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Golden Days Epi. 5

JM Fanfiction


(Linwood Memorial Hospital Waiting Area)


Lila what are you saying? Are you saying that my son is taking drugs?


Possibly I don't know


What do you mean you don't know, your his girlfriend aren't you?

Lila- I think I know why he got high in the first place

Carla- well what is it?

Lila- I broke up with him last night


(Donovan Enterprises, Board Room)


We wouldn't be in this problem if you had just stayed away


I have a right to see my daughter

Seth- Which you have no rights to only Jessica and I do oh wait that's because we are Bree's parents not you. There is no Joe in there.

Joe- For now but I will get my daughter back

Seth- over my dead body


(Kinsey's Art Studio)

"Shows Kinsey and Deacon putting on their clothes"


mmmmm.... how did I get in this predicament? Oh yeah now I remember, you distracted me from my work.


and I'm glad I did

"Deacon kissed Kinsey"

Kinsey- oh I got to get back to work if I'm going to have the new design done by time I leave here tonight.

Deacon- design for what?

Kinsey- well it's really a layout of the Donovan land for Jaxon and Maggie's wedding

Deacon- really well how's it coming along?

Kinsey- not too bad, but I still have a lot of work to do


(Linwood Memorial Hospital, waiting area)


wait a minute you and Drake broke up last night...that's why you were so upset yesterday when you came back to the café


yeah it was but that's not the most important thing right now, Drake is.

"Claire walks out of the patients room"

Carla- Claire how is he?


We just got done pumping his stomach which was full of sleeping pills prescribed to you Lila. Care to explain that?

Lila- I forgot to grab them last night when I let and I didn't realize it until this morning which is why I went over to his place this morning.

Carla- so he had no Oxy in his system or anything

Claire- no he did a great amount of it too. If you hadn't got to him when you did he probably would be dead right now

Carla- can I see him

Claire- sure one visitor at a time, and stay quiet and keep the visits to a minimum


(Grave Yard)

"Shows Jaxon walking up to a tombstone"


hey dad, I came by to tell you that they got a huge lead on your case but that's not the real reason why I came to you today. Drake over dosed on drugs and I need you to make sure he lives. The family already lost you not that long ago and we can't lose Drake as well.

Woman- no we can't

"Jaxon turns towards the woman; not showing her face"

Jaxon- Bridget!

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