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  2. Maybe that's why the photographer guy was brought on for Lily.
  3. February sweeps is pretty much done, and I say the new regime didn't pass their first test. From what I found online, looks like this year's March Madness break is March 16 and 17 (March 15 and 16 for Canadians).
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  5. For all the talk about marches and rallies, this is the kind of activism I'm more interested in. I've occasionally donated money to races in other states. It would be nice to know the best places to target. They were successful in winning the Delaware special election. "So in late November, Bosworth launched Sister District, a website that helps activists in safe blue areas support candidates in red states and swing districts who could use the help. Sister District, which boasts about 5,000 members and has been recruiting at anti-Donald Trump protests and on social media, is in the process of filing for tax-exempt status as a 527, allowing it to raise money and donate directly to candidates for state office. It recently joined forces with another organization with a similar agenda, Flippable, on a race they hope will demonstrate the power of the suddenly energized grassroots left: a special election for a Delaware state Senate seat that will determine the balance of power in the state Capitol."
  6. Say what you will about SS, but I don't think she's there solely for the cash. Unlike most hacks in this industry, SS appears genuine in her love for Y&R. I just question whether she has matched that affection with talent. Like I've said in the past, making Kay Alden Co-HW again might solve many of Y&R's problems right now, but what happens when she passes away or retires for good? Even if she creates a contingency plan where someone whom she has trained assumes the reins, there's no guarantee that writer, once left to his or her own devices, will maintain the quality. Heck, there are people here who STILL think Kay's Y&R wasn't as good as Bill Bell's, and she had been there, working alongside him, almost from the beginning! Next to Bill, IMO, no one knew (or knows) Y&R better than Priscilla Kay Alden. No, Mal Young is not the greatest EP for Y&R. But I really hate to think of the alternatives.
  7. I dont see Sally McDonald being EP. When u have Wendy Riche a seasoned vet who loves YR it would be a good fit. Also maybe Lisa DaCazotte who used to be EP of Passions and DAYS. There are talented EPs out there. Mal has no vision is problem. The lighting was terrible and production values went down when JFP left. Any good dramatic moment under Mal was old JFP material. Maybe if Sally had a strong co head writer and a new EP the show would be a whole thought better.
  8. I totally agree about this. I honestly think a new exec producer is needed first at YR.
  9. Despite having to sometimes sidestep the trolls, I look forward to the thoughtful discussions we have on this board, especially this political thread. It is surprising that on a board that is ostensibly know for discussion of serial drama aka soaps, there is this gem of a political discussion thread where open, profound and sometimes humorous back and forth can be had. If only there were more people in positions of power who gave as much thought, weight and consideration to their actions as most of the posters on this board, what a world it would be! Speaking of people I wish would give consideration and weight to consequences of their actions (but we know it's never gonna happen) if only for the sake of people like these. Slain SEAL’s dad wants answers: ‘Don’t hide behind my son’s death’
  10. Even though I'm sure winning an Oscar is something he would treasure, I think Dev Patel might be a little surprised if he won in that category.....
  11. @Wales2004 it's funny you say that because I found myself wondering how this subthread turned into one of the richest, deepest political discussions I've seen.
  12. I think Mal may be part of the problem; he seems ineffectual (creatively speaking). Any long term fan would have known to make the changes he made when he came in i.e. remodel some of the sets etc. So while many fans were enthused at his early style changes, it wasn't rocket science. The lighting he implemented is absolutely dreadful though and he doesn't seem to be guiding Sally and Kay on a creative vision that's interesting or watchable. That's why he's been hired; so I think he needs to change course as well or he needs to go. If CBS wouldn't unduly interfere, Sally MacDonald should be EP and Slater/Esser should be head writers. Why is that the production company has failed to look within to promote as Sony has done time and again at Days? Days has a history of promoting producers, dialogue and break down writers to the writing staff (not just Higley) i.e. Anderson, Quan, Milstein, Schoettle, Laiman, Allen, Depreist, Smith. I'm sure I'm missing a few. AMC did it with McTavish and Broderick. Sally did work under Bell but she hadn't contributed to story in over ten years and it shows. She boasted about not watching the show after she was fired, but that's not something to be proud of, or smart if you want to head write the show later on. If you want a job in daytime you watch daytime. She wanted the salary but so far doesn't deserve it.
