he was ‘destroying the Republican Party’ and ‘was going to take down tax reform — and I’m going to blame you,” the magazine’s Robert Draper reported. Dent told “Meet the Press” host Chuck Todd that the exchange did take place and said he listened to the president “very respectfully.” He also said he had no plans to back down in the face of Trump’s anger.
  21. I believe she did say that because IMPO that kind of response is the only thing he seems to understand when his bullying tactics don't work.
  22. Thanks. I wish the one where she, Anthony George, and Grayson Hall interacted was around.
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  24. Jody Lee definitely vanished when Edelstein was writing though was later mentioned visiting family. As for Liz, her send-off was hasty like Anna's. Out of the blue, she's off to visit her dad. So she did get some final scenes before Pamela Toll moved over to Somerset. But, overall, a disappointing end to such a memorable character.
  25. Looking at that most of the women haven't aged much at all. Of course Hollywood won't let women age, but they don't look like space aliens either.
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