  13. OMG can it be July already?
  14. Trolling Trump is fine since it takes very little effort to do. As long as it isn't their only or main strategy then troll away. His idiotic tweets are an invitation but unless directed at them, elected officials should be about their jobs and not scoring meaningless points. Trump is low-level transparent on the DNC vote. He and his two crazies would have preferred Ellison so they could make him their boogeyman with veiled references to his being Muslim and by proxy a terrorist. And of course, he's not who they mean when they talk about "real Americans." This is one of the things that irks me most about the Democrats. They pretty much sit back and let Republicans define everything about America and Americans and then fight back instead of being proactive. It's not complicated--people want to belong. The Democrats need to learn how to open up their arms and let people in and not just pay lip service to inclusiveness. They need new messaging as well. Instead of making it seem like some big chore and obstacle to overcome respecting people despite our differences, flip the script positively and learn to appreciate people because of our differences. I mean I seriously love me some me, and I would have a ball with me-clones for maybe a day. But then it would get boring and I wouldn't grow in my way of thinking if everyone echoed my own thoughts. This thread is amazing including the troll, because I learn a lot from the opinions expressed here and I learn a lot about people. I appreciate the opportunity to share with you and thank you all. And no, I'm not going away or anything--I just want to acknowledge how special everyone is.
  15. S1 of Golden Girls is just a parade of random relatives. Blanche's sister, grandson, and niece, Rose's daughter and grand daughter, Dorothy's sister, etc...

    1. Khan


      I think that's because the writing staff were still learning about the four "girls" and how Bea, Betty, Rue and Estelle played off each other.  As time goes on, it seems they rely less on outsiders, including children and relatives, to generate stories.

  16. They are rendering themselves irrelevant because they abhor compromise. For all the talk of the power of these voters they've accomplished nothing. Bernie decisively lost the primary and his surrogates like Tulsi Gabbard and Nina Turner are more irrelevant for their involvement with him. They have no interest in downballot races so they are no use in trying to harness them for local races. Ellison is basically co-chair which *is* a win for the "revolution" but their entitlement makes it impossible for them to accept that. Bernie doesn't really have all the juice he's being credited with because his followers come from a place of ideological purity. They want to spread the gospel of Bernie. They aren't interested in listening.
  17. Maybe Mal Young can bring in some of his writers from the British Soaps.
  18. Of course he would, because he's a pathetic and deluded man who will never be happy. As long as the focus is on "rigging" claims and on Tom Perez and the DNC responding to this (which just further spreads the belief among people who don't pay a lot of attention that it must have been rigged because why else is it being talked about so much), it just hurts Democrats in their plans to move forward.
  19. If he was setting the tone and winning he wouldn't be angrily tweeting every morning at 4 AM, hiding from the press and the WHCD, and sinking below 38% rapidly. This is done to bait him and drive him mad, because it is extremely easy to do so. Countless articles from leaks inside prove this. He is infuriated. But he must be responded to, not ignored.
  20. This just annoys me. Trump again sets the tone and everyone else responds. It's not even that he's some tactical genius - he's not - it's just a cheap trick that often works. And it looks like Sanders supporters were trying to go after anyone who didn't play ball. I really wish these people would just be drummed out of any party role.
  21. I'm also not sure what they believe they would be getting with Ellison as DNC chair. They got the platform changed which is an accomplishment. I think Perez is a good solid choice. Not my choice but neither was Ellison. But Perez does have a good track record on civil rights and he did talk again yesterday about tackling voter suppression, something he seemed to back off from during the past several weeks. The Bernie contingent believing this is a non issue are delusional. When you use tactics to suppress millions of voters, democratic voters THAT'S a big deal. Ellison in his favor did talk about it but I don't think I ever heard Bernie or any of his core supporters recognize it as a big issue. Let me ask those who think Perez is a bad decision, you have Obama, Eric Holder, Ellison, Perez all talking about voter suppression and gerrymandering, yet Bernie and his core supporters not touching it. What's the common element here? I can see it. Buttigieg by the way also talked about it along with redistricting. Obama, Holder, Ellison, Perez, Buttigieg get it because they are all voters who the GOP is actively trying to disengage.(Buttigieg is a gay man). We all know economic issues are key yes and I do believe that the democratic party needs some sort of approach, like a contract with America or New Deal or something to get the message out on what they represent but that needs to be more than economics. Anyone who understands the party should also know that Ellison is much more valuable where he is at. Frankly I am no Pelosi fan at this point so let's see him fight for being House minority leader or maybe even Speaker should the House fall back into democratic hands in 2018. Rumor is that's why Schumer supported Ellison for DNC chair was to get him away from that battle this year.
  22. I have no real interest in the Oscars these days but this is some juicy drama with Meryl Streep and Karl Lagerfeld.

  23. I disagree. Bernie supporters don't want to shift the part because they don't care about the party. They care about Bernie. The Dems are a coalition. Neither Bernie nor his supporters are care about that. That's why they've fallen back on the call to get away from "identity politics." Little by little they would've thrown every constituency under the bus because that's what they did during his campaign. Putting the party in the hands of people who won't vote unless they get their balls tickled would've been a disaster. I mean look at how they're acting. Ellison is second in command and they're acting like he got a bucket of pig's blood dumped on him at prom. These are people who couldn't even be bothered to learn the rules for open vs. closed primaries and then when they did they claimed "rigging." More people chose Hillary. Millions more chose her during the primary and millions more chose her during the general.
  24. I'm glad for votes that cross the aisle. But I don't necessarily think ex-Republican voters are the voice of the soul of the Democratic Party anymore than all Sanders voters are. To me, I would've been happy with either man but the fact is Perez is a solid choice, and there's not much ideological daylight between him and Ellison for anyone who isn't simply interested in refighting a proxy war over Sanders and Clinton. As for the Perez commentary on Trump, a friend of mine today - a fairly politically disengaged Latino Democratic voter - saw the news about the vote and was encouraged by the news, and loved what he had to say. So take that anecdote however anyone will, or not.
  25. The DNC learned nothing from this election. Marceline is right. Many Bernie supporters are not Democrats. That includes me. I'm a former moderate Republican (there is no such thing anymore) who is registered in WV as "No Party Affiliation" because there is actually a fringe party called the Independant Party. At least there was when I first went to register to vote when we moved here 22 years ago. I dislike both parties and think both are corrupt. The Democratic Party is no more the Party of FDR or Kennedy than the GOP is still the Party of Lincoln. I've never been more proud to cast my vote than when I voted for Barak Obama, first in the primary vs. Hillary Clinton, and then both his Presidential Campaigns. I will always be grateful for his leadership and dignity but I opposed the TPP, The Iran Deal and more than a few of his foreign policies. Bernie supporters want to shift the Democratic Party, much the same way The Koch Bros and the Tea Party shifted the GOP. I don't believe a third party will ever emerge, much less prevail. The Democratic Party remains the best hope to defeat the evil empire, but if they continue to do the same things that brought them down, they will not achieve different results. Putting yet another establishment insider in charge of the most Herculean rebuild the party has faced in my lifetime is more of the same ol' samo. It's very discouraging.
  26. Do Y&R viewers of the time think Kevin had more potential? Bill Bell gave him a family and an ex but they were all dropped. Could he have stayed on,gotten over Nikki and moved on?
